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CSAH 2 Waccamaw Sector Militaries

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Re: CSAH 2 Waccamaw Sector Militaries

Postby Michael50210 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 8:29 pm

The Mortui Ambulantes

The Mortui Ambulantes, or ‘walking dead’, were originally nothing more than an idea after Domhandians were forced to fight the Legion of Volcanius during the Long War. They would be a force to fight threats like the Legion, an immortal army for their immortal Empress-to-be, one that would not balk or falter in the face of such advanced, powerful warriors. Unfortunately, much of the technology was destroyed in the fighting, and what little was left over would be unable to be understood until Domhanda united and expanded into the cosmos. Real work began in secret soon after, with the Domhandian government discreetly shifting funds and materials to the project, keeping it to the side whilst projects like the Empress Dreadnought were completed. Progress was made, but slowly, the Walking Dead simply unable to quite work out as intended compared to the already-existing armies of Domhanda and, eventually, the WU.

After battles with the UNE and the Technocracy and the acquirement of certain technologies however, the project was soon kicked into a higher gear. Thanks to replicator and nannite tech from the Technocracy, disintegrator weapons from the UNE, and mind backup and implant technology from Bolgar, it was not much longer until the first successful batch of soldiers from the project were released and saw combat. That first batch is the Chancellor’s Guard. But even as they were released, more work was done, with the project finally entering its final phase after several breakthroughs and receiving a good deal more funding. At long last, Domhanda has the army it desired so long ago…an army to fight a God.

The Mortui Ambulantes are not organic, nor are they entirely machine. They each possess a powerfully built, skeletal-looking body made up of what is called the Cutis Mortem, or Death Skin, with the mind of a living creature implanted in to control the body, inhabiting it from that point on and controlling it as if it were their original fleshy form. It is not entirely the same of course, as specific protocols have been built into each body that either lessen or outright suppress the emotions of the Mortui Ambulantes, allowing them to carry out their duties with cold precision and machine-like logic without distractions like fear, pain, or, if ordered, mercy. Despite their droid-like and skeletal appearance the Mortui Ambulantes are quite excellent at performing physical maneuvers with impressive strength and startling speed, sometimes even using the ability of the Cutis Mortem to perform actions no organic could hope to copy. Generally, though, the Mortui Ambulantes don’t display this until fully engaged with the enemy, and even then, only when necessary. They prefer to present themselves as their skeletal appearances suggest, tireless specters of death that march at a disciplined steady pace, for they have no need to run and give chase to their targets and tend not to break their unwavering formations. Of course, battlefield basics such as taking cover are still something they are more than capable of doing, at much faster rates.

Mortui Ambulantes

Mors Novum
Type: Elite mainline infantry
Tier: 1
Details: The Mors Novum, or Bone Walkers in old Domhandian Latin, are the main infantry of the Mortui Ambulantes. Bordering on what would normally be “heavy” infantry, the Mors Novum are leagues above the mainline infantry of others thanks to the technology behind their build, their weapons, and having already been pulled from elite ranks. Since the Mors Novum were all pulled from Domhandian Legionnaires, the Mors Novum all resemble massive human skeletons, albeit with a good deal armoring in certain points, their faces emotionless and eye sockets blazing with blue light.
-Mors Novum
-Issued Weaponry: Bolton Rifle, adaptable hands
Equipment: 3x Bolton Grenades
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 2

Magna Ossa
Type: elite heavy infantry
Tier: 1
Details: The true heavy infantry of the Mortui Ambulantes, the Magna Ossa (or Big Bones) resemble the Orc Heavy Troopers of the WU, for their minds are pulled from the elite of the Orc Ranks. Wearing an even tougher frame than the Mors Novum and carrying heavier weaponry, the Magna Ossum supply devastating heavy firepower to strike down Domhanda’s foes. Typically in squads of ten, most carry Bolton Blasters, while three or four will have Lightening Rifles.
-Magna Ossa
-Issued Weaponry: Bolton Blaster, adaptable hands
-Equipment: 3x Heavy Bolton Grenades
-Protection: Cutim Mortis Type 3

-Magna Ossa Specialist
-Issued Weaponry: Bolton Lightening Rifle, adaptable hands
-Equipment: 3x Heavy Bolton Grenades
Protection: Cutim Mortem Type 3

Vita Ruptors
Type: elite airborne troops
Tier: 1
Details: Pulled from the ranks of the best Dragonoid Airborne troopers, the Vita Ruptors, or Life Breakers, have a frame that is both protective and holds special rapid-deploy wings that once activated can propel them at jetpack speeds to engage the enemy. They excel at launching rapid assaults where the enemy is not as prepared at the front, cutting off and cutting down supply lines and critical points to soften up the foe before the main advance.
-Vita Ruptor
-Issued Weaponry: Bolton Carbine Rifle, adaptable hands
Equipment: 3x Bolton Grenades, 3x Plasma Charges
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 4

Anima Venandi
Type: elite snipers/light infantry
Tier: 1
Details: The best of the Raptor Rangers become Anima Venandi, or Soul Hunters. Designed as ghastly raptors, they stalk well ahead of the main advance, scouting out the terrain and the enemy forces and murdering any that get in their way or whose death would tip the scales into the favor of the Mortui Ambulantes. Not only does their Cutis Mortem have built-in cutting-edge stealth fields, but they are also able to briefly phase themselves right out of the world thanks to technology gleaned from a captured Kragian time machine. This does mean that they can go into the future or past, but they can phase out of the present, moving like ghosts through their surroundings to put themselves into position. This ability has to be carefully used, as it must be used separately from the stealth fields.

-Anima Venandi
Issued Weaponry: Bolton Carbine, Messorem Rifle, DPB-3 Vibro Blade
Equipment: 3x Bolton Grenades, 4x Plasma Charges
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 4

Sanguinem Venatores
Type: elite assassin/special forces
Tier: 1
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 3
Issued Weaponry: Particle Caster, 6x specialize claws, Lightening Tail
Special Gear: Hunter Shifter
Details: The heads of the sanguinem venatores, or blood hunters, resemble that of the Hardhead Saurian species, and are designed to act in a very similar manner, but any similarities beyond that are extremely lacking. At least twice as tall as a man, the sanguinem venatores have massive serpentine booes, with two small arms carrying a Particle Caster and 6 other arms ending in massive blade-like claws, their tail able to lash out and paralyze foes with electric shocks to their nervous system. DDue to its design, a Blood Hunter can maneuver itself at a whim in combat, twisting and lashing out in multiple directions at once to slaughter groups of enemies. The size of the Hunter is more than sheer killing power and intimidation however, for the length of the Hunter’s boy is also one large power source for a specialized Phase Shifter, the Hunter Shifter. As well as being able to phase out in a manner similar to the Anima Venandi, y adjusting the modulation of a Phase Shifter's matrix, a Sanguinem Venani can even keep portions of its physical form in different phase states simultaneously. Whilst a completely phased-out existence can be sustained by the Hunter almost indefinitely, a half-phased state requires an enormous amount of energy to sustain, hence the large and well-armored form. While allowing a squad of Blood Hunters to infiltrate deep into enemy lines in their spectral state, this allows them to kill their opponents by reaching into a foe and simply phasing their claw or tendril back into reality, rupturing organs and blood veins internally without leaving an outside mark. Due to the price in power, such a tactic is reserved for enemy commanders, particularly if they are inside of a vehicle or so thickly armored that not even a Hunter can normally cut through.

Locust drones
Type: Nannite Swarm
Protection: Type 1 Cutis Mortem
Weaponry: claws and teeth
Details: The Locust drones are a class of ‘nanobot” about the size of a human fist. Individually, even with their energy-sheathed claws and teeth, they’re not much of a threat unless given time and can be easily destroyed with a good shot. In large groups, as they’re typically deployed, the threat the pose becomes devastating. While capable of overrunning groups of infantry, they’re particularly effective against vehicles, biting and cutting them to pieces within moments before massacring the crew inside their new tomb. They can also serve as a great distraction, and can tend to precede a Walking Dead assault to force the enemy to use up ammunition whilst probing for the weakest point for the actual assault to hit.

