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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:29 am
by Hermit
DAWNGATE character list part 2

ZomBninjasamurai - Kahgen, the Raider


Hey up there. That's a fine hathi you're riding. Near to two rods tall, yeah?

So I can judge this here's your first time being robbed. Well, I'll explain how it works, so listen close.

First, we got you surrounded, and there's more of us than what you see. Don't matter to me if you believe that - just being honest and fair with you. Try to run, we will catch you.

Second, you surrender, we treat you fair and proper. You got my word of honor on that. And whatever you might be thinking, my word's good. What I say, I does. In this business oathbreakers don't live long.

It ain't you we're interested in, mate. Ain't even your own purses. But them chests you got strapped up top there? All done up in fancy brass, stamped with the Radhan Company seal? Them we take. Got no quarrel with them that work for a living. You an I? We're more alike than not. We just earn our coin by different means.

Them fat merchants in Nishi'an? Well... I 'spect they got a touch more then they need.

Now, the third thing - the last thing you need to know is this. Could be you're thinking, "T'aint so many of these bandits. We can take 'em our own selves."

Maybe you could, mate. Maybe you can't. But if you fight...

I'll gut you like a squealing pig.

I'll bend your fingers till they snap. I'll cut the strings in your legs. I'll carve you open and pile your stinking guys in front of ya.

And then, maybe, if you ask real pretty-like... maybe I'll cut your throat.

Or maybe I'll leave you out here on the sand to bake.

Your call, mate.

I'll give you a bit to think on it.

Captain Epic - Faris, the Ancient


Faris: Archive dated Sixth Year of the Council of Del-Adan, Waning Moon of Long Stars.

Matihologist: Would you name yourself, for the record?

Akaid: Akaid Il-Tan-Esh. Former watchman.

Matihologist: Why are you here?

Akaid: I'm dying. I came to donate.

Matihologist: Why did you volunteer?

Akaid: My wife died six years ago. Kirina - our daughter - she and I held her hands when she passed. I still miss her, every day. I'm not afraid of the Spirits. But when I'm gone, what we shared... no one will know it. Not as we did.

Matihologist: You're aware this can't be reversed? Once removed, they're gone. We can't return them.

Akaid: When we began courting, Erishti asked me, "Will we be together forever?" I thought one of us would die before the other. So I told her, "I'm dubious."


Faris: I am awake.

Matihologist: Hello, Faris. Please consult your anamnesis. Can you tell me your earliest memory?

Faris: Waking up, just now. Correction. A woman with long hair, like black silk. Or silver? A little girl with hazel eyes. No - a grown woman? She and I help the woman's hands. I remember... a sensation within. Strong. Warm. I do not know it's name.

Matihologist: You will in time. There's a task I need you to preform.

Faris: Protect the crèche.

Matihologist: Can you tell me why?

Faris: An answer is carved into my thoughts; "Protect the future." My anamnesis counsels a different response.

Matihologist: Oh?

Faris: I remember the sound of a child crying. May I ask a question?

Matihologist: Certainly.

Faris: The man on the bed. He is...?

Matihologist: Ill. He hasn't long to live.

Faris: He looks lonely.

Matihologist: He just gave up something very important to him.

Faris: May I stay with him until my duties begin?

Commander Cross - Dibs, the Dreamer


"It's cold up here in the morning, huh Nissa? Is it like this year-round? Is it true that people make houses out of snow up here? I bet you can't build a fire without the ceiling raining, and then your clothes would get all wet.

"Not that Zips and I wear clothes. Ha, nope! I've got fur, and he's Zips. Zips doesn't get hurt from cold, he just moves slooowwwerrr. Of course, he's pretty slow anyway, except when he's flying. Sometimes I have to wake him up to get us off the ground.

"Wouldn't dream of going without him, though. Nope! He and I have been together since I was just a pouchling, and he was... well, he was always a big beetle. But I couldn't fly without his help. He's my inspiration, the wind beneath my wings. Also he's my wings. Period. Heh. That's our little joke. Smile for Nissa, Zips! Is he smiling? I can't see. I bet he is.

"Anyway, how are you feeling? Want me to gather breakfast for you? I know where to find a bunch of nuts and berries. There are these blue ones that are just the bestest-"

"Dibs... the sun's not up yet."

"'Early to rise get their pick of breakfast,' my mother always said. Of course, I had sixteen brothers and sisters, so it was more like 'last up gets nothing.'

"Aw, why are you groaning like that? Are you sick? Do you have a headache? Hey, get your head out from under the furs. It's not time for sleepies, it's time to go-go-go! How about a morning swim? I bet that would wake you up.

"Wait here, I'll get a bucket. Do you have a bucket? Let's just check in your stuff..."

