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CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:41 am

Admiral Jayden Chapman announces a grand operation against the Consortium. Kimon the God of Gods, Real name Hugue Bordel, Boss of bosses. Zenbios, God of Sky, Real name Dan Cavaco, Consortium Fleet Admiral. Zethus, God of War, Real Name Kirill Romanovich, Consortium Field Marshal. Gorgo, Goddess of Fortune, Real Name Amanda Di Simone, Consortium Treasurer. Plus all members of the Halls of the Gods, Real Name Boss' Hall will be meeting at Sion, Wetrone. Their entire leadership is in one spot. The goals of Operation Lionheart is to take out the leadership of the Consortium and crippling them once and for all.

The Operation will be in three phases.

Phase One, Admiral Rackham's Fleet supported by Captain Newbery's Group and Captain Jeronimo's Group will attack the Consortium's fleet at Shexurilia. They will destroy all of their orbital platforms and their dry docks. Once the orbital stations have been destroyed Captain Nightwind's Group will arrive in system and provide support for a massive drop operation. General Soren's Marine Division will land at the planet's capital of Adrus.

At the same time Admiral Alistair's Fleet with Captain Mendenhall's Group and Commodore Thorne's Task Force will do the same against Fasmorth. Once the orbit is secured Captain Springfield's Group will arrive in system and support General Dryden's Marine Division will land at the planet's capital of Oclea.

Phase Two, we will quickly strike their mining bases in their mining systems. Captain Cyrus Gregory's Group will attack and secure the materials from Paybos with Captain Burton in support. (note this is where the story posts will be so cannot start here.)

Miophus will be attacked by Commodore Townsend's Group and once the system is secured of any hostile ships Admiral Klark's Fleet will move through the system to attack Cecroipra and cripple Consortium fleets in that system. Once that system is secured Captain Mildenhall's Group will pass through and assault Sheegantu.

Phase Three, we begin the assault on Wetrone with all fleets moving on the system and hit the Consortium defenses hard with everything we got. With the Consortium fleet broken we will move on Sion with General Abram's Army Group will land and secure the city. They will have the mission to kill/capture the entire Consortium leadership.

We are putting our entire fleet into this action. We cannot fail at any point, this is our one and only chance. Their leadership will send out fleets to protect their worlds and mines. This will drain the core defenses for their main world. This should even the odds for us in the final assault. Once Operation Lionheart is successful this will be a crippling blow to the Consortium and will give us the edge in liberating this sector from the Consortium.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:40 pm

The WU representative overseeing the WU's contribution to this effort, Tacitus Maladictus, will inform Admiral Jayden that the WU is already in a position to begin an assault on Cecroipra.

He will also point out that it is essential that the Consortium's hold over the natives of each of their worlds, not just their fleets and armies, needs to be shattered as well, their false religion destroyed so that the Consortium cannot use the natives as living and willing meat shields. To this effect, the WU has already apprehended an attempted slave trade, and has shown the former slaves that the Consortium are not the gods they claim. The WU will slip these freed slaves back to their homes piecemeal, to begin spreading the truth and to cause discord among the Consortium-owned worlds. Tacitus will advise that operatives are sent along with the former slaves as well, to back up the truth of the matter. The WU hopes that if this effort is even marginally successful, it will save that many more native lives from being manipulated into dying for a false religion.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:07 am

The Operation has gone extremely well and Consortium forces have been pushed back on all fronts. Pirate and allied forces have taken control of Shexurilia, Fasmorth, Miophus, and Sheegantu. WU and Pirate forces have taken Cecroipra. Paybos is blacked out for some reason, no COMMs are going through to Gregory or Burton's group.

Allied forces are preparing for the final assault on Wetrone.


The Consortium has somewhere between 600 to 800 ships in the defense with several defense platforms as well as a their moon acts as a defense platform. The Defense platforms are Model 105 Space Fortresses. The planet and the moon have a series of Model 120 Shield Gates protecting both from attacks.

Most of the Consortium Ground Forces are gathered around the capital city, Sion. Early reports states it could be somewhere between 3 to 6 million troops in the area.


The Gold diamond is the palace where the Consortium leadership is located at this time. Its protected by a shield generator located in a nearby mountain base. Of the three mountains there is a Massive Ground to Space Defense Base protecting the area from orbital attacks. There are super highways throughout the area (Gray lines). The enemy is entrenched and we have to force them out.

Total Allied Force
Pirate Combined Fleet
88x Bosbeek Class Shuttles
104x Izyaslav-B Class Shuttles
144x Type S92 Class Shuttles
125x Type C56D Class Cargoships
76x Kolarbo Class Cargoships
80x Langruth Class Cargoships
80x Axpoele Class Cargoships
200x Murmansk-C Class Cargoships
70x Type C57B Class Freighters
50x Kirov-A Class Freighters
40x Foquelet Class Freighters
48x Crozier Class Freighters
54x Lindome Class Freighters
52x Weiler Stealth Boats
64x Freienwill Attack Stealth Boats
38x Pozern Stealth Boats
100x St-François Class Frigates
188x Type A58C Class Frigates
88x Collada Class Light Frigates
68x Riancho Class Heavy Frigates
50x Victoriaville Class Destroyers
46x Eisenbolz Class Destroyers
66x Type B60D Class Cruisers
50x Hormiguera Class Light Cruisers
40x Hahotrim Class Cruisers
30x Portas Class Heavy Cruisers
36x Ozerki Class Cruisers
20x Slatina Class Battlecruisers
12x Duncan III Class Battleships
14x Mercy Class Light Carriers
4x Augustus V Class Carriers
12x Pirate Class Invasion Ships
1x Black Flag Class Invasion Ship

USSB Bolgar Volunteer Scone Expeditionary Force: Commanded by a Digital Person that was based on a shit talking Chadian Vice Admiral who plans on doing the same thing in this battle.
20,000,000x Model 51 Class Heavy Fighters
5,000x Model 99 Cargoships
1,000x Model 100 Freighters
1,000x Model 60 Attack Crafts
400x Model 58 Recon Stealth Crafts
400x Model 59 Attack Stealth Crafts
1,000x Model 56 Patrol Corvettes
1,000x Model 57 Defense Frigates
600x Model 63 Attack Destroyers
400x Model 62 Defense Cruisers
160x Model 64 Battlecruisers
80x Model 65 Battleships
160x Model 88 Invasion Ships
160x Model 67 Deep Space Carriers
40x Model 68 Carriers

USV 7th Fleet
100x Porter Class Shuttles
60x Dewey Class Cargoships
40x Winterhalter Class Freighters
40x Standley-I Class Stealth Boats
40x Fluckey-II Class Stealth Boats
100x Murfin-IV Class Frigates
100x Perry-I Class Frigates
40x Stark Class Cruisers
40x John Paul Jones Class Cruisers
8x McCain Class Battleships
8x Holbrook Class Battleships
4x Radford Class Carriers
4x Mendoza Class Carriers

Eratian 31st Fleet
100x Izyaslav-B Class Shuttles
50x Murmansk-C Class Cargoships
30x Kirov-A Class Freighters
40x Malyutka-B Class Stealth Boats
40x Luch-A Class Attack Stealth Boats
100x Nikolaev-D Class Frigates
100x Shipunovo Class Frigates
60x Dyrpa Class Destroyers
40x Pozharsky-B Class Cruisers
40x Ozerki Class Cruisers
8x Novorossiisk-D Class Battleships
8x Manshino Class Battleships
4x Moskva-B Class Carriers
4x Kuimovo Class Carriers

Scyallian 44th Royal Fleet
100x Dover Class Shuttles
60x Eddy Class Cargoships
40x Abbeydale Class Freighters
40x Vanguard Class Stealth Boats
100x Razees Class Frigates
100x Hastey Class Frigates
60x Lord Class Destroyers
40x Arethusa Class Cruisers
40x Slingsby Class Cruisers
8x Duke Class Battleships
8x Duncan III Class Battleships
4x Maximilian III Class Carriers
4x Augustus V Class Carriers

Estuarian 1st Fleet
100x Galena Class Shuttles
64x Langruth Class Cargoships
40x Crozier Class Freighters
40x Smithers Stealth Boats
100x St-François Class Frigates
60x Victoriaville Class Destroyers
40x Dogpound Class Cruisers
16x Cadillac Class Battlecruisers

Ruthian 3rd UN Fleet
100x Bosbeek Class Shuttles
50x Axpoele Class Cargoships
30x Foquelet Class Freighters
100x Collada Class Light Frigates
80x Riancho Class Heavy Frigates
40x Hormiguera Class Light Cruisers
16x Portas Class Heavy Cruisers

Jimblebarian 13th Fleet
100x Melton Class Shuttles
50x Cullendora Class Cargoships
40x Tabilk Class Freighters
40x Rosalie Class Stealth Boats
100x Morwincha Class Frigates
60x Windanya Class Destroyers
40x Jamberoo Class Cruisers

Sagrian 9th Fleet
100x Dorzong Class Shuttles
100x Harmal Class Cargoships
40x Susarda Class Freighters
40x Chandrauti Class Stealth Boats
30x Banduya Class Attack Stealth Boats
100x Ghoreta Class Frigates
60x Shinkli Class Destroyers
40x Abdalpur Class Cruisers

Zandunian 2nd Fleet
100x Type S92 Class Shuttles
100x Type C56D Class Cargoships
50x Kirov Class Freighters
40x Malyutka Class Stealth Boats
120x Type A58C Class Frigates
100x M135 Class Frigates
80x Nikolaev Class Frigates
70x Type B60D Class Cruisers
40x M137 Class Cruisers
20x Pozharsky Class Cruisers

Sindam Republic 4th Fleet
100x Posuguji Class Shuttles
40x Twitchae Class Cargoships
50x Kalmol Class Freighters
40x Standley-S Class Stealth Boats
100x Kai-do Class Frigates
60x Tokkok Class Destroyers
40x Shuan Class Cruisers
16x Namak Light Carriers

Sindam People's 1st Fleet
100x Nungmol Class Shuttles
80x Murmansk Class Cargoships
60x Type C57B Class Freighters
40x Malyutka Class Stealth Boats
130x Type A58C Class Frigates
100x Nikolaev Class Frigates
80x Type B60D Class Cruisers
40x Pozharsky Class Cruisers

Hasai 5th Fleet
100x Al Maqilya Class Shuttles
60x Eddy-H Class Cargoships
40x Abbeydale Class Freighters
100x Razees-H Class Frigates
40x Arethusa-H Class Cruisers

Tarwirian 2nd Fleet
100x Mienga Class Shuttles
50x Kebero Class Cargoships
30x Rwili Class Freighters
100x Kagabiro Class Frigates
40x Murundi Class Cruisers

Tyndrumian 1st Royal Fleet
100x Dover Class Shuttles
50x Eddy Class Cargoships
30x Abbeydale Class Freighters
40x Vanguard Class Stealth Boats
100x Razees Class Frigates
100x Hastey Class Frigates
60x Lord Class Destroyers
40x Arethusa Class Cruisers
40x Slingsby Class Cruisers
8x Duke Class Battleships
8x Duncan III Class Battleships
4x Maximilian III Class Carriers
4x Augustus V Class Carriers

Suttish 1st Fleet
100x Dover Class Shuttles
50x Eddy Class Cargoships
30x Abbeydale Class Freighters
100x Razees Class Frigates
40x Arethusa Class Cruisers

Paigntian 3rd Fleet
100x Dover Class Shuttles
50x Eddy Class Cargoships
30x Abbeydale Class Freighters
40x Vanguard Class Stealth Boats
100x Razees Class Frigates
100x Hastey Class Frigates
60x Lord Class Destroyers
40x Arethusa Class Cruisers
40x Slingsby Class Cruisers
8x Duke Class Battleships
8x Duncan III Class Battleships
4x Maximilian III Class Carriers
4x Augustus V Class Carriers

Ferrum Blackskull Fleet
100x Foureyes Class Corvettes
100x Hydrastrike Class Frigates
60x Skullbender Class Destroyers
40x Mountainarrow Class Cruisers
16x Doomglory Class Battlecruisers
8x Firelight Class Battleships
2x Frozenore Class Dreadnoughts

Burengian Space Horde
100x Buqatai Class Cargoships
50x Chagadai Class Freighters
50x Tugan Recon Stealth Crafts
40x Kutlugh Attack Stealth Crafts
100x Dodai Class Corvettes
100x Megetu Class Frigates
60x Munggugur Class Destroyers
40x Ariq Boke Class Cruisers
16x Khara Gulug Class Battlecruisers
8x Khashin Class Battleships
16x Devet Berdi Class Light Carriers
4x Khadagan Class Carriers
1x Great Khan Class Super Carrier

Ground Operations

General Abram's Army Group: 500,000 pirates

Vidyian: 3rd Armored Division, 44th Brigade Combat Team, 56th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Marine Division, 501st Airborne Division, 83rd Rangers Regiment, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Omega "Omega Force" 5th Team, Navy and LASS Team 6 (55,080)

Eratian Federation: 91st Motor Rifle Division, Cossacks 1st Division, 19th Guards Motor Rifle Division, UBV (Airborne) 100th Guards Rifle Division, 200th MPD (Power Armored Infantry) Regiment, 201st MPD Regiment, 8th Spetsnaz Brigade, Vympel Group, and Alfa Group (68,060)

Scyllian: 3rd Dragoon Regiment, 1st Royal Fusiliers Regiment, 3rd Royal Fusiliers Regiment, 2nd Royal Cuirassier Division, 1st Airborne Division, Grenadier Guards (1st Battalion), Special Operation Service Team 4, and Special Space Service Team Alpha (38,040)

Estuarian: 8th Infantry Brigade, 1st Royal Estuarian Light Infantry Battalion, and 2nd Royal Estuarian Heavy Infantry Battalion. (7,000)

Ruthian: 4th Infantry Brigade, UNR 3rd Marine Division, 7th ODAT Battalion, and Wartan-II Blue Team. (21,004)

Jimblebarian: 2nd Battalion, Royal Jimblebarian Regiment and 3rd Brigade. (6,000)

Zandunian: Khvor Division, Palang Division, Dezh Division, Hawa Division, and 1st Revolutionary Guards Brigade. (65,000)

West Sindam: II Corps, 10th Airborne Division, 606th Special Mission Battalion, and White Tigress. (66,200)

East Sindam: 820th Armored Corps, 1st East Sindamian Special Operation Force Battalion, and 815th Mechanized Corps. (101,000)

Husari: 11th Infantry Division, 9th Armored Division, and 3rd Brigade Republican Guard. (35,000)

Tarwirian: 1st Motorized Division and Tarwirian Special Forces Group 4. (15,200)

Ferrum: 8th Legion, 1st Legion, 7th Cavalry Cohort, 3rd Dark Air Trooper Century, 8th Dark Air Trooper Century, 1st Dark Heavy Trooper Century, and 1st Dark Guard Cohort. (13,300)

Burengian: 1st Mechanized Division, 88th Light Infantry Regiment, 4th Marines Brigade, 1st Khan's Guards Regiment, and Khan's Special Forces Brigade. (28,000)

Allied plan is to unleash massive amount of missiles, torpedoes, MAC shells, energy bolts and beams from light seconds away. Once the barrage is over the fleets will move in and secure the moon and take down the shield gates. Once the shield gates are down they will drop ground troops at Sion and secure the capital.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:05 pm

Space Map

Allied fleets have pushed side Consortium Fleets with ease and has created an opening for the ground invasion. The Model 120 Shield Gates were destroyed and the USV 7th Fleet has deployed marines to take the planet's moon with ease. Fighting continues as they deploy ground forces to the capital city. The USSB Bolgar Volunteer Scone Expeditionary Force have been chasing down and destroying any ship that has tried to escape while the digital Admiral is sending out trolling texts to the Consortium ships.