Inanis animarum
Type: Elite Marines
Tier: 1
Issued Weaponry: Bolton Lightening Rifle, DPB-3 Vibro Blade
Equipment: 4x Bolton Grenades, 4x Plasma Charges, built-in jet pack/antigrav sropulsion
Protection: Type 4 Cutis Mortem
Details: Excelling underwater or in space, the Inanis Animarum, or Void Souls, serve in the Marine function of the Walking Dead. Taken from the ranks of the most elite Spino Marines, they excel at attacking while submerged or while emerging from bodies of water to launch surprise assaults, their metal forms protected from lack of oxygen and crushing pressure. This translates just as well in orbit, where often a ship being boarded is depressurized in areas. They’re able to move without as well as within a ship, allowing them to bypass fortified points and cut through a ships hull to launch assaults wherever they choose. They similarly excel in counter-boarding, and as other Marines can be used for especially ferocious assaults on enemy hardpoints.

Os Cultri
Type: elite melee troops
Tier: 1
Issued Weaponry: specialized claws and teeth
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 3
Details: Werewolf troopers pulled from the greatest ranks of the Lupus Troopers, the Os Cultri, or Bone Knives, naturally resemble a skeletal werewolf, with the major difference being the massive energy-sheathed blade-claws on their hands, blades powerful enough that with the strength of the Bone Knife behind it can slice deep into a tank, much less an enemy soldier. The Os Cuktri are permitted, at least a great deal more than Lupus Troopers, to give into the savagery of their ancestors, each becoming a whirlwind of teeth and blades to rip and tear apart their foes, carving roads of crimson into enemy lines. Despite their build the Os Cultri are both exceptionally tough and nimble, allowing them to make rapid maneuvers and fit themselves into tight spaces to pursue their prey, on the off chance they can’t just burst through the nearest door or wall. Os Cultri are even deadlier given they can be warped right into enemy lines, rending any too close while the main advance pushes on, and having their own limited warp-jumping whilst on the field. They’re also quite excellent in urban and otherwise obstructed or confined spaces where there’s little open spaces for them to be targeted.

Rex Praesidio
Type: elite bodyguard
Tier: 1
Details: taken from the ranks of the Tyranno Praetorians and Mist Troopers, the Rex Praesidio, or King’s Guard, are the personal bodyguards of the Grave King. Their Cutis Mortem is second only to that of the King and his chosen commanders, their powerful bodies self-repairing from just about any wound in the blink of an eye as they carry out his will without question and without mercy. As well as being exceptionally tough and intelligent, they are exceptionally capable fighters, partly thanks to the fearsome Titan Mauls they wield, discharging devastating blasts of kinetic energy with every powerful strike that can kill multiple foes at once. They don’t lack in ranged power either and carry handheld shields that can block and even reflect energy and particle blasts and rounds back at their foes.

-Rex Praesidio
Issued Weaponry: Titan Mauls, 2x wrist mounted Lightening Rifles
Equipment: 3x Bolton Grenades, 4x Plasma Charges
Protection: Cutis Mortem Type 7, Handheld Particle Shield

The Walking Dead are not without their own vehicle support. From swift jet-bikes to powerful spire-tanks, each vehicle has their own specialized version of the Cutis Mortem, making them just as implacable if not more so than the infantry that fight alongside them.

Anima Pendentes
Type: transport/repair vehicle
Crew: 1 Driver
Passengers: 15
Armaments: 8x side-mounted Bolton Blasters, 4x on each side, 2x Bolton Blasters on the back
Armoring: Type 1 Vehicular Cutis Mortem
Shield: 15,500,000mw Phase Shield
Maximum Speed: 180 MPH
Details: The main transport of the Mortui Ambulantes, the Anima Pendentes, or Spirit Ferry, resembles an ancient Valand Longboat, or at least mostly the armored skeleton of one. Using well-protected and advanced anti-grav plates to float above the ground, the Spirit Ferry seems delicate, but like all Mortui Ambulantes creations are more than capable of taking what they dish out and more, and that’s before their shield systems are factored into the equation. While boasting a fearsome array of firepower and allowing those embarked within to fire their own weapons at anything that threatens their transport, the true threat of the Anima Pendentes are the repair systems each transport carries. These systems are more than enough to help repair any infantry unit struggling to repair itself that has not already been warped back, and help in keeping that infantry engaged in combat alive and well, making them ideal for supporting holding actions. Naturally it has such systems for itself, but if damaged too severely it will automatically engage emergency warp to a haven for dedicated repairs.

Somnum exterreri
Type: mobile anti-infantry weapon platform/jetbike
Crew: 1
Armaments: 1x Bolton Cannon, 2x front-mounted Lightening Rifles
Armoring: Top half is Type 3 Cutis Mortem, Lower half is Type 1 Vehicular Cutis Mortem
Shield: 20,500,000 phase shield
Maximum Speed: 220 MPH at max speed
Details: Also known as Nightmares, the Somnum Exterreri are a mixture of a Magna Ossa for the top half, and a skimmer shaped like an head and body of an armored horse from hell itself, made to look demonic as the nightmares of ancient myth. Both parts are linked together to create a single murderous platform that hunts down light vehicles and infantry of all stripes and guns them down with blasts of lightening from the mounted arm-cannon of the top half, or blasts from the twin Lightening Rifles in the eyes of the horse half. Fast and well armored, Nightmare squads can accurately and efficiently target and cut down their target from long ranges thanks to advanced systems that allow them to better carry out their task, racing forward to scour any and all survivors without mercy or remorse.

Eques Infernum
Type: mobile heavy anti-infantry/anti vehicle weapon platform/jet bike
Crew: 1
Armaments: 1x Heavy Bolton Cannon, 2x front-mounted Lightening Blasters
Armoring: Top half is Type 3 Cutis Mortem, Lower half is Type 1 Vehicular Cutis Mortem
Shield: 25,000,000 mw phase shield
Maximum Speed: 200 MPH at max speed
Details: The Eques Infernum, or Hell Knights, are the heavier versions of the Nightmare Jet bikes, with their upper half now looking more like a heavily armored knight riding hellish unicorns. While their heavy cannons can eradicate even a power armored individual in moments, their true purpose is to hunt down and annihilate enemy vehicles and defensive emplacements, using powerful single shots to punch and carve holes into anything unfortunate enough to be on the receiving ends. While typically in small squads of three, a single Hell Knight can also be found in squads of Nightmares, rounding out their firepower and allowing them to perform more flexible tasks for the Grave King.

Mortis Falcatos
Type: aerial jet bike/dedicated ground support
Crew: 1
Armaments: 2x Linked Bolton Cannons OR 2x Linked Lightening Cannons OR 1x Particle Caster
Armoring: Type 1 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Shield: 15,500,000mw Phase Shield
Maximum Speed: 400 MPH
Details: The chariot-esque Mortis Falcatos, also known as Death Scythes, are a hybrid between a gunship and a jet bike, giving it the firepower of the Mortui Ambulantes’ equivalent of a dedicated gunship but speed greater than a jet bike piloted by any living creature. Due to the unnatural existence of the pilot, that being a Gob created in a manner similar to a Mors Novum and linked directly into the vehicle, the craft forgoes any need for pressure seals, a canopy, or any such nonsense, relying on the combination of organic training and skill mated with an advanced machine brain and thought processing far beyond the capabilities of most mortals to easily navigate the battlefield and outdo the gunships and most other dedicated ground support units of others, while of course dodging or outright surviving any fire that comes their way. The exact weapon loadout of a single Mortis Falcato can vary depending on the situation at hand, but as they tend to come in squads of at least eight the majority are a half and half mix of Bolton and Lightening cannons with two Particle Casters for more explosive support. While they can be pressed into combat with proper ground fighters of other factions, their true purpose is to carve bloody holes through enemy lines ahead of the main advance and wipe out flanking positions and weak spots, with the occasional destruction of enemy supply convoys or other targets of opportunity.

