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CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:21 pm


Federal missile attack was effective and managed to destroy and damage dozens (somewhere between 40 to 70) of capital ships and forced them break more ships off to engage the Federal fleet. Due to this the WU was able to continue to hold the line. In orbit the fighting remains as a stalemate as both Imperium and WU fleets are unable to make a serious gain nor either side being able to provide orbital support for their respected ground forces.

Imperium break off group begins to engage Federal ships their escorts tighten up to protect their capital from IPBMs with their air defense systems and their Interdictors gravity well generators. The Imperium still suffered losses due to missiles though once the Imperium begun targeting Federal ships the battle became equal. Both fleet's vanguard have suffered heavy losses. Reports that there is close to 20 Kurkuas Class Assault Ships in the area and their Funnels are tearing apart Federal ships. The Imperium's mechs and fighters had a successful strike on Federal ships but was quickly overwhelmed by Federal fighters and Imperium mechs and fighters was forced on the defensive. Federal fighters have been able to destroy several Imperium escort ships in their assaults.


Imperium forces was able to make some breakthroughs in WU lines but was forced back by WU counter attacks. The battle is a stalemate with neither side able to advance.


WU losses
76 frigates lost
35 destroyers destroyed
24 cruisers destroyed
17 battlecruisers destroyed
13 battleship destroyed
2 Carrier destroyed

Ground Forces: 112,854 killed, 56,783 wounded, 30,000 missing 8,101 vehicles destroyed

TDF: 584,283 units destroyed


5 Antheia Class Stealth Boat
63 Colleita Class Frigate
27 Eris Class Destroyer
4 Jera Class Fleet Tender
25 Felicitas Class Cruiser
6 Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser
13 Furna Class Battlecruiser
21 Jun Class Escort Carrier
10 Morana Class Battleship
1 Murhur Class Line Carrier
2,384 Falchion Class Fighter
5,686 Rapier Class UCSV
1,294 Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV
5,854 Claymore Class Strike Fighter

Imperium losses
116 ships destroyed

Ground Forces: 28,715 killed, 8,328 wounded, 3,584 ground vehicles destroyed
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:58 pm


The fleets will regroup to begin pushing to the location of the Empress and the Ragnarok to keep the Imperium forces split and to prepare for a bit of ground operations while protecting their rears. If they are able, they will initiate mini warp jumps to get into position. Working with the federal forces, the WU ships will launch their own missile barrages into the Imperium, followed up by full-powered bombardment from our fleets’ particle cannons. With the Imperium warp platform disabled for a a-great deal longer, the Ragnarok will put one final blast right into the rear of the Imperium lines, to give them a taste of having the sky fall on them for a turn, before turning its full attention to the Imperium fleets and firing at full power into them. All unlaunched or unengaged fighters and drones will be called back to begin escorting and preceding our landing force.


Having been prepping and sitting on their asses up till now, the thirty reinforcing armies along with the 666th will begin a landing assault on the rear lines of the Imperium ground forces. They will be preceded by waves of drones and fighters that will soak up the enemy AA and saturate them in turn with attack runs to protect the gunships and transports. While this is happening, our forces currently in defense will launch their own full-out assault into Imperial lines, being preceded by heavy artillery fire curtains from both their own artillery and all the spare TDF artillery that can be brought to bear. The landing force has the objective of cutting off the Imperium from the main warp platform and their supplies, while forcing them to engage on two fronts. They will also have the objective of further disabling and securing the unfinished warp platform itself, a task that will fall to the 666th division itself once they have finished securing the beachhead for the rest of the landing force. Dragonoids, Legionnaires, Orc Shock Troopers, and Bruddhoders will be the spear of the push, followed up by full armored and artillery support as more ground is taken from the Imperium. Raptorian Rangers and a detachments of Elven special forces will go ahead to cause chaos among Imperium lines via killing officers and special weapons bearers, destroying important defensive emplacements, and generally forcing the Imperium to focus on too many places at once.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby warper » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:08 pm

Cabal Federation:
7,000 Association Class Freighter
1,000 Maia Class Mining Ship
3,947 Antheia Class Stealth Boat
9,689 Colleita Class Frigate
4,847 Eris Class Destroyer
988 Jera Class Fleet Tender
3,064 Felicitas Class Cruiser
768 Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser
1,568 Furna Class Battlecruiser
1,555 Jun Class Escort Carrier
782 Morana Class Battleship
397 Murhur Class Line Carrier
200 Orithyia Class Dreadnought
100 Sato Class Fleet Carrier
2,000 Tempestas Class Aerospace Carrier
100 Coalition Class MOPB
19,250,000 Teta Class Mining Drones
9,050,000 Drydock Class Maintenance Drones
803,486 Falchion Class Fighter
3,124,951 Rapier Class UCSV
68,538 Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV
2,309,044 Claymore Class Strike Fighter
2,152,652 Zweihander Class Bomber
1,037,116 Flambard Class Stealth Bomber
8,150,600 Cutlass Class Assault Shuttle
220,200 Clydesdale Class Dropship
1,695,962 Ranger Class Recon Drone
200,000 OWP-10 Satellite
800,000 OMP-42 Satellite

Use recon drones to locate the Imperium Kurkuas Class Assault Ships, then target them with bomber strikes, escorted by fighters. Minimum goals are to cripple their engines so that follow up strikes by capital ship prow cannons can finish them off.

