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CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Tue May 28, 2019 2:16 pm


13 Emperor-class Command ships
25 DIS Destroyer Dreadnaughts
24 DIS Herald-Class Carriers
6x Portal Invasion Ships (currently not deployed)
79 DIS Conqueror class Battleships
135 DIS Victory Class Battlecruisers
23x DIS Purgatory Heavy Cruisers
354 DIS Heartbreaker Cruisers
275x Backstabber Class Destroyers
280x Raven Class Destroyers
65 DIS Razor Stealth Boats
195 DIS Succubus Stealth Boats
1021x Predator Class Frigates
778x Omen Corvettes

Ragnarok Task Force
1 Ragnarok-class Super Dreadnought
4 DIS Destroyer Dreadnoughts
5 DIS Herald-class Carriers
11 DIS Conqueror Class Battleships
2 DIS Backstabber class Destroyers
3 DIS Raven Class Destroyers
10 DIS Predator Class Frigates

The fresh reinforcements will continue their mission and focus their fire on the last two warp probes, throwing everything from fighters and bombers to missiles and main cannon rounds to knock the little suckers out. Once the last two are destroyed, the reinforcements will carry out a fast warp over to just over Sion, where the rest of our ships are, and help overwhelm the rest of the Imperium fleets in the area whilst also guarding against any of their other ships sans the Mega dreadnought. The Ragnarok for now will pull back to recharge its shielding once these reinforcements arrive and prepare in case we are engaged by the Imperium Dreadnought.

An emergency warp will target the Seeder Team now that they are in place and take them into one of the more healthy Cruisers of the WU fleet, with said ship making any effort necessary to disengage from combat in the process. Once the Seeder Team and the Seeders are aboard, the Cruisers will put all power it can into engines and drives to perform an emergency warp jump to Junker, where it will then use the Junker Gate to warp out of this sector entirely.

More later


Platoon of Spino Marines will being warping into Sion to shore up defensive positions and bolster our offensive ones. About a thousand Serpent class heavy fighters and six hundred Silencer bombers will be sent to the surface to begin thorough strafing and bombings of all Imperium holdouts in the city, with the added objective of providing overwhelming air support to stymie Imperium pushes and taking out anti-air to make their job easier.

Thus aided, the 1st and Second armies will continue their assaults on Imperium positions, with the main objectives being to destroy any warping locations they come across and to begin the process of crushing Imperium resistance with a bit more haste, for the arrival of their super dreadnought does not bode well for the city. As before, the detachment of Chancellor Guard will lead the primary efforts.

The third army’s remaining Lancer speeders will sweep down the center of the battlefield, both to flank and assault the Imperium forces on the West as well as picking up the Empress. Air and orbital support will be liberally called down from our reinforcements to hit both the east and west combat zones while armored detachments of heavy tanks and PA troopers lead the spearheads of our assaults, preceded by moving curtains of artillery fire to either kill or suppress the Imperium Troops.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby warper » Thu May 30, 2019 8:51 pm

901st-950th Fleets:
1,000x League Class Cargoship
1,400x Association Class Freighter
200x Maia Class Mining Ship
711x Antheia Class Stealth Boat
1,338x Colleita Class Frigate
747x Eris Class Destroyer
200x Jera Class Fleet Tender
470x Felicitas Class Cruiser
82x Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser(+2 Damaged)
268x Furna Class Battlecruiser
250x Jun Class Escort Carrier
139x Morana Class Battleship
80x Murhur Class Line Carrier
40x Orithyia Class Dreadnought
20x Sato Class Fleet Carrier
400x Tempestas Class Aerospace Carrier
20x Coalition Class MOPB
3,850,000x Teta Class Mining Drones
1,810,000x Drydock Class Maintenance Drones
137,864x Falchion Class Fighter
590,808x Rapier Class UCSV
~0x Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV
430,904x Claymore Class Strike Fighter
331,508x Zweihander Class Bomber
207,680x Flambard Class Stealth Bomber
1,630,120x Cutlass Class Assault Shuttle
44,040x Clydesdale Class Dropship
339,600x Ranger Class Recon Drone
40,000x OWP-10 Satellite
160,000x OMP-42 Satellite