Caelum Contundor
Type: mobile aerial superiority/anti-aircraft
Crew: 8
Armaments: 4x Lightening spheres (one on each corner), 1x top mounted Particle Annihilator cannon, 20x bottom-side Bolton Cannons, 1x Gravitronic pulse generator.
Armoring: Type 5 Cutis Mortem
Shields: 150,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Maximum speed: 150 MPH
Details: The Caelum Contundor, otherwise known as the Heaven Mauler, is the Walking Deads’ solution to maintaining aerial dominance on a battlefield. Eschewing the typical anti-air vehicles of the other factions, the Caelum Contundor is a literal floating fortress, resembling two wide-topped pyramids put together with one facing up and the other facing down. While relatively ponderous compared to other craft, it easily makes up for this with immense range, incredibly powerful targeting sensors that can pinpoint anything from speeding fighters to falling drop pods and warp towers, and enough firepower to make even the most determined aerial assaults think more than twice about taking, while having guns mounted on the other side to provide its own ground support. The 4 Lightening Spheres on its side are easily larger than Mors Orbis tanks, and provide almost the same function, except geared towards wiping out entire flights of aircraft with furious blasts of lightening and antimatter. Attackers who get close or try to use overwhelming numbers run the risk of activating the Mauler’s contingency for just such an event, the Gravitronic Pulse: a weapon that sends out a wave of gravitronic energy, sending aircraft in the vicinity plummeting to their fiery demise. And to provide a degree of anti-orbital support, or improvised artillery support, the Mauler sports a powerful Particle Annihilator cannon.

Fulger Ratis
Type: light hover tank
Crew: 4
Armaments: 3x Bolton Cannons (one bottom, two turreted on the side), 2x Linked Lightening Destructors (turreted, top)
Armoring: Type Two Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Shields: 65,000,000mw Phase Shield
Maximum speed: 250 MPH
Details: The Fulger Ratis, or lightening skiff, is the premiere ‘light tank’ of the Walking Dead, able to slaughter groups of any infantry it finds while being able to engage other light or even heavier tanks and come out on top. Part of this is thanks to the immensely durable Cutis Mortem and shields of the Skiff, while the other is thanks to the devastating Lightening Destructors mounted on a top turret, unleashing crackling antimatter bolts of black lightening that can char even power armor and melt the flesh of the creature inside, not even touching upon the powerful electrical current, so powerful that it allows the initial discharge of energy to destroy multiple enemies in a single blast. Its build, essentially an armored near-spherical gun platform that can hover, also allows it to turn much more quickly than other tanks, bringing its weapons to bear with frightening speed on anything trying to get around. As with other Walking Dead vehicles, the crew are linked into the machine, allowing them to direct it far faster than a living creature.

Mors Orbis
Type: medium hover tank
Crew: 5
Armaments: 1x Particle Shredder
Armoring: Vehicle Type Three Cutis Mortem
Shields: 70,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Maximum speed: 200 MPH
Details: The Mors Orbis, also known as the Death Orb, is a completely spherical hover vehicle with no external features save for ancient Domhandian runes and sleek, black, obsidian-seeming armor plating that seems completely unbroken. This does not mean the linked crew inside are unaware however, and any attempting to sneak up on the Orbis are in for a very unpleasant surprise. The primary weapon of the Orbis is also its greatest defense, as the Particle Shredder is channeled across the surface of the vehicle, forming what amounts to a tightly controlled antimatter field around the Orbis. When attacking, devastating lashes of tight antimatter beams arc and crack like a whip from the surface of the Orbis, shredding through armor and flesh of tanks and infantry alike, annihilating anything caught in the initial direct blast and rending anything in the radius. Thanks to the nature of the weapon, it can engage multiple targets at the same time from multiple angles.

Loricatorum Pyramis
Type: heavy battle tank/transport
Crew: 5
Armaments: 1x Particle Destroyer, 4x Bolton Cannon arrays (3 Bolton cannons on each flank)
Armoring: Vehicle Type 4 Cutis Mortem
Shields: 75,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Maximum speed: 150 mph
Details: The loricatorum pyramis, aka the Armored Pyramid, is nothing less than a mobile armored fortress, warping either directly to the field, warping itself from one location to another, or descending from the heavens to bring ruin and damnation to anything in its path. With some of the most durable armor ever seen making up the slab-sided monster and some of the best self-repair systems in the Walking dead, the Pyramid hovers across the battlefield taking energy blasts and shells with contemptuous ease, whilst spitting out return volleys of particle and Bolton fire that its opponents cannot so readily recover from. One of the biggest threats the Pyramid poses is not the destruction it can cause by itself, but that it contains a localized warp gate, allowing Walking Dead troops to materialize en masse at its location to wreak further havoc among enemy lines. The warp gate can also be used in reverse, pulling in any would-be tank killers through the gate and spitting them out in randomized locations, from just at maximum range of the tank’s guns to several hundred feet in the air to even in orbit.

Apocalypsis Glauca
Type: Super tank/transport
Armaments: 1x Particle Annihilator, 4x Lightening Destructor arrays (3 on each side)
Armoring: Vehicle Cutis Mortem Type 5
Crew: Ten
Shields: 150,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Maximum Speed: 125 MPH
Details: The Apocalypsis Glauca, or Apocalypse Spire, looks similar to the Armored Pyramid albeit bigger, with the top tapering out into an ominous spire crowned with crystals seemingly made of obsidian. Few in number, the Apocalypse Spires are deployed with small groups of Armored Pyramids as long range artillery to destroy fortifications and provide a counter to enemy tanks and walkers, even the massive varieties. Thanks to the massive range of the Particle Annihilator, it is able to carry out this task in relative safety, though its thick armoring and shielding are more than a match for most firepower that could be brought to bear against it, and the Lightening Annihilators ensure that any foe foolish enough to get close is turned to crackling ashes. If a single devastating shot of the main cannon is not enough, the Spire can draw upon power from the Particle Destroyers of one or more of the Pyramids, resulting in a blast that can wipe out almost anything it hits and just about everything in the blast radius. Like the Pyramids, it can also be used as a mobile warp point by the forces of the Walking Dead.

Lunam Tormento
Type: artillery/anti-aircraft/heavy defensive emplacement
Armaments: 1x Particle Accelerator
Armoring: Type 3 Cutis Mortem
Shields: 10,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Speed: none/does not move conventionally
Details: The Lunam Tormento, or Moon Cannon, is an oddly shaped artillery piece. It sits on no wheels or tracks, a large double-crescent design on a stand all seeming as if it had been carved from the same obsidian stone. At its center lies a large crystalline device, the Particle Accelerator, able to fire either massive orbs of condensed antimatter energy over long distances, deliver devastating blasts of direct-fire energy from an immense distance up to low orbit, or fire off crackling arks of power to slaughter multiple targets and aircraft at closer ranges. The Lunam Tormento works as a powerful defensive emplace, but its true power lies in its ability to teleport to wherever it is needed, within the range of its current firing range. This allows it to maneuver and fire upon any target it needs, while also allowing it to avoid any returning fire or orbital strikes that it cannot simply absorb with its shielding and armor. It cannot fire during the time it is enacting and emerging from this teleporting. As with all Walking dead vehicles, they do not have as many as a regular army, but the sheer durability and destructive potential far outclasses its conventional competition in other races.

