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Cabal Sector Fun Facts

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Cabal Sector Fun Facts

Postby Megaraptor18 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:22 am

This is the Fun Facts thread for Cabal Sector so here you get to learn the basics about the series as a whole and more will be added over time. Also gives you a chance to get into my mind... I hope you can take it :twisted:

Will add more throughout the course of the game when I remember some of my odd facts.

Factions and what they are based on.

United States of Vidya= United States of America
Erato Directorate= Soviet Union/Russian Federation
Empire of Scylla= British Empire/many old world powers
Colleita= Wild West/American South
Felicitas= Caribbean like countries
Eris= In CS1 East Germany. In CS AH Modern Germany
Antheia= Poland
Tempestas= In the main CS Timeline Medieval culture but in a sci fi setting
Sato= CS1 Modern Japan. CS AH Empire of Japan
Jun= Maoist China
Orithyia= Ukraine/some elements of modern Russia
Fortuna= Italy/Ultra Capitalist Free Market
Morana= Military dictatorship
Furna = Sci Fi Roman Empire
Valand= Sci Fi Vikings
Muhur= Body moding freaks with eastern european accents
Tlaloc= Sci Fi Aztec Empire
Kraga= Helghast/Nazi Germany. Mostly Helghast but I had to use the Nazi Government model for them so one could argue that they are more Nazi than Helghast but that is in the eye of the beholder.
Jimblebar= Australia
Sagra= India
State of Benaya (Massada)= Israel. Same planet two States.
State of Shakara (Massada)= Palestine. Same planet two States.
Yatimchai= Afghanistan
Republic of Sindam aka West Sindam= South Korea. Same planet two States.
Democratic People's Republic of Sindam aka East Sindam= North Korea. Same planet two States.
Hasar= CS2 post Saddam's Iraq, pre IS. In CS AH Saddam's Iraq
United Nations of Ruthin = Halo's UNSC
Alliance of Solvian States= Killzone's ISA. Also the acronym for Alliance of Solvian States being ASS was by mistake and once I realized it I thought hard and long rather or not to change it. In the end I kept it since it fits into the whole satire element of the series.
Tarwira= South Africa with several other African Nations

Cabal Sector

When one looks through history you see regions that the major powers would fight over and for good reason. In order to remain a true power and ensure the security of your nation measures have to be made regardless how bad and nasty it looks centuries down the road. Rather its the Middle East or in the case of the Cabal Sector the Caribbean between 1600s to late 1800s in some cases the major powers of Europe would fight over the Caribbean and the Americas. Like the Anglo-Dutch Wars, The War of Spanish Succession (European name) or Queen Anne's War (American name), and the Seven Years' War (European name) or the French and Indian War (American name) just to name a few.
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