1st Federal Air-Mobile Army Group (995,092 Tier 1 Elite Light PA)(+2292 Wounded)
11th-14th Shock Army Groups (3,995,441 Power Armoured)(+2676 Wounded)
1st-8th MACO Battalions (15,985 Elite Special Forces PA)(+12 Wounded)
11th Drop Army Group (990,795 Tier 1 Elite Heavy PA)(+4755 Wounded)
1st-3rd Special Operations Divisions (60,000 Special Forces)

Some Tempestas Class Aerospace Carriers are to lay down a line of fire between the Imperium and allied forces, between 49, 51, 52 and 54, to stop them from pushing through the recently taken areas. The remaining Tempestas are to concentrate fire on District 1 and the Pyramid, to flatten the whole area, then lay down heavy fire in front of the remaining Federal and WU lines, to break up Imperium attacks.

20% of the Zweihanders equipped with fighter defence modules are to stay on CAP flights and anti-Drone Cannon work.

The fleets are to spread out into more or less squadron sized units, still within support range of each other, but not tightly packed enough for the Mega Dreadnought to be able to kill a large number of them with a single shot. Once done, the Orithyia Class Dreadnoughts, Sato Class Fleet Carriers, Murhur Class Line Carriers and Jun Class Escort Carriers are to reorient themselves and open fire on the Mega Dreadnought with their prow cannons, with the carriers and Coalition Class MOPBs also targeting the Mega Dreadnought with 5M, 10M and 15M IPBMs, as well as 20M Thunderbolt III IPBMs and 30M Gungnir II ISBMs. The Thunderbolt IIIs are to be loaded with a mix of H-Ion and Plasma 1M Anti-ship Missiles, and will deploy them just before they're targeted by point defence. The Gungnir are to be fired after the rest, using their stealth systems to approach undetected, with the rest of the missile storm as cover, and be loaded with a mix of H-Ion and Plasma warheads as their sole payload, set to detonate the H-Ion just before the plasma.

-100 Colleita Class Frigates, 20,000 Zweihander Class Bombers, 200,000 Cutlass Class Assault Shuttles
The MACO Battalions are to spread among allied forces at the FOB and lead them into the city to support our forces still inside, splitting into two forces, one going left and one right, to take the outer edges of the city back first.

Move all mobile howitzers to new firing locations and ensure all emplaced howitzers have shields and point defence deployed around them. Assign 20% of the guns to support fire to the forces in Mailure. Assign 20% of the guns to act as rapid response, hitting any located AA vehicle, emplacement or team with a full 10 round MRSI volley from one howitzer, as soon as it's spotted, with a second to follow up if the target isn't destroyed. The remaining 60% of the guns are to be used to provide close fire support to Federal forces, scattering Imperium assaults or suppressing their positions while we advance.

The 1st Federal Air-Mobile Army Group and 11th Drop Army Group and are to still split in half, one continuing to hold the areas we've taken, and the other pressing into the surrounded Imperium forces. The Lancers are to provide recon, sniper support and hit and run attacks, while the Drop Commandos provide direct assault. Split off some D-ARC Specialists from the main Drop Commando forces to assist the Lancers in their hit and run attacks, as they're quite adept at stealth combat as well.

1 MACO Battalion is to stay with the seeders we captured as they're transported by the WU, outside the system. Coordinate with the WU to direct some fleets closer to home to meet the ship once it's completed it's warp jump from Junckers, where we'll split from the WU forces with our seeders, to take them to a secure location.

-39,227 Pathfinder Light Tanks, 19,761 Lanciarii Light Mechs, 55 Zelus II Heavy Mechs, 471 CSU-400 Concordiat Super Tanks
In the east, use the high mobility of the Lanciarii to scale the mountains and flank the Imperiums defending forces, while the Concordiats and Zelus bombard them to suppress their ability to stop the Lanciarii.