Eclipsm Tormento
Type: heavy artillery/epic defensive emplacement
Armament: 1x Particle Obliterator
Armoring: Type 4 Cutis Mortem
Shields: 100,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Speed: none/does not move conventionally
Details: The ‘big brother’ of the Lunam Tormento, the Eclipsm Tormento, or Eclipse Cannon, is a significantly larger artillery piece/emplacement, shaped like a single crescent unlike the smaller version. The Eclipse Cannon can carry out all the same roles as the Lunam Tormento at even greater ranges and with greater power, able to engage heavier ships up to capital classes in orbit and carve devastating chunks out of them. They also possess the same teleporting capability of the Lunam Tormento, and their shields emanate a protective field that can aid in those beneath it surviving any retaliation that comes their way.

Serving as the walkers/mechs for the armies of the Walking Dead, the Constructs, alternatively called Golems, harken back to the times when powerful Zionic users from Domhanda, particularly the Mist Isles, had massive iron bodies constructed for the purpose of binding the souls of powerful warriors into those bodies, allowing them to fight once more. While the art fell out of practice after the Long War, especially once mind backups allowed the creation of the Knight Mechs, it was never an art forgotten. In the Mortui Ambulantes, the practice of creating powerful golems has roared back, providing the Walking Dead with their own take on ‘walkers’ to sweep away the resistance before them.

Sepulcrum Aranea
Type: Light walker
Armament: 1x Thermal blaster, 2x linked Heavy Bolton Cannons, legs
Armoring: Vehicle Type 3 Cutis Mortem
Shields: 50,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Size: 15 meters tall
Details: the smallest of the Constructs, the Sepulcrum Aranea, or Tomb Spider, is a large-limbed spider-shaped walker that can move nimbly around the battlefield in any environment, even able to climb up surfaces. Able to annihilate tanks, other walkers, and heavy infantry with its guns, the Aranea is also capable of scuttling in to rapidly tear apart its foes with its legs, sheathing the clawed tips of each in a powerful antimatter field. It also serves as a mobile sort of “command” walker, relaying advanced targeting information to nearby allied infantry or vehicles to help ensure that their fire lands true.

Type: Medium Walker
Armament: 2x Colossus Blades, 1x Colossus Cannon (right arm), 1x Colossus Plasma Thrower
Armoring: Type 5 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Shields: 100,000,000 mw Phase Shieldd
Size: 20 meters tall
Details: Striding high above lowly mortals, the Colossi walkers appear at first glance to be massive skeletons shaped and carved from the blackest obsidian, complete with their own breastplates, vambraces and sometimes great crested helmets, depending on the wishes of the soul interred within. Each Colossus has arm mounted ranged weaponry to annihilate walkers, tanks, infantry, and low-flying aircraft with impunity, and also hold a pair of bladed weapons, shaped in the same material as their armor and encased in an energy field to allow them to engage swathes of smaller foes or other walkers in situations where ranged fire isn’t an option. Like the smaller Aranea construct, the Colossi can direct allied vehicles or infantry in coordination with itself to crush their foes into ashes and broken bones.

Type: Heavy Walker
Armament: Titan Bow, Staff of Judgement, 2x eye-mounted Titan Beams
Armoring: Titan Cutis Mortem
Shields: 180,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Size: 30 meters tall
Details: the largest of the constructs, the Titans are truly an unearthly sight, sculped expertly to resemble Titans of old Domhandian legend. With four arms they bring ruination to all before them, armed with a massive bow-like weapon and a massive staff. The Titan Bow in effect acts like a massive direct energy weapon, drawing upon Bolton and antimatter technology to unleash “arrows” that can wipe out many targets from a great distance no matter their protection, and so powerful is the draw that low flying space vessels are at risk. At closer ranges, a Titan resorts to its Staff of Judgement, a massive blade object in the shape of a religious staff. The staff is a massive channeler for kinetic force, able to unleash destructive bursts in a large radius around the chosen release point. A Titan can engage close ground forces or aerial assaults in this manner. And if that doesn’t work, or it faces a particularly tough foe, the Titan can instead fire beams of destructive energy from its eyes, focus points for specially made beam cannons.

Conqueror Wyrm
Type: Dreadnought Construct
Size: 80 meters
Armor: Conqueror Cutis Mortem
Shielding: 12,000,000,000 mw phase shield divided into 12 layers with a billion mw each.
Primary Armament: 120x 50mm Lightening Cannons, 20x 185mm Heavy Bolton Cannons, 2,500x 300mm Phase missiles, 5000x 225mm Bolton Missiles, 10x Particle Obliterators, 100cm antimatter Cannon, claws and jaws
Speed: 50 MPH
Details: The Conqueror Wyrm is the largest construct of the Walking Dead, but few foes will ever likely glimpse its full size. Either dropped from orbit or phasewarped into position, the Conqueror Wyrm bears the upper body of a wingless dragon, complete with massive arms, claws sheathed in antimatter fields, and power jaws to match, as well as a great deal of safely phased weaponry along its head and back. The rest of it however, which the stored weapons can be phased down along when needed, is entirely composed of massive obsidian-colored tail. For rather than engage conventionally unless ordered to give long range support, the Conqueror travels under the waves and through the ground, tunneling its way into an enemy position and bursting forth, unleashing a quick and devastating salvo of its missiles and energy weapons before delving back into the earth. The large mechs of the enemies are the favored prey of a Wyrm, for it can cause the ground to collapse under their steps, or simply pounce out from the ground and knock its target down before rending it to pieces. Due to the immense collateral damage a single Wyrm can cause in an engagement, a typical Walking Dead Army will at most only have two, and only deploy them against super heavy mechs or extremely difficult enemy resistance.

The Grave King
Type: The King himself
Protection: Type 8 Cutis Mortem, Shield of Vatace
Weapons: Dark Blade of Repentance, wrist-mounted Particle Blaster
Shields: 10,000,000mw Phase shield, 10,000,000mw handheld shield (Shield of Vatace)
Equipment: 5x Bolton Grenades, 4x 250mm equivalent wrist rockets,, Cloak of the Dawn (unleashes a flash of solar energy to burn and blind nearby enemies), Gravitron Gauntlet
Details: The King of the Mortui Ambulantes, the Grave King is an imposing figure. Twelve feet of near-living metal and easily stronger than over a hundred genetically enhanced men, the Grave King is the unquestionable ruler of the army of the living dead.No matter which sector of space they're in, what battle they're engaged in or what strategy they're following, his will is law. On the battlefield, with his connections to his forces, he needs only mere gestures to send them into the fray, able to react to any change in the scales and direct his troops accordingly to destroy his enemies.
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Bolton Weaponry
What has been named Bolton energy was originally an attempt to create advanced mining devices that could harvest ores from a distance. While the energy devices could break down every material it was tested against in rapid time, the material continued to dissipate on its way back to the gun, rendering it unusable for mining operations. Bolton energy was almost canned entirely until one of the devices was mishandled, firing a bolt of energy at a nearby armored vehicle and ‘flaying off’ a good deal of the hull, just about reaching the insides. It was here that the Domhandian military, and even Empress Aera herself, took control of the project, with the intent on developing cutting-edge weaponry unlike any seen in the galaxy before, a new tool to break their enemies. Combined with both UNE disintegrator and TDF technology, they have created a series of weapons sure to terrorize anything they’re fired at.

At their most basic level, Bolton Weapons can be described as linear induction motors. When fired, they produce focused bipolar magnetic fields so that anything the weapon is targeted at, such as a human body, will be "pulled" (at the sub-atomic level) towards the gun, utilizing ‘microdimensions’ in the process to deliver the destructive potential. Bolton Weapons pulse with intense electrical currents during the process, which help form and contain the potent magnetic fields that strip the target' apart even as the target is attracted towards the weapon. Against shields, the weapon has demonstrated the ability to punch through them with ease, the initial impact of a beam of Bolton energy cutting into the shield and breaking it apart whilst the rest of the beam follows through to the target beyond. The most basic Bolton weapon is extremely lethal to standard and heavy infantry alike, and even vehicles are at risk from concentrated fire or even a lucky shit to a critical location. The weapons themselves are relatively large and heavy, to the point that few organic creatures can even hold them much less wield them, yet the Mortui Ambulantes are able to handle them with no issues. The weapons also connect right into the soldiers themselves, allowing the bearers to, along with both experience and hyper-fast computer processing, place shots with deadly accuracy and efficiency, cutting down on any motions that would be wasteful.

