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CS AH Timeline

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CS AH Timeline

Postby Megaraptor18 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:54 pm

CS AH Timeline

Janus (January)
Februo (February)
Martius (March)
Deutzia (April)
Мај (May)
Yuni (June)
Julius (July)
Augustus (August)
Kugatsu (September)
Octo (October)
Noemvri (November)
Gruden (December)


2100 CC: Cabal Calendar was established by the Treaty of Cabal to put all of the planets on a single calendar. It is later revealed that the reasoning for the new calendar starting on 2100 instead of year 1 CC is because the USV, Scyllian Empire, and the Directorate had their agents in deep cover operations and used their agents to set the Cabal Calendar to match their own calenders which is known as the Cosmos Calender.

2295 CC: Official space lanes finally established once Jun, Tempestas, and Antheia for holding out against it for nearly a century finally signed the Space Lane Treaty.

Martius 3, 2333 CC: The Atlantian known as Volcanius was freed from his prison on Domhanda. This was the beginning what would be known by the Domhandians as the Apocalypse.

Augustus 11, 2338 CC: The Apocalypse ended when the Domhandians defeated the armies of Volcanius and he was forced to retreat from the planet.

2357 CC: The first war for space was fought between Tempestas and Orithyia. It was known as the Primogenial War.

2363 CC: The Primogenial War ends with the Treaty of Pulton. Peace talks was held on Felicitas. The war was a stalemate.

2388 CC: Eris starts a war with Fortuna over trade rights in the space lanes which nearly consumes the entire sector. The War was known as the First Trade War.

2389 CC: Volcanius started a civil war within the Atlantian Empire and in the end two factions were created the Atlantian Empire and the Volcanius lead Atlantian Collective.

2394 CC: The First Trade War was a victory for Fortuna and her allies. Fortuna gained control of the majority of the space lanes in the sector.

2400 CC: Volcanius restores Earth and reforms the United Nations of Earth and aides them in rapid expansion throughout the Galaxy.

2434 CC: The Second Trade War begins due to the fact that Fortuna was overtaxing planets that wouldn't follow their trade rules or do what Fortunians wanted them to do. Colleita refused to pay the taxes and Fortuna wanted sanctions against Colleita however most nations didn't enforce it so Fortuna was forced to declare war on Colleita.

2439 CC: The Second Trade War ends with Fortuna losing most trade rights in the sector.

2457 CC: Morana invades Colleita over the Colleitians arming Moranian Rebels. This action began the Colleitian-Moranian War.

2459 CC: The Moranians conquered Colleita.

2463 CC: The Colleitian resistances finally manage to gain ground against the Moranian occupation.

2466 CC: Sato enters the Colleitian-Moranian War on the side of Colleita due to the fact that Morana started to threaten Sato trade routes.

2469 CC: The Colleitian-Moranian War ends with the Moranians forced off of Colleita and they suffer sanctions from other nations.

2524 CC: Felicitas, Tempestas and Jun forms a military alliance to protect their interests.

2537 CC: Felicitas, Tempestas and Jun invades Orithyia and Fortuna over new trade policy that Orithyia and Fortuna created. The policy increase the number of trade lanes and increase trade revenue for both nations. However this threatens Felicitas, Tempestas and Jun's trade lanes as the new trade lanes would make some major trade lanes going through Felicitas, Tempestas and Jun space nearly obsolete. So begins the 3rd Trade War

2545 CC: The 3rd Trade War ends with Orithyia and Fortuna pushing back the combined might of Felicitas, Tempestas and Jun and with the help of Sato, Colleita and Eris they established the new trade lanes.

2588 CC: The First Juno-Satoese War begins as the Empire of Sato invades the Kingdom of Jun. The Satoese invades Jun in order to increase their position in the sector.

2589 CC: The First Juno-Satoese War ends with the Satoese gaining control of 75% of Junese space lanes and even control of 25% of the surface the Planet Jun.

2605 CC: The Oritho-Satoese War begins. It grew out of rival imperial ambitions of the Orithyian Empire and Satoese Empire over Jun. The ruler of the Orithyian Empire wanted a military victory to save his rule.

2606 CC: The Oritho-Satoese War ends with a humiliating defeat for the Orithyian Empire.

2607 CC: Massive arms race begins between the worlds.

2610 CC: The Orithyian Empire is thrown into civil war and the Imperial forces were defeated by the new Republican Army.

2611 CC: The Republic of Orithyia was formed.

Yuni 17, 2614 CC: Grand Duke Hatterburg of Tempestas was assassinated by a Colleitan student when he was on tour of the Colleitan's capital Paradise City.