In the west, the Pathfinders are to use their stealth, speed and hover abilities to flank wide across the river, hitting the Imperium forces from behind as the main WU forces hit from the front.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:03 am



Federal and WU forces focus their efforts onto destroying the Mega Dreadnought but had little effect. thousands of fighters, bombers, and hundreds of mechs are being deployed from the Mega Dreadnought. They were launched . The IPBMs had trouble locking on but half of them were able to hit the target but the shields appears to be too strong. The other half were targeted and destroyed by enemy fighters and mechs. The Mega Dreadnought advanced forward with all other Imperium ships warping to it to act as an escort for it.

WU forces had trouble destroying the last warp probes but was able too but only after a fleet of enemy ships was warping in. (Truth is the rolls were really bad but due to the amount of firepower they were able to destroy it just not in time.) The warped in fleet seems to be missing interdictors and appears isn't full strength so not a full fleet warped in. Allied fleets are in full withdraw as they were able to evac their ground forces.

USSB Drone fleet was unsuccessful as well.

WU forces with a Federal MACO Battalion were able to escape the system to Juncker to link up with WU forces. Federal fleets in the Juncker system are requesting permission stationed at Titianus is requesting permission to warp to the battle. One of the fleets picked up the MACO Battalion and one of the seeders and has entered FTL towards the Cabal Sector.

The Mega Dreadnought is continuing towards the planet and have launched a series of missiles towards Sion. Scans showcase their is no warhead it them but looks more like warp towers in them.



The Pyramid and District 1 was flatten and were able to suppress attacking forces in 49, 51, 52 and 54. Allied forces managed to make great gains in every district of the attack. It later was revealed that the Imperium is now engaged in a fighting retreat and would lay traps, IEDs, and ambushes on allied forces and try and retreat after engagement. The forces surrounded by allied forces however were fighting bitterly for every streets. Allied forces took heavy losses but managed to wipe out hostile forces in those districts.



The Imperium here is committing a fighting retreat on both flanks and appears they're heading towards some Warp towers for a possible withdrawal. Losses are low for allied forces at the moment.



341 ships destroyed

Cabal Federation
12x Antheia Class Stealth Boat destroyed
134x Colleita Class Frigate destroyed
27x Eris Class Destroyer destroyed
47x Felicitas Class Cruiser destroyed
12x Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser destroyed
14x Furna Class Battlecruiser destroyed
10x Jun Class Escort Carrier destroyed
3x Morana Class Battleship destroyed
1x Orithyia Class Dreadnought destroyed
2,284 Falchion Class Fighter destroyed
5,384 Rapier Class UCSV destroyed
1,485 Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV destroyed
4,374 Claymore Class Strike Fighter destroyed
12,843 Zweihander Class Bomber destroyed

1st Federal Air-Mobile Army Group: 314 killed, 748 wounded, 108 vehicles destroyed
11th-14th Shock Army Groups: 125 killed, 443 wounded, 223 vehicles destroyed
11th Drop Army Group: 875 killed, 1,184 wounded, 235 vehicles destroyed
Pathfinder Light Tanks: 473 destroyed
CSU-400 Concordiat Super Tanks: 14 destroyed
Zelus IIs: 25 destroyed
Lanciarii: 219 destroyed


1 DIS Herald-Class Carriers
11 DIS Conqueror class Battleships
28 DIS Victory Class Battlecruisers
4 DIS Purgatory Cruisers
46 DIS Heartbreaker Cruisers
15 DIS Razor Stealth Boats
36 DIS Succubus Stealth Boats
47x Backstabber Class Destroyers
48x Raven Class Destroyers
225x Predator Class Frigates
183x Omen Corvettes

Ground: 948 killed, 1,142 wounded, 84 ground vehicles destroyed
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