As progress on the development of more Bolton weapons progressed, an offshoot class was developed consisting of the electricity used to form and contain the magnetic fields, amped up to even more lethal weapons and creating a literal lightning gun with a few different iterations. These weapons are thusly known as Bolton Lightening Weapons, or Lightening Weapons.

Bolton Rifle
Type: energy rifle
Round size: 45mm beam
Rof: one shot per 4 seconds, or an ‘automatic’ stream lasting ten seconds every sixteen seconds
Effective Range: Effective Range: 5 kilometers/ 3 Kilometers
Maximum Effective Range: 9 Kilometers
Mount: cleaver bayonet sheathed in an energy field
Details: the most basic Bolton weapon, capable of firing single beams at a time or switching to a stream that serves as an automatic fire role. Lethal to standard and heavy infantry, with the power to threaten light vehicles.

Bolton Carbine
Type: energy rifle
Round size: 45mm beam
Rof: one shot per 4 seconds, or an ‘automatic’ stream lasting ten seconds every sixteen seconds
Effective Range: Effective Range: 4 kilometers/ 2 Kilometers
Maximum Effective Range: 8 Kilometers
Mount: cleaver bayonet sheathed in an energy field
Details: a somewhat more compact version of a Bolton Rifle used by the Walking Dead’s airborne and recon infantry.

Bolton Blaster
Type: Heavy energy rifle
Round size: twin 65mm beams
RoF: either one shot per four seconds from each barrel, or a stream from both lasting ten seconds every twenty seconds
Effective Range: Effective Range: 5 kilometers/ 3 Kilometers
Maximum Effective Range: 9 Kilometers
Mount: cleaver bayonet sheathed in an energy field
Details: a larger Bolton weapon with two barrels in a single chasss. Used by the Big Bones and several vehicles, the Bolton Blaster is particularly devastating against power armored troops and heavier armored vehicles.

Lightening Rifle
Type: heavy lightening rifle
Round size: 45mm stream of ‘lightening’
RoF: one 5-second stream every ten seconds
Effective Range: Effective Range: 5 kilometers/ 3 Kilometers
Maximum Effective Range: 9 Kilometers
Details: the most basic Bolton Lightening weapon. While it lacks the same effectiveness at slicing through armor like other Bolton weapons, the Lightening weapons, such as the rifle, excel at killing whole groups of enemies at a time as the lightening arcs from target to target at near random, and is very useful against shields. Armored enemies are at great risk from being killed by the overloading of their systems.

Messorem Rifle
Type: energy sniper rifle
Round size: 45mm bolt
RoF: 1 bolt every 6 seconds
Effective Range: 10 KM
Maximum Effective Range: 20 KM
Details: a unique weapon used by the Soul Hunters, the Messorem rifle fires compressed leptonic beams of sub-atomic particles which destroy neural and synaptic tissue. Beginning within the target’s brain and spreading in microseconds throughout their entire body, molecules unbond with one another, causing the luckless target to crumple limply to the ground like a puppet with its strings severed. Even armor is little protection, and should a target somehow survive a shot, they will live but a shell of a life with so much damage to their neural network.

Bolton Cannon
Type: energy cannon
Round: 150mm equivalent bolt
RoF: one blast every 5 seconds per barrel
Effective Range: 3 kilometers
Maximum Effective Range: 10 kilometers
Details: a somewhat larger version of the Bolton Blaster, sporting four barrels and a popular choice for several Walking Dead vehicles and the shoulder-mounted weapon of the Nightmares. It excels at wiping out power armored troops and punching holes in medium to light vehicles in rapid succession.

Heavy Bolton Cannon
Type: heavy energy cannon
Round: 300m equivalent bolt
RoF: one shot per 8 seconds
Effective ground range: 10 kilometers
Maximum Effective ground range: 20 kilometers
Details: a much longer an single-barreled version of the Bolton cannon, the Heavy Bolton cannon is a purely anti-armor weapon, able to punch through both sides of even the most heavily armored and shielded vehicle in a single shot. Typically found on a few vehicles, it is a common anti-fighter and light anti-ship weapon in space, where the far more advanced tracking systems of a ship and the lack of in-atmospheric conditions allow the Heavy Bolton Cannon to wreak even greater havoc.

Lightening Cannon
Type: heavy energy cannon
Round: 350m equivalent blast of lightening
RoF: one shot per 6 seconds
Effective ground range: 10 kilometers
Maximum Effective ground range: 20 kilometers
Details: a much more powerful lightening weapon, the Lightening Cannon is also used on both the surface of a world and in the void. The destructive arcs of energy of the Cannon are much more effective against armor and even larger masses of foes and are extremely useful at killing the crew inside of a vehicle or a fighter. In space, they act as both anti-missile and anti-fighter weaponry.

Particle Caster
Type: particle weapon
Round: 125mm equivalent
RoF: one shot per 8 seconds
Effective Range: 3 kilometers
Maximum effective Range: 8 kilometers
Description: The particle Caster works, like other Walking Dead particle weapons, by emitting a stream of miniscule anti-matter particles which detonate on contact with normal matter, and are incredibly reliable -- needing only enough energy to maintain the electromagnetic containment field that prevents the anti-matter from detonating when it comes into contact with the normal matter that comprises the weapon’s mechanisms. The Caster does it in a charged orb form, ‘lobbing’ powerful blasts of particle energy as if it were a bomb launcher.

Particle Shredder
Type: Particle Weapon
Round: 225mm equivalent arcs
RoF: one chained blast every five seconds
Effective Range: 5 kilometers
Maximum effective Range: 15 kilometers
Description: the weapon of the Mors Orbis, the Particle Shredder covers the entire thing, acting as both a secondary shielding and its primary weapon. Crackling ominously across the surface, a single “shot” unleashes a powerful blast of particle energy that can annihilate other tanks and send even power armored infantry into non-existence.

Particle Destroyer
Type: Particle Weapon
Round: 350mm equivalent, compressed into a 40mm energy blast
RoF: One shot every ten seconds
Effective Range: 10 Kilometers
Maximum effective Rang: 25 Kilometers
Details: The particle destroyer is a slightly unusual weapon, as it focuses its power throughout its mount, the Armored Pyramid, into a special crystal at the top. Once the power is gathered, it unleashes a tightly compressed beam of antimatter-particle lightening with dramatic effect at a target location, affecting a large swathe of an area and devastating anything caught in the blast. It can also be channeled to “catch” a slow-moving flier and hurl it into the ground. It acts as a form of “light” artillery thanks to its range, but due to being more of a direct fire weapon is often limited as “just” a tank weapon.

Lightening Sphere
Type: lightening weapon
Round: 250mm equivalent arcs of lightening
RoF: one burst every four seconds
Effective Range: 15 Kilometers
Maximum effective Range: 35 kilometers
Details: the Lightening Sphere functions in a similar manner to the Particle Shredder, though more geared towards destroying fast-moving aircraft at immense range and in groups

Particle Annihilator
Type: Particle Weapon
Round on ground: 400mm particle blast
RoF: one blast every fifteen seconds
Effective Range on ground: 15 Kilometers
Maximum Range on ground: 40 Kilometers
Details: A much more powerful version of the Particle Destroyer, a popular heavy weapon used on the Walking Dead’s ships as well as their super heavy tank, with longer range and far more destructive potential.

Particle Accelerator
Type: Particle Artillery Weapon
Round: 500mm Particle Blast
RoF: One blast every 15 Seconds
Range on ground: 180km
Details: The main artillery of the Walking Dead. The Particle Accelerator canon can either fire a directed whip of tightly compressed energy or lob self-contained orbs of that same energy similar to firing a shell.

