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Cabal Sector Alternate History Game Thread

For space based RPs...

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Re: Cabal Sector Alternate History Game Thread

Postby Siggymansz » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:49 pm

The Decks of 52
Chadan has Officially declared the Decks of 52 to be complete.
Mission Accomplished.

These dangerous individuals will no longer be able to threaten the peaceful coexistence of Bolgar Sector.
Peoples Kingdom of Chadan
National Points: 15,620
Military Points: 0
Mining Upkeep Costs [500 NP]

Military Replacements: [200 NP]

Trade Deals:
Trade Out: 826 NP
Trade In: 500 NP


Classified Spending: 8,000 NP
Outfitting 1,000 Bolgar Sector Navies Fleets with Particle weaponry. (Applies only to memebers of the Bolgar Sector National Mutual Security & Defence Pact)
*It has come to the attention of Chadan that Bolgar Sector together (not including chadan) does not have 1,000 fleets... It has 112.
The money will be used to firstly supply the current ships with particle weaponry, secondly to supply ships yet to be built with particle weaponry.
Until the funds have been utilised.
(1,000 NP was deposited Martius 4, 2706 CC)

1000 NP budgeted towards fortifying the Planet of Chadan and the System of Chadan.
250 NP towards fortifying the planet and system of Kondrovo
250 np towards fortifying the planet and system of Abaza (Well there went 250 NP :s hindsight 20/20)
250 np towards fortifying the planet and system of Opochka
250 np towards fortifying the planet and system of Luza
(all paid (2,000NP) Martius 4, 2706 CC)

Opochkan Living Wage - 50 NP (For those who are currently living under Chadian Authority)
Berezovsky Civil Holding Compounds - 50 NP (Supplies budget for Opochkians who evacuated Opochka while the planet was a combat zone) (Martius 6, 2705 CC, changed Janus 1, 2706 CC)
Siggymansz wrote:-------------------------------------------
On Opochkians currently living on Berezovsky
Royal First Reserve Army Group are to focus their garrison efforts around population concentrations of Opochkians, making patrols through the areas to maintain the peace.
‘322nd Recon Force Surveillance Unit’ in conjunction with the First Chadian Royal Patrol Fleet will be cracking down on smugglers in Berezovsky system and on Berezovsky in an effort to crack down on black market sales inside chadian zones of authority.
- Currently involved in more pressing matters.

Infrastructure of the Opochkian living areas is to be improved and a Manticore Office is to be constructed at a central location.

A survey will be taken of the populace detailing those whom wish to return to Opochka, those that wish to stay and those that wish to go elsewhere(if so, where?).

A system will be put in place where Opochkians can choose to work in the Chadian Mines or for Manticore to assist in administrative and civil duties, or they can sign up as Militia to help police the areas in return for Travel Merit Points. One (1) point would be awarded for each week an individual has participated in this system. Once an individual has acquired 26 points they will be able to choose if their family and them wish to be taken back to Opochka or elsewhere, if for a reason an individual would like to stay on Berezovsky; 52 Travel Merit Points would entitle an individual to a small prefabricated Homestead, 112 for a medium prefabricated homestead, 224 for a Rio Grande Deluxe prefabricated homestead.

^ <- 1,000 NP (Paid on Janus 1, 2706 CC)

Cybernetic Chadan - 3,000 NP (Paid on Gruden 6, 2705 CC)
Chadians that have lost limbs and who were previously unable to acquire replacements will be able to apply for some.

The Governments of Colleita, Satoese and Morana have each been loaned 5,000 NP at a flat yearly rate of 5% interest. (Martius 6, 2705 CC)
*Each year the amount to be repayed will be increased by 750 NP.