Julius 28, 2614 CC: The Tempestan declares war on Colleita and with both planets being apart of their own separate alliances their allies join in on the conflict. This action begins the First Solar War between the Allied Powers (Colleita, Orithyia, Sato, Fortuna, and Felicitas) and the Core Powers (Eris, Tempestas, Jun, Antheia, and Morana).

Noemvri 18, 2618 CC: The First Solar War ends with the Allied Powers defeating the Core Powers.

Yuni 19, 2619 CC: Eris was blamed for the war and was forced to pay for the costs of the war. The Allies forced Eris to sign the Treaty of Liontown or risk the war resuming again.

Janus 17, 2629 CC: The UNE becomes the largest nation in the galaxy and is on route to overtake the other superpowers in terms of military might.

Noemvri 2, 2622 CC: The Junese Civil War begins with the right wing Republic of Jun fighting the left wing Junese Union.

Julius 7, 2637 CC: The Second Juno-Satoese War begins when the Satoese wanted to take complete control of Jun begins to wage war against the Junese.

Julius 17, 2637 CC: Both the Republic of Jun and the Junese Union declare ceasefire between the factions and decide to unite to fight the invading Satoese.

Augustus 9, 2637 CC: Eris, Sato, and Morana signed the Constellation Treaty which was a trade and military pact treaty.

Kugatsu 1, 2639 CC: Eris invades Felicitas which begins the Second Solar War which was between the Allied Powers (Felicitas, Fortuna, Orithyia, Jun, and Colleita) and the Constellation Powers (Antheia, Eris, Sato, Morana, and Tempestas)

Martius 17, 2641 CC: The Constellation Powers was at the height of its power and Eris and Sato begins the invasion of the Allied power house Fortuna.

Julius 29, 2642: Word of the "Green Storm" and its destruction reach the Tempestan Alliance Fleet.

Octo 1, 2642: Tempestan Lord Regent makes seperate peace with Allies.

Maj 29, 2643 CC: The Eris and Sato was forced to withdraw from Fortuna and the Constellation Powers were finally on the defensive.

Yuni 6, 2644 CC: The Allies invade deep into the Constellation Power's space. It was the beginning of the end for the Constellation Powers.

Octo 11, 2644 CC: Moranan military driven to a breaking point decides in order to save themselves launches a coup against the Moranan leadership and joins with the Allies against the Constellation Powers.

Deutzia 29, 2645 CC: Eris surrenders to the Allies.

Yuni 21, 2645 CC: The Satoese are pushed out of Jun completely by the unified Junese Armies and allies forces.

Kugatsu 1, 2645 CC: Second Juno-Satoese War is declared over.

Kugatsu 2, 2645 CC: Sato surrenders marking an end to the Second Solar War.

Martius 13, 2646 CC: The Junese Civil War restarts with the right wing Republic of Jun fighting the left wing Junese Union.

Maj 2, 2650 CC: The Junese Civil War ends with the Republic of Jun fleeing from Jun to Colleita where the Colleitan government is allowing them to hold their government in exile.

Janus 1, 2659 CC: Ships from foreign systems arrived in Cabal Sector. They were on an exploration operation from a nation called the United States of Vidya. A major super power in galaxy. The explorers met with the Felicitans and made first contact with the sector.

Maj 6, 2659 CC: USV businesses start setting up on Felicitas and relations are strengthen.

Yuni 14, 2659 CC: Another exploration fleet arrives in the sector but these ships are from the Erato Directorate who landed on Eris. The Erato Explorers made first contact with the Eris.

Augustus 11, 2659 CC: The Erato begins sending "aide" to Eris who still haven't recovered from the Second Solar War.

Octo 25, 2659 CC: Another exploration shows up in the Cabal Sector. These ships are from another super power known as the Empire of Scylla. They landed on Antheia and made contact with the locals. The Explorers then leave a few days later to return home.

Gruden 20, 2659 CC: The Empire of Scylla invades Antheia and the Cabal Sector provided support to the Antheia and with Cabal Sector support the Scyllian Empire's invasion failed and the Empire was forced to make peace with Antheia.

Martius 30, 2660 CC: The Scyllian Empire declares Antheia an Imperial Vassal State of the Empire of Scylla.

Мај 1, 2660 CC: The Erato Directorate supported a far left wing political party in their armed revolution to overthrow the Eris government. The revolution failed as the loyalist defeated the rebels.