Some of the ships in the Pirate Combined Fleet are reporting a warp signature close back from a small object.


20x Bosbeek Class Shuttles
23 Izyaslav-B Class Shuttles
48 Type S92 Class Shuttles
44 Type C56D Class Cargoships
67 Murmansk-C Class Cargoships
5 Kirov-A Class Freighters
8 St-François Class Frigates
14 Type A58C Class Frigates

Ground Map

Eratian Federation's UBV (Airborne) 100th Guards Rifle Division landed near the northeastern Ground to Space Defense Base. After heavy fighting they took the base and is currently facing off against Consortium counter attacks. The Scyllian 1st Airborne Division took the eastern base and is facing off against heavy counter attacks. The USV 501st Airborne Division with the 83rd Rangers Regiment took the western base and main base. They are holding off against enemy counter attacks.

The Estuarian 8th Infantry Brigade, Ruthian 4th Infantry Brigade, Husari 9th Armored Division, Tarwirian 1st Motorized Division, Zandunian Hawa Division and Burengian 4th Marines Brigade are locking down the bridges. While the West Sindam's II Corps and the East Sindam 820th Armored Corps are holding off a massive counter attack from the north. All other units are securing the surrounding area while two WU Army Groups are preparing for an assault on the Consortium.


Allied 8,595 killed, 12,348 wounded



Yellow pyramid is the palace.

A WU Army Group and the 501st Division have assaulted the city and has taken several districts with allied support. The Pirate army is slamming the city from the east while a combined assault from the USV's 1st Marine Division and 44th Brigade Combat Team with the Eratian's 200th MPD (Power Armored Infantry) Regiment, 19th Guards Motor Rifle Division, and 8th Spetsnaz Brigade and the Scyllian Grenadier Guards (1st Battalion), 2nd Royal Cuirassier Division, and 1st Royal Fusiliers Regiment are assaulting the west. A combined assault from the north is being launched by the Ruthian UNR 3rd Marine Division and 7th ODAT Battalion. Estuarian's 2nd Royal Estuarian Heavy Infantry Battalion, Jimblebarian's 2nd Battalion, Royal Jimblebarian Regiment, West Sindam's 606th Special Mission Battalion, and White Tigress and East Sindam's 1st East Sindamian Special Operation Force Battalion. With Ferrum's 8th Legion supported by the 3rd Dark Air Trooper Century, 8th Dark Air Trooper Century, and 1st Dark Heavy Trooper Century.

Consortium are fighting tooth and nail for each district.


Allied losses: 3,005 killed, 7,695 wounded

WU losses: 1,294 killed, 2,394 wounded.

Allied Special Forces, Vidyian 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Omega "Omega Force" 5th Team, Navy and LASS Team 6. Eratian Vympel Group, and Alfa Group. Scyllian Special Operation Service Team 4, and Special Space Service Team Alpha. And the Ruthian Wartan-II Blue Team has been deployed in the city and are operating behind the lines and making their way towards the palace.

Getting reports from the Pirate fleet that sent ships to look for Gregory's Group... All ships destroyed, recordings found and relying information.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:08 pm

GM note I continued past what the Pirates would have recovered but this was better story wise enjoy.

Scone Sector, Paybos System, 90,000 kms from MG-9 a gas giant.

A pirate raiding fleet launched an assault on a Consortium Mining Base. The Consortium defenders put up enough resistance to give the Consortium time to form a response fleet and deploy them to the system. The Pirates managed to overcome the base's defenses and took what resources they could and destroyed the rest. The Consortium Response Fleet managed to cut off the Pirate Raiding Fleet near a Gas Giant. The Consortium Response Fleet was made of over 266 ships and a dreadnought, early reports state the Pirates are coming in with close to 200 ships.

The Consortium flagship for the Response Fleet was the Xenokrates, an old retrofitted Valander Maja Class Dreadnought. On the bridge Vice Admiral Qin Liang was sitting in the command chair with a holo-map of the battle area. He was wearing a white uniform with gold trim and a white field cap with a gold visor. Every crewmen and officer on the ship wore white uniforms and field caps as well, but the trim and visor are role colors. Within the Consortium Fleet the division colors are gold for command, red for operations, blue for science, green for engineering, gray for security, and black for pilots.

He looks over to the operations officer and asks, "What's the status of the enemy fleet?"
"Sir, we detect a single Pirate Class Invasion Ship, one Augustus V Class Carrier, three Mercy Class Light Carriers, five Duncan III Class Battleships, ten Slatina Class Battlecruisers, ten Ozerki Class Cruisers, two Portas Class Heavy Cruisers, four Hahotrim Class Cruisers, three Hormiguera Class Light Cruisers, seven Eisenbolz Class Destroyers, eight Victoriaville Class Destroyers, 17 Riancho Class Heavy Frigates, 16 Collada Class Light Frigates, 12 St-François Class Frigates, 14 Lindome Class Freighters, 15 Crozier Class Freighters, five Foquelet Class Freighters, eight Kirov-A Class Freighters, 16 Murmansk-C Class Cargoships, six Axpoele Class Cargoships, ten Langruth Class Cargoships, nine Kolarbo Class Cargoships, 14 Izyaslav-B Class Shuttles, and eight Bosbeek Class Shuttles. I should report the Parsaeos is reporting that their scanners have detected four Weiler Stealth Boats, two Freienwill Attack Stealth Boats, and one Pozern Stealth Boat. However this hasn't been confirmed yet."

"Do we have Interdictors?" Liang asked as he looks over the fleet formation on his map.
"Aye sir, the Kelaeno, a Shadoudoragon Class Destroyer."
He looked over his list of ships within his fleet and sees he has other than his dreadnought a Radford Class Carrier, a Nomiya Class Carrier, four Fuscolo Class Light Carriers, three Holbrook Class Battleships, four Manshino Class Battleships, seven Novorossiisk-D Class Battleships, 24 John Paul Jones Class Cruisers, 24 Timycha Mk3 Class Cruisers, a Shadoudoragon Class Destroyer, 18 Dyrpa Class Destroyers, four Mutt Class Gunboats that was tasked to support ground operations, 34 Hastey Class Frigates, 55 Geiger Class Frigates, 44 Omen Corvettes, three Artemisia Mk3 Class Stealth Boats, and 40 Model 60 Attack Crafts.

"Location?" He asked.
"In grid square Delta Hotel." answered the Operations Officer, "They're in firing range"
He turns to the Comms officer and orders, "Contact Commodore Andica and Commodore Carballal."
"Patching!" Yelled the Comms Officer.
"Hologram them when ready." He answers as the projectors projected both officers standing in front of the admiral. He states firmly to both officers, "Gentlemen, the fleet will move in an arrowhead formation while we charge the enemy. Andica, take your battle group and form the left wing. Carballal take the right. I'll take the center. No Pirate vessel shall escape this system. Destroy their warships and disable their freighters and cargoships, we must recover what they took at all cost."
"Prisoners?" asked Andica.
"No quarter." Liang answered, "Don't waste time recovering their wrecks." Both Commodores saluted as the transmissions cut out. He looks to the COMMs officer and orders, "Contact the Kelaeno, order them to activate gravity wells. Keep them close to the Xenokrates, we'll shield her from attack."

In the Pirate fleet onboard the Enchantress, an Augustus V Class Carrier, Captain Cyrus Gregory was standing close to the bridge windows though behind the helm officer. He was wearing a custom black coat with white trim with black pants with a white stripe down the legs. Pirate officer uniforms lack uniformity and their captains uniforms differ from ship to ship. The only common thing on the uniform was the pirate skull on a yellow and black background.

The ship's operations officer yells, "Captain! We're detecting an interdiction field!"
"Fuckers!" yelled Gregory, "Where's the Interdictor?"
"It appears the Shadoudoragon Class Destroyer is hanging out with a Maja Class Dreadnought."
"A fucking Dreadnought!"
"Aye Captain, they have 266 ships!"
Captain Gregory turns to the COMMs officer and screams, "Orion! Where's Burton's Group!"
The COMMs Officer answers, "Captain Burton has informed us he'll arrive in ten minutes!"
The Operations Officer adds, "Captain, if that Interdictor Field is active none of us is escaping!"
The ship's first officer, Matteo Hamilton states, "Sir, we don't have the forces to take that fleet on!"

Gregory rushed over to his control chair and pulled up a map of the area with all of the Intel data on the enemy fleet. The enemy ships appear to be heading towards them in a rapid pace. The Operations Officer was able to place an outline of the Interdictor field on the map. Gregory's first thought was to turn the fleet around and flee by exiting another point in the solar system. However due to the enemy's speed and Interdictor field any chance of escape was hopeless. Gregory yells to his Fire Control Officer, "Remy!, How soon until we're in weapon range?!"
Remy answers, "We're in range Captain!"
"Why haven't they fired?" Hamilton asked with concern.
"Doesn't matter!" Shouted Gregory, "Order the fleet to drop fighters and all ships, all ahead full, we're bum rushing those cocksuckers!"
"WHAT!" Screamed Hamilton, "We're going to get wiped out if we take them head on!"
"We're fucked either way Matt!" Gregory barked back, "As long as that Interdictor is active we're going no where!" He gets off of his command chair and rushes over to the COMMs Officer and moves him aside. He opens a channel to the entire fleet and states firmly, "TO ALL SHIPS PRIMARY TARGET IS THE INDERDICTOR! EVERYTHING ELSE IS WORTHLESS! ONCE THAT PIECE OF SHIT IS TAKEN OUT LIGHTSPEED THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Back on the Xenokrates, Vice Admiral Liang hears from his Operations Officer, "Admiral, CIC is reporting that there was a drop from lightspeed in Grid Square Charles Hotel. However it disappeared seconds later."
Liang was worried that the Pirates were sending in some stealth boats to create some havoc. "Break off a destroyer and two corvettes to investigate. Prepare for stealth boat attack."
"CIC is reporting that it was too small to be a stealth boat." The Operations Officer responses, "They think it could have been a heavy fighter or probe."
"Whatever it is deal with it." Liang replied. He turns to the Fire Control Officer and asks, "Do we have a firing solution yet?"
"Aye sir, we have a firing solution on all hostile ships." The Fire Control Officer answered.

In the hanger of the Pirate ship the Keelhaul, a Collada Class Light Frigate, the hanger crew was setting up their fighter for launch. The pilot entered into the cockpit of a Fire Sabre Class Fighter while the crews load up its four 120mm MA cannons and its eight missiles. As the pilot begun checking systems the pilot hears on his COMMs, "Sorry Lieutenant, but we're doing a dead drop." Once the transmission cuts a crane grabs the fighter and lifts it off of the deck. The fighter is taken towards the hanger where the doors open revealing the shield still holding up. The crane extends out into space taking the fighter through the shields without issue as it was under the reaction speed for the shielding. The fighter was out into space and the crane released the fighter. It floats in space without power and all the while the pilot notices all other ships doing the same. As a St-François Class Frigate passes by it was unloading its fighters with a bulldozer that was in the hanger. Literally pushing its Fire Sabre out of the hanger. Then the order came over the wire, "Power up and engage!"

Back on the Xenokrates, the Operations Officer yells, "Sir, we've detected fighters already deployed! They must have dead dropped them!"
"Status on our squadrons?" Liang asked in a calm professional manner.
"Half the fleet has reported ready."
Liang states, "Launch the ones ready and dead drop the rest. Order them into a defensive pattern around the fleet."
"Aye Sir." The Operations Officer replied as he passes the orders to the COMMs Officer. Once forwards that order to COMMs he gets a notification from CIC on his panel. An outline of the fleets was shown with images of projectiles heading towards the fleet. "Sir, we got incoming!"
"What's coming at us!" Yelled Liang.
The officers looked at the profile of the projectiles and revealed they were 8 inch and 12 inch Hyper Velocity shells that came from the Collada Class Light Frigates and Riancho Class Heavy Frigates within their fleet. He answers, "They're Hyper Velocity shells sir."
"Any missile contact?"
"None yet sir."
"Impact 70 seconds!"

The shells hit the Consortium Fleet and was able to rip through and destroy three Geiger Class Frigates and 2 Model 60 Attack Crafts. The Xenokrates' shields barely felt anything from the shots. Liang turns to the Fire Control Officer and asks, "We still have a firing solution on their ships?"
"Yes sir." answered the Fire Control Officer, "All ships awaiting orders."
"COMMs! Open a link with the fleet." Liang barked. The COMMs Officer opened a channel to the entire fleet and informed Liang the fleet was on standby. Liang took a deep breath and ordered, "All ships commences firing! I say again commences fires!"

All Consortium ships opened fire with their cannons and launched their missiles. Both sides exchanged fire and begun to take heavy losses but more so on the Pirate's side. Within a couple of minutes the Pirates lost 1/3 of their entire fleet as the Consortium ships were outgunning them in this fight. The Consortium itself has had little in losses. Pirate fighters try and get through to the Interdictor but were shot down by Consortium Fighters and AA cover. Within a few more minutes with the Pirates still continuing their advance and was in close quarter fighting. This is when the Pirates was able to inflict more losses for the Consortium but still suffer heavy losses.

The Xenokrates' Operation Officer yells to Liang, "Admiral! CIC is detecting FTL Drop in Grid Square Bravo Hotel! Data still coming in!"
"What's the IFF!" shouted Liang.
Within a moment later the officer answered, "CIC is reporting a Longbow-B Heavy Cruiser, 2x Mercy Class Light Carriers, 3 Duncan III Class Battleships, 2 Slatina Class Battlecruisers, 6 Hahotrim Class Cruisers, 10 Type B60D Class Cruisers, 2 Victoriaville Class Destroyers, 8 Riancho Class Heavy Frigates, 7 Collada Class Light Frigates, 23 Type A58C Class Frigates, 40 Nikolaev Class Frigates, and 4 Chadan Class Destroyers. Fighters have been deployed."

Liang looked at the holomap to see the positions of his ships. The battle at this point was a mess as Pirate and Consortium ships were engaging in point blank range at some points. He analyzed his fleet and notices that Andica's group was for the most part not in an melee and was very much combat effective. He turns to the COMMs officer and yells, "Contact Commodore Andica and order his ships to break off the engagement and move to engage the new hostile group coming in!" The orders are transmitted and Liang sees Andica's ships breaking off to engage the new pirate group.

