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CSAH2 Game Thread

For space based RPs...

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CSAH2 Turn 31 Cabal Federation

Postby warper » Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:41 pm

Cabal Federation
National Points: 582,808NP
Military Points: 41MP
Army and Navy Replacements [-5,000NP]
2501st-3000th Fleets [-516,550NP]
71st-300th Corian Guard Battalions [-1,374NP]
31st-91st Corian Vanguard Battalions [-361NP]
Planetary and Mine Income:
16x Homeworlds:
--Akkick, Antheia, Colleita, Coria, Eris, Felicitas, Fortuna, Furna, Jun, Morana, Murhur, Orithyia, Sato, Tempestas, Tlaloc, Valand
--Carontos, Eretikon, Gangrodes, Haleiros
--Maerin, Skorraey, Norvegr
--Pingxing, Dongjin, Gangsu
--81x Unnamed
140x Homeworld Mines
3640x Colony Mines
360x Barren World Mines
520x Off World Mines

Trade Deals:
NP Out: 0NP
NP In: +10,140NP(per turn)
Project Eden [-5500NP]
Project Cunning Worm [-1000NP]
Project Able Huntsman [-1000NP]
Project Fading Grin [-1000NP]
Project Watered Vale [-1000NP]
Project Circular Progress [-1000NP]
Project Fading Sunset [-1000NP]
Project Rough Collie [-1000NP]
Project Quick Hop [-1000NP]
Classified Spending: N/A
Ending NP: 46,023NP
Ending MP: 41MP
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Re: CSAH2 Game Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:21 pm

As if pulled from a deep slumber, consciousness of the man came back to him. Sluggish but only for a moment, awareness began to flood into his waking mind, awareness and memory. Everything was foggy, and his body felt...off.

His name was the first thing his mind called upon. Kotte, Roland Kotte, loyal servant of King King Armans Delluc I. Identity reassured, Roland began trying to move his body as more of his senses stirred. Everything felt right, but instinct was screaming that something was wrong. When his attempts at movement were met with restraint, his instinct was confirmed, and Roland's eyes snapped open...or at least, tried to. Vision came, but not in the manner he expected. It simply seemed to come to him, fuzzy for a moment before clearing, the man noticing that his depth perception and notice of details was far better than he remembered.

The biggest detail was his immediate surroundings: a room made from what seemed like well-polished obsidian, lit with light brighter than any torch. The ground was rather far down from his head...he didn't remember being that tall, he must be suspended. Glancing to the left and the right, Roland quickly understood why his body felt wrong, for sight of his arms revealed no skin or clothing, but solid metal shaped in the visage of his armor, albeit darker. That...probably wasn't good. Worry intensified when he looked down, revealing that this form had indeed raised his height by several feet and like his arms were composed of metal, not flesh. Roland wasn't sure of a hell of a whole lot right now, but he certainly knew that he was supposed to be human, not some...golem?

The sound of hooves registered abruptly, and Roland's head snapped back up. As if appearing from nowhere he was joined by another figure, a few feet shorter than he and female, old given the silvery coloration of her fur. Blue orbs that seemed to not-quite imitate eyes regarded him, the equine-shaped woman keeping her silence before a small, almost hopeful smile made its way onto her face. "Well, given you reactions to waking up, it seems like you remember who you are. Or rather, who you're supposed to be. But what else? Do you know who I am?"

A silly question, truth be told. Of course he knew who she was, for how many other women could claim to have almost been turned into a horse? And that was ignoring the times he'd seen her in action. "Of course I do", he replied, immediately realizing even his voice sounded off, as if warped, "You're Aera, of the Order of the Piercing Gaze. You're that man's sister...Derrick's his name."

It was for the briefest of seconds, but something flashed across Aera's expression...pain? That wasn't right... "Correct. That's good, Roland. What King did you serve?"

"King Armans Delluc the First of Vatace." That answer came without hesitation, naturally. Not just that either...other memories were starting to flood his mind, memories and other things, things he couldn't make sense of...and yet could, as if he already had the knowledge. Roland's eyes focused on Aera, noticing her glancing somewhere behind him before her gaze turned back to him.

"You're doing a lot better than we'd hoped, Roland. Or rather, your mind is, even with the limit we put on all that information...Now for the hard one though. What's the last thing you remember before your sleep? What happened?"

What happened? Roland searched himself for a moment...this one was drawing a blank. But then it started to come back.

"We were...on a mission, to stop the Sons of Volcanius", he started carefully, "A man named Whipple was trying to free their god. We'd just finished conquering Calland and discovered they'd been in league with the Sons...We made landfall..."

"Yes?" She sounded both hopeful and worried, stepping closer to his trapped form. "What happened after, Roland? What happened to you?"

"I...something happened. Strangely dressed people were there in the basement...There was a man among them who was attacking us..." It felt as if something was trying to hinder his emotions as the memories surged forth, but his mind would not be denied as it all came back to him. Every last detail. "He was slaughtering us..The Ichos family was the first to be hit, and then you and your brother..." He trailed off as he watched the equine's face...that expression flashed again, but she seemed to pay it no mind.

"Tried to take him on, and failed, with my brother paying the price", she finished, making a half-hearte dismissal. "Don't worry, I've had a long time to come to terms with it. I wasn't the only one to lose loved ones though. He wasn't the only one from that side of the family that day either. What about yours?"

At her prompting, those particular memories took the forefront, and Roland could feel a dark rage building up. His new metallic hands clenched, the restraints against his arms straining as the man tried to move. "He killed them all!", he snarled, only a little surprised by the sudden strength of his anger, "Connor, Leotard, Casper, Erich...all of them! And..."