Particle Obliterator
Type: Heavy Particle Artillery
Round: 550mm Particle Blast
RoF: 1 every 15 Seconds
Range on the ground: 250km
Details: the heavy artillery of the Walking Dead, an a much more powerful weapon mounted on their warships. It has the same abilities as the Accelerator, on a much larger scale.

Thermal Blaster
Type: Energy cannon
Round: 250mm supercharge plasma blast
RoF: 1 shot every 20 seconds
Effective Range: 5 Meters
Maximum Effective Range: 8 meters
Details: The Thermal Blaster is a powerful, anti-armor weapon that produces an intense, energetic beam of heat in the tens of thousands of degrees. It emits devastatingly intense but relatively short-ranged blasts of heat which can melt through almost any material. It functions by inducing highly pressurized gases from an ammunition canister into an unstable sub-molecular state which produces nuclear fusion and directing the resulting energies down the barrel.

Colossus Blades
Type: mech melee Weapons
Details: massive bladed weapons fashioned out of the same metal as the Colossi mechs that typically resemble swords or bladed weapons of some kind, though on some occasions a Colossus might prefer a more blunt-type weapon. In any case, the weapons are encased in powerful fields that, upon contact with the enemy, release a devastating wave of energy on every hit, shredding through multiple targets in a single blow, and providing a very good counter to enemy mechs in closer combat.

Colossus Cannon
Type: Specialize Mech Cannon
Round: 300mm round equivalent
RoF: 1 shot every 8 seconds per barrel
Range: 30 Kilometers
Details: Mounted On one of the arms of the Colossi, the Colossus Cannons is essentially a regular Bolton Cannon and a Heavy Bolton cannon put together and then grown, creating an eight-barreled weapon that can exterminate just about anything it’s pointed at.

Colossus Plasma Thrower
Type: Specialize Mech weapon
Round Equivalent: none
RoF: one 8 second stream every 10 seconds
Maximum Range: 2 kilometers
Details: mounted on the other arm of Colossi is the Plasma thrower. It has the power of the Thermal blaster on a much larger scale, albeit with much shorter ranged due to acting more like a conventional flamethrower. It is devastatingly effective at clearing out whole city blocks or swathes of enemy resistance at a time, leaving only ashes of its targets.

Titan Bow
Type: Specialized Mech weapon
Round: 450mm round equivalent
RoF: 1 ‘arrow’ every 8 seconds
Range: 200km
Details: the primary weapon of the mighty Titan constructs, the Titan Bow uses both Bolton and particular Anti-matter energy to create massive arrows of immense power, with a special energy field acting as the “string” for the bow, and the bow itself naturally being protected from the arrows.

Phase Shields: a unique type of shield create on accident, the Phase Shield was originally part of a test to manipulate space-time using tech from the captured time machine. The end result was a powerful shield with a unique property, essentially a sort of field around something under the shield that can slow projectiles and dissipate energy. On larger mounts, a powerful enough Phase shield can outright render small enough projectiles and energy blasts out of existence just by this field.


The Cutis Mortem itself is a modern marvel, combining advanced nannite technology with some of the most durable materials on Domhanda to form an entire body, similar in build to combat droids yet better. The ‘base’ body of Cutis Mortem, Type 2, resembles a seven-foot humanoid, with a proudly displayed ribcage and a face with no mouth. The body itself is outwardly cleverly designed, as even the centerpiece, which is of course armored to a degree, is built in a way to deflect energy and absorb kinetic impacts, making it more than viable for surviving combat. Internally, where veins would be on a body are in fact swarms of nannites, able to swiftly wok to repair damage that occurs to the body while the ‘brain’ is safe or the body itself is not horrendously wounded. Able to rapidly self-replicate, the nannites can even “grow” back lost limbs or chunks of the body, making it appear as if the Mortui Ambulantes soldier was brand new. These nannites can also be used to reshape the body as needed, commonly to allow the soldier to transform their hands or even whole arms into weapons with which to deal with opponents at close quarters. This also allows the body to essentially pull itself together, attaching lost limbs or large pieces of the body and seamlessly becoming whole once more. If however the body is too severely damaged, emergency protocols immediately warp the soldier and their gear to a safe haven for either more extensive repairs or an entire new body to be created for them. How long the soldier is out of the fight depends on the overall state of the battle, the resources on the ground, and so on and so forth.

What is perhaps even more importantly, at least in the eyes of Domhanda, is that the Cutis Mortem is also partially made from a material whose origins are closely guarded by Domhandian leaders. The material acts as a counter to the presence of zionic particles, causing zionic weapons to be less effective and zionic powers to either be weakened or outright useless. The material fell out of use after the Long War, but makes a comeback now as part of the frames of the Mortui Ambulantes, granting them protection from the growing presence of zionic weaponry and against any future threats from proper zionic users.

Infantry Cutis Mortem

Cutis Mortem Type 2
Type: Infantry covering
Strength: Equivalent of power armor (high quality of course)
Shield strength: 6,500,000mw Phase Shield

Cutis Mortem Type 3
Type: heavy infantry covering
Strength: equivalent of heavy power armor
Shield Strength: 8,500,000mw Phase Shield

Cutis Mortem Type 4
Type: specialized infantry Covering
Strength: equivalent to super heavy power armor
Shield strength: 15,000,000mw Phase shield

Cutis Mortem Type 7
Type: elite specialized infantry covering
Strength: Equivalent to a tank
Shield Strength: 50,000,000mw Phase Shield

Vehicle armoring

Type 1 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Type: light vehicle covering
Strength: Resistant to 155mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Type 2 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Type: light tank covering
Strength: resistant to 250mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Type 3 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Type: main vehicle covering
Strength: resistant to 300mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Type 4 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Type: heavy vehicle covering
Strength: resistant to 350mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Type 5 Vehicle Cutis Mortem
Type: super heavy vehicle covering
Strength: resistant to 405mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Titan Cutis Mortem
Type: Titan Mech armoring
Strength: Resistant to 500mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents

Colossus Cutis Mortem
Type: Colossus Mech Armoring
Strength: Resistant to 600mm or equivalent projectiles and energy weapons or equivalents
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Re: CSAH 2 Waccamaw Sector Militaries

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The vessels of the Walking Dead are, naturally, constructed and crafted from similar material as their vehicles and constructs, on a much larger and more powerful scale more than capable of handling the perils of the void. While fewer in number and thus possessing smaller fleets, the ships of the Mortui Ambulantes make up for the numbers difference in sheer durability, destructive firepower, and speeds no living crew could match without a great deal of compensation for their bodies and agility . Almost all universally shaped like crescents to allow them to fire in practically every direction, the ships of the Walking Dead are equipped with powerful cloaking devices and advanced stealth software, their coloration matching that of space itself, allowing their ships to work to gain the element of surprise on unsuspecting foes. They also possess their own form of phase-warp known simply as Phase Shift. A Phase Shift has two primary events: the engaging of especially powerful phase-warp drives, and the ‘phasing out’ of the Phase Shifted ship from normal existence. Ships phased out in such a manner experience the passage of time differently, generally in a “fast forward” manner. Thus, a journey that might take more than half an hour of normal warping or FTL travel might take ten minutes or even much less. The phased ship can use its time in this manner to also set up an attack, for while a phased vessel or creature can’t interact with an unphased vessel or creature, they can still perceive ‘realspace’ and maneuver as needed for when they drop out. Such technology is dedicated solely to the Walking Dead, as current Domhandian science has not been able to safely replicate a Phase Shift for a living creature.