"Torpedo! Torpedo! Torpedo!" Shouted the Operations Officer, "Sir, we have torpedoes on impact heading towards the Kelaeno!"
Liang turns to Fire Control and shouts, "Get our point defenses on it now!"
"Aye, Sir!"
Liang looks to the Operations Officer and orders, "Find out where they came from!"
As CIC tries to locate the source of the torpedoes the Xenokrates' 90mm point defense lasers aided the Kelaeno and destroyed all eight torpedoes. Within minutes the Operations Officer yells, "Admiral, CIC has detected one Pozern Class and two Freienwill Attack Stealth Boats 900 meters from us."
Liang turns to Fire Control and yells, "Are you able to lock onto them!"
"Aye Sir, their stealth system appears to be damaged. We have a firing solution on them!"
"Admiral!" shouted the Operations Officer, "We have a Duncan III Class Battleship and two Slatina Class Battlecruisers heading right for us!"

Liang states to the Fire Control Officer in a firm but level headed manner, "Target the stealth boats with the SGMs and after impact launch the anti ship missiles to finish them off. For the Battleship I want them targeted by the Hyper-Ion cannon. First combat test, let's see how it does. For the battlecrusiers use the Particle Cannons on them. Two guns per with the last two targeting what's left of the Duncan."

The Fire Control Officer taps on his control panel and selects the 250mm SGM Missiles and taps on the stealth boats four times each. He then switches to the 400mm Anti Ship Missiles and taps each boat three times each. He switches over to the main guns as the crews obey the orders given and load and launcher with the missiles. He taps on the dual 165 inch Hyper-Ionization Cannons and targets the Battleship. He quickly switches over to the dual 120 inch Particle Cannons and targeted the battlecrusiers.

The 12 SGMs launch from the Xenokrates and travel towards their targets with nine anti ship missiles following. Each missile reached their target with ease and disabled the Pozern while the Freienwills had sections of their hull destroyed. The three stealth boats were unable to defend themselves when the anti ship missiles impacted their hulls destroying them completely. The Xenokrates' main weapons locked on and fired on the incoming pirate ships. The Duncan was directly hit by the Hyper-Ion bolt which destroyed the bow section of the ship and the ion effect shut down all ship wide systems. Both Slatinas were hit by the particle cannons and suffered heavy damage. One of the ships had the beam go through its shield and hull and blew off half of the starboard side sections. The other was stuck right in the engine section and life boats can be seen evacuating the ship.

The Xenokrates fired two particle shots into the Duncan striking its main reactor with ease causing a chain reaction that destroys the aft section of the ship within seconds. A series of explosions can be seen through the ship as it breaks apart. The Xenokrates' point defense system is turned to target the pirate life boats as they try and escape. The life boats were helpless as they were being gunned down with effortless ease. The damaged Slatina fires its main dual 30-inch Hyper Velocity MA cannons at the Xenokrates in what appears to be them trying to cover the life boats' escape. The impact of the shells had minor effect on the Xenokrates' shields. The Xenokrates turns four of its six dual particle cannons on it and fires four shots into the damaged battlecrusier. The shots hit the ammo storage, reactor, bridge, and hanger, this created a chain reaction that destroyed the entire ship and shot debris in all directions. The Xenokrates' shields held up against the pieces of the Slatina slamming into their hull.

Andica's Group is taking fire from Burton's Group as both groups launch missiles and torpedoes along with cannon fire at each other. They're moving in top speed at each other and neither group seems to have any edge as of yet. Meanwhile on board the Enchantress the ship's Operations Officer yells, "Captain! We have confirmation that the Silver Eye was destroyed by the enemy dreadnought along with Feral and the Treason!"
"Dammit Stanley!" Gregory replied bitterly, "A battleship isn't cheap you self righteous jackass!" He turns to the Operations Officer and yells, "What about Payton's attack run?"
"Rumors that his ship the Tricky, along with the Weasel and Imposter was destroyed. However we have yet to confirm the reports."
"Distance between us and the Dreadnought?"
"Five kilometers sir! But there is still a sizable force in front of us."
"Than let's clear some of those rusty pieces of shit out of the way!" Gregory screamed, "Helm, ALL AHEAD FULL!" Then turns to his Fire Control Officer and screams, "Remy target the Novorossiisk in front of us with all three 52 inch laser cannons and burn his ass!" Turns to the Operations officer, "Who is the pussy in the Duncan next to us?"
The Operations Officer answers, "Captain Dante of the Blunderbuss sir."
He turns to the COMMs Officer and yells, "Tell him to target some of the cruisers and frigates in the way! Faggot's got twelve 120 inch Laser Cannons on his shitbox put them to use!"

The COMMs officer sends the order to the Blunderbuss and it begins to target and fire on the Consortium ships in front of the Enchantress. They fire four beams at a Hastey Class Frigate which destroys it completely and eight more on a Timycha Mk3 Class Cruiser which damages it. The Blunderbuss fires another volley at the ship in order to destroy it. The Enchantress fires all three 52 inch guns on the Novorossiisk-D Class Battleship which did moderate damage. It took the Enchantress three volleys of fire to bring the battleship down.

Three reprogrammed Model 60 Attack Crafts moved into attack formation and begun their assault on the Enchantress and her escorts. They fired a burst from their four forward mounted 240mm Particle Cannons at a Eisenbolz Class Destroyer and the combined fire was able to blast the ship in half. The Model 60s moved past the split destroyer and one of the three engaged and destroyed a St-François Class Frigate with ease. The three Model 60s continued towards their main target and begun their attack on the Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss' shields were taken out in the first burst, the Blunderbuss returned fire and was able to directly hit one of the Model 60s with three 120 inch laser beams destroying it. The Enchantress was able to target the second Model 60 with a dozen 90mm laser defense guns and launch two 220mm Anti-Ship Missiles. They were able to destroy the Model 60. The Blunderbuss targeted the third Model 60 and fired two beams at it. The Model 60 was damaged and decided to go full speed and within seconds rammed itself into the Blunderbuss' aft section and punched it's way all the way to the main reaction. The Model 60 self destructed as it impacted the reactor and the explosion was enough to destroy 3/4th of the Blunderbuss.

On board the Longbow-B Class Heavy Cruiser known as the Buccaneer, Captain Burton wearing his black uniform with yellow trim overlooked the engagement with Consortium group heading towards them. He in a calm and relaxed manner said to the Fire Control Officer, "Ramona, target the Manshino Class Battleship with two dual 300mm Particle Cannons, one on the Omen their port, the last one to the Omen on their starboard. The quad 330mm Particle Cannon to target the Radford Class Carrier. Fire at will."
"Aye Captain." She replied.
He looks to the COMMs officer and in the same cool manner states, "Beldon, contact the Blackmane and Reaper and tell them to follow us in."
"Helm." He said as he quickly looked to him, "Keep pace with the rest of the group, we cannot allow our formation to break."
"Aye Captain!" He answered as he keeps the Buccaneer on its course and speed.

"Captain!" The Operations officer yells, "We have an unidentified ship dropping in!"
"Location?" He asked in a curious but keeping his composure.
The officer answered, "Grid Square Brave Hotel sir!" As he looks at the unidentified mark on his screen, three more appear out of no where at the same location. "Captain we got three more contact!"
"Captain both Omens destroyed, the Manshino is crippled, the Radford's shields are holding." Stated Ramona.
Burton took in the information from Ramona but quickly refocused on the new contacts. He quickly asked, "Which direction did they come from?"
"Unknown sir checking with CIC! However they're telling me that they're detecting zero ion trail." The officer replied. A moment later CIC called him up over his panel, he answered the call and answered, "Operations."
"CIC to Operations, Zero clue on the new contacts. database has not seen anything making the signals and profile."
"Transfer the data to my panel." The Operations officers replied. CIC sent over the information and the officer looked over the data.

"Anything?" Asked Burton.
"Not much sir." He answered, "It appears Captain CIC was only able to figure that the new vessels are 220 meters in length and have three dual 125mm energy cannons."
"What kind?"
"Unknown sir the energy output from the cannons don't match anything on record."
"Zionic Particles?'
"Negative." He answered bluntly, "While there is some traces of Zionic Particles emitting from the weapons, the amount is too small to fit a profile of a Zionic cannon."
"What else about the new vessels?"
"Nothing else sir, even the markings on its hull is not in any data base. The shielding doesn't match any known type."
The officer then got an emergency message on his panel with the map of the area popping up. Four more ships appear to have just appeared. He then got a call from CIC, "CIC to Operations we got three more contacts dropping in. The FTL energy profile matches Freyjan warp tech."
"What are the chances of it being either one of them?"
"Very low sir, the warp signature don't match known Freyjan signatures."
"Send the data over." CIC sends over the data and the officer looks it over and then states to Burton, "Captain, new vessels have dropped in. One ship appears to be a cruiser that is 620 meters in length and can confirm five 125mm dual cannons. Same energy pattern. The two other ships appear to be 550 meters in length armed with two 2 inch cannons unknown energy type plus eight missiles with 2 meter warheads. The last ship appears to be 820 meters in length, same armament but with 20 unknown crafts attached to its hull."

Burton was worried about these newcomers, were they on their side or the enemy's. He didn't have time to ponder this as he looks to the COMMs Officer and orders, "Contact the unknown ships and...."
"MISSILES INCOMING!" Screamed the Operations Officer, "We have three missiles inbound!"
"From where!?"
"From unknown contacts! The 2 meter missiles are inbound!"
"Fire Control! Have defense guns target the missiles!" Then he turned to the Engineering Officer, "Frank, tap into backup power and send it straight to the shields!"

The missiles split up and exploded all over the engagement and released particles that covered the battle. On the Buccaneer the COMMs officer's equipment begun to malfunction and all long range communication were cut. He turns and shouts, "Captain! Something is jamming the COMMs!"
"Captain!" Ramona yelled, "Missile targeting is no longer targeting. Correction all targeting systems have malfunctioned! We cannot get a lock on anything!"
The Operation Officers yells, "Sir, CIC is reporting they're unable to collect data!" A message then comes through from CIC and he quickly reads it and shouts, "Captain! They're detecting weapons fire!"
"What's the target!" Asked Burton.
"Unknown trajectory, energy type is still unknown!"

Three Consortium ships and two pirate ships were hit and destroyed in a volley of shots. The Operation Officer tells Burton, "Captain, we have confirmed the destruction of three Consortium ships, a Fuscolo Class Light Carrier and two John Paul Jones Class Cruisers. Two of our ships were destroyed, a Victoriaville Class Destroyer and Type A58C Class Frigate."
"Which ships?" Burton asked with concern in his voice.
"The Fierceful and the Swab."
"The Fierceful." Burton mumbled to himself, "That's Louis' boat."
As he pondered his situation the Operations Officer yells, "Captain, the Consortium fleet has turned their group around to engage the attacking ships!"
Burton snaps out of his thoughts and turns to the COMMs Officer and yells, "Are you able to contact the Consortium ships?"
"Unknown sir the interference is strong."
"CIC just reported a number of unknown crafts have been launched from the unidentified ships." The Operations officer shouted.
"Any data on them?" Burton asked with concern.
"Negative sir."

Onboard Andica's ship, the Lydiadas, Commodore Andica yells to his COMMs Officer, "Get contact with Liang we need support!"
"Nothing is getting through sir. All long range communications are being jammed!"
"Are we able to contact our ships?"
"Aye sir."
"Inform all ships to cease fire on the pirates and put all firepower to the new ships!" Andica states, "Contact the Pirates as well and request a ceasefire."
"SIR!" the Operations Officer shouted, "Enemy crafts are hitting our ships! CIC is reporting fighters and mechs have been detected."
"Mechs?" Andica asked in confusion, "Who uses mechs in space?"

"SIR! Dead ahead!" Screamed the Helm Officer. Andica rushed over to the helm and quickly spots humanoid looking mechs holding hand held rifles and rocket launchers. Three of them were flying around one of the Lydianas' escort ships, Demodokos, a Dyrpa Class Destroyer. Two of them had rifles while the third had a 280mm rocket launcher. The two with the rifles fired their 120mm MA Rifles into the hull of the Demodokos and aimed for weapon emplacements. The last one aimed for the engine section and fired a rocket that went through the hull with ease. The rocket strikes the main reaction which caused a chain reaction that destroyed half of the ship.

Andica was horrified by the speed they took down the Demodokos. He turned to Operations and yelled, "How did they get through their shields!"
"The Demodokos shields were taken down by one of the enemy ships." He answered. CIC sent him a message and he relayed it to Andica. "Sir we got one of their ships on an attack run towards us. CIC is reporting all three of their dual cannons are charging up!"
Andica quickly turns to the Fire Control Officer and shouts, "Target enemy vessel! All three Hyper Ion Cannons on it at once!" All three 52 inch Hyper-Ion Cannons line up on the enemy ship and unleash a powerful barrage into the enemy frigate. All three shots hit it dead on and a wave of blue energy engulfed the ship. Andica seeing the blue light orders, "Target their largest ship now and finish this!"

The Fire Control Officer direct the guns to the enemy cruiser and charges up the weapons and plot out the shots. Before the officer could however three shots hit the carrier, the shots tore through the shields like they were nothing and right through the hull. "Sir, we took three direct hits! Shields are gone, we lost the bow flight deck. Sealing off the bow section decks!"
"Where did that shot come from!" Yelled Andica.
"SIR, CONFIRMATION FROM CIC!" The Operations Officer screamed in a panic, "FIRST TARGET STILL ACTIVE!"

"WHAT!" Andica screamed as he looked over to the same ship from before as it pokes itself out of the blue mist that was left from the hyper-ion blasts. He was consumed by fear as the frigate had zero damage to its hull and had all of its guns pointing towards them. Before he could issue an order the fired all of its guns onto his ship. One of the shots hit just a a few dozen meters from the bridge tower. The sheer power and force of the shot created a massive explosion headed towards the bridge. The blast slammed into the bridge's shields that gave way in half a second, it ripped through the protective glass protecting the bridge with ease and Andica and his bridge crew were vaporized.

A series of explosions came from within the Lydiadas until the whole ship itself exploded. The debris from the Lydiadas ripped through three Consortium John Paul Jones Class Cruisers with ease. Captain Burton could see in the distance the Consortium capital ship ceasing to exist. Burton had no time to allow his fear control him as he spotted one of the monstrous ships aiming for his ship. He screams to helm, "HARD TO STARBOARD!" The frigate fires a volley at the Buccaneer, the Buccaneer was able to evade all but one of the shots which skinned the port side of the ship.

The Engineering Officer screams, "Captain, Shields are gone!"
"Captain, we got incoming!" Shouted the Operations Officer, "Looks like four fighters and three humanoid looking mechs!"
Burton shouts to the Fire Control Officer, "Power to Defense Guns!"
"Trying sir but the interference is still effecting targeting. We're firing blind here!"
"Better than nothing." Burton replied as he turned to the Engineering Officer, "Find a way to clear the interference!"