In concert with the bomber attack, all Dreadnoughts, Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Fleet, Line and Escort Carriers are to coordinate their fire on Imperium capital ships, using their heavy prow cannons. If Imperium escorts move to try to block shots against the capital ships, just shot them with the main guns anyway.

Along with the heavy attacks, the rest of the fleets are to press the attack against the Imperium forces, working to split them into smaller groups to overwhelm.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:30 pm


WU ships was able to reach the Empress and the Ragnarok and kept the Imperium ships apart. However due to the sheer amount of Interdiction fields mini warp jumps are pretty much impossible at this time. The enemy Attaliates Class Assault Ships are launching more M Missiles to release more M particles which is decreasing targeting for allied and enemy ships slightly. Federal Recon drones located several Kurkuas Class Assault Ships and Federal ships were able to destroy the Kurkuas Classes. Federal ships target enemy capital ships which had moderate effect though Federal and WU forces were unable to divide up the Imperium fleets even more as of yet.



The 666th and other units had a messy landing as drones and escort fighters while took heavy AA fire and was engaged by enemy fighters which was able to go past escorts and destroy several transports. Though even then most of the transports landed under heavy mortar fire and strafing runs from Accipiter Airborne Assault Mechs. Even under threat of enemy fire support the 666th was able to secure an LZ for other forces to land. They were quickly engaged by a combined Armored Grenadier and Armored (Tank) Legion with air support by Akai ha Scout Crafts, Fu~yūrīu~indo Attack Gunships, and Accipiters. Raptorian Rangers and Elven special forces have managed to get behind enemy lines however they have COMMs with them as it appears the Imperium is deploying M Particles which is making COMMs much harder at the moment.

WU main forces begun their assault and was able to push back the front though took heavy losses. They were halted several miles into the advance.


22 Antheia Class Stealth Boat
95 Colleita Class Frigate
84 Eris Class Destroyer
23 Jera Class Fleet Tender
67 Felicitas Class Cruiser
3 Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser
32 Furna Class Battlecruiser
18 Jun Class Escort Carrier
6 Morana Class Battleship
1 Murhur Class Line Carrier
3,221Falchion Class Fighter
83,484 Rapier Class UCSV
57,385 Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV
2,754 Claymore Class Strike Fighter
2,481 Zweihander Class Bomber
1,249 Flambard Class Stealth Bomber
2,394 Ranger Class Recon Drone

95 frigates lost
42 destroyers destroyed
29 cruisers destroyed
10 battlecruisers destroyed
8 battleship destroyed
1 Carrier destroyed

Ground Forces: 188,854 killed, 103,783 wounded, 50,000 missing, 5,101 vehicles destroyed

TDF: 884,283 units destroyed
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:14 am

Our fleets will continue regrouping and forming central battle formations in unity with Federal fleets. Our stealth assault ships will work with both our own and Federal recon drones to locate and eliminate the Imperium's own stealth ships and Kurkuas Class Assault Ships to take some of the pressure off our main fleets. Our ships will coordinate fire in groups, with their heaviest weapons and missiles targeting Imperium capital ships as priority targets. If they try to defend with escorts, destroy them anyways and move on. The Empress and the Ragnarok will provide heavy support fire from behind the battle line, both ships firing their primary weapon systems at full power. Our previously absent smallcraft will rejoin the combat to engage the Imperium's smallcraft and overwhelm them with numbers and firepower, and keep them off our own vessels.

The 66th will finish its deployment and begin making use of their special abilities to fend off the initial waves of the Imperium's counter assault. With the LZ secure, the rest of the thirty army groups will begin warping in, with heavy anti-air and anti-armor units deploying first to clear the skies and to counter the heavy vehicles of the Imperium. Heavy Bruddhoders and Ankylocan Troopers will help to form lines of defense for Orc Shock Troopers, Legionnaires, and Lupus troopers to set up and provide a more rapid response to support the 666th and push the assault while our own mechs and heavy tanks are brought forth as quickly as they are able. The 666th's objective remains unchanged, as does the objective of the 30 army groups, who must work to blunt the enemy's counter assault and push our assault. The seventy or so army forces from the primary line of engagement will take the time to regroup before launching more assaults, focusing on well-armed and well-armored spearheads to make breaks in the enemy lines to allow our forces to swarm through the gaps and overpower the Imperium's soldiers.

Both assaults will be afforded air support in the form of DDG-A5 "Hunter" Droid Gunships and RAD-24 Rapid Assault Drones and spare fighters from orbit, and will make heavy use of their artillery support to pound the Imperium's defense lines into rubble and ashes.
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