Solar Chariot Class Fighter
Class: Solar Chariot Class
Warship Type: Fighter
Length: 24m
Crew complement: Single Pilot
Armor: Type 1 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 75mm)
Shield: 30,000,000 Megawatt Phase shield
Weaponry: 24x 250mm Plasma Missiles, 2x Heavy Bolton Cannons, 4x Lightening Destructor Cannons.
Detail: A spacebound variant of the Death Scythe, the Solar Chariot is a larger and more heavily equipped variant, with relatively heavier armoring as well. Like its smaller brethren, the Solar Chariot is exceptionally fast due to the pilot’s lack of organic safety measures, and thanks to both the innate trained skill of the attached pilot and the algorithms of their machine brains are able to easily dogfight with the best of them. A single Chariot is more than capable of engaging and destroying multiple targets at once and can even engage weak points on a larger vessel. They can also pull themselves back together similar to their atmosphere-bound brothers, making them extremely difficult to keep down.

Void Crescent Class Heavy Fighter
Class: Void Crescent Class
Warship Type: Heavy Fighter
Length: 30m
Crew complement: One Pilot
Armor: Type 2 Void Cutis Mortem (Protection from 95mm)
Shield: 60,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 4x Lightening Destructors, 30x 250mm Plasma missiles, 1x Particle Ray
Details: The Crescent Class is a Heavy Fighter designed for anti-ship, ground support, and anti-heavy operations. More armored than the solar Chariot but no less fast, its main weapon is adept at shearing through armor and flesh as if they weren’t there, making them lethal against heavy armored columns an warships alike, especially in groups. They are also each mounted with a small Phase rive, granting them some capacity to operate independently and raid vulnerable targets before needing to head back.

Luna Class Bomber
Class: Luna Class
Warship Type: Bomber
Length: 50m
Crew complement: Two Pilots
Armor: Type 2 Void Cutis Mortem (Protection from 95mm)
Shield: 50,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 28x 300mm Bolton Missiles and 4x Lightening Destructors, 10x Antimatter bombs
Details: The Luna class Bomber is the standard bomber for the Walking Dead. Mounting powerful antimatter bombs, the Luna Bomber can be a terror to even the most heavily armored warship, whilst possessing firepower to drive off foolhardy interceptors.

Void Strike Class Strike Bomber
Class: Void Strike Class
Warship Type: Bomber
Length: 35m
Crew complement: Two Pilots
Armor: Type 2 Void Cutis Mortem (Protection from 95mm)
Shield: 50,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 24x 250mm Missiles and 4x Lightening Destructors, 5x Antimatter bombs
Details: a variant of the Luna Bomber, carrying less bombs in exchange for a Phase Drive. Void Strikes excel at ground support and at independent raids, working closely with Void Crescent escorts so as to not be deterred from their chosen prey.

Void Ferry Dropship
Type: Dropship
Length: 40 meters
Crew complement:2
Speed (Max): 3,500 miles per hour
Assault complement: 50 troops max or 1000 tons of assorted equipment
Armor: Type 2.5 Void Cutis Mortem (Protection from 205 mm)
Shield: 15,500,000mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 4x Lightening Destructors, 4x Particle Casters
Details: The Void Ferry follows the same overall design plan of the Dead’s heavy fighters and such, albeit fitted with Particle Casters for quick ground support. Well armored and shielded for a dropship, the Ferry has no actual loading bay or troop compartment: instead, it has a captive miniaturized Phase Portal to employ, allowing rapid embarking or disembarking of whole squads at a time while keeping those troops safe in the event the dropship is disabled or actually destroyed. Like the Void Strike and Crescent Void, it is capable of independent Phase Shifting, and thanks to greater stealth protocols and systems the Ferry is ideal for the deployment of forces where the enemy least expects.

Spectral Eye Recon Stealth Craft
Ship Type: Stealth Boat
Class: Spectral Eye
Length: 120 meters
Crew: 1 Mid Tier AI, 16 Crew
Small craft complement: 5 Void Crescents, 5 Void Strikes, 5 Void Ferries
Passengers: 100 Marines
Cargohold: 15,000 tons
Armor: Type 3 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 400mm)
Shielding: 95,000,000 mw phase shield
Weaponry: 20x Point Defense Lightening Cannons, 6x Heavy Bolton Cannons, 50x 440mm Bolton Missiles, 100x 150mm Plasma Phase Missiles, 50x 640mm Phase Torpedoes, 6x Particle Destroyers, 1x Soul Drain
Detail: The Spectral Eye is the main recon ship of the Walking Dead. Well-armed an armored for its role, a Spectral Eye will generally make a point to avoid direct combat unless it can hit an enemy from a weak spot. A single Spectral eye tends to be the “mothership” of raider parties, giving them a place to repair and re-arm while also acting as a beacon for support or invasion forces that are never quite far behind.

Scythe Class Attack Stealth Craft
Ship Type: Stealth Boat
Class: Scythe
Length: 220 meters
Crew: 40
Small craft complement: 10 Void Crescents, 10 Void Strikes
Passengers: 50 Marines
Cargohold: 25,000 tons
Armor: Type 3 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 400mm)
Shielding: 100,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 30x 50mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons, 6x Heavy Bolton Cannons, 100x 440mm Bolton Missiles, 200x 150mm Plasma Phase Missiles, 100x 640mm Phase Torpedoes, 4x Particle Destroyers, 4x Particle Obliterators, and 18x 6mPhase Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles, Soul Drain
Detail: The Scythe is the more combat oriented stealth craft of the Dead’s fleets. While capable of engaging from extreme distances conventionally, the Scythe has a special feature to hit and disorient and terrorize the enemy. With special tuning to their Phase Drive, the Scythe can essentially create mini-portals around itself for a brief time, opening the other ends of those portals around a single or a group of enemy vessels. It can then fire through these portals, and the target is bombarded from multiple directions as if it was being assaulted at point blank range. Such a tactic serves to sow discord and chaos amongst fleet formations, allowing the rest of the Dead Fleet to destroy the enemy more easily.

Harvester Class Frigate
Ship Type: Frigate
Class: Harvester
Length: 150 meters
Crew: 40
Small craft complement: 10 Void Crescents, 10 Void Strike Bombers, 25 Solar Chariots
Passengers: 100 Marines
Cargohold: 35,000 tons
Armor: Type 3 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 600mm)
Shielding: 125,000,000 mw Phase Shield
Weaponry: 30x 50mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons, 12x 220mm Heavy Bolton Cannons, 50x 440mm Bolton Missiles, 140x 150mm Plasma Phase Missiles, 14x Lightening Whips, 6x Particle Annihilators, Soul Drain
Detail: The “frigate” of the Dead Fleet, the Harvester is deceptively fragile at first glance and seems a bit under armed. Like all creations of the Walking Dead however, the Harvester is more than capable of engaging heavier ships and slugging it out with vessels above its weight class while still being able to wipe out large swathes of enemy smallcraft and light warships. While coming in smaller numbers than the vast arrays of other frigates and corvettes, their lightening and particle weapons more than make up the difference in sheer firepower and destructive potential.

Redeemer Class Destroyer
Warship Type: Destroyer
Length: 320 meters
Crew complement: 80 Crew
Fightercraft complement: 15 Void Crescents, 15 Luna Bombers, 40 Solar Chariots
Assault complement: 150 Marines
Armor: Type 3.5 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 700mm)
Shield: 155,000,000 Megawatt Phase shield
-40x 50mm Point Defense Lightening Guns
-20x 220mm Heavy Bolton Cannons
-70x 440mm Phase Missiles
-180x 300mm Bolton Missiles
-30x Lightening Whips
-10x 175mm twin Bolton Beam Cannons
-2x 300mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-8x Particle Annihilators
-1x Particle Obliterator
-Soul Drain
Details: The Redeemer Destroyer is a good deal larger than the Harvester Frigate, and more armed and armored without losing any speed. Mounted with cutting-edge anti-stealth systems to find and destroy enemy stealth craft, it is even more capable of going toe-to toe with large numbers of enemy vessels and even heavier ships.

