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Versus Match Aide

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:48 am
by Jwlynas
I'm sitting here, trying to think of good matches. Either matches that could be interesting with a little shifting (Mass Effect and 40K are well overdue a battle between themselves, what with their current dominance of the site, but a few things would need to be changed before the match was anywhere near fair), or races/world I'd love to see brought in, but as of yet have no idea who they could fight And I'm sure there are people here who have the same problems.

As of late, the old guard are severely under-represented on the main site, and its possible that this is to the detriment. What I'd like to see is a resurgence of people once impossible to avoid, and if this comes from matches that really strike a chord, or from seeing more of their ideas being brought to the fore, i can't see anyone complaining.

So, lets have your ideas people. Lets see what matches you're thinking of, and rather than playing them out, lets see if we can't make them broadly fair. Then submit them to admin and hope the lord sees fit to grant us this boon.