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CSAH Season 2 Factions

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Re: CSAH Season 2 Factions

Postby warper » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:33 am

Military Equipment: 1 2 3 4
Military Units: Units List
Demonym: Orithyian
Flag: Eagle of Orithyia
Planet Role: Industrial, Trade and Military Hub
Terrain Map:Orithyia
Local Government: Republic of Orithyia
Government: Semi-presidential republic
-President Milos Lyosha Kozel
-Prime Minister Fedor Romanov
-Chairman of Parliament Miron Pasternak
Capital City: Gabija
Legislature: General Assembly
Upper House: Senate
Lower House: House of Representatives
Population: 12,500,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Orithyian Armed Forces: ~796,360,000
-Orithyian Army: 101,560,000
-Orithyian Navy: ~493,100,000
-Orithyian Naval Infantry: ~194,700,000
-Orithyian Interior Troops: 7,000,000
Nation's Strengths: Industrial and Military might with a lot of resources
Nation's Weaknesses: Almost too awesome
Background: Recent years, while hard, turned out to be very beneficial to Orithyia, leading to a new age of growth and prosperity. A sector wide war, followed by an invasion from the Directorate tested it's people's will, and they responded with boundless determination, but also empathy for their enemies, which let them turn foes to friends. Orithyia sees its strength not as a means to gain power or wealth, but as a tool for good, suppressing piracy and stamping out slavery.

Republic of Jun
Demonym: Junese
Flag: Banner of Union
Planet Role: Agricultural and Industrial Hub
Government: Semi-presidential republic
-President Oxana Chou
-Prime Minister Alexsandr Vinogradov
-Speaker of the Congress Min Su Vasylyk
Capital City: Luochang
Legislature: National Congress
Upper House: Senate
Lower House: House of Representatives
Population: 11,000,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Nation's Strengths: Is able to replace losses at a faster rate
Nation's Weaknesses: In a reconstruction era
Background: After years of brutal communist rule, the Republic of Jun has finally returned to democracy and peace, however it wasn't a bloodless accomplishment. The conflict that allowed for the nation's transformation left huge sections of infrastructure in ruins and many out of work, which could have led to yet another time of hardship for the Junese people, if it weren't for the efforts of its leadership. They saw the ruined infrastructure and people out of work as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and instituted a program of reconstruction and improvement, which has made Jun a shining example of what humanity can achieve when they put aside their differences and work toward the common good.

Kingdom of Valand
Demonym: Valander
Flag: Raven's Cross
Planet Role: Naval Hub
Terrain Map: Valand
Government: Semi-presidential republican monarchy
-King Oliver Viggo Anthonsen
-President Valeriya Johansen
-Prime Minister Yegor Kozlov
-Speaker of the Lords Yuri Johansen
-Speaker of the Commons Mathias Volkov
Capital City: Raven's Landing
Legislature: Storting
Upper House: House of Lords
Lower House: House of Commons
Population: 7,000,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Nation's Strengths: Elite raiding troops, faster deployment time for their armed forces
Nation's Weaknesses: In a reconstruction era
Background: Valand is a planet with a long history of raids and conquest, with a proud people who stoically endure the harsh nature of their icy home. During a recent war they underestimated the foe they faced, and got stuck in a long, drawn out conflict in which they were constantly pushed back, until they finally accepted surrender when their foes ships controlled their skies. As the people of Valand surrendered, they prepared to endure the boot of their foes on their necks, but what they didn't expect was their hand to reach down and pull them back to their feet. Instead of enslavement, they were set free, and where they expected to have their wealth stripped, they found new schools and hospitals, and for the first time in memory, enough food that none went hungry. The history of Valand has been long and often dark, but now its people can see light in their future and are working hard to make sure that vision comes true.
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Re: CSAH Season 2 Factions