Julius 4, 2660 CC: The United States of Vidya saw its interests threaten decided to take over Felicitas. They flooded the Felicitan airwaves with so much pro Vidya ads and bribed enough Felicitan politicians to put a national vote on possible annexation of Felicitas to the USV. The USV's effort didn't bare any fruit as their attempt to rig the election failed and the USV was unable to take over the planet.

Kugatsu 30, 2662 CC: The Empire of Sato becomes the most technologically advanced nation in the sector. If you don't count the USV, Erato Directorate, and Empire of Scylla.

Februo 18, 2665 CC: The three super powers have came to the conclusion that they need the resources in the sector however with each of their operations to gain a foothold onto the sector failed they had to find another way of getting the resources they need.

Noemvri 20, 2665 CC: Colleita declares itself a safe haven for all foreigners, pirates, mercs, businessmen, arm dealers, gunfighters and pilots. They also declare to remain neutral from the rest of the sector. Colleita is now known as the safe world.
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Re: CS AH Timeline

Postby Megaraptor18 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:31 pm

Octo 30, 2667 CC: The Moranian Resistance Movement begins to wage open warfare against the Moranian Order which in term plugs the planet in full scale civil war.

Deutzia 7, 2668 CC: The Moranian Civil War ends with the Order being able to put down the Moranian Resistance Movement.

Noemvri 4, 2668 CC: The Tlaloc-Scyllian War begins when the Scyllian Empire invades Tlaloc.

Noemvri 11, 2668 CC: Tension throughout the sector as tension between the Erato Directorate, USV, and Scyllian Empire increase. Every nation militaries goes to high alert.

Noemvri 14, 2668 CC: An emergency summit was held at Chase City, Colleita in hopes of decreasing tensions.

Noemvri 18, 2668 CC: Days after the summit the Directorate Prime Minister, Prime Minister Klugwort was assassinated by Captain Anastasia Starostino, the captain of the infamous Sly Fox. The Sly Fox was declared rogue after that and was spotted sailing with the feared Robertson's Pirates terror group.

Noemvri 28, 2668 CC: The Terrorist Groups begun launching a wave of terror throughout the sector. The Cabal Liberation Front begins a bombing campaign in Felicitas, Fortuna, Colleita, Tempestas, Jun, Sato, Orithyia and Muhur. The Cabal Free Corps begins attacks on Eris, Morana, Romanorum, and Antheia. Also the Cabal Royal Corps launches a bombing campaign in Felicitas, Colleita, Eris, Sato, and Jun.

Gruden 18, 2668 CC: Tension between the Directorate and several Cabal Sector nations reach a boiling point as the political and economic deterioration within the Directorate begins to show and it becomes public knowledge that the Directorate have been providing false status report on their economy showing a more positive outlook than it really were. In reality the Directorate was near bankruptcy and for the first time there was a major debate within the Supreme Directorate (the Directorate's Legislature) on the course of action to recover from this crisis. In the end the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Enlighten Socialist Party of the Erato Directorate decided the course in the end against the hardliner's plan for invasion of the Cabal Sector.

Februo 18, 2669 CC: In Bolgar Sector the Chadan Planetary District raised up in revolt against the Directorate and the Directorate deploys UBV's 104th Guards Airborne Division and 105th Guards Airborne Division with 33th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 91st Tank Division, 203rd Motor Rifle Division, and 214th Motor Rifle Division to assist the local Interior Troops in putting down the rebellion.

Martius 11, 2669 CC: In the Evor Sector on the planet Yatimchai, Yatims rebels begin fighting Scyllian Army units on the planet. The Empire deployed the 10th Estuarian Division, 3rd Kragian Division, 4th Sagrian Rifle Division, 11th Ruthian Division, and 10th Airborne DIvision to the planet to deal with the rebels.

Deutzia 8, 2669 CC: in the Evor Sector on Zanduni a sect of Zandunian radicals seized control of the Governor's Palace and the Islamic Revolution on the planet began. The Empire deployed 9th Sagrian Division, 2nd Jimblebarian Rifle Division, 1st Kragian Division, and the Royal Hexham Regiment to put the Islamic Revolution down.

Julius 11, 2669 CC: In the Cabal Sector the Kingdom of Valand declare war on Sato, Felicitas, Colleita, and Orithyia. As well as launch planetary raids on each world. The Kingdom of Valand was suffering from economic depression and was being cut off economically by most Cabal Sector nations over human rights violations, illegal arms dealings, and human trafficking hub in the Sector. These raids and later invasions was to force Cabal Sector Nations to left sanctions on their world. This was declared the beginning of the 3rd Sector War or its most commonly used name the 3rd Solar War. Thanks Media for that name again!