The unknown fighters flew ahead of the mechs and each launched two 180mm missiles at the Buccaneer. Each missile traveled to its target without issue and hit the Buccaneer's defense weapons. With the main Anti-Air dealt with the fighters fired a burst of their four 50mm Particle Cannons at the ship's hull, punching right through it. They quickly fired a burst from their two 40mm cannons that fired the unknown energy bolts which ripped right through the ship's hull and exited through the other side of the ship. The fighters broke off as the mechs moved in, two of them had 120mm MA Rifles while the third had a 280mm Rocket Launcher. The two with 120mm rifles unleashed a hail of shells on the Buccaneer's hull while the one with the rocket launcher fired a rocket dead center of the ship. The rocket went through the hull with no resistance as it traveled deck by deck towards the main reactor.

"Captain! Engineering has reported a shell has hit our main reactor. The crew is trying to stop it from going supernova!" The Engineering Officer screamed in panic.
Burton realizing his ship was doom, the feeling was pure dread and he refused to fall to the hope of surviving, he knew he had only moments left in his life. He rushes to his Captain's Chair and opened the intercom to his crew. As he was able to help his crew escape the Helm screams, "Captain!"
Burton looked ahead and sees one of the steel monsters flying towards the bridge. In mid flight he switched the MA Rifle from his right hand to his left and with its right hand free it reaches for something on its back. Within a second it draws a massive steal blade that appears to glow. The Operations Officer yells, "Captain, there is a massive amount of heat coming off that blade!" That was when Burton knew that thing was going to stab the bridge!

Without wasting time he reopens the intercom and yells, "THIS IS THE CAPTAIN! ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP! ALL HANDS ABAN....." Burton didn't even get the chance to finish his sentence as the heat sabre was thrusted into the bridge and Burton and his bridge crew was vaporized before the superheated blade touched them. The mech turned to its right and hit its thrusters on full blast and dragged the blade through the rest of the bridge and once the blade cut through it continued on its way without issue. 60 seconds later the Buccaneer's main reactor went "supernova" and destroyed the ship with all hands onboard.

The unknown fleet quickly finished off the remains of the Pirate and Consortium groups and turned their attention on the main battle. On the bridge of the Xenokrates the Operations Officer reported to Liang, "Sir, CIC has finally got a visual on Andica's Group."
"Their status?" Asked a concerned Liang.
"Destroyed sir along with the Pirate Group." Answered a dishearteningly, "CIC is reporting of a small group of unknown ships heading towards us."
"Scyllians? Bolgians, WU?" Asked a worried Liang.
"Negative sir, they appear to not have any known signals nor designs in the database."
"They attacked both of us correct?"
"That is what the CIC is reporting sir."

A terror filled his heart as this new threat was heading towards them now. In the middle of a battle no less. Attacking everyone with disregard. Liang yelled to the COMMs Officer, "Hail the Pirate Flagship! Inform him of the situation and we're offering a cease fire!"
The Operations Officer gets a call from CIC and within seconds of that call data was transmitted to his console. He screamed out, "Admiral! Incoming missiles from the unknown ships!"
Liang hearing this wasted no time and shouted to his Fire Control Officer, "Shot down those missiles before they impact!"

The Missiles traveled without issue through space towards the battle. The missiles were spread out wide and detonated around the battle releasing particles that covered the entire battlespace. Liang screamed at his Fire Control Officer, "Why the hell didn't the defense guns took out those missiles!?"
The officer answered, "Sir, the missiles detonated outside of targeting range."
"They appear to know our weapon ranges sir." The Operations Officer added.
"Sir I'm having trouble getting into contact with any of our ships!" Shouted the COMMs Officer.
"Try Laser Communication!" Liang yelled back.
Within a moment the COMMs Officer replied, "Sir, I'm able to get a direct laser line with Commodore Carballal's ship, the Doros."

"Patch him through!" Liang barked as he walked closer to the COMM Station. A hologram of Carballal appeared behind Liang, he quickly turned to face the Commodore and stated firmly, "Carballal, try and get into contact with the pirates and get them to form up with our ships!"
"Admiral?" Carballal furiously asked.
"This new threat will destroy us all Carballal!" Liang furiously screamed, "We have no choice!"

As Liang continued his furious rant Carballal's jaw just dropped and if he didn't have the blue tent on his form Liang would have noticed his skin turning pale. "Fuck me." Carballal said in a defeated tone. Liang was puzzled by this behavior and quickly looked out the bridge's main windows. From a distance he could see the Doros, a Nomiya Class Carrier. It was close enough to see a man shaped machine in front of the Doros' bridge. Before his brain could understand what it was seeing the mech unleashed a long burst from its MA Rifle into the Doros' bridge. Carballal's hologram disappeared and all Liang could witness in horror was the Doros' bridge being destroyed by the mech. The mech flew off with a few more sweeping by and hitting the carrier. Once they cleared the carrier four energy beams rips through the Doros' shield and hull with ease. He felt helpless as mighty 2,200 meter long carrier broke apart and debris slammed into nearby ships crippling several and destroyed three of them.

Liang then witnessed another barrage of energy beams tearing through the Pirate's Pirate Class Invasion Ship with ease. This massive 1,400 meter long ship was ripped apart by energy blasts. Onboard the Enchantress, Captain Gregory viewed the destruction of the Pirate Class Invasion Ship with the First Officer saying in horror, "My God the Riot is gone."
"Captain, we're getting a broken transmission from the Consortium flagship!" Yelled the COMMs officer, "They want us to join forces with them!"
Hamilton was insulted by the request yells, "What's that dumbass thinking!"
"We're fucked either way!" Screamed Gregory, "Tell our ships to play along for now! Tell that wannabe admiral he needs to deactivate the interdiction field to remove some interference. Whatever the fucking shit the new guys are using has fucked targeting, can't have gravity wells adding another level of fuckery to it!"
The COMMs officer transmits the request to Liang's ship. As the COMMs officer sends the messages Gregory steps closer to Hamilton and said to him in a low tone, "Contact our ships on secure channels, once the interdiction field goes down we warp the fuck outta here. We got our prize let the Consortium deal with these motherfuckers."
"Aye Captain."
"Good man."

Both Pirate and Consortium ships begun to move into a defensive formation in order to stand a chance against the unknown ships. All manner of weapons was shot at them, from shells fired from MA cannons, bolts from plasma, high heat lasers, blasts of hyper-ions, and particles and all was in vain. The enemy ships resisted the onslaught and returned fire with the new energy weapons that was destroying Pirate and Consortium ships with ease. Enemy mechs and fighters were damaging key sections of allied warships and with targeting jammed they moved without fear. The Pirate and Consortium pilots tried their best but in the end was no match against the enemy fighters. Allied fighters would chase down the enemy fighters during the chase the enemy fighters cloak and allied fighters would end up losing track and end up in an ambush.

Two of the unknown ships detached twenty 52 inch cannons each and with built in thrusters they flew towards the battle and spread out. Onboard the Xenokrates, Liang was viewing the holomap and see pirate ships joining the formation for now. It seems like every other moment a ship would disappear from the map. One of the ships near the Interdictor faded off of the map. "Admiral, we lost a Timycha Mk3 Class Cruiser, the Athenodoros!" Yelled the Operations officer.

"Who's protecting the Kelaeno?" Asked Liang.
"We're the only ship close enough to protect it."
Liang looks over the Interdictor and it appears the enemy is only taking out the escorts around Kelaeno. Maybe they means to capture it or they know the interdiction field is the only thing keeping us here? Even though he knows the moment the field is gone the pirates will bail with their price. Him allowing them to escape could get him executed. Maybe Lord Kimon will forgive him given this new threat. Doesn't matter regardless this battle is lost and the only hope both sides have now is to retreat from the system. As he poured his thoughts he spots four beams cut through a Manshino Class Battleship from below, within seconds the ship broke part.

"The Nabis has been destroyed!" Yelled the Operations Officer, "Sir, CIC is reporting there is no ship below our fleet!"
Another volley of beams cuts through one of the Pirate's light carriers. The Officer yells, "Sir, one of the Pirate's Mercy Class Light Carriers has been destroyed. CIC is reporting flouting guns. They appear to be drone operated cannons!"
He looked over to the COMMs Officer and said, "Contact the Kelaeno! Order them to shut down the interdiction field! We're retreating!" His heart sank that moment, this was his first defeat and now his life was on the line. Sadly he knew it was better if he died than all of the men under his command. If the Gods are just than maybe a chance to redeem and avenge this defeat was in the near future. Or a merciful execution that wasn't public.

Onboard the Kelaeno, the ship's COMMs Officer yells to the ship's Captain, Captain Morton, "Captain, Admiral Liang is ordering us to deactivate the interdiction field."
Morton turns to the engineering officer and states firmly, "Prepare to..."
"Captain!" Shouted the Operations Officer, "We got a high heat source coming dead ahead!" Morton looked dead ahead and saw an energy beam heading towards the bridge. The fact he's seeing it is due to it being kilometers away. Even then was beam is moving in such speed to look at the beam was all he could do before it cut through the bridge destroying it completely.

Liang sees the Kelaeno's bridge's destruction and yells to his Operations Officer, "Is the Interdiction field still up!"
"Aye sir." The officer answered.
"Can we contact any personnel on the Kelaeno?" Liang asked the COMMs Officer.
"Negative sir."
"Admiral, the enemy cruiser is heading towards Kelaeno!" The Operations Officer yelled, "CIC is reporting two frigates escorting it!"
Liang looked to the Fire Control Officer, "Do we have a clear line of sight!"
"Aye sir!" The Fire Control Officer answered while setting up the weapon systems. "All weapons ready to fire!"
"All guns and missiles target the cruiser!" Liang shouted. He turned to the Operations Officer and shouts, "Get Major Tupper's Marines on the dropships and go aboard the Kelaeno. They must shutdown the Interdictor Field!"
"Aye Admiral!" He replied as he contacts Major Tupper.

The enemy Cruiser and Frigates are within visual range of the Kelaeno, the cruiser launches a wave of missiles at the Kelaeno. The Kelaeno's anti-air system goes to work and tried its hardest to target and hit the missiles. Half of the missiles are destroyed but four of them punch through the shields and hull with ease. But to Liang's surprise the missiles didn't explode. He looked over to the Operations Officer and screamed, "Get our marines over there now!"

On the Kelaeno some of the crew felt lucky to be alive as the sailors in the engineering section sees one of the missiles poking through the wall. Fortunately it isn't leaking out any oxygen the crew thought. As a couple of the engineers moved towards it to analysed the missile, the warhead tip opened up and let loose a bright blue field around the impact site. The field isn't effecting the crew and it appears harmless. Withing a moment seven figures appear in a blue light that nearly blinds some of the nearby crew. The figures slowly begun to form into massive ten foot tall men in massive power armor armed with massive hand held weapons. Once the figures were formed one of the enemy marines left hooked a nearby crewmen which the impact of the marine's fist smashed the skull into paste.

Another marine activated an energy blade from its left arm and slashed another crewmen in half with ease. Two other marines fired massive MA rifles into the crew. The shells fired ripped through the crew with ease, in some cases turning entire bodies into paste. The shells acted more like RPGs than standard MA shells, it appeared they fired a .76 caliber weapon and they were using it to great effect. The engineers tried to escape the deck but the marines showed little mercy as they gunned down crewmen with complete disregard for life. The last thing many of the engineers heard while dying was the marines screaming, "Sieg Imperium!"

On the Xenokrates, Liang is informed that Major Tupper's marines were being launched. He sees them heading towards the Kelaeno in two Bengal Mk3 Class Assault Shuttles and four DOAT-8 Dropships. Liang yells, "How many Model 60s do we have contact with?"
"Three sir!" Answered the Operations Officer, "The interference is strong but they're close enough."
"Give them orders to ram into the Kelaeno!" Shouted Liang, "If Tupper's marines fail, the ship has to be destroyed! Send the orders!"
"Admiral we got a clear line of sight!" Yelled the Fire Control Officer, "Permission to fire!"
Liang looked over his holomap and yells, "All guns target their cruiser!" Without question the Fire Control Officer taps on the enemy cruiser seven times and all guns point at the ship. The officer presses the fire button and all six dual 120 inch Particle Cannons and a single dual 165 inch Hyper-Ionization cannon fired onto the cruiser. Within three seconds the enemy cruiser was hit and the officer yelled, "Recharging weapons Admiral!"

Liang looked over to the enemy cruiser and sees it covered in a particle cover that normally happens when a ship is hit with enough particles. Some would call it space smoke. Regardless he wasn't sure if the ship was destroyed or not. He thought it was since most ships cannot take all guns at once. The Operations Officer screams, "Admiral! The CIC is reporting zero damage to the Cruiser!"
"WHAT!" He shouted at the officer then quickly turned to the space smoke and sees the red ship poking out of the smoke like a demon from some of the native's stories of the underworld and hell. As it came out of the smoke it had all five of its dual energy cannons pointing right at the Xenokrates. Fear had frozen Liang as for the first time in his career he faced a beast worse than he was. He looking into death itself.

The Cruiser fired all five cannons at the Xenokrates and all ten beams cuts through the shield and hull like a hot knife through butter. The shots were well aimed and in a single volley the Xenokrates was disabled with all weapons and thrusters. The Xenokrates' lockdown protocol was activated automatically and every deck was sealed, even the bridge's windows were covered by a layer of protective armor to protect those inside. "Admiral we're dead in the water!" Screamed the Engineering Officer, "We have to abandon ship!"
Liang's heart fell into a depression as he realized he and his crew was going to die sooner than expected. He shouts at the COMMs Officer, "Tell those Model 60s to ram themselves into the Kelaeno now!"
"But Admiral!" Yelled the Operations Officer, "Major Tupper's Marines just landed in the Kelaeno's hanger, we got to give them more time!"
"The Xenokrates is lost!" Screamed Liang, "And so is our entire fleet if the Kelaeno's interdiction field remains active! This is our last chance to save the fleet!"

The Frigates now fired a volley into the Xenokrates and cut the ship deep with their strikes. The Operations Officer's panel went mostly dark as he was losing control of more systems. He dropped his argument with Liang and picked up the phone to contact the CIC for information. After a moment he yells, "I'm not getting anything from CIC!"
The Engineering Officer working hard on his panel yells back, "I'm getting reports that CIC took a direct hit!"
"WHAT!" Screamed a disbelieving Operations Officer.
"They're fucking gone!" The Engineering Officer screams back.
Liang yells to the Fire Control Officer, "Is there any weapon system operational!"
"Negative sir! Power conducts have been cut to the weapons!"
"Unable to regain control of the ship sir!" Yelled the Helm Officer.