Postby Michael50210 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:31 am

Waccamaw Union
Flag: Imperial Eye
Demonym: Waccamans
Government: Parliamentary Senate
-Chancellor: Galen Jade, Domhandian
-Vice chair: Jacob Clements, New Haven
-Deputy Secretary-General Leofred Opdahl
-General Assembly President Sváfnir Heikirsson
-Economic and Social Council President Zhao Qingsheng
-Security Council President Wilhelm Agren
Capital World: Domhanda
Capital City: Ternopolis, Domhanda
Largest City: Javantine City, Domhanda
Legislature: Waccaw Union Senate
Sectors: 1 full Sectors, partial control of others (82 Planets)
Population: 79,000,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Concinnatio System (American Spelling), various other spellings for local affairs
WU Armed Forces: N/A
WU Army: N/A
WU Navy: N/A
WU Naval Infantry: N/A
WU Special Service Unit (WUSSU): N/A and how dare you for trying to know that
Background: The Waccamaw Union, or WU for short, is a powerful alliance of planets not only in the Waccamaw Sector but in the Evor and Suzano Sectors as well, with new militarized colonies in the Junker system of the Scone Sector. The Union is headed by the WU Senate, consisting of Senators and minority Represensatives from every planet in the Union to make sure every world's concern is heard and solved. In theory the setup ensures the individual systems such as Panco, Kraga, and Atania are left to their own devices so long as they follow a set of universal laws, policies, and regulations including a very lengthy set of human and non-human rights...In practice however, every single current member has been unwittingly subverted by the original founders of the concept and execution of the WU, Domhanda. It is lead by Chancellor Galen Jade, Equine Domhandian and secretly the daughter of Domhandia's ancient leader, Empress Aera Bjornson. While the mission of the WU at its simplest base is to unite several planets, and even sectors, under a single banner to achieve supremacy and security, it also ensures the prosperity and happiness of those living within, a mission carried out by Galen's inherent mental powers, superb oratory skills, and genuine desire to spread and keep peace. Despite the WU being a newcomer to the galactic scene, it has already made its power known by repelling an assault from the UNE Expeditionary Force, followed by an assault on said Force's planet of operations in the Junker system that seized the UNE's now completed Warp Gate and wiped out the entire Expedition.

The WU is allied and very friendly with the Cabal Federation and the Chadian Empire, while outright hostile with the UNE for obvious reasons. Due to the actions and lack of actions from many systems in the Fronteira sector, the WU has a slightly tense relationship with those systems and their backer, the Scyllian Empire. They are on neutral to good terms with the USV and Erato Federation, and have a foothold in the Suzano sector through Atania and, eventually, the former TDF homeworld of Primonous. Currently they are working on the Evor Sector, and with the exception of Titanicus have gripped the Junker system with a steel glove in the case of the UNE trying to take it back.

Hero Units


Hero Units
Godslayer Task Force
1 Ragnarok
4 DIS Destroyer Dreadnaughts
5 DIS Herald-class Carriers
15 DIS Conqueror Class Battleships
5 DIS Backstabber class Destroyers
5 DIS Raven Class Destroyers
15 DIS Predator Class Frigates

Empress Task Force
1 Empress Dreadnaught
4 DIS Destroyer Dreadnaughts
5 DIS Herald-class Carriers
15 DIS Conqueror Class Battleships
5 DIS Backstabber class Destroyers
5 DIS Raven Class Destroyers
15 DIS Predator Class Frigates

Alpha Task Force
15x Succubus-Class Stealth Boats
15x Razor-class Stealth Boats
Details: The Alpha task force is a stealth task force that has long served Domhanda and the WU. After the Battle of Junker, it was formally recognized as an elite task force for all its successes.

Beta Task Force
15x Succubus-Class Stealth Boats
15x Razor-class Stealth Boats
Details: The Beta task force is a stealth task force that has long served Domhanda and the WU. After the Battle of Junker, it was formally recognized as an elite task force for all its successes.

Arachnid Task Force
1x Modified Purgatory Class Cruiser
10x Succubus-class Stealth Boats
10X Razor-class stealth boats
Details: An elite task force established for the purposes of anti-piracy and raiding, Arachnid Tasks force is led by a modified Purgatory Cruiser outfitted with stealth technology, allowing the force to disable their targets before closing for the kill.


The 666th Division
-1 Division of Zionic Paladins
Details: An entire division of Zionic Paladins, each member of the 666th is one of the most powerful Zionic users in the WU and Domhanda especially. While a great deal of new blood has swelled their ranks, many of the 666th are veterans from ages past, having survived the Long War with the Empress herself, growing ever stronger with age and continued combat.

The 501st Division
1x Division of Paladin Battle droids
the most advanced and capable battle droids in the WU, each droid's central brain the veteran of many engagements and having learned from every one to become even more effective at carrying out their objectives and crushing their foes. Processors from the most advanced TDF units were given to the 501st after the subjugation and later occupation of Primonous.

