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Kain vs Eternal Gauntlet

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Kain vs Eternal Gauntlet

Postby Kitten Lord » Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:47 am

Kain vs Eternal Gauntlet

There has to be a Kain match while this new phase of the pile is going on so I will start with a biggie and will potentially add more to this gauntlet as time goes on thanks to the ability to edit the starting match.

Setting the stage;

Kain has overthrown a prime version of Earth, a central hub to countless other fictions. Not being content with just ruling Nosgoth he plans to take over the other fictions, he has plucked characters from various fictions to stand as champions for their worlds (mortal kombat style) and placed them on this one to fight.


Kain takes this Earth which appeared exactly as ours does today and has pressured it from all sides using his TK with a gesture, crushing down the topography until it appears to be a perfect sphere, smooth all the way around. The planet has the same qualities as earth regardless of its size which brings us to the next point, the planet will change size to fit the requirements of the combatants. If the combatants are likely to destroy an Earth sized body relatively easily, the planet will be the size of Jupiter, the entire solar system and possibly the universe or more (while still retaining Earth properties, gravity, lightning etc). There is as many celestial bodies and types as our universe scattered throughout the cosmos around this Earth regardless of its size.

Kain has placed a vast version of his throne room as can be seen here;


The exact same in appearance and layout but the area of the throne room is about 10km with Kains throne in the middle. Kain stands by his throne while the opponents stand in a similar fashion to those in the image before him but 100 meters away from him, and 10 meters apart from each-other.


Typical pile rules apply. Characters will fight to the best of their ability, all powers and abilities work for them as if they were in their own universe ensuring a neutral battlefield. The battle ends when one side has killed or incapacitated the other.

The characters initially intend to work together but this "may" be twisted by Kain.

Kain, Scion of Balance


Kain is post Defiance, he has the Soul Reaver and all emblems.

The Gauntlet

Kain will fight a number of challengers at a time, he will, if victorious drink their blood, gain all their physical statistics, resistances, powers and abilities (as well as at least their knowledge and understanding of how to use them) and then move on to the next phase of the gauntlet. He gains their blood no matter what state they were in upon death, even vaporization.

Phase 1



White Beard




Pre-Destructor version.

Vampire Hunter D


He has his sword, stakes, horses etc, standard setup but not the accords.

Phase 2

The Primarchs


In their golden age before the heresy.





Phase 3

To be continued.
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