Julius 18, 2669 CC: The Furnian Empire and the Order of Morana formed an alliance with Valand and enter the war on its side. The Moranian 2nd Army and 4th Fleet invades Akkick while the Furnian III Army Legion, X Drone Army, and I Fleet invaded Orithyia. Both invasions went off well and the Moranians took half of the planet and the Furnians made gains but no where as far as they were hoping but enough to be a sizable beachhead for reinforcements to use.

Noemvri 19, 2669 CC: Jun sides with the Moranians, Furnians, and Valanders and sends three Army Groups (1st People's Army, 3rd People's Army, and 6th People's Army) with four Fleets (1st Fleet, 2nd Fleet, 5th Fleet, and 8th Fleet) to the Furnian beachhead on Orithyia. The Junese forces overran Orithyian forces for abit until the Orithyians countered and halted the Junese Forces.

Gruden 11, 2669 CC: The Valanders and Junese Armed Forces deploy troops to Sato. With the Valanders sending the 1st Fleet, 3rd Fleet, and 6th Fleet with the 1st Army, 2nd Army and 5th Army Groups, with the Junese sending the 3rd Fleet, 4th Fleet, and 7th Fleet with 2nd People's Army, 4th People's Army, and 5th People's Army landed on Sato and made massive gains on Sato.

Janus 30, 2670 CC: Moranians and Furnians send troops to Tlaloc to help them force the Scyllian off of the planet.

Martius 6, 2670 CC: In Evor Sector, Hasar was thrown into chaos when Hasari rebels begin to attack Scyllian convoys. The Empire orders more troops onto the planet.

Yuni 3, 2670 CC: Valander, Moranians, Furnians, and Tlaloci leaders meet at Sviland, Valand for an official alliance between the nations. The Sviland Alliance was formed.

Julius 1, 2670 CC: Antheia joins the Sviland Alliance and begins to deploy troops to Tlaloc to fight against the Scyllians.

Augustus 1, 2670 CC: The Scyllian Empire internal problems throughout its Empire begins to take hold and they begin pulling back from Tlaloc to deal with these problems.

Augustus 6, 2670 CC: The Scyllian Empire pulls out of Tlaloc and signs a peace accord with the Sviland Alliance ending the war.

Gruden 10, 2670 CC: The Colleitians deploys more troops to Jerra and Sato fearing that the Sviland Alliance will soon begin to pour more troops to the Satoese Front and fears that they might try and take Jerra and cut off Colleita from the rest of the Sector.

Gruden 30, 2670 CC: The Tlalocis and the Antheians send troops to Jerra and engaged Colleitian forces. The Colleitian Armed Forces fought hard and stopped their advance but was unable to push them off the planet.

Janus 29, 2671 CC: Orithyian Forces launch a winter offensive against Sviland Alliance forces and managed to drive them back.

Februo 28, 2671 CC: Tempestas enters the war against the Sviland Alliance and begins to send troops to Jerra.

Deutzia 13, 2671 CC: The Antheians, Moranians, and Furnians deploy an invasion force to Tempestas and overran the local forces.

Deutzia 30, 2671 CC: Fortuna decides to enter the war on the side of the Allies and they begin to send troops to Jerra and Tempestas to fight off the Sviland Alliance.

Maj 6, 2671 CC: The USV begins to lose control of several Sectors as the USV economy goes into free fall. While they managed to save most of their sectors they have issues with Waccamaw Sector.

Octo 22, 2671 CC: Eris and Muhur enters the war on the side of the Allies and launch invasions of both Jun and Morana which had surprising gains.

Janus 24, 2672 CC: The Directorate begins to deploy more forces to rogue planets throughout the Directorate as more and more planets begin to rebel against the Directorate.

Deutzia 16, 2672 CC: The last of the Sviland Alliance Forces was forced off of Jerra.

Мај 18, 2672 CC: Sviland Alliance Forces was forced to retreat from Orithyia.

Julius 14, 2672 CC: The Satoese Imperial Military defeated the last of Sviland Alliance Forces on Sato freeing the planet from the Sviland Alliance.

Augustus 17, 2672 CC: Tempestas is freed of Sviland Alliance Forces.

Noemvri 1, 2672 CC: A combined Felicitian, Colleitian, Satoese, Fortunian, and Orithyian force launched an invasion of Valand and the invasion suffered heavy losses but managed to secured several beachheads.

Gruden 11, 2672 CC: The Felicitians suffered a major defeat at the Battle of Finnhamn and the Valanders is able to push the front back against the Felicitians.