The enemy cruiser finished recharging its cannons and fired another volley into the Xenokrates with all ten beams cutting through to the main reactor. On the Xenokrates' bridge Liang and the bridge crew were trying to get whatever they could back online when the power was cut leaving them in complete darkness. Liang screamed to the Engineering Officer, "Where is the backup power!" Before the officer would answer bright orange spots appeared on the deck. The entire crew realized that the deck below them was on fire and the pure heat was about to punch its way through. Liang just sat on his command chair staring at the orange fiery spots and knew it was finally over. The deck gave way a second later consuming the bridge in fire.

On the Enchantress, Captain Gregory and his bridge crew witness the Consortium Dreadnought break apart in a series of explosions. "Never thought I would be disappointed to see that shit bucket break apart." Gregory stated aloud bitterly. He quickly turns to his COMMs Officer and yells, "Contact any ship that can get the transmission! Order them to destroy the Interdictor at all cost!"
"I got the Wrath and the Goldeneye confirming a firing solution on the Interdictor!" The Operations Officer replied.
"Ship Types?" Asked Captain Gregory.
The Officer answered, "Our last remaining Slatina Class Battlecruiser and a Portas Class Heavy Cruiser."
Captain Gregory yells to the Helm Officer, "We're join in on the attack!." He looked to the Fire Control Officer, "Remy! Fire the moment we got a line of sight!"

The Kelaeno was surrounded by the cruiser and frigates protecting it from attack. From above three Model 60 Attack Crafts begun their attack runs on the Kelaeno. All three crafts unleashed their powerful four frontal 240mm Particle Cannons. The first bursts hit and damaged the Kelaeno forcing one of the frigates to move into the line of fire to try and protect it. The Model 60s fired a second burst which hit the enemy frigate. The particle bursts slammed into the frigate's shields and did an unknown amount of damage to the shields. The Frigate returned fire and destroyed a Model 60 in a volley of fire. The enemy cruiser fired a volley at the second Model 60 destroying it completely. The first Frigate fired a second volley which damaged the last remaining Model 60. The damaged Model 60 put all power to engines and kamikazed into the Frigate. It was all in vain as the Frigate suffered zero structural damage.

In the hanger of the Kelaeno, Major Tupper had 80 marines, 120 Space Combat Units (TDF Model 3s built for space combat), and eight Consortium Drop Troopers in black market bought OCS/O-3000A Assault Armour suits. Tupper had already sent a squad ahead to check on the engineering section while he gathered his marines to secure the ship. He turns to his second in command and yells, "Captain Rassler, take four squads and secure the engineering deck! I'll move on the secondary bridge and see who's in charge of this boat!" As Rassler rallied his squads one of his sergeants pointed to the hatch to the engineering deck opening. As the massive hatch that could fit five people across opens up one of the men sent ahead was rushing out of there. Rassler could see the terror in his face even from meters away. The man was screaming something at them that Rassler couldn't make out.

Without warning a shell slammed into the man's back and the impact was so great it ripped the man apart. The force of the impact had the man's head, arms and legs flying towards Rassler and his marines. With the head and one arm flying so far they went through the hanger's energy shield that protects the hanger crews from space. The head and arm floating in space and continuing to fly through space. Rassler looked back to the hatchway and saw nothing there as the lights of the hallway were out. Rassler switched to thermals to try and see something. The enemy came into view and saw an power armored squad in the hallway. Tupper screams "Open fire!"

Every marines fired their weapons down the hallway, the Drop Troopers had the heaviest weapons with particle and plasma weaponry firing at the enemy. The first shots at the enemy had no effect, even the Drop Trooper's weapons wasn't doing enough damage at first. The enemy returned fired in what appears to be a calm and relaxed manner. The heavy shells ripped through the SCUs and marines with ease, the only ones safe was the ones within the radius of the Drop Trooper's armor's bubble shield. The Drop Trooper's particle cannons was able to hit and do some damage to one of the attackers after two Drop Troopers focused their fire. The wounded enemy suffered light wounded though and some of his comrades were giving out covering fire.

One of the enemy troops aimed a fusion rifle at the two Drop Troopers and fired a superheated plasma bolt at the two. The bolt flew through the air slowly to the point Rassler could follow the shot. The bolt hits one of the troops directly vaporizing him in a massive blast. The blast killed the other trooper and melted his armor. Several Marines were melted alive in the blast. Rassler spots the enemy marine with the fusion gun and aims his DPAR-90 Zionic Particle Rifle at him. Rassler fires off a burst on the enemy but the shots had little effect. The enemy marine fired a shot at Rassler's men, as it traveled through to its target Rassler screamed, "TAKE COVER!!!" He leaped out of the way of the shot and just got out of the blast range as he vaporized three of his marines and burning two more.

Rassler was trying to get back on his feet he noticed on the catwalk at top of the hanger was some figures moving up there. It took him a second to realize they were not Consortium, they had some full body armor, semi powered armor from the looks of it. A couple of them attached themselves to some lines and hanged off of the railings aiming their rifles at Rassler's men. Rassler reached for this rifle as they begun to open fire on the Rassler's men below with particle rifles. Rassler aimed his rifle for one of the enemy troopers hanging from the lines. He lined up his shot perfectly and the optics didn't needed to correct his aim. He pulled the trigger and a zionic particle bolt flew through the air and strikes one of the enemy troopers on the lines. The trooper's body fell down to the deck a few feet from Rassler.

He looked at the body and realized something was off about it. The enemy has a tail!? He rushes over to the body and removed the helmet and exposed the wearer as a hairless ape like creature. He looks at the tail again and sees the tail more through a cut in the suit at the tail. He spots hair poking out, he then realized it was like a monkey's tail! "What the hell are you!" He yelled however he never got an answer as the enemy marines charged right into weapons fire with disregard. Heard Tupper yell something but wasn't clear, he looked to Tupper and witnessed him trying to yell something to him but took a direct hit by one of the shells fired by the enemy marines. Rassler saw Tupper's upper body destroyed. Rassler saw a shadow over him and as he turned to face the source of the shadow only saw a massive boot coming down on him from one of the marines. The boot and the weight of the marine crushed Rassler's skull turning it into a paste.

The Enchantress, Wrath, and Goldeneye fired a barrage of missiles and cannon fire at the Kelaeno. The enemy cruiser moved in the path between the Kelaeno and the pirates. The cruiser returned fire and in one volley destroyed the the Slatina Class Battlecruiser. On the bridge of the Enchantress the Operations Officer yelled, "Captain, the Wrath has been destroyed!"
"Its do or die boys!" Captain Gregory yells, "We either destroy that ship or no one is going home!"
The Operations Officer gets a message from the CIC on his panel. I reads the message and yells, "Captain! Hostile mechs are moving on the Goldeneye!"
"Remy! Get our AA on them!" Captain Gregory shouted.

Three Humanoid Mechs assaulted the Goldeneye, two of them had rifles that targeted the gun emplacements while the one with the rocket launcher targeted the bow section and fired three rockets at one of its four 620mm Hyper Velocity MA Cannons. The rocket punched through the hull with ease and hits the main ammo storage hold for the gun. This resulted in an explosion that caused a chain reaction that destroyed the front half of the ship. Captain Gregory witnessed the destruction of the Goldeneye and rage filled his soul. The mechs turned and stormed towards the Enchantress, Gregory rage engulfed him as he screams, "KILL THOSE FUCKING THINGS!!!!"

The Enchantress' AA was unable to target the mechs due to the effect the particles had on its targeting systems. The two with rifles targeted the 40mm laser cannons and 90mm laser defense guns. While the one with the rocket launcher targeted its three dual 52 inch laser cannons. Remy screams, "Captain! They're disabling our weapons!"
Gregory rushes to the window and sees the mechs blasting away parts of his ship. One of the mechs rushes to the bridge pointing its rifle at the bridge. Staring down the barrel of a mech size rifle he draws his revolver which was one of the designs that the the natives of Huinus had before the pirates and Consortium arrived in the sector. He points the revolver at the mech and screams at it, "COME ON PUSSY COME ABOARD!!! WELCOME ABOARD FAGGOT!!! SHOW ME YOU GOT SOME FUCKING BALLS BITCH!!!!"

Gregory stares down the mech in it's bright red mono-eye, "COME AT ME MOTHERFUCKER!"
The mono-eye moves to the left looking over to another mech flouting nearby. The mech eye starts blinking in a series of blinks to the one at front of the bridge. The mono-eye looked back at the bridge and lowered its rifle. The mech turns around and flies away leading Gregory to yell, "WHERE YOU GOING BITCH! I'M RIGHT HERE PUSSY!"
"Captain, CIC is reporting missile launches from the cruiser!" Yelled the Operations Officer.
The four missiles traveled through space and in no time they hit the Enchantress and punched through the hull but no detonation which continued the crew. The Engineering Officer yells, "Captain, we have hull breaches at cargobay 2, port side hanger, starboard side engineering deck and in the bow!"

Matteo Hamilton stood up from his chair and begins to slow walk off of the bridge, "Looks like they heard you Jeff."
"Those missiles looked too narrow to be boarding pods." Gregory replied.
"Captain! We're getting reports from security of boarding parties!" Yelled the Engineering Officer.
Gregory had a morbid grin on his face, "So they have." Hamilton turns to walk off the bridge which leads Gregory to yell, "Hey where are you going!"
"Putting on my finest suit." Hamilton replied as he walks off the bridge.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

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Part 2

Ten minutes later Hamilton was suited up in a Wartan Light Power Armor that has some physical enhancements and light shield on it. He picks up and loads his rifle, the Gelberman LC-4A1 Carbine which fires a 6mm Laser Beam. He is followed by a squad of pirate marines that follow Hamilton into cargobay 4 where he links up with surviving crew and security teams. One of the crew are opening weapon crates and passing out rifles and ammo to the crew. Hamilton walks up to the chief of security Brockton and asks, "Mr Brockton, sit-rep?"
"We lost all other cargobays. We tried to retake them but I've lost a dozen guys." Brockton answered, "We're holding up here to see if we can form an effective defense."
"The main hatch is lockdown correct?" Hamilton asked.
"Aye sir, they'll have to blast their way in."

Brockton gets a call on the COMMs. He listens and relays to Hamilton, "Sir, teams at the hatch are reporting movement."
"Let's go." Hamilton replied, "I want all guns on that hatch!"
Hamilton, Brockton, and a dozen security members rush over and grouped up with the team. The team leader said to Brockton, "They tried to open up, its only a matter of time before they breach."
"I'm surprised it took them this long to try and breach." Hamilton wondered out loud.
"When we were pulling back from cargobay 3 we spotted some of their lighter troops search through the crates." Brockton replied.

Looking through crates? Though Hamilton, does this mean they are looking for something? That would explain why they only disabled our weapons and why that mech didn't destroy the bridge. They're looking for something but what? His train of thought broke as the hatch into the cargobay was blown and the enemy threw grenades into the bay. "Take cover!" He shouted as he took cover behind a crate. Loud bangs were heard that accompany a flash, they were flashbangs. Unaffected by the flashbangs he readied his rifle and pointed it at the hatchway. Half of the pirates were still recovering from the flashbangs as enemy troops begun storming in. The first three rushed in recklessly firing their particle rifles and LMGs with disregard.

Hamilton aimed for the lead trooper and fired three beams at the trooper. The beam stopped the trooper in his place but was protected by a shield. Brockton and a few others fired their MA rifles and plasma rifles at the trooper finally punching through the shields and through the armor. The other two continued charging the pirates and Hamilton thought he could hearing laughter coming from the two enemy troopers. The pirates took one of them out and took down the shields of the other. The shieldless enemy drops his rifle and jumped into the air. Nearly 7 feet into the air and Hamilton sees two energy blades appear from the trooper's wrists. The trooper came down onto three pirates and with ease cut down two of them. The last remaining pirate the trooper cut into four pieces in a fury of slashes from the trooper.

One of the pirates armed with a sonic shotgun fired a shot at the trooper. The sonic blasts hits the trooper in the upper body ripping parts of his armor off and removed his helmet. The trooper was still standing and with his helmet off Hamilton sees that the 5 foot tall man had green skin, red hair, big eyes that are twice the size of a normal humans. What creeped Hamilton out the most the trooper was still laughing. The alien looked at Hamilton and spoke, "Lidé se obáváte příliš mnoho." The alien then rolled his large eyes and continues, "Me sorry. Me forget. I say, 'You people worry too much'." Then went into a crazed laughter like a lunatic. The laughter was cut short when Brockton drew his pistol and shot a .45 caliber into his skull.

As the pirates were processing what they just saw, Hamilton looked over to the hatch and spots a few feet from the hatch someone climbing the cargo crates. He aims his rifle at the climber and fired three bursts at him. The bursts managed to punch through the shields and armor killing the climber. "Eyes up they could be more of them!"
The some of the pirates had their weapons trained up at the top of the crates preparing for possible attack from those locations. The rest trained their weapons on the hatchway waiting for more aliens coming through. Everything was quiet for three minutes until an alien voice cried out, "Sieg Imperium!" The pirates spot a wave of humanoids rushing through the hatchway firing their particle weapons at the pirates. The pirates and Hamilton returned fire managing to kill some of the alien attackers however the aliens were killing pirates with ease and continued their rush.

Hamilton tried his best to hold the firing line however grenades fell in the middle of the line. The blasts wiped out the center of the defense and threw Hamilton back a couple of feet. As he was getting back on his feet he spots the climbers he suspected being there throwing grenades and picking off pirates with ease. He aims his rifle at the climbers and took one of them out. As the body fell off of the crate and landed on the deck he spots from the corner of his eye something in the wave of attacking aliens spread up insect like wings and took flight. With a particle rifle in hand it shot and killed one of the pirates close to Hamilton. He quickly aimed for the flyer who was now hovering over the fire fight. He fired a beam at the flyer and melted its right wing. The flyer tried to regain its flight but crashed a few yards away from Hamilton.

The alien lost its weapon in the crash and looked like out of anger removed its helmet revealing an ugly insect like humanoid creature. He had two arms with hands and two smaller pincer like arms. It retracted its damaged wings back into its body. It stared right at Hamilton, gave a large and annoying shriek and charged at him. In mid-charge it leaped up at him driving its pincers right into Hamilton. The left pincer was stopped by Hamilton's light power armor, the right pincer however went right through and into his side. The pincer missed the organs fortunately for Hamilton, however the pain was enough for him to drop his rifle. The alien's hands ball up into fists and starts punching Hamilton. Hamilton's adrenaline kicked in and he went berserk.

Hamilton headbutts the insect, he had so much adrenaline in his system he was able to ignore the pain from the headbutt and drew his knife. The insect was dazed from the headbutt and was swinging wildly at Hamilton. It pulled its pincer out of him to prepare for another strike. Hamilton left hooked the insect and followed up with a knife thrust to the insect's neck. The insect lost all motor control of its body and collapsed as he pulled his knife out.