"Deliverance" Harbinger-class tank
Type: hero unit
Details: a secret project of Domhanda for decades, the Harbinger-class tank is a one of a kind vehicle unearthed and re-purposed much like their Ragnarok-ship is. As tall as their mightiest walkers, the Harbinger has been saved up for the most part, its destructive potential kept hidden away...

Red Team- 5 members
Type: Hero team
Details: a squad of Elven Rangers that are tied only with one other team for the most missions successfully accomplished in the name of Domhanda and the WU. Their ability to infiltrate, accomplish any objective, and exfiltrate like ghosts truly Showed during the battle of Junker. They are now one of the top specialist forces of the WU, accomplishing with only a squad what might normally take a company to do.

Blue Team-5 members
Type: Hero Team
Details: the competition to Red Team, Blue team is another of the WU's top specialist forces, and also comprised of Elven Rangers. They are just as skilled as Red Team, and performed admirably on Junker and ever since. Alone they are devastating: when paired with support, and even Red Team, they're nigh unstoppable at accomplishing their task.

Shadowscale Squad- 10 members
Type: Hero squad
Details: one of, if not the most decorated squad of Raptorian Rangers in the WU. All hailing from a family line harking back to before the Long War, the Shadowscales have always excelled in recon, hunting prey, and carrying out their duty, and the current generation is no exception. Even most Elven rangers cannot match Shadowscale squad, for their natural predatory instincts are have been well honed across the centuries.

1st Atanian Platoon
Type: hero Platoon
Details: a Legionnaire platoon comprised entirely of recruits from Atania, the 1st Atanian first saw action at the battle of Junker. Despite the odds and low expectations due to their planet of origin, the Atanians proved to be incredibly skilled soldiers, and amassed a very lopsided K/D ratio in the process of helping to push the line multiple times. Since then, the well-decorated platoon is an example that anyone in the WU can excel as a soldier, no matter their upbringing.

4th Lancer Company
Type: hero company
Details: a company comprised of the very best Tricerotan Lancers the WU has to offer, excelling at cavalry style charges and hit and run attacks.

101st Dragonian Airborne Division
Type: Hero Division
Details: The 101st Dragonian Airborne division is comprised of the most elite of the Dragonian soldiers and their supporting vehicles and equipment. They are unmatched in the area of launching destructive first strikes against opponents and taking territory from right under their noises. They are almost always the first ones into combat.

52nd Spino Marine Division/ "The Cretaceous Hammer"
Type: Hero Division
Details: The elite of the elitre, the 52nd Spino Marine division consists the best, the brightest, and the most vicious members of the ranks of the WU Spino Marines. Whether they're launching boarding actions against an enemy's prized dreadnought or initiating a surprise assault from beneath an ocean, the 52nd Division has earned the nickname "The Cretaceous Hammer".

The Mortui Ambulantes

Armies: 10 full armies, 6 mixed raider divisions

Fleets: 12 active, 8 reserve (waiting for completion an activation), 6 raider force task groups
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Re: CSAH Season 2 Factions

Postby Megaraptor18 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:14 pm

Scone Sector

Sector Map

Sconian Consortium
Demonym: Sconian
Flag: Pyramid of the Consortium
Government: Intergalactic Crime Syndicate
Leaders: Kimon the God of Gods, Real name Hugue Bordel, Boss of bosses
-Zenbios, God of Sky, Real name Dan Cavaco, Consortium Fleet Admiral
-Zethus, God of War, Real Name Kirill Romanovich, Consortium Field Marshal
-Gorgo, Goddess of Fortune, Real Name Amanda Di Simone, Consortium Treasurer
Homeworld: Wetrone
Capital City: Sion, Wetrone
Legislature: Halls of the Gods, Real Name Boss' Hall
Upper House: Upper Gods, Real name Inner Circle
Lower House: Lower Gods, Real Name Branch Bosses
Population: 12 billion
Planets: Cecroipra, Fasmorth, Shexurilia
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: DMY
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Concinnatio System (American Spelling)
Armed Forces: Unknown
Army: Unknown
Navy: Unknown
Orbital Guard: Unknown
Marine Corps: Unknown
Nation's Strengths: Unknown
Nation's Weaknesses: Unknown
Background: The Sconian Consortium was formed from several criminal organizations to whom arrived in Scone Sector and landed Wetrone which was a Iron Age world. They conquered the locals and presented themselves as Gods. Now they have changed this world to fit their needs and is worshiped as living Gods. They export drugs and slaves from this world to the rest of the galaxy. They make their vehicles and combat armor in the form of animals and have gold markings on them to make them look like divine beings.