Februo 16, 2673 CC: The Fortunian Army is forced into a retreat at the Battle of Halabacken which effectively puts the Valanders in a position to surround the Felicitians.

Deutzia 21, 2673 CC: The Valanders effectively surrounds the Felicitian Army at Vias.

Maj 16, 2673 CC: A combined Colleitian, Satoese, and Orithyian force tries to break the siege but is unable to break through Valander lines.

Yuni 6, 2673 CC: The Felicitian Army on Valand surrenders to the Valander Army when allied efforts to break the encirclement failed.

Kugatsu 10, 2673 CC: The Valander Army defeated Colleitian and Orithyian forces at Niemis. The Battle of Niemis put the rest of the War on Valand into a stalemate.

Kugatsu 20, 2673 CC: Eris, Tempestas, and Muhuri forces invade Morana and made major gains in the first few months.

Maj 9, 2674 CC: Furnian and Junese forces arrive on Morana and began to push back allied forces.

Maj 13, 2674 CC: The USV economic crisis hits a critical point where several sectors and planets threaten to secede from the USV due to the lack of trust between the Federal Government and the outer planets reach a boiling point.

Augustus 3, 2674 CC: The Planets in the Fronteira Sector begin to rebel against the Scyllian Empire and the Empire is on the brink of collapse.

Octo 23, 2676 CC: On Sindam ERB agents that were implanted on the planet was trying to set up a mass revolution on the planet against the Scyllians. However they failed to do so however they tried again and this time with weapons that the Directorate troops on the planet during the war hide before surrendering attacked the Scyllian forces on the planet. They defeated the Scyllian forces and was close of taking the planet. However the USV's CIS and Scyllian's MIES began arming Sindamians who were at odds with the ERB backed faction. Fighting began between the two factions.

Octo 29, 2676 CC: On Massada ethic violence broke out between the planet's two largest ethnicities the Shakarians and the Benayais. The Scyllians tried to stabilized the situation by dividing the planet into two with USV and Cabal support. Again due to the fact the Scyllians no longer had the forces and resources needed to maintain its empire they abandoned Massada and tried to leave it in a decent state before withdrawing from the planet by forming two states.

Octo 30- Noemvri 6, 2676 CC: The Shakarians attacked the young Benayai State. The Benayais fought hard and eight days later the war was over with the Benayais still standing and the Shakarians beaten back. Once the war was over many started calling it the Eight Day War.

Janus 18, 2677 CC: The Sagrians begin to protest against Scyllian Rule. It took them years but on this day they managed to gain independence from the Scyllian Empire. The Republic of Sagra was formed however with the Scyllian King was still the head of their Sagrian Government.

Janus 28, 2677 CC: The Scyllian King, King Siegfried the 3rd and the Scyllian Parliament decided to officially gain autonomy to the Evor Sector planets. They first gave autonomy to Kraga which was nearly destroyed in the in a series of rebellions throughout the sector. The Kragians requested to remain in the Empire until the damages have been fixed and their planet made whole again however their request was rejected. They sent another request to have Solvia apart of their nation since Solvia did belong to the Kragians centuries ago before they were conquered by the Empire. These too was rejected and so was any attempt to have the Empire provide aid to the planet. On this day both Solvia and Kraga became their own nations.

Martius 21, 2677 CC: The USV agrees for the Waccamaw Sector to secede from the USV. Though it was a close vote.

Julius 1, 2677 CC: The Scyllian Parliment passes the Estuary Act which allowed Estuary to become its own nation however the planet is still owned by the Scyllian Monarch.

Augustus 9, 2677 CC: The Scyllian Parliment passes the Ruthin Act which allowed Ruthin to become its own nation however the planet is still owned by the Scyllian Monarch.

Octo 19, 2677 CC: The 3rd Solar War ends in the Cabal Sector with the war ending in a stalemate and was declared Status quo ante bellum.

Noemvri 9, 2677 CC: The Scyllian Parliment passes the Tarwira Act which allowed Tarwira to become its own nation however the planet is still owned by the Scyllian Monarch.

Janus 26, 2678 CC: The Scyllian Parliment passes the Jimblebar Act which allowed Jimblebar to become its own nation however the planet is still owned by the Scyllian Monarch.

Deutzia 3, 2678 CC: The Scyllian Parliment allows the Fronteira Sector Planets are allowed to secede from the Empire.

Augustus 25, 2678 CC: Each Waccamaw Sector planet refused to join into a whole Sector wide nation and decide to each become their own nation.