As the insect's body hits the deck Hamilton looked at the state of the fighting and was dishearten to see the pirate's line broke and there was a melee between the pirates and aliens. A melee that the pirates were losing badly. He looked for Brockton and after sometime he managed to find him. He spotted him inside of an arm lock by a four armed humanoid. Its lower arms had Brockton in a restraining lock while the upper arms wrapped around Brockton's head and neck. Before Hamilton could react to save Brockton the alien snapped his neck and quickly threw the body to the deck. As Hamilton moved towards the four armed creature his suit's medical systems kicked in and sealed up his wounds.

Hamilton charges full speed at the four armed creature and the four arm creature balled up his fists. The creature throws a right hook with his upper arm, Hamilton dodges and with his knife slashes the creature's wrist. Its lower right hand grabbed the cut wrist while trying to uppercut Hamilton with the lower left hand. He dodged the uppercut and with one fast movement side stepped and he thrusts the knife under the upper left armpit. The knife goes between the armor and cuts the main artery. He pulls out of the knife and takes a few steps back as the four armed creature falls to the ground due to blood loss.

He quickly picks up a Zuraw K4 Carbine off of the deck and fires off bursts of 5.56x45mm rounds into one of the nearest aliens. The bullets hit the shields repeatedly which sent the alien going for cover. Four high power beams flew at Hamilton, three beams missed him but the forth hits and overloads his shield. Hamilton aims his rifle at the source of the beams only to see the aliens moving out of the way of a figure walking calmly through the hatchway. He was 6 foot tall and had on very decorative red armor and had no weapon in hand. The alien spoke in an alien language and the others begun to ignore Hamilton as they begun opening crates. Hamilton was dumbfounded by the fact they were just ignoring him and would open the crates. It was this moment he realized he was the only one still alive in the cargobay. He scanned the room and he was the only human defender left.

The alien in red armor spoke to him, "Pick your weapon." Hamilton checked the ammo in his current weapon and realized he needs a better weapon. He quickly looked and found a MG 60 General Purpose Machine Gun laying on the deck. He leaps for it and grabs it, he aims the weapon at the alien who hasn't reacted to Hamilton's moves and fires. The 7.62mm rounds break up on the alien's shield, the alien slowly begins to move on Hamilton as he hopelessly fires on the alien warrior. A steel blade appears from the right wrist, the alien charges at him. Hamilton realizing the machine gun wasn't working and saw that his knife went through their shields with ease, maybe they were speed and energy base he thought to himself. He draws his knife and counter charged. The alien swings his blade at him and Hamilton dodged the swing and countered with a swing of his own and aimed for a spot between the armor. However the alien saw the path of Hamilton's knife swing and moved his arm in the way and made sure it hits the most armored part of his arm.

The alien warrior leaped back and Hamilton realizing he could kill this alien with the knife carefully looked over every part of the armor to see if there was some openings. But without warning the alien begun removing parts of his own armor. First it was his helmet which revealed a human like alien but with red skin. His eyes were yellow and he had dark blue hair. Next the alien removed his torso armor and his both arm armored pieces, minus the wrist blade. The alien then asked Hamilton, "What is your name?"
"Matteo Hamilton." He answered, "Yours?"
"Meloir Doz of Gulon. Centurion of 3rd Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Legion, 1st Special Aliquam Converte Division, 88th Star Corps, Aliquam Converte Special Branch." The alien answered.
"Oh I didn't realize hometowns were required." Hamilton sarcastically replied, "Matteo Hamilton of Colleita, First Officer of the Enchantress, Pirate Fleet of the Republic."

Hamilton charged the Meloir with knife in hand and swings. Meloir grabs Hamilton wrist which sent a shock into him as he realized this alien man with no power armor on is able on hold him in place even though he has light power armor on. "How can he be that strong?" Hamilton asked himself. Meloir released Hamilton's wrist and he stepped back, Hamilton couldn't make heads or tails of this aliens actions. He realized he had to end this fight now decides to charge again. As Hamilton goes full speed against the alien, Meloir readies his wrist blade and counter charged. Hamilton flipped the knife to have the blade facing downwards for a downward thrust onto Meloir. Meloir lowered himself and with his wrist blade pointed upwards in an uppercut movement thrusts his wrist blade through Hamilton's armor and the blade traveled through his body striking his left lung.

The blade stayed in Hamilton's lung as Meloir lifted his body and kept him in the air being held by the wrist blade. Hamilton was unable to breath and his lungs were being filled with blood. Unable to breath he begins to choke on his own blood and drops his knife. Meloir only looked him in the eyes for a moment before tossing him aside. Once Hamilton landed on the ground his body begun to twitch uncontrollably and finally passes out, within seconds he passed away. Meloir retracted his blade and gave an Imperium Army salute by balling his right fist and quickly placing it over his heart which like a human's is on the left side of the body. He stood there for a moment to honor Hamilton before releasing his stance.

He looked to his wrist pad and pressed an armor recovery button. All of his armor pieces he took off disappeared from physical space using the same warp teleportion tech. Within a moment the armor begun to appear on his body and within 30 seconds he was fully encased in his armor. One of his NCOs with a few other troopers walked up to him and said, "Centurion Doz, we've found the relic. However its in a secured container, will require the tech boys on this."
He looked to the trooper that appears to have a communication kit on his back. He asks, "Aler, are you able to contact the Praetor?"
"Yes sir." The trooper answered as he reached for the receiver.
Once Meloir is handed the receiver he contacts the cruiser, "This is Messorem Actual to Kolektor Actual. Package is secured, however its in a secured container will require the tech teams to unlock."
The COMMs were silent for a moment and Meloir was wondering if the "M" Particles were so strong they were effecting their own COMMs for a moment. A voice breaks through the COMMs, "This is Kolektor Actual, secure the bridge and capture the captain alive. Bring the relic and a personal warp pad to the bridge. Kolektor Actual out."
"Copy all, Messorem Elements on the move." Meloir hands the receiver back to the trooper and yells to one of his officers, "Tribunali Le Tallec!"
One of the alien troopers yelled back, "Yes Sir?!"
"Take your platoon and secure the bridge!" Meloir barked, "The Captain must be taken alive understood!"
"Yes Sir!" The Tribunali answered as he rallied his platoon.
Meloir turns to one of his NCOs and yells, "Serviens Talbourdet! Bring the Warp Pad to the bridge!" Then he turns to another NCO, "Serviens Klerg, plant charges on the main reactor!"

Minutes later on the bridge of the Enchantress, Captain Cyrus Gregory was loading a MAR-94LMG Light Machine Gun mod of the MAR-94 Modular Assault Rifle. The rest of the bridge crew with some marines had their weapons trained on the hatchway. The Engineering Officer had a sidearm while still looking at his panel, "Captain, we've lost contact with security in the next room."
"Get ready boys." Gregory said to the bridge crew, "Kill as many of those bastards you can."

They heard something attach to the hatch and within a few seconds the hatchway blew off its rollers and the doors flew off towards the ground. Before the doors slam on the deck he unloaded his LMG at the hatchway. A small grenade was threw into the bridge and blew, a loud flash blinded Gregory and the crew and only heard a ring in their ears. Regardless of the flashbang Gregory continued to fire at what he thought was the hatchway. All he felt was the recoil of his weapon and kept firing away. He then felt a hand grab his weapon and violently pulled it out of his grip. Still blind he draws his old revolver only to get kicked in the chest and throw back to the helm. His vision was returning and he still had the revolver in hand. He spots a red figure through his blurred vision.

As his vision finally cleared he spots Meloir in his red armor and points the revolver at him and pulled the trigger. The .45 cal was fired from the pistol and hits Meloir's shields. Gregory followed up with five more shots which Meloir barely reacted to the shots as his shields took the shots with ease. Meloir calmly walks over to Gregory and punches him again and takes the old pistol from him. Meloir looks over the bridge and sees half of the bridge crew, the helm officer, operations officers, the engineering officer, and three others were killed by his troopers. Two others were taken prisoner plus the Fire Control and COMMs officers.

The bridge was secured and Meloir ordered his men to set up the personal warp teleporter. The troopers set up the teleporter and once finished a couple of troopers arrived on the bridge carrying a small lockbox and placed it on the operations console. Once everything was set Meloir got on the COMMs and states, "Messorem Actual to Kolektor Actual bridge secured." The teleport lights up with a blue light and a figure begins to appear. Within a second the blue figure goes to normal and the figure was wearing a black leather coat with a white uniform with a red trim under it. The guy appeared to be an officer with an shoulder and collar insignia that has a silver bar on a background is red with a white stripe. In the silver bar there is a gold star in the center of it. He had on a gas mask looking style of helmet with an officer peak cap that had a red and white stripe band around it on top on it.

He walks towards Gregory and with a simple tap on his wrist pad the mask begun to fold away revealing his face. He takes his cap off and allows the mask to finish uncovering his head. Gregory stared at the man with blue skin with red eyes and black hair as the mask finished up uncovering itself. He then placed the cap back on his head and looked around the bridge. Meloir saluted the man and states in a language Gregory doesn't understand, "Praetore, zabezpečili jsme loď a balíček. (Praetor, we've secured the ship and package.)"
"Výborný Centurion, pokusil jste se otevřít kontejner?" (Excellent Centurion, have you tried to open the container?), asked the Praetor.
"Negativní pane, čekáme na tech kluky. (Negative sir, we're waiting for the tech guys.)" Meloir answered.

The teleporter warped in three more figures, all three had on white uniforms with red trims. The lead figure was a blue skinned woman with green eyes and black hair. She had a collar and shoulder insignia which background was the same as the guy in charge with red with a white stripe. But there was two gold bars going along it with three silver diamonds going across it. Another was another woman but with orange skin with blue eyes and green hair, same uniform but with an insignia that was like the the blue woman's but no diamonds. Gregory looks over to the man in red armor and just noticed the same insignia on him so they could be the same rank. The last one was a purple skinned male who has green eyes and black hair, same insignia on him.

The Praetor looked to the blue skinned woman and states, "Uvidíme, jestli to můžeš otevřít (See if you can get it open Legate)"
While walking over to the container she replies with a smile, "Žádný problém drahá. (No problem dear.)"
The Praetor cracks a smile and replies, "Zůstaňte profesionální, když jsme stále v bojové operaci. (Please stay professional while we're still in a combat operation.)"
The blue female and the two others look at the container to see how to open it.

The Praetor looks over to Gregory and asks in a language he knew Gregory will understand in a friendly manner, "Greetings I'm Caradec Penven, Praetor of the 88th Star Corps of the Eclipse Imperium. Whom am I addressing?"
Gregory stares at Caradec for a moment before answering, "Captain Cyrus Gregory, Captain of the Enchantress, Acting Fleet Commander for the Sconian Pirate Republic."
"Excellent." Caradec replied in an upbeat fashion, "Now Cyrus. Can I call you Cyrus?" Gregory continued to give him a mean look and right before he was able to answer Caradec cuts him off, "Well Cyrus you see my lovely wife over there." He points to the blue skin woman, "That's my wife Alpinia, she's the a Legate whom is in command of the Special Research Legion of my Corps. She specializes in prehistory relics leave by the Gods. More so the relic inside that there container of yours. Now if you help us our before she figures out how to open it and trust me she will, than I can promise you that since the Interdictor still has functional FTL drive I will let you and what is left of your crew leave here alive. If you don't than I'll have your entire crew killed."

"Why do you want it?" Gregory asked bitterly.
"Orders from the top is to secure all of the Seeders." Caradec answered in his same upbeat tone, "You see a few years ago we fought another one of your human superpowers. The Union of Allied Planets? Ever heard of it?"
"No." Gregory answered confusingly.
"I see. Not surprising its in another quadrant of the galaxy." Caradec replied awkwardly, "Well far away from the USV, Directorate or is it Federation now? and Empire there was this regional power that threaten us. Now fighting them was good and all but they discovered the Seeders and the Seeds of Life. Well they begun to weaponize them, we discovered the world they were developing it so we dropped several asteroids on it killing all life on the planet. A few weeks later they surrendered oddly enough. Regardless my Corps and her Legion was formed to keep these Seeders out of human hands. So if you help us now right now and let us get this dangerous material off your hands I'll spare your life."

"What do these seeds do?" Gregory asked.
"I'll tell you." Caradec replied, "But you're wasting time because once my dearest opens that container I'm killing your crew."
A click could be heard from the container, "Je to otevřené. (It's open)" Alpinia states aloud.
Caradec looks to his wife and asks, "To je trochu rychlé? (That's a bit quick?)"
She smiles and answers mockingly, "Přístupový kód byl 1234. (The access code was 1234.)"
"Vážně? (Seriously?)" He asked in a dumbfounded state, "Kdo to dělá? (Who does that?)"
Alpinia giggles, "Děláš drahoušku. To je výchozí heslo pro vaše zavazadla. (You do dear. That is the default password for your luggage.)"
"Ne, když nosím něco důležitého! (Not when I'm carrying something important!) He shouted defensively.
"Možná, že socha pro ně není tak důležitá? (Maybe the statue isn't that important to them?)" She replied.

"Dobrý postřeh. (Good point.)" He replied before looking back to Gregory. He asks in a respectful manner, "I'll do you a solid, give me information and I'll honor the last deal. I don't do this often but this is very important. Now what value does these statues have for your people?"
"Something about fertility! I don't know and don't care!" Gregory answered angrily, "Its some old piece of shit that rich shits pay big bucks for! For fuck sake we did took this operation to take away that wannabe God in charge of the Consortium! He has several of them and he likes how they look!"

"He has several of them." Caradec said with concern in his voice. He access his COMMs and contacts his cruiser, "Kolektor Actual to Messor, come in Messor."
"Messor to Kolektor Actual, we read you, M Particle density is within acceptable levels."
"I want all Intel on Sconian Consortium. How copy?"
"Copy all, I'll get Caurus on it."
"Kolektor Actual copies all, Kolektor Actual out." He shuts off his COMMs and looks to Gregory and stares at him with a mean glare, "You still have time to save your people. Give me all of the information you have on them."
"Ask your questions just answer mine. What are the seeds?" Gregory asked bitterly.

"Fair enough." Caradec nods his head in agreement, "The Seeds contain the elements in their purest form. They're released on a dead world and they terraform a world into a livable one. The Gods who placed them there also had a few of the Seeds within the Seeder contain human and animal DNA." He looks over to the statue being pulled out of the container. Alpinia places the statue on the console. She pulls out a small handle and ignites a small three inch energy blade. With care she cuts the statue and within a minute cuts around the statue. She turns off the blade and returns it to her pocket. With care she removed the upper half of the statue and places it besides the lower half. Gregory could see a cylinder that was hidden within. She opens the cylinder by pressing a series of what looks to be hieroglyphics. The cylinder opens and a blue light shines out of it. She reaches into the cylinder and pulls out a glowing green orb.

She looks over the Orb and states in a language Gregory understands, "This Orb contains millions of plant cells, this was meant to give a planet plant life." She returned the green Orb and took out a much larger blue Orb that was the source of the light, "This is the Orb that creates water."
Caradec adds, "The Seeder is designed to release the elements first and over a few thousand years allow life to grow on a planet. For some reason these Seeders never deployed. By themselves harmless however the humans within the UAP managed to weaponize it. Once weaponized it can wipe out all life on a planet. It wipes all life on a planet and replaces it, it pretty much resets a world to the stage to single cell organism. You can see why no one can be allowed to weaponize it. So I ask you to give us all you know on these statues."

