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Interesting Things about an Album.

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Interesting Things about an Album.

Postby krazycrismore » Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:15 pm

Something you noticed or realized about an album that you found interesting. Whether this was meant to be intentional or not.

What I have recently realized is that Brymir's Breathe Fire to the Sun alternates exactly between awesome and ok songs.

Intro- not going to judge this one because it is meant more of as a build up
Unconquerable- Kickass song and a great way to start an album
In Silence- OK song
Free Man's Path- Awesome, the second half is incredible
Burning Within- Ok, isn't bad but nothing spectacular about this
Withering Past- Has one of the most kickass riffs ever.
Cycle of Flame- Good song, but doesn't measure up to some of the other songs on the album
Ragnarok- Such an awesome song
Retribution- OK song
Breathe Fire to the Sun- It is hard for me not to be moved by this song
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Re: Interesting Things about an Album.

Postby ptaine » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:47 am

It really isn't 1 album, but I always found the symmetry between Metallica's Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and And Justice For All pretty interesting.

1 is a fast paced opening track Fight Fire With Fire, Battery, and Blackened respectively

2 is the title track for each album

3 for whatever reason I've always kind of grouped these songs together solid songs For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Thing That Should Not Be, and Eye of the Beholder

4 Besides the title track this is the biggest symmetrical comparison for me. The 2/4 shape of the main riffs and some of the more iconic Metallica as far as I'm concerned with Fade to Black, Sanitarium, and One.

5-6 Pretty much like 3 solid songs (won't name them all)

7-8(and 9 for And Justice For All) Solid ending songs (won't name them all) and Awesome instrumentals in Call of Ktulu, Orion (one of my favorite Metallica songs ever) and To Live is to Die in memory of Cliff.

The Black album could sort of tie in, but it's more of a stretch I think but the main things in my mind would be The intro track Enter Sandman, the iconic 4th track with the Unforgiven, the instrumental with Nothing Else Matters (definitly the most stretch here), and the Solid Outro track with The Struggle Within.
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