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Cabal Sector AH [Factions]

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Re: Cabal Sector AH [Factions]

Postby Michael50210 » Tue May 05, 2015 4:29 am

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Re: Cabal Sector AH [Factions]

Postby Agent » Thu May 07, 2015 10:28 pm

Vauk'Ung Colonial Establishment of Dumbarton
Demonym: Vauk'Ung and Dumbartian
Flag: White Star Shield
Planet Role: Agricultural Hub, Medical and Biotech Research Station
Planet Description: Dumbarton
Government: Parliamentary Caste Republic
Leader: Heritage Council
Capital City: Scourie
Legislature: Vauk'Ung/Dumbarton Council
Population: 10,000,000,000
Vauk'Ung Protectorate Forces
-Dumbarton Ground Forces: Number of Personnel
-Dumbarton Skippers (Navy): Number of Personnel
-Dumbarton Pest Control: Number of Personnel
-Vauk'Ung Warrior Caste: Number of Personnel
-Vauk'Ung Warrior Sub Caste: Number of Personnel
-Vauk'Ung Auxiliary Troops: Number of Personnel
-Colonial Forces (Dedicated Mixed Divisions): Number of Personnel
Background: Dumbarton is a planet full of land good soil that can produce great amount of food on the farms. After the Dumbarton Act Dumbarton became its own nation. Less than a decade later the world was contacted by a then unknown extra terrestrial species requesting a diplomatic between its council and their legislature. Negotiations were held for some time, eventually culminating in the birth of a new colony and way of life under the Vauk'Ung's aid. Now, the world serves as a major player in the galactic biomedical field, along with holding some of the most cutting edge Bio-Organic Technology ever seen.
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Re: Cabal Sector AH [Factions]

Postby swifterdeath » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:09 pm

Kingdom of Kharkil and Tyndrum
Nation's Name: Kingdom of Kharkil
Demonym: Kharl
Flag: TBA
Planet Role: Primary: Mining Secondary: Mining Tertiary: Mining
Planet Description: TBA
Government: Absolute Monarchy, although on a lower level there isn't much of an aristocracy, and councils of elders run most of the local politics.
Leader: Thrumin, Lord of the Surface
Capital City: Barikthar
Legislature: Monarch or appointed officials.
Population: Dwarves: 4,000,000,00 Humans: 3,000,000,000
Drives on the: Left
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurements: Dwarvish
Spelling: Officially Dwarvish, but for all uses to talk with humans and other races they use the Ortografía System
Armed Forces Your overall number of members of the armed forces
-Army: 20,000,000
-Navy: 6,000,000
-Dwarfguard: 500,000
-Titan Legion: 3,000,000
National Strength: Mining
National Weakness: Too much Mining. (To be serious, it's a general distrust between Dwarves and Humans, only stymied for now by the relative freedoms that humans get, and the lower taxes, but not helped by the fact that they are treated as secondary to Dwarves)
Background: Tyndrum was the Central Administration planet for the entire Fronteira Sector. Also the central command center for all mining operations in the sector. After the Tyndrum Act Tyndrum became its own nation but has ties to the Empire. After some time, an earthquake struck the planet and created a large rift near one of the major cities of Tyndrum, which exposed something that no one thought was possible. There was a race of Dwarves living underground, completely unaware of the human presence above them. But with this rift open the Dwarves did the only thing sensible, they attacked the people who dared settle their planet. Through a long bloody war, the Dwarves ended up winning, despite their complete lack of modern technology. After having won, they learned what they could from all of this human gear, and improved it in ways that only Dwarves could. The humans currently are allowed the privilege of semi-self governance while being overseen by Dwarves. The only exception is that all Dwarf laws take precedence over human laws. There are a lot less taxes though, which the humans like.
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Re: Cabal Sector AH [Factions]

Postby Mr. Snuggles » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:58 pm

Holy Imperium of Valucia
Flag: TBA
Planet Role: TBA
Planet Description: Tempestas
Local Government: Duchy of Tempestas
Leader: The Blessed Emperor Carlos de Zharo
Heir: TBA
Capital City: TBA
Background: TBA
Population: 7,000,000,000
Valucian Crusading Forces: 45,000,000 (Active) 50,000,000 (Reserves)
Valucian Army: 25,000,000 (Active) 30,000,000 (Reserves)
Valucian Navy: 17,000,000 (Active) 18,000,000 (Reserves)
Tempestan Border Guard: 2,500,000 (Active) 1,500,000 ( Reserves)
Emperor's Holy Guard: 500,000 (Active) 500,000 (Reserves)
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