Gregory bitterly stares at Caradec and states, "We're in the middle of an operation to finish the Consortium. We're currently hitting all of their main naval bases and mining complexes throughout the sector. Our first attacks have been successful minus this one thanks to you blue fucks!" Caradec grinned which enraged Gregory but bites his tongue and continued, "With the targets destroyed we're moving on their main base of operations on Wetrone. Their entire leadership is currently in their capital of Sion. This is our best shot in ending them once and for all. All fleets are gathering right now with a few of our army groups and divisions to land in the city and kill or capture Kimon and the rest of his leadership."

"And this Kimon has our statues?"
"Yes." Gregory replied in a defeated tone.
"Good." Caradec replied, "You did good Captain. Thank you for aiding us." Caradec stood up and spots Gregory's old pistol, he reaches for it and grabs it. He examine the pistol and was impressed with the craftsmanship of it. "Old but lovely isn't it Captain."
"It sure is Praetor." Gregory replied while staring him down.
Caradec smirked and offered his right hand to Gregory while holding the revolver in the left hand. Gregory reaches for Caradec's right hand and Caradec pulls Gregory to his feet. While still holding Gregory Caradec remarks, "Again thank you Captain, your service has been most helpful to our mission." Before Gregory could react Caradec points Gregory's revolver towards his face and pulls the trigger. The .45 cal punches through Gregory's forehead and into the brain, it travels through the brain matter and slams into the back of his skull cracking it. Gregory's body fell to the deck as Caradec releases his grip.

Caradec turns to Meloir and orders, "Dokončete to. (Finish this.)" Without a word spoken in reply Meloir and the other troopers executed the remaining crew on the ship. Caradec looks at Gregory's belt and noticed the holsters and a second revolver still in its holster. He smiles and bends down and unhooks the belt and takes the belt and holster off of Gregory's body. Caradec examines the brown leather belt and holster, he sees some engravings in the leather of stars and horses. He smiles as he looks at it and puts the belt on. With a massive grin on his face he walks over to Alpinia and says in their language, "Well howie little lady."

She tries to keep herself from laughing but a little giggle exited her month, she shook her head lightly and replied, "Stop we're working."
"How is the Seeder?" Dropping his playful tone for a serious one.
"It's a fully operational Seeder though no idea why it wasn't activated." She replied while putting back the Water Orb.
"Back it up we're returning to the Messor." He states and then turns to his men, "Plant charges and destroy the ship we're leaving."
His troops saluted and carried out their task. His wife's team packed up the Seeder and walks over to the Warp Teleporter. With them on the platform Caradec walks on as well and the process begins. Their world turns blue and turns into a bright blur, they feel their bodies turn into pure energy and feel the rush of traveling through space and matter. Without even blinking they appear on the bridge of the Messor.

"Officer on deck!" Yelled one of the sailors and all of the bridge crew stood for attention. "Return to your duty." Caradec states as he walks towards the Messor's Captain whom was sitting on his command chair looking over a holomap of the battle. The Captain was wearing a gray uniform with gold trim and had a rank insignia that looked close to a Prefect's but had a black background with a blue outline and the bars were silver and the diamonds were gold. He also wore a dark blue naval crusher cap with a black leather visor with a gold band around the cap. His skin was blue and his eyes were green, he was clearly an old man that was twice the age of Caradec. With an old grizzled voice he says to Caradec, "Praetor, the task group has destroyed the enemy fleets and our RTs and fighters are destroying enemy lifeboats."

"How soon can we withdraw Captain Talussanus?" Caradec asked.
"As soon as we recovered our RTs and Fighters." Talussanus answered, "The Warp Probe has left this system for the Wetrone System."
"Captain!" Shouted the Operations Officer, "Scanners have detected five ships slipped out of the battle."
"Have they gone to FTL?" Talussanus asked in a worried tone.
"Negative, they're still in Interdictor range." Answered the officer, "Scans report that its a single Victoriaville Class Destroyer covering the retreat of two Axpoele Class Cargoships, a single Consortium Geiger Class Frigate, and a Foquelet Class Freighter."

Talussanus looks to his first officer, "Uvan, destroy those ships."
"Aye Captain." Commander Uvan replied and turned to the Fire Control Officer and barks, "Target the enemy destroyer first!"
"Sir, the M Particle density is too thick for accurate fire." The Fire Control Officer replied.
Uvan looked to the Helm and asks, "Can we do a short range Warp Drop?"
"Not with that Interdictor still operational." Answered the Helm Officer.
Uvan turns to Talussanus and states, "We need to destroy the Interdictor in order to get close enough to destroy them."

"Negative." Caradec states firmly, "Once that field goes down they'll go to lightspeed."
Talussanus looking over his options sees a situation to the issue. He asks the Operations Officer, "Distance?"
"2,000 Leugas."
"500 Leu/H!"
Talussanus turns to the Fire Control Officer and yells, "Prepare two Warp Missiles, set distance 9,000 Leugas." He turns to Uvan and shouts, "Contact NSI Soucit and NSI Timere and inform them to prepare for short range jump!"
"Aye Captain." Uvan replied as he contacts both frigates for a short range warp.
"Distance set, Warheads active!" Shouted the Fire Control Officer.
"Launch!" Talussanus yelled.

The Messor launched two Warp Missiles towards the set coordinates. The missiles go at their top speed of 900 Leu/H and in no time was able to past the escaping ships and detonates releasing particles that acted like a beacon for the two frigates. Both the Soucit and Timere warped over to the particle beacons right in front of the escaping ships. Both frigates turns about to face the escaping ships, The Soucit fires a volley at the Geiger Class Frigate destroying it while the Timere fires a volley at the Victoriaville Class Destroyer. The beams tear through the Victoriaville's aft section and straight into its main reaction cursing it to go supernova destroying it. The Soucit targets both Axpoele Class Cargoships and fires two shots into one and a single into the other. The beams destroy one of them and critical damaging the other. The Soucit follows up with a series of missiles at the crippled cargoship finishing it off. The Timere fired all three cannons into the last remaining Foquelet Class Freighter wiping it out merciless.

Back on the Messor's bridge the Operations Officer reports, "All hostile lifesigns in around this grid has been destroyed."
Talussanus looks over his holo-map and states to his first officer, "Recover our forces and prepare for Warp Jump."
Uvan passes the orders and all of the Imperium ships recover their mechs known as RTs (meaning Robotic Tanks) and fighters. As they recover their crafts Caradec asks Meloir over the COMMs, "Is both ships clear?"
"Yes sir, both carrier and Interdictor are clear of friendlies."
"Good, detonate the charges." He replies as he looks out the bridge's windows. Three minutes later he sees both the Enchantress and the Kelaeno go supernova as the charges planted on their main reactors explode cursing a chain reaction that destroys both ships. The bright light of the explosions disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Uvan informs Talussanus, "Captain, all ships report full recovery of their RTs and Fighters."
"Any casualties?"
"None sir."
"Very good." Talussanus replied in a pleased manner, "Alright, prepare the Task Group for Tele-Warp."
Uvan opens the intercoms, "All hands prepare for Tele-Warp!"
"Commander, all decks are reporting ready." The Engineering Officer states.
"All ships report ready." The COMMs Officer adds.
Uvan turns to Talussanus, "Captain, the task group is ready."
"Engage." Talussanus states, the Helm Officer engages the Tele-Warp Drive and the ship and all inside begun to break down into pure energy and zoom across the galaxy. Within a second they reformed in another quadrant of the galaxy. "Report."
Uvan walks over to the Operations Officer's console and replies, "We're in Eclipsim Sector sir, Domum system, within Novam Domum's orbit."
"Captain, the task group has been given permission to dock at Breth Station." The COMMs Officer states, "Praetor Penven and Legate Penven are to report to Director Maniakes' office. Tele-Warp codes have been transmitted."
Caradec looks to his wife and states, "Well let's not keep the Director waiting."

The two walk onto the warp pad and was Tele-Warped outside of the Director's Office on the planet in the city of Kigarama, the capital of the Imperium. They enter the HQ for the feared Aliquam Converte are the feared elite covert operation force in the Imperium. They walked through the building and through security to reach the Director's Office. They enter the office and sees Director Maniakes reading a report on a pad. Both Caradec and Alpinia saluted the the Director of the Aliquam Converte. "I see your combat action in Scone Sector was better than it should have been." Maniakes states, "No losses to RTs and fighters, but boarding parties lost eight men in total and four of them were wounded. Overall good work."
"Thank you sir." Caradec replied in a professional manner. He was wondering how the Director got the information because he didn't write a report yet. "If I may ask sir, how did you get a report? I didn't get a chance to write one."
"You know better than most Praetor about our abilities." Maniakes replies, "I just got Caurus' report and I'm approving an operation and it begins this moment. Secure the two Seeders that is currently in the hands of some crime boss."

Alpinia states with concern, "Director, our ships are support ships and we got reports that the Consortium and Pirates are in a massive engagement. While it is true our ships outclasses theirs, our Support Cruiser and four Support Frigates are designed to deploy RTs and give screening cover."
Caradec jumps in, "In our last engagement we had to borrow the enemy's interdictor in order to keep them from escaping."
"The Admiralty has refused our request for an Auceps." Maniakes replies, "However if you grab both Seeders I can use it to convince the Admiralty." He pulls out some written orders and hands them to Caradec who grabs them and begins to read them. Maniakes continues, "Phase Warp to Bazin with your Task Group, Tele-Warp these orders to Admiral Zonaras of the 101st Fleet stationed there. You will have a fleet behind you this time. Our Commander-in-Chief has approved of a major combat action against both the Consortium and Pirates with the aims of securing the Seeders. Commander of the Ground Forces will be Praetor Tzimiskes, he will command a combined unit."

A confused Alpinia asks, "Why isn't Caradec in command?"
"Your Corps mission will be to secure the Seeders and evac." Maniakes answers, "Tzimiskes and his unit will have an overall different task that will support your operation."
"May I ask what that is?" Alpinia asked.
"No you may not." Answered Maniakes as he pulls out a list and reads it off, "Tzimiskes will command the Expeditionary Corps Scon, under him will be the 245th Airborne Division, 99th Marine Division, 203rd Marine Division, 553rd Infantry Regiment, 837th Infantry Regiment, 221st Infantry Regiment, 469th Infantry Regiment, 25th Dark Star Scout Regiment, and the 3rd Drop Marine Legion more commonly known as the Red Fury Legion. These forces will touch down with your forces in Sion. They will cover your Black Spirit Legion and 888th Special Operations Regiment in this operation. Smash through the human formations and claim the price. Kill all who resist. As of this moment due to the political situation we will no longer work in the shadow. Its time for the Imperium to take its rightful place in the galaxy. Depart for Bazin now Praetor time isn't on our side."

Both Caradec and Alpinia saluted and leaves the office. As they walk through the building to an exit Alpinia said with concern, "So the rumors were right we are going to war with these humans."
"It appears so."
"Aren't you concerned Caradec?" She asks, "Why are we going into armed conflict with humans that are not even in the same quadrant as us?"
"Keep it down dear." Caradec replies in a low tone, "Our Social Credit standing is barely above board." He stops her and looks her in the eyes, "All we can do is whatever is needed to restore our Social Credit Score, after that I can request transfer to a non combat unit and request the state to give us back our children."
"Not if we get killed." Alpinia replied.
Caradec continued towards the building's exit with Alpinia following. Once out of the building he got close to her again and said to her in a low regretful tone, "There is not a day I regret dragging the family through this. I shouldn't have refused an order."
"No Caradec." She replied firmly, "You refusing to take part of the asteroid strike on Subberon was the right thing to do."
"It was because of that my Social Credit Score went into the red and I lost my command. I barely avoided a Court Marshal." He replied bitterly, "I dragged you down with me."
"No you didn't." She replied, "Remember I was ordered by the State to divorce you and refused."
"Which destroyed your Social Credit and you lost the children."
"We'll get them back." Alpinia replied, "We're lucky that Director Maniakes gave us that second chance and now our Social Credit Score is atleast in the black."
"After a few more missions we should be in the green again and we can get them back." Caradec replied bitterly.
"Not if we get killed." A concerned Alpinia.
"We'll be really careful and after a few more jobs I'll request a new assignment away from the war." He replied as he walks towards the Tele-Warp Platform. She rushes to get on the platform and as the platform activates she reaches for his hand. They both hold each other's hands to comfort each other as they are teleported back to the Messor.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:31 pm

The four WU fleets will alert all alert fleets to the impending assault sure to come from the unidentified objects that just arrive in the system. They will then position themselves over the golden pyramid in the capital and prepare to provide long-ranged support.


All WU forces will converge on the Central pyramid to take it as swiftly as possible. The 501st Paladin Droid division will deploy to the Pyramid as well. It is imperative that we secure the Pyramid and everything inside it. Whatever this "Imperium" hopes to take, we will ensure they do not get it, for who knows what evils they could unleash.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby warper » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:02 pm

901st-950th Fleets:
1,000x League Class Cargoship
1,400x Association Class Freighter
200x Maia Class Mining Ship
800x Antheia Class Stealth Boat
2,000x Colleita Class Frigate
1,000x Eris Class Destroyer
200x Jera Class Fleet Tender
640x Felicitas Class Cruiser
160x Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruiser
320x Furna Class Battlecruiser
320x Jun Class Escort Carrier
160x Morana Class Battleship
80x Murhur Class Line Carrier
40x Orithyia Class Dreadnought
20x Sato Class Fleet Carrier
400x Tempestas Class Aerospace Carrier
20x Coalition Class MOPB
3,850,000x Teta Class Mining Drones
1,810,000x Drydock Class Maintenance Drones
162,000x Falchion Class Fighter
627,960x Rapier Class UCSV
14,800x Stiletto Class Stealth UCSV
464,400x Claymore Class Strike Fighter
430,880x Zweihander Class Bomber
207,680x Flambard Class Stealth Bomber
1,630,120x Cutlass Class Assault Shuttle
44,040x Clydesdale Class Dropship
339,600x Ranger Class Recon Drone
40,000x OWP-10 Satellite
160,000x OMP-42 Satellite

1st Federal Air-Mobile Army Group (1,000,000 Tier 1 Elite Light PA)
11th-14th Shock Army Groups (4,000,000 Power Armoured)
1st-8th MACO Battalions (16,000 Elite Special Forces PA)
11th Drop Army Group (1,000,000 Tier 1 Elite Heavy PA)
1st-3rd Special Operations Divisions (60,000 Special Forces)

Cabal Federation fleets are to enter orbit above Sion and form a blockade to prevent enemy ships from entering space above the city, as well as deploy the Federations ground forces and provide orbital fire support. Break off a fifth of the frigates and destroyers to form a shell out from the fleet as a buffer against approaching stealth units. Engage and destroy any non-friendly stealth units as soon as they're detected.