Background: This world was still in the bronze age when they arrived. One culture was ruled by a Pharaoh and built massive pyramids. They decided to use this as the bases of the means of controlling the entire population and built high tech pyramids throughout all of the worlds they conquered. Even took the cultural mindset of the Pharaoh and enforced it on the other worlds and cultures.

Background: A medieval era world that was at the height of religious rule in several parts of the world. They took over and while the planet is theirs they still have to deal with surviving lords trying to fight off the spawns of the devil. The natives have lost every battle so far. Drug production is much higher here due to the systems already in place. However instead of the serfs farming food they're farming plants that will create high grade drugs. The Consortium provides the food in ways of payment.

Background: A Stone Age world that was conquered and is where most of the Consortium's slaves come from. They would capture them ruthlessly and train them for labor and in good amount of cases for sexual workers as well. They're shipped throughout the galaxy and scale of which wasn't known until USV law enforcement launched a raid against a billionaire whom was in charge of a world wide drug empire in Kosk Sector. They found some Shexurilian girls on the property who were there as sex slaves. The USV became aware of the Consortium and Scorne Sector after that but never could figure out its location.

Sconian Pirate Republic
Demonym: Sconian Pirates
Flag: Ancap Republic
Government: Anarcho-Capitalist Republic
Leaders: Pirate King Blaze Deleon
-Admiral Jayden Chapman, Head of the Pirate Navy
-General Reece Murphy, Head of Pirate Ground Forces
-Pirate President Gerald Norman
-Speaker Kenneth Freeman
Homeworld: Farus
Capital City: Thunder Lagoon, Farus
Legislature: Pirate Congress
Upper House: House of Captains
Lower House: House of Mates
Population: 7 Billion
Planets: Ocarro, Huinus
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: MDY
Units of Measurement: Imperial
Spelling: Concinnatio System (American Spelling)
Armed Forces: Unknown
Army: Unknown
Navy: Unknown
Orbital Guard: Unknown
Marine Corps: Unknown
Nation's Strengths: Unknown
Nation's Weaknesses: Unknown
Background: A group of pirates raiding Directorate and Imperial ships needed a place to lay low for awhile and came across Scorne Sector by mistake and landed on Farus. The world was in the Bronze Age and the Pirates found an area with as low of a population as possible and took a vacation. They founded a city was called Thunder Lagoon by the natives and trade began between the Pirates and the natives. They would continue to raid the shipping in nearby Sectors but one Captain attacked a Consortium ship thinking it was full of drugs, once the captain boarded he realized it was a slave ship and what he saw haunted him. Slavery wasn't a deal breaker with pirates throughout the galaxy but the reports of mind control devices and some slaves were tired down into pods that released electric current into the person in the pods. This news angered the pirate captains, overall its one thing to steal, kill, and strong arm. Even forcing people into your service but that was beyond the line for them. They begun aiding other planets and begun actively fighting the Consortium. Later more people from out of sector arrive in the sector most of which turned out to being overwhelmingly Libertarian and Anarcho-Capitalists. These new arrival introduced the ideals of the Non Aggression Principle to the Code of Law and has begun to turn the Pirate Republic into an AnCap nation.

The AnCaps and Libertarians not wanting to violate the NAP at first did annoy the pirates but since they viewed the Consortium actions as a clear violation of the NAP and have continued their active war against the Consortium.

Background: Ocarro was being threatened by the Consortium as they launched landing parties on the planet. It was still in the Iron Age and was about to overrun until some Pirate Captains gathered their ships and fought off the Consortium in several battles. Later the planet was allowed into the Pirate Republic to protect it from the Consortium.

Background: Huinus was an industrial era world that the Consortium attacked and while the natives put more the most effective resistance that any native world could fight against the Consortium. But it wasn't until the Pirate Republic's arrive that gave them some help to push them out of the planet. The Pirate Republic extended its protection to this world.
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