Kugatsu 27, 2678 CC: Fighting ends on Sindam with the USV, Scyllian Empire and the Erato Directorate agreeing to divide up the planet between the two factions. The Democratic People's Republic of Sindam was formed in the east and the Republic of Sindam in the west. The DMZ between the two nations is one of the most dangerous in the whole galaxy.

Martius 23, 2679 CC: The Islamic Republic of Zanduni and the Republic of Hasar declare war on each other over the mining rights to Talmax.

Deutzia 2, 2679 CC: On Kraga, Leon Nitz and his National Socialist Party began gaining seats in the Kragian Parliament due to the Kragian Depression. Shaun Hoppel and his National Socialist Party expressed desires to reclaim Solvia as it was there world before they were conquered by the empire centuries earlier.

Deutzia 17, 2679 CC: The Republic of Sagra officially removes the Scyllian monarch from the Sagrian government. The Scyllian Empire was unable to do anything to stop them from doing that since the empire was busy fighting against rebels in nearly every sector.

Yuni 8, 2680 CC: The Republic of Yatimchai descents into civil war with the Southern Alliance fighting against the Rasstaqaf who was backed by an infamous terror group called the Al-Hyahs Qyretila.

Octo 3, 2680 CC: The Republic of Tarwira descents into violence as rival factions wage open war against each other weakening the young republic.

Gruden 11, 2680 CC: Within the Bolgar Sector the Directorate had control of Opochka as the other planets in the Sector split from the Directorate.

Augustus 30, 2681 CC: The Chadian War ends with the Directorate being forced to withdraw from the planet.

Мај 11, 2683 CC: The Islamic Republic of Zanduni and the Republic of Hasar declare a ceasefire and an end of the Zanduni-Hasai War. Both sides claim victory.

Kugatsu 1, 2683 CC: Leon Nitz and his National Socialist Party gain the majority in the Kragian Parliament and due to an overwhelming vote from the majority party the National Socialists elect Leon Nitz as Chancellor of the Kragian Republic.

Kugatsu 9, 2683 CC: A week later the Parliament building on Kraga was set on fire by an unknown person and the Parliament building was burned to the ground. Leon Nitz and his National Socialist Party uses this to pass the Enabling Act of 2683 which gave the Chancellor the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Parliament. It was voted for and approved by the National Socialist controlled Parliament.

Kugatsu 29, 2683 CC: Weeks later Chancellor Shaun Hoppel and his party became the sole party in the nation as they banned all other political parties and the free press.

Octo 3, 2683 CC: Opochka splits with the Directorate.

Octo 23, 2683 CC: The aging President and Field Marshal Jonas Von Sprecher who tried everything he could to stop Leon Nitz and his National Socialist Party from gaining control of the nation passes away in office. At his funeral Leon Nitz mergers the Chancellorship and the Presidency into a single position and becomes the Great Chancellor of the Greater Republic of Kraga. His first act is to rebuild the Kragian Defense Forces and replaces the Kragian Parliament with the Oberste Staatsrat (Supreme State Council).

Noemvri 5, 2683 CC: Milos Lyosha Kozel voted in as President of Orithyia in a landslide victory, with the promise of stamping out corruption and shoring up the economy

Februo 18, 2684 CC: A new medical practice began to slow down and in some cases reverse the aging progress. Now people's life spans have increased and more people are able to not live longer but remain in their prime much longer as well.

Janus 20, 2685 CC: Former ERB agent Andrei Aleksandrov becomes the General Secretary and Premier of the Erato Directorate.

Julius 8, 2684 CC: An unknown alien race took control of Dumbarton.

Augustus 2-4, 2685 CC: Hasari economy is in the tank and they need more resources in order to keep themselves afloat. Invades Braarup and captured occupy several mining towns that belong to both Jimblebar and Ruthin.

Augustus 2, 2686-Februo 28, 2686 CC: A Coalition of Vidyan, Scyllian, Cabal, Jimblebarian, Ruthian, Solvian, West Sindam, Benayai, Estuarian, and Sagrian armed forces deployed to stop the Hasari dictator months both sides waited and until the Coalition launched Operation Meteor Storm and within a week the Hasaris were driven back Hasar and Braarup was liberated.

Martius 12, 2686 CC: Sanctions against Hasar started and they isolated Hasar from the rest of the galaxy.

Martius 13-Deutzia 19, 2686 CC: Uprisings in Hasar against the President Wadee Hussain. The uprisings are put down by the Hasari Army and due to their use of chemical and biological weaponry on civilian populations within the regions of the uprisings.