Dominus Class Cruiser
Warship Type: Cruiser
Length: 600 meters
Crew complement: 120 Crew
Fightercraft complement: 20 Void Crescents, 20 Luna Bombers, 60 Solar Chariots, 10x Void Ferries
Assault complement: 500 Marines
Armor: Type 4 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 800mm)
Shielding Type: 180,000,000 Megawatt Phase Shield
-60x 30mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-48x Heavy Bolton Cannons
-42x Bolton Missile Pods (24x 200mm Bolton Missiles each)
-34x Phase Missile Pods (18x 450mm Phase Missiles each)
-2x IPBM Pods (8x 5M Phase IPBMs each)
-16x 250mm Twin Bolton Double Cannons
-4x 825mm Bolton Cannons
-40x Lightening Whips
-6x 400mm Particle Obliterators
-2x turreted Antimatter Cannons
-Soul Drain
Details: the Dominus class Cruiser borders on being a capital-class ship with the sheer firepower and durability it possesses, making up for their small numbers with being able to wipe the cosmos with anything in or below its weight class, and giving those above a difficult challenge. In small detachments of Destroyers and Frigates, a Dominus can act as a command vessel unless a larger ship happens to be present.

Shroud Class Cruiser
Warship Type: support Cruiser
Length: 600 meters
Crew complement: 120 Crew
Fightercraft complement: 20 Void Crescents, 20 Luna Bombers, 60 Solar Chariots, 10x Void Ferries
Assault complement: 500 Marines
Armor: Type 4 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 800mm)
Shielding Type: 180,000,000 Megawatt Phase Shield
-60x 30mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-48x Heavy Bolton Cannons
-42x Bolton Missile Pods (24x 200mm Bolton Missiles each)
-34x Phase Missile Pods (18x 450mm Phase Missiles each)
-2x IPBM Pods (8x 5M Phase IPBMs each)
-16x 250mm Twin Bolton Double Cannons
-4x 825mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-30x Lightening Whips
-4x 400mm Particle Obliterators
-Soul Drain
Details: the Shroud Cruiser is a unique support cruiser that sacrifices heavier offensive power for powerful anti-communications systems. These systems are designed to cast a “shroud” around a massive radius, usually an entire system, preventing enemy communication in or out. The presence of a Shroud Cruiser is usually a sign of a full on invasion, as their numbers are limited.

Cairn Class Battlecruiser
Ship Type: Battlecruiser
Class: Cairn
Length: 1.5 kilometers
Crew: 200
Small craft complement: 150 Solar Chariots, 50 Void Crescents, 50 Luna Bombers, 40 Void Ferries
Passengers: 1000 Marines
Cargohold: 800,000 tons
Armor: Type 5 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 3500mm overall)
Shielding: 225,000,000 mw Phase Shield
-90x 50mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-40x Heavy Bolton Cannons
-60x Bolton Missile Pods (24x 200mm Bolton Missiles each)
-46x Phase Missile Pods (18x 450mm Phase Missiles each)
-8x IPBM Pods (8x 5M IPBMs each)
-8x Twin 600mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-2x 1650mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-40x Lightening Whips
-10x Lightening Shredders
6x 400mm Particle Obliterators
-8x turreted 1500mm Antimatter Cannons
-1x Solar Lance
-Soul Drain
-Repair and Resupply Facilities

Detail: The first of the capital classes of the Walking Dead, and a ship design that more than earns its classification. Able to slaughter weaker ships en masse while duking it out with other battlecruisers or battleships, the Cairn is also the first ship classification to mount a Solar Lance, a powerful solar-powered weapon housed in the central ‘tower’ upon its upper portion. Though few in number, only a fool would underestimate them.

Night-Bringer Class Battleship
Warship Type: Battleship
Length: 15 km
Crew complement: 1,000
Marines: 5,000
Assault complement: 15,000 Soldiers and accompanying vehicle support
Smallcraft complement: 2000 Solar Chariots, 500 Void Crescents, 500 Luna Bombers, 300 Void Ferries
Armor: Type 6 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 4500mm overall)
Shielding Type: 6,500,000,000 Megawatt Phase shield
-1000x 30mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-200x 80mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-300x Heavy Bolton Cannons
-200x Particle Annihilators
-20x Lightening Spheres
-500x Bolton Missile Pods (81x 200mm Bolton Missiles each)
-200x Phase Missile Pods (64x 450mm Phase Missiles each)
-40x ASM Missile Pods (16x 900mm Phase Missiles each)
-30x IPBM Pods (16x 5M IPBMs each)
-18x IPBM Pods (9x 10M IPBMs each)
-50x twin 400mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-20x twin 825mm Bolton Beam Cannons
-10x Paired 1650mm Antimatter Beam Cannons
-20x 400mm Lightening Shredders
-60x 400mm Particle Obliterators
-20x Turreted 1500m Antimatter Cannons
-4x Solar Lances
-1x Antimatter Cleanser (central mounted 1000 inch Antimatter beam cannon)
-Soul Drain
-Repair and Resupply Facilities
Detail: The Night-Bringer battleship is a massive armored crescent, laden with enough firepower to easily challenge dreadnoughts and battleships. Even without the Antimatter Cleanser, a single Night-Bringer can lay low entire groups of fleets at a time. These massive ships act as the flagships of a proper Walking Dead fleet, almost always showing up as a single pair in said fleet. Coupled with their self-repair abilities and a speed that outstrips anything in its weight class, the Night-Bringer also mounts a powerful Phase Interdictor, ensuring that the recipients of the Grave King’s wrath are forced to account for their sins.

Charon Class Invasion Ships
Warship Type: Invasion Ships
Length: 5 km
Crew complement: 600
Fighter craft complement: 4000 Solar Chariots, 1000 Void Crescents fighters, 1000 Luna Bombers, 500 Void Ferries
Assault complement: 200,000 and the complementing vehicle support, as well as Constructs
Armor: Type 4 Void Cutis Mortem (protection from 800mm)
Shielding type: 800,000,000 Megawatt Phase Shield
-60x 30mm Point Defense Lightening Cannons
-48x Heavy Bolton Cannons
-42x Bolton Missile Pods (24x 200mm Bolton Missiles each)
-34x Phase Missile Pods (18x 450mm Phase Missiles each)
-2x IPBM Pods (8x 5M Phase IPBMs each)
-16x 250mm Twin Bolton Double Cannons
-4x 825mm Bolton Cannons
-40x Lightening Whips
-6x 400mm Particle Obliterators
-2x turreted Antimatter Cannons
-Soul Drain
-Repair and Resupply Facilities
Details: The Charon is a massive ship that can hold small armies of the Walking Dead and their full vehicle support, while also doubling as a sort of carrier. Despite its size and armor, it only has the firepower of a Dominus cruiser, for this ship’s role is not at all combat. Rather, being fitted with advanced rapid repair systems and homing relays, the Charon’s true purpose is to allow the Walking Dead’s forces to rapidly descend onto a planet to reap their harvest and, when units on the ground are damaged enough to phase out, act as a repair center. This way, troops and vehicles and craft ‘killed’ on the field of battle are brought back, repaired to fighting condition, and sent back to fight, giving the Walking Dead virtually endless reinforcement as long as a Charon is in play. This requires a great deal of power of course, which means the Charon is either well protected or near-invisible with its stealth systems.

Special Space Tech

Soul Drain: The Soul drain is an extra sort of protection for the Walking Dead’s ship, a force multiplier. Upon activation, the Soul Drain annihilates the power and guidance of nearby enemy fighters and missiles, leaving the missiles to either detonate prematurely or outright cease moving whilst fighters an bombers and such become naught but coffins for the pilots trapped inside. The burst can be used once every few minutes.

Soar Lance
Details: The Solar Lance is a special weapon that draws its power from the radiation and light of the void, making it somewhat solar powered. Upon firing, the Solar Lance fires with the power of a 120 inch particle cannon, shearing through shields and armor alike. Due to the immense power that needs to be gathered and sustained for combat, it is only mounted on Capital ships.
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