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Open Mic

Topia oblivion!

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Re: Open Mic

Postby Ruliya » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:13 pm

I thought it was Red White and Blue.
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Re: Open Mic

Postby ZomBninjasamurai » Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:49 am

You should come inside the box...
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Re: Open Mic

Postby Siggymansz » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:12 am

Played a game of Mud and Blood Recon only 3 days to mission finish, sent two sergeants a corporal and a pfc on a massive 50% (AO covered) patrol spotting 15 hostiles and killing 9 of them getting 6 raw intel and destroying multiple weapons and supply cashes while marking at least a quarter of the maps traps (ok that last bit about the traps spotted was wishful thinking haha) FINALLY FIND THE HVT (AAA emplacement surrounded by trenches and full of VC)

Turns out it was 500~ pixels further left then the limit of my searching (egg on my face...). Right, sends in map update (36% more accurate first shot). goes to call it in "Were unable to cover you for 236 seconds" Ok I'm covert atm so I don't mind waiting...

200 seconds later from big bird "Large enemy movement in your AO coming from the East" (I'm on the eastern side of the map). Shit...

I decide to wait it out, artillery comes so I call it in and add Fire for Effect I don't bother adjusting fire as I've already broken south so I can make my way to the main LZ (its closer and I couldn't be arsed improvising since none of my dudes were as of yet injured)

I start to see more charlie (3 at first...) doing a pretty big sweep. Time to start moving faster I guess

about 30 seconds out from the LZ I call in for extraction "Unknown Callsign repeat your last over" *sigh* comms 3 and I still can't reliably call in extract
Call it in again *static*. I'm at the LZ now hidden in some trees and the VC are again within spotting distance...

I wait out until the VC are on the same screen as me and call for extract. Still no go, the enemy hasn't seen me so I decide to risk trying to find another LZ or moving around the flank of the formation as the pass or something.

After some tense movement and waiting I manage to move around them (by this time I'm nowhere near the LZ btw) and my current area is heavy tree coverage

So... no clearance for helicopter :( I decide to move North East (I went South westerly to get around the enemy) and basically find a rice paddy field immediately after I leave the dense tree covered area (Bonus).

Call in a sitrep (53~% of the AO covered 75% Covert + Contact report yadda). Call in for secondary Extraction
"Yeah mate sall g just be prepared to designate with smoke"

Chopper arrives and I throw my smoke down "I can't see your LZ, throw smoke" Damn maybe I threw it in the wrong spot. throw it again in a different spot "If you don't mark an LZ I'mma leave"

Hmm Maybe It can't land in rice paddies?! Fuck it! I'll just go back to the main LZ! Start to move in a diagonal direction across the map. dodge a couple of VC chilling near a yet as undiscovered food supply cache, Call in my Extraction "Roger that Hueys 16 seconds out" Damn I was expecting more time, normally they take around 25-40 seconds for me.

I start rushing a bit more so I'll make it on time only to run head first in that earlier eastern formation I dodged as they were doubling back
literally as I was almost ontop of my LZ and you would never guess who died first while I was calling in gunship support and about to throw my last smoke
(hint: He had the only radio)

Shit, well you can never have a perfect mission and I can hear the chopper coming already. Just got to hold out with my three health- "MAN DOWN!"
ouch ok move you back over here, get this guy to carry that g- SHIT!

Oh look the Evac arrived and is shooting the VC! THIS IS MY RAMBO MOMENT!!! CHARGE! (those left behind will be missed...)

The millisecond my last guy left the safety of the ruin he got shot by an unseen sniper that the chopper wasn't suppressing which resulted in patrol failure
(Meaning it doesn't count that I got the intel or killed those hostiles or even covered 50% of the AO :x )

2 Days left to finish the mission (Because despite destroying the HVT I was assigned, I lost all four of my rangers so it doesn't count)

Damn... *sigh* In my anger I equipped 4 rookies with flak jackets, grenades and a M60 an M16 an M1 and a BAR

The second they got to the LZ it was hot VC all over the place so I let my guys shoot off some of their anger (Yes... my guys anger...)
I even made a veitcong run (so of course I chased it) only to find!


I airstrike it post haste and call in artillery because it was there and I felt that the VC behind me would appreciate it


Time to call in extraction (I don't even need to move since I'm already at my LZ) "Roger that 35 seconds"

I set my dudes up near a big rock and wait *Crack* "Sniper!!"
Yes soldier, I did hear that rifle report but if you could kindly tell me the direction it came from I'd gladly fix the problem :roll:
(you can be shot at from outside visual range, a cool if sometimes frustrating feature, mostly because soldiers only point at enemies/things they see for a second or so when they first spot them and only if they spot them)

I move my guys behind the rock and I hear the chopper coming so I'm not worried

Yeah those were my famous last thoughts as I seen the chopper land and walked around the opposite side of the large rock revealing a flanking force of 3
I lost one of the rookies before I could even click 'Weapons Free' :oops: the grenades were rush throws and fell short leaving one alive and one of mine dead
"We have landed, We are leaving in 15 seconds with or without you!"

In these situations its all about fire and movement, one guy moves while the other fires and they take turns. I managed to kill the last one by the time I got around the boulder and I immediately made both guys run for the chopper

This was a slight mistake

How could that be I hear some of you ask? Well I spotted that 'sniper' (a poor malnourished peasant holding a poorly maintained vintage SKS I'll bet you)

Patrol Failure - all team members lost

1 Day to complete Mission Cold X-Ray
And that's how Mud and Blood Recon robbed me of my first mission completion.

I've been playing it since 1.0L and I still haven't successfully completed one mission :oops: :cry: :oops:
(I swear I'm better at MnB2!!) Still love this game and think everyone should play it however

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Re: Open Mic

Postby Legendary Genius Man » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:35 am

But if Forum Rules are still enforced even here then doesn't this particular fact makes us have the same equal freedom to every thread beyond this specific thread in Slums? I don't get it. What's the difference of freedom here?
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