Ending National Points: 6,494
Ending Military Points: 0
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Re: Cabal Sector Alternate History Game Thread

Postby warper » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:52 am

National Points: 20,174NP
Military Points: 73MP
10x Homeworld Mines(Orithyia)
25x Home system Off World Mines(Orithyia)
10x Valand Mines
25x Valand Off World Mines
25x Jun Off World Mines
9x Akkick Barren World Mines
8x Jerra Barren World Mines
6x Welaka Barren World Mines
23x Maia Field Off World Mines
16x Jora Field Off World Mines
10x Teta Field Off World Mines
Mining Costs: [-360NP]
519,600MP [-5,196NP]
Naval Replacements [-299,349MP]
821st-950th Orithyian Auxiliary Fleets [-13,000NP, 220,230MP]
Trade Deals:
NP Out: 0NP
NP In: +10,140NP(per turn)
Research/Development: Project Eden [-1200NP]
Classified Spending: N/A
Ending NP: 418NP
Ending MP: 94MP
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Re: Cabal Sector Alternate History Game Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:34 am


Final Turn for the Season

Date: Augustus 6, 2706 CC

CBN Special Report

"The Directorate invasion of the Bolgar Sector has ended with a stunning victory against overwhelming odds and forced them back. This is the first case cooperation between the Cabal and Bolgar Sectors against the Directorate. We don't know all of the details but all we can gather that nearly a thousand Directorate Fleets were pushed back. The Erato Directorate is looking more like a paper tiger than ever before."

National Information

Doing the numbers just in case.

Peoples Kingdom of Chadan/Siggy

Total National Points: 19,114
Current National Points: 6,494
Added National Points: 12,650

Income NPs: 500

Mining NPs: 10,900 NPs

10 Homeworld Operations: 400
25 Offworld Mining Operations are to be started in the Chadan system: 500
20 Barren World Mining Operations are to be started on Berezovsky: 800
20 Barren World Mining Operations are to be started on Neryungri: 2,300
20 Barren World Mining Operations are to be started on Zhukovsky: 1,800
20 Barren World Mining Operations are to be started on Yuryuzan: 1,400
10 Abaza Mines: 800
25 Offworld Abaza Mines: 700
10 Opochka Mines: 800
25 Offworld Opochka Mines: 800
10 Offworld Coria Mines: 300
10 Coria Mines: 700

Trade NPs: 500 NP + 350 NP


All have been implemented

Actions: Relocations going well.

Republic of Orithyia/Warp

Total National Points: 19,695
Current National Points: 418
Added National Points: 19,277

Income NPs: 500/ Valand Income 500

Mining NPs:

Total with 10% bonus: 7,997

10x Homeworld Mines(Orithyia): 500
25x Home system Off World Mines(Orithyia): 500
9x Akkick Barren World Mines: 540
8x Jerra Barren World Mines: 500
23x Maia Field Off World Mines: 575
14x Jora Field Off World Mines: 700
2x Jora Field Deep Space Stations: 60
9x Teta Field Off World Mines: 250
1x Teta Field Deep Space Station: 50
10 Valand Mines: 900
25 Valand Offworld Mines: 800
25 Jun Offworld Mines: 700
6x Welaka Barren World Mines: 500
10 Coria Mines: 800

Trade NPs: +7340 NPs (+2,800) 10,140



Total National Points: 298,892
Current National Points: 293,342
Added National Points: 5,550

Income NPs: 500

Mining NPs: 4,500

10 Homeworld mines: 300
25x Home system Off World Mines: 1,000
10x Wagram Barren World Mines: 1,100
5x Angus Barren World Mines: 900
10x Coldwater Barren World Mines: 1,200

Trade NPs: 550

Hooven: 200 NPs
New Haven: 150 NPs
Rancheria: 100 NPs
Kaw: 50 NPs
Sherburn: 50 NPs



Swifter/Kingdom of Kharkil and Tyndrum

Total National Points: 138,977
Current National Points: 135,624
Added National Points: 3,353

Income NPs:


Mining NPs:

Total: 2,330 (10% increase 2,553)
Tyndrum Mines[10]: 400
Guildford mines[5]: 300
Melcome mines[5]: 400
Berwick mines[5]: 400
Lybster mines[3]: 120
Pantreath Field Deep Space Mining Stations[5]: 250
Caerleon Field Deep Space Mining Stations[2]: 60
Caerleon Field Space Hulk Mining: 400

Trade NPs: +300NP


Project Small Round
Project Medium Round
Project Large Round
Project Hidden Round
Project Quiet Round
Project Shield of Tyndrum
Project Ancestors Light
Project Tempest


Operation Operative Opportunity


Total National Points: 41,000
Current National Points: unknown
Added National Points: 40,500

Income NPs:

Mining NPs:

Trade NPs:




Total National Points: 41,000
Current National Points: unknown
Added National Points: 40,500

Income NPs:

Mining NPs:

Trade NPs:


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