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CS AH International Groups

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CS AH International Groups

Postby Megaraptor18 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:34 am

International Groups

News Groups

Cabal News Broadcast
Logo: CNB
Background: This International News Agency reports the news throughout the whole sector... Minus Jun, Tempestas, and any planet controlled by the Erato Directorate.

Honey Badger News
Background: Honey Badger News was one of those networks as the most powerful name in news it has one of the best hard news divisions in the galaxy that is rivaled by none. However it's their commentary and opinion programs that catch them the most flak as they lean towards the right wing in most issues. Honey Badger News is known for excusing GBN, SCC, and CNB of being socialist networks who take their orders from the Directorate.

Galaxy Broadcast Network
Background: GBN is one of the oldest news networks in the galaxy however this once trusted name in news has turned into a laughing stock as they try to compete with Honey Badger News in the ratings to the point they have throw away the majority of their hard news division and replaced it with commentary and opinion programs. Over time they have leaned farther and farther left in hopes of saving their network. However they have gone to a point where the Directorate owned and controlled PNN has more viewers than GBN. They are also known for being extremely left wing and have called channels like Honey Badger and CNB as nothing but an outlet for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and anti-poor. At the sametime claim those networks are ran by rednecks and white trash.

People's News Network
Background: This is an International News Agency that was founded by the Erato Directorate to inform the people of Cabal Sector of the "truth" about Enlighten Socialism and tries to discredit Cabal News Broadcast as they are the only force that stands against the PNN's Propaganda in the sector.

Scyllian Broadcast Company (Scyllian Craolacháin Cuideachta)
Logo: SCC
Background: This is an International News Agency is funded by the crown of the Scyllian Empire and is one of the most trusted names in news. In till it comes to the issue of the Empire. They always give a positive light on the Empire and their King.


Elite Spectrum Corporation
Flag: Elite Spectrum Corporation Banner
Patch: ESC Patch
Leader: Colonel Alec Shelton
Location: Colleita

Steel Covers
Leader: Captain Kyla Kauffman
Location: Kragia
Background: The Steel Covers are the elite Evor Sector Protection Force that are known to protect key VIPs from harm.

One Shots
Leader: Major Edgardo Mastroianni
Location: Massada
Background: The One Shots are the most elite assassins in the known galaxy.

Sogliano's Drone Legion
Leader: Captain Gina Sogliano
Location: Furna
Background: The Sogliano's Drone Legion is one of the most feared drone unit in the entire galaxy.

Satterfield's Mechanize Division
Leader: Major General Mark Satterfield
Location: Colleita
Background: The Satterfield's Mechanize Division was known as the Colleitan 20th Mechanized Division however the division was disbanded and the troops were put out of work. So They reformed their division and operate as a PMC.

Yatakai Mixed Brigade
Flag: Mixed Brigade Flag
Patch: Mixed Brigade Patch
Leader: Major General Yunosuke Takemago
Location: Sato
Background: The Yatakai Mixed Brigade was one of them and many of the soldiers were out of work. Now they are guns for hire and are willing to do anything for a paycheck.

Triglav Division
Flag: Triglav Division Flag
Patch: Triglav Division Patch
Leader: Major General Adam Victorovich
Location: Orithyia
Background: The Triglav Division is made up of Orithyian Veterans that are looking for work after their career in the army ends.

Criminal Groups

Robertson's Pirates
Flag: Skull and Rifles
Background: Robertson's Pirates are a lethal and dangerous band of Pirates that are under the command of Captain James Robertson. Robertson's Pirates are one of the causes of the increased Pirate raids in the sector.

Fettel Cartel
Flag: Machete and Rifle
Background: The Fettel Cartel is the most ruthless drug cartel in the sector. They have their hands in several businesses and even some government officials in the sector.

Garavini Family
Flag: Garavini Bull
Background: The Garavini Family is another criminal organization in the sector that is just as feared as the Fettel Cartel. They alot of companies and in one case an entire government in its pocket.

Edo Yakuza
Leader: Maeda Kenjiro
Location: Sato
Background: The most ruthless Yakuza on Sato.

Luochang Triad
Leader: Lim Yongzheng
Location: Jun
Background: The most Fear gang on Jun

Moranian Resistance Movement
Flag Banner of the Resistance
Leader: Friedrich Beck
Location: Unknown location on Morana
Background: The Moranian Resistance Movement has been fighting the Order of Morana for centuries. Their goal is to free Morana from the Order.

Terrorist Groups

Cabal Liberation Front
Flag: Black Banner of Liberation
Leader: Robin Ivanova
Background: The CLF are a terrorist group funded and armed by the Erato Directorate and was the ones who lead the revolt in Eris that overthrew the Republic of Eris.

Cabal Free Corps
Flag: Flag of Freedom
Leader: Rafael Pizarro
Background: The Cabal Free Corps is an extreme right wing terrorist group that is rumored to be the terrorist arm of the USV's CIS there is no proof to back that claim up as of yet. They are very ruthless and doesn't care how many people they kill as long as it fits their own ends.

Cabal Royal Corps
Flag: Banner of New Cabal
Leader: Christopher Moore
Background: The Cabal Royal Corps are the terrorist wing of the MI8 Cabal Sector Section. They are used to overthrow governments and damage economies throughout the sector.
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