Maj 9, 2686 CC: The Chadan Civil War begins when ERB backed rebels faced off against the local Government forces. The situation worsen once rebels that were backed by Manticore.

Noemvri 11, 2686 CC: King Siegfried the 3rd the King of the Scyllian Empire passed away on this day.

Noemvri 17, 2686 CC: With no male heirs to the throne his eldest daughter Victoria was crowned Queen Victoria the Second.

Yuni 19, 2688 CC: On Yatimchai the Rasstaqaf has pushed the Southern Alliance into a tiny pocket of resistance on the planet.

Yuni 23, 2689 CC: The Chadan Civil War ends with Jonus Sigman taking control of the government and ruling the planet with an iron fist.

Augustus 4, 2690 CC: Tensions between West Sindam and East Sindam were reaching a boiling point as an East Sindamian Stealth Boat fired on the West Sindamian Frigate the SNS Minbengi. 7 West Sindamian Sailors lost their lives in the attack. The all troops on the DMZ both East and West and even USV and Cabal Troops stationed on the West Sindam side of the DMZ were put on high alert.

Martius 1, 2691 CC: On Massada the Shakarians began firing rockets into Benaya killing Benayai civilians. The BDF launched airstrikes on Shakarians leaders in retaliation. Both sides were launching rockets and airstrikes on each other and the tensions on Massada are reaching a boiling point.

Deutzia 9, 2693 CC: Great Chancellor Leon Nitz begins to threaten Slovia demanding that they join with the Kragians or suffer greatly for it.

Yuni 17, 2700 CC: The galaxy is in a state of confusion and a massive war is around the corner. Can your nation survive the coming storm?
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Re: CS AH Timeline

Postby Megaraptor18 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:27 am

Season 1

Augestus 8, 2700 CC: The Jimblebar-Emu War begins

Kugatsu 18, 2700 CC: Relations between the Greater Republic of Kraga and the Alliance of Solvian States worsen between the two states.

Februo, 11, 2701 CC: The Bolgar War begins, war begun between Chadan and Opochka which Abaza and Luza ends up joining Opochka. Svetlograd, Uyar, Salsk, and Kondrova joins with Chadan which begins a sector wide war.

Deutzia, 17, 2701 CC: The Jimblebar-Emu War ends

Deutzia, 18, 2701 CC: The Jimblebar-Exo Kangaroo War begins.

Deutzia, 22, 2701 CC: The Orithyian Navy engaged and destroyed a massive pirate fort that was supplied by several major powers in the Cabal Sector.

Yuni 8, 2701 CC: Valand trying to end the sanctions against their world they ended the practice of thralls.

Janus 12, 2702 CC: Valand and Furnian forces invade Orithyian space. Valand invades Felicitas.

Deutzia 15, 2702 CC: Opochkian invades the Chadian Capital and suffered heavy losses.

Yuni 12, 2702 CC: Kraga invades Solvia and made major gains on the planet.

Gruden 4, 2702 CC: The Tlaloci Empire has invaded mines that belong to the Commonwealth of Colleita on Jerra. Colleitian Defense Forces held off the Tlaloci assault, the Tlalocis was given support from Furna in their assault.

Yuni 7, 2704 CC: Orithyian Navy after fighting the Valanders for years on several worlds managed to begin their invasion of Valander space.

Februo 3, 2705 CC: Orithyia conquers Valand and the Kingdom of Valand is annexed by the Republic of Orithyia.

Yuni 9, 2705: Orithyia begins a counter invasion against the Junese and begun the invasion of Jun.

Yuni 11, 2705: Chadian forces captured President Eugeny Petrov of the People's Republic of Abaza.

Noemvri 4, 2705 CC: Abazians held a free election for the first time. However many viewed it as a rigged election since the planet was still under Chadian control.

Janus 1, 2706 CC: In Bolgar Sector the war ends officially and the BSNMS&DP a sector wide alliance is formed in the sector.

Deutzia 4, 2706 CC: Orithyia annexes Jun.

Augustus 6, 2706 CC: The Directorate deploys a massive invasion fleet to Cabal and Bolgar Sectors. Both sectors defeated the Directorate invasion and crippling their offensive ability for years.

Inter Season Period

Februo 13, 2707 CC: In the Suzano Sector an Orithyian frigate on patrol in Coria space ran into an AI controlled Frigate entered the system. The ship refused to return hails and remained silent the entire time. The Frigate leaves the system shortly after.

Martius 22, 2707 CC: A Chadian ship wonders into a newly explored system and is surrounded by AI controlled ships within moments. The ships blocked the Chadian ship from going deeper into the system and was allowed to leave.