The very last thing, before the darkness had taken him. Being overpowered and having his wrist broken, his sword taken from him. Impaled upon his own falchion.

"And me as well. I'm supposed to be dead."

Aera was silent as the moment stretched on, regarding every inch of him, her head tilted. He didn't know what she was looking for...but rather suddenly, the restraints on his body snapped back. Wasting not a moment Roland stepped away, looking back to see that he'd been contained on a strange slab of metal, an imprint of his new body its centerpiece. In it he could see the reflection of his new face: a helmed visage from what seemed to be some undead man stared back at him, the helm's top shaped like the dark crown a god of the underworld might wear. Not a bit of flesh in sight, even his eyes replaced with eerie orbs of a blazing red. Sensing it before it actually happened, Roland turned back to find one of Aera's hands on his shoulder.

"You were killed, yes. Or rather, put in the state of dying. We couldn't beat the man and get to Whipple, so we fled. Troops loyal to you were able to recover your body and gear in the madness, and your body was frozen by sorcerers to try and preserve you."

The equine took a deep sigh, her hand falling from his shoulder.

"How do I put this easily...Right. So as you've probably figured out, we failed. Whipple succeeded, and Volcanius was unleashed onto the world. His cult rose up everywhere...almost every institution was either infiltrated by them or outright controlled. Every major religion, the Sorcerer's League, almost every country was infected by them. Several days later he'd gathered an army far more advanced than any in the world and tried to conquer us all, starting with Theodesia. Vatace and Crussia were the first to be hit, followed by Northburgh...you get the picture. While Volcanius was doing that, I was made immortal in the ways of my people and gathered an army to try and fight him."

"Seeing as how we're both here, I take it you succeeded?"

Aera gave a grin, albeit a slightly pained one. "After three years and massive casualties, yea. After I got Nerio's armies and technology behind us and marched back west, I started liberating and pushing back his golden army of metal men before the final engagement. After an entire week, we swarmed over the last of them and Volcanius fled."

Roland gave her an approving nod. He'd been expecting it to be a lot worse, truthfully. But...then the next question had to be asked.
"What happened then?"

A sigh was his initial response. "About ninety-seven more years of conflict. Even with their god gone, his Cult continued to rape the world and pushed us from every direction. I could do nothing less but push right back, to drive them back into their holes and then burn the holes down around them. After a hundred years of fighting and just about every country on the planet being devastated, the Sons were wiped out to a man. Once that was done, the bonds forged in war started to fade, with certain troublesome countries trying to take advantage of the situation. So I put down their leaders and took command. With the support of the people and the armies who'd fought with me, who knew it was because of me they'd survived, it was honestly pretty easy. The churches of the major religions were burnt down, their books either destroyed or re-written to get rid of any Volcanius propaganda, and their members investigated and hung if the taint of the Sons was on them. Then rebuilding...which took the next hundred years or so."

That...sounded more in line than what he'd initially expected, and yet still baffling. He'd been dead for two centuries and missed so much? "Well...I suppose I can't fault you for being thorough...were our religions so compromised though? Even the Christians?"

"Oh, very compromised, especially Christianity. After a lot of digging and interrogation, the use of Christianity to help brainwash the masses into better accepting a rule by the Sons and their master was, while perhaps not at the very start of the religion, certainly a massive part of it early on. Sorry Roland. Not to say those religions have been wiped out on our world, but they certainly don't have any power whatsoever, and even after the re-writes of their holy books to eliminate the Sons' influence we keep a close eye on them."

Well, that was to be expected...Wait. "What do you mean, 'our world'?"

"All that information is already in your mind. You just need some time to process it. The most pressing matter is, of course, why you're alive again and in the body you're in. Quite simply, Roland, while we defeated Volcanius here on Domhanda, he's still in the galaxy, and he has many more agents. We're currently engaged with some of those right now. They may not directly serve him, but they reek of his influence, and need to be destroyed."

Finally, something that made sense. Roland could feel righteous fury welling up inside of him as he gave her a nod, stepping up to her. "I'm ready to slay the dogs of that cursed god. Especially if it brings me closer to my family's murderer."

Aera waved a hand dismissively. "Oh don't worry about him, I killed him. He had friends though, so don't worry. Right now though, let's focus. As I said, my armies are currently engaging the enemy on one world, and so far its something of a stalemate. You, however, will not be going there. You'll be going to a different world. The forces that'll be under your command have already made some moves, but they'll be far more effective with you in charge. They were designed to be led by you, after all."

If Roland had any eyebrows, they would have quirked up at that. Even as she spoke, he was beginning to understand many new concepts...including his own nature. Puzzle pieces were finally sliding into their places, and he now had a purpose. One he would carry out rather happily. But even still... "Designed? What do you mean?"

The equine woman merely turned, a door previously hidden sliding open with hardly a noise. Roland was surprised he could hear even that much from it. Stepping in its direction, Aera looked back and gestured with her head, smiling properly, warmly. "Well if you want to know, come along. It's about time your armies meet their King."


"You'll see."


Nation: Imperial Domhanda/Waccamaw Union

National Points: 1,952,375
Military Points:

Renew Project Boreas
Continue and finish Project Ascendancy
Upkeep the WU Border Surveillance Network: 50,000 NP
Alterations to our weapons and shields willc ontinue to be made


WU business: all member planets will immediately go into wartime market and production due to the threat posed by the Imperium. All reserves will be drawn upon.

Ending NPs: 1,902,375

Ending Trade deals:
Republic of Sindam
New Haven

WU worlds





New Haven
New Haven






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