Each of the mountain bases is to be reinforced with 1 MACO Battalion and a Shock Army Group. Each entrance to the city is to be reinforced with 1 MACO Battalion and 100,000 PA infantry from the Shock Army Groups.

The remaining 700,000 PA of the Shock Army Groups are to deploy to the south of the city, to destroy the last Consortium unit near the south entrance, then setup all the ground forces mobile AO guns and the majority of their AA and artillery platforms, and dig in around them as defence.

The 1st Federal Air-Mobile Army Group is to drop in a cordon around the Pyramid, to stop Consortium units from entering or leaving District 1.

The 11th Drop Army Group, 2 MACO Battalions and the 1st-3rd Special Operations Divisions are to drop on the Pyramid, with the Drop Army Group leading the way. The Drop Army Group is to preform an assault landing, with the primary goal of destroying Consortium AA in the area and securing a landing site for the MACO and JSOC forces coming behind them. The Drop Commandos are to handle any areas of major resistance in the Pyramid while the MACOs and JSOC spread out in teams to infiltrate the Pyramid, locate any artifacts or high value targets and secure or destroy them. Any artifacts found are to be equipped with demolition charges set to blow if tampered with, or removed from the area without authorization.
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Megaraptor18 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:00 am

Space Map

The Cabal Federation Fleet arrives in system as allied forces keep pushing back Consortium ships. Both WU and Federation Fleets form up in a defensive pattern while the rest of the allied fleets continue to push the Consortium back.

As Federal forces begun deploying ground forces as Imperium ships begun Phase Warping into the system. A fleet made up of 80 Cargoships, 30 Freighters, 100,000 Heavy Fighters, 100 possible Attack Crafts, 40 Stealth Crafts, 40 possible Attack Stealth Crafts, 100 Corvettes, 100 Frigates, 50 Support Frigates, 60 Destroyers, 60 possible long range attack Destroyers, 4 Interdictors, 40 Cruisers, 20 Support Cruisers, 16 Battlecruisers, 8 Battleships, 20 possible Assault Ships that holds massive missiles, 20 Assault Ships that looks like had crafts attached to them, 16 Light Carriers, 16 looks like a type of Light Carriers that carry mechs, 16 possible Invasion Ships, 4 Carriers, 1x 3Km Super Carrier and one 3km Dreadnought.

Imperium ships opened fire on nearby USV 7th Fleet, Burengian Space Horde, and the Ruthian 3rd UN Fleet. They suffered heavy losses and they unleashed volleys of missiles towards the allied fleets, the missiles detonated and released M Particles throughout the planet's sphere. WU and Federation systems suffered but managed to handle the situation better than other allied fleets. Imperium forces deployed their fighters and RTs as all ships begun advancing towards allied fleets.

Ground Map

Federal Forces landed and reinforce the mountain bases and driven back attacking Consortium forces and have secured the southern entrance. Allied forces are holding against Consortium forces.

City Map

Federal and WU forces have reached the Pyramid and secured all but the floors but the chamber that has the Consortium's leadership as its sealed by a strong energy shield which Federal, WU, and Allied special forces are preparing to take down the shield and breach the room.

Most of the Consortium defenders have been divided up and are hold up in several blocks trying to hold off.

Back to Space

The Imperium launches another wave of missiles and due to the targeting systems having target locking onto them they reached their targets and released a Warp Prism and several Imperium ships Phase Warp to a different area of the battle and begun engaging allied fleets. The bulk warp closer to WU and Federal Fleets and their first volleys hits the Estuarian 1st Fleet and Eratian 31st Fleet and destroyed several of their ships. Reports that the Estuarian flagship ENS Kelvington was destroyed.

The second group warped close to the Consortium Fleets and wiped out one of them and destroyed half of the other. The Space Fortress defending the last remaining piece of Consortium space was destroyed completely. The Imperium Group attacked and damaged both the Scyallian 44th Royal Fleet and Sagrian 9th Fleet.

The last remaining group is defending the Warp Probe which due to being out of the M Field effect is sending transmissions.

Federal and WU ships opened fire on the Imperium, no reports of losses among the Imperium reported yet. The Imperium returned fire and was able to destroy several WU and Federal ships. The Imperium ships from the Consortium end of the battle space has deployed ships to get closer to the capital region preparing for a drop operation. Federal Ships began to fire on these ships however was at first was unable to destroy them as they begun to deploy drop pods and tower looking pods. The Federal Forces begun putting more fire onto one of the Invasion Ships and managed to damaging it and forced them to pull back stopping their drop operation. The Imperium Group pulls back abit further away they wanted and resumed the drop operation to a location outside of the capital area.

The USSB ships have begun engaging the Imperium and have suffered light losses so far.

City Battle

Imperium drop pods have landed in the city itself within (though several was taken out by Cabal AA but wasn't enough to stop most of them) Consortium controlled districts leaving Consortium fleeing from these districts as they're having zero chance against the Imperium Drop Marines and Airborne Troops deployed in the districts. Consortium are ignoring allied forces and are trying to join forces with them to form a more effective defense. The Drop Marines have pushed through several allied districts as they move towards the Pyramid.

Pirate Forces in the east have suffered heavy losses. In the west where most of the Imperium has landed the USV's 1st Marine Division and 44th Brigade Combat Team with the Eratian's 200th MPD (Power Armored Infantry) Regiment, 19th Guards Motor Rifle Division, and 8th Spetsnaz Brigade and the Scyllian Grenadier Guards (1st Battalion), 2nd Royal Cuirassier Division, and 1st Royal Fusiliers Regiment have suffered heavy losses and are on the defense.

Forces in the Northern parts of the city which is the Ruthian UNR 3rd Marine Division and 7th ODAT Battalion. Estuarian's 2nd Royal Estuarian Heavy Infantry Battalion, Jimblebarian's 2nd Battalion, Royal Jimblebarian Regiment, West Sindam's 606th Special Mission Battalion, and White Tigress and East Sindam's 1st East Sindamian Special Operation Force Battalion. With Ferrum's 8th Legion supported by the 3rd Dark Air Trooper Century, 8th Dark Air Trooper Century, and 1st Dark Heavy Trooper Century haven't suffered heavy losses yet. However the UNR 3rd Marine Division is taking the blunt of their attack right now from Airborne forces.



Nearly 200 kilometers from Sion the Imperium landed and quickly advanced 70 kms near the town of Mailuire and have set up a series of firebases, FOBs, Defense platforms, and appears a massive Warp Platforms to bring in more ground forces is being built though still under construction. It appears their Firebases have long range artillery that could reach Sion. They're spotting what could be an airfield being made and have aircraft being deployed and prepared there. They're moving south towards Sion. (They will be coming in from top of the map.)

Forward recon and orbital recon has spotted a mix of tracked, wheeled, hover, and walkers among the ground forces. At the fire bases they've spotted what looks like a massive tank with two 80cm guns on it, cannon types unknown but possible energy weapon. Whatever it is its massive that's roughly 70 meters tall. They're three of them in total in the battle area. Alot of humanoid mechs spotted as well.

They're spotting troops and vehicles just appearing out of nowhere nearby 12 foot tall towers that seem to be creating a massive warp prism.

Hexagon: Warp Platform
Pentagon: Fire Bases
Circles: FOBs
Diamond: Airfield
Four Pointed Star: Ground to Space Defense

Total Losses


Cabal Federal Forces
15x Colleita Class Frigates destroyed
5x Eris Class Destroyers destroyed
2x Felicitas Class Cruisers destroyed
2x Fortuna Class Interdictor Cruisers damaged

28x Longship Class Attack Crafts destroyed
24x Omen Corvettes destroyed
3x Backstabber class Destroyers destroyed
2x Raven class Destroyers destroyed
12x Predator Class Frigates destroyed
3x Heartbreaker Class Cruisers destroyed
1x Purgatory Class Cruiser damaged
1x Victory Class Battlecruiser damaged

3 Model 60s destroyed


594 ships destroyed


501 ships destroyed only handful left


501st Paladin Droid division: 392 destroyed, 488 damaged
Ground Forces: 124 killed, 77 wounded, 28 vehicles destroyed

Cabal Federal Forces
Power Armoured: 5 killed, 2 wounded
MACO Battalion: 3 killed, 12 wounded
11th Drop Army Group: 1 killed, 3 wounded

Allied Forces: 3,484 killed, 4,584 wounded, 1,288 missing, 384 vehicles destroyed

Consortium: 203,584 killed, 102,384 wounded, 85,484 captured, 3,485 vehicles destroyed
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Re: CSAH 2 Joint Operations Thread

Postby Michael50210 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:38 am


3 Emperor-class Command ships
6 DIS Destroyer Dreadnaughts
6 DIS Herald-Class Carriers
6x Portal Invasion Ships (currently not deployed)
12 DIS Conqueror class Battleships
12 DIS Victory Class Battlecruisers
6x DIS Purgatory Heavy Cruisers
21 DIS Heartbreaker Cruisers
28x Backstabber Class Destroyers
27x Raven Class Destroyers
298x Predator Class Frigates

Ragnarok Task Force
1 Ragnarok-class Super Dreadnought
4 DIS Destroyer Dreadnoughts
5 DIS Herald-class Carriers
15 DIS Conqueror Class Battleships
5 DIS Backstabber class Destroyers
5 DIS Raven Class Destroyers
15 DIS Predator Class Frigates

The fleets will immediately drop long-range support formations and manuever into tighter formations to aggressively engage the Imperium attackers that have warped in next to us. The Purgatory Cruisers will use their M cannons to fire as rapidly as they can on portions of the Imperium fleet, while the rest of our ships begin to focus fire on the Imperium equivalent of their respective classes to bring them down. All ships will launch their smallcraft complements, with the Occuli drones flying as mass interference and interception, fighters countering the Imperium fighters and screening the Bombers, while the Bombers use hyper-ion torpedoes on the guns of the more dangerous Imperium ships to lessen the firepower hitting our own fleets.

Leading our counterassault will be Ragnarok Task Force, led by the Ragnarok itself. The rest of the task force will flank and support the Ragnarok, while the Ragnork opens fire on the capital ships of the Imperium fleet with its main spinal cannon. Its main leg Storm-Lord cannons will charge up to fire linked shots at a quarter of their full power, with the hopes of dishing out massive damage across multiple ships at once. It will also likely get their attention, so be prepared to fend off the Imperium's own efforts to keep pushing.

501st Division
1st, 2nd, and 3rd WU armies

The City/Pyramid
All available forces of the 1st army will capable of city fighting will form up defensively around the zone, using the city and the rubble to their advantage. Squads of Heavy Bruddhoders and Ankylocan Troopers will form up with shields activated in tactical chokepoints, either pre-existing or ones that will have to be set up by our engineers. They will be supported by Orc Heavy Troopers to ensure a heavy pouring of firepower and Lupus Troopers for dealing with powered armor. Raptorian Snipers will take positions in buildings and on rooftops and even on the Pyramid itself if possible to counter any Imperium snipers that may show up as well as force them to keep their heads down while they're engaged by other forces. Dragonian Airborne Squads will set up to provide rapid response to push back any breakthroughs and buy more time.

Six DTDW-03 Annihilators will be provided to further protect our troops, particularly from whatever is going in on Mailuire and from above. They will focus their power on keeping up an overlapping, linked shield around this entire zone, which with luck will deny the Imperium effective air, artillery, and orbital support in this zone. RAD-24 Rapid Assault Drones will both guard them and work in lieu of airstrikes along with two squadrons of DDG-A5 "Hunter" Droid Gunships.

A division of DMAA-55 A2 Flytrap Anti Air Vehicles will set up in the zone, and 12 DSPA-46 A2 Meteor Storms and 6 DMHAAA-34 A2 'Dominator' Heavy Artillery/Anti Air Vehicles will join them to provide long range support as needed from the zone. 4 DTDW-02 ‘Annihilators’ will also be brought in.

In the Pyramid itself, squads of Tyranno Praetorians and light Bruddhoders, supported by Legionnaires and a squad of Zionic Paladins, will set up their own defenses within the complex to force any Imperium troops coming in to weave their way through tight corridors, traps, and near-zealous and well prepared soldiers. They are to make the Imperium pay in blood for every step deeper into the complex.

The 501st Division, meanwhile, will focus all their efforts into forcing down the energy shield with every weapon at their disposal. If the Consortium leaders continue resisting, even with the shield down, they will simply be killed on the spot. Their lives are secondary at this point in time. Our primary objective is securing these artifacts the Imperium is after so that they may be kept out of their hands.


This mission is dangerous and high risk...and that's just how those picked for this operation like it.

To engage the long range artillery, warp platforms, and those large tanks, we will launch a first strike with the vanguard being four companies of the Triceracan Lancers led by Aera herself, having been brought in to observe the battle earlier. She will be in her full gear and carry her personal Zionic blade. They will be going at full speed in a moderately loose formation, and will split up to hit the Imperium targets from the front and sides. Their primary targets are the artillery, the platforms, and heavy walker vehicles, naturally targeting the legs of the latter with their lances and grenades. Following them will be 3 armored companies worth of DASPA-21 A2 Hellfire Artillery, using their speed to keep up and support the lancers by targetting defensive emplacement and tanks with their missiles. Following further as the armored glove of the assault will be an armored company of DTEW-A2 'Walking Fortresses', about 16 in total, along with one hundred Knight Mechs and two companies of Dragonian Airborne, to be followed by more conventional troops once appropriate. Right now, getting right of those warp platforms, the artillery, and the three tanks are our priorities.

A more conventional armored assault by the 3rd army will follow these efforts, spearheaded by DMBT-5 A4 Lawbringers supported by DLT-094 A3 ‘Dragons’ with DIFV-007 A2 Warthogs carrying squads of Legionnaire troopers for rapid deployment upon arrival. DOAT-07 Gunships supported by RAD-24 Rapid Assault Drones will provide gunship support while flying in Orc Troopers, squads of Heavy Bruddhoders, Lupus Troopers, a squad of Zionic Paladins, and a company of Spino Marines to provide the assault even more of a punch. Their targets of priority will be broader, however of great importance are the Warp Towers and Ground to Space Defenses. Destroying these will severely hamper the Imperium's ability to bring in troops and vehicles, and will aid our space forces immensely. So punch through the Imperium's defenses and take these out ASAP.

The Second Army, in the meanwhile, will be dug in along the south of Sion, in a trench warfare-meets-urban-combat setup. They will have their full compliment of artillery and anti-air vehicles, as well as the artillery and anti-air of Third Army since those will not be able to take part in a rapid assault. Supporting them will be three DTDW-03 Annihilators to protect the line from artillery and orbital support as well as providing targetting to long ranged strikes of our own. 6 4 DTDW-02 Annihilators will be joining them, however their task, for now, will be to provide artillery support for the initial strike at Mailuire with their Particle Projectors. If and when Second Army is under threat, they will switch targets to provide counter-artillery and anti-vehicle support.
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