Yuni 8, 2707 CC: Orithyian Probes into the new system was destroyed moments after they entered the system.

Yuni 11, 2707 CC: An unknown probe enters the Coria system and is seized by Chadian and Orithyian navies. The probe contained a message from the AI ships. They declared that they were called the Technocracy of Primounus and they were world with only AIs on it. They lay out terms that they will not go into Coria system if the Orithyian and Chadian fleets stay out of Primounus. As well as to stay away from their operations in the sector.

Julius 2, 2707 CC: A private Vidyian company sent a small mining fleet to the barren world of Ajude. They ran into a Technocracy mining operation and a battle broke out between the forces. Within an hour 90% of the Vidyian Mining Fleet was wiped out. A Chadian investigation team on a stealth boat enters the system and learned that the Technocracy took zero prisoners and executed the survivors. The Chadian ship was spotted and took heavy fire. The Technocracy destroyed most systems on the ship but before they finished it off they pulled away and allow the Chadian ship to escape.

Julius 4, 2707 CC: In Coria a probe enters the system with a message which was a map of the Sector outlining their zone of control with a message to quote, "Remain out of our zones."

Julius 12 2707 CC: The Solvians launch a major offensive with the goal in retaking their capital of Monmouth from the Kragians.

Augustus 9, 2707 CC: The Kragians launch a counter offensive and surrounds an entire Solvian Army Group.

Augustus 28, 2707 CC: 340,000 Solvians were captured by Kragian forces when an entire army group surrenders.

Kugatsu 4, 2707 CC: The Kragians took advantage of the weaken Solvian forces and managed to conquer three provinces.

Kugatsu 24, 2707 CC: The Kragian offensive was stalled and the war stalemated again.

Noemvri 28, 2708 CC: In Coria space three frigates enter the system. The ships are identify from the Mea' Gatorian Empire of Freyja. Their mission was to investigate the Coria System. They left a message pod before leaving the system. The message contains a message of peace and neutrally and nothing more at this time.

Janus 12, 2709 CC: Orthiyian probes are sent to Trizac and discovers a Freyjan Colony that appears to have been there for decades atleast. No Freyjan ship took hostile action against the probe but was clearly being tailed.

Deutzia 20, 2709 CC: A Chadian probe scouts a nearby system known as Ferrum. The planet appears to be in a high tech feudal government that appears to be lead by an over the top madman.

Julius 1, 2709 CC: A Chadian probe discovers a planet called Atania which appears to be the "perfect" utopia. But like with Ferrum something seems odd with this world.

Octo 12, 2709 CC: Chadian probes discover the planet Burenga which is ruled by a Great Khan. On the same day an Orithyian probe discovers the planet Colonia which appears to be military lead world. What both probes end up learning that both governments are extremely defensive and have a hostile stands against the Technocracy. They refused communications for the time being,

Februo 20, 2710 CC: Orithyian and Chadian jointed effort in sending probes to the unknown system of Bazin. All probes disappeared and there is no signs of the Technocracy. Unknown why the probes are disappearing.

Мај 17, 2710 CC: A Directorate Mining base was set up on Harbiv away from any Technocracy base.

Noemvri 24, 2710 CC: The Freyjan Task Force under the direct command of the Sovereign Military Order of Freyja or as their commonly known as the Knight Seijin, assault the Directorate mining base with a massive capital ship known as a Purifier Class Dreadnought. With it's Purifier Cannon it laid waste to the entire complex under a minute. The Knight Seijins continued their operations against the mining base until all life was wiped from the region. Directorate response fleet arrived an hour later and the Freyjans state there was an infestation at the mining base and the base had to be purified. However they used alot of religionist terms and phrases which confused the Directorate. Talks broke down quickly and the Directorate engaged the Freyjans, outnumbering them three to one at first. The Freyjans held their own for ten minutes before the Freyjans deploy a special probe that unleashed a strange field around it. Then Freyjan ships warped from, appearing out of nowhere it seems. It looked more like teleporting than lightspeed as their were no lightspeed trails coming into the place they warped in on. They "warped" end several massive warships and while still outnumbered the Freyjans wiped out the Directorate fleet without a single loss for the Freyjans.

Noemvri 27, 2710 CC: The Freyjans leaves Harbiv after purging the infestation as the Freyjans claimed. The investigators report afterwards state they didn't take any resources from the planet.

Janus 1, 2710 CC: Suzano Sector is turning into a powder keg that if lite which can effect every sector.
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