Lowk - Marah, the Awakened


I haven't slept for days.

"How do you-?" he begins.

I watch the breath leave his mouth. It swarms with life, a cloud of tiny creatures, eyeless and oddly shaped, blown from the humid cavern of his lungs into the sunlight. The spring wind catches them; they twirl away to settle on a nearby bush.

The leaves thrum with the flow of water and strangely colored essences of earth. They tremble from the caress of the sun, energy vibrating into endless rows of brick shapes, constellations of pale green disks. I feel the quake of ants parading along trails of whisper-fine scent tendrils, waving in the air and tickling their antennae.

A bee's glassy wings rock back and forth. A speck of yellow unsticks itself in the downblast. It hangs suspended in an infinite sea of haze, objects that sizzle and wobble like clouds of gnats in the sun. The yellow speck whips aloft.

Enormous weight drift above the earth. Invisible rivers surge and tumble over the land. I feel the shiver of leaves in eastern forests; the sting of ice blown from shining peaks in the north; the sigh of western winds shaking water against the mountains; the parching, abrasive roar of pale sand-clouds rolling across the south.

My head is pummeled, my senses strain to breaking. There's too much. Worlds within worlds within worlds, and... I can't stop seeing them all. I can't not hear it.

"I'm fine," I blurt, rubbing my pounding forehead.

"-feel?" he finishes, with a smile. He takes one of my hands. "You know... you don't seem so different, love."

I watch the blood rushing beneath his skin, and fumble for words that could explain to him the sensation of a jungle blooming, or a glacier withering.

TheSorrow - Arch-Sentinel Jeronym Voluc, the Devourer


Spirit of Will, bless me.

Spirit of Abstinence, bless me.

Spirit of Charity, bless me.

It's hard to keep it leashed while awake. I can't control it at all while I sleep. I've tried staying awake. I've bruised my knuckles from punching trees. I drew blood biting my hands. Hoping, praying pain would keep me from sleep. It worked but briefly. I'd snap awake to find the light had shifted, and ring of dead animals around me.

I've gone deep into the woods, damning myself further with every step, profaning this holy ground with my unclean feet. But I wouldn't dare venture beyond the depths of the Heart, where men might come upon me. I imagine what might happen if my wife came looking for me. If my little girl saw me asleep in the grass, surrounded by a fall of dead sparrows. If she ran up to hug me...

I wonder if they still look for me. Oh, I pray they don't. I hope they're heartbroken, lighting candles in my name. I hope they've given up on ever seeing me again.

All night, I feel the malignant, restless turnings of the Spirit in my gut. It WANTS. Oh, how it WANTS. I feel my desire to see Lizabet and Kastanie. It tempts me with it. Twists my thoughts with excuses. I could just look on them from a distance. I could travel well clear of roads. I could abandon my name, so they don't hear fresh word of me. I could, I could, I could...

It doesn't speak - not in a way I recognize. But I can tell its raw, desperate cravings from my own. So far, at least.

Spirit of Will, bless me.

Spirit of Abstinence, bless me.

Spirit of Clarity, bless me.

OriginalA - Moya, the Smuggler


Here's how it is. I got a barge to run and crew counting on me. Things are about to get choppy. I got this thing happening that I got to do. Shared that with you all, it's only fair. I'll have to be away, so the rest of you have do as I would. Everyone knows what I expect, but I got a few things I got to say to you private-like. Guess you can plot my course without looking, but I got to do right by you.

It's the drinking. Yeah, it makes you all friendly-like. You steer clear of Talaire's pups while you're in it. And you never been the sort to tear loose when there's work needs doing. You get your job done. Make them figures add up into something close to running this barge of ours in the black. I got no place to tell you how to spend your off-time.

Got no problem with drinking as a general habit. You take it too far. You trouble me. Don't like thinking I could find you dead some morning. Get a cold place in my gut thinking about it. And it's not cause you're the only one on this barge with a head for figures. You been part of my crew longer than any, and I'm used to having you beside me. You're a comfort to me, even if I don't show it. What I'm saying, if it isn't plain, is that I look on you sweetly. I'd like to keep doing that is all.

Now that I got that all writ down and out of my head, I'm going to crumple this up and drop it over the side. I got problems enough to deal with without making another of you.

Love you, kit. Maybe someday.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:16 am
by Hermit
Pictures List.

Here I list the pictures that I feel are most associated with the Piler. Some of these pictures are from the Wikipedia Featured Pictures list, so there should be a bigger resolution available.

Admin - Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Each and every one of those tiny dots are galaxies. Though we are but insignificant blots in the cosmic tapestry, we are nevertheless a part of this wide and wonderful universe that is FactPile.

Matapiojo - African Elephant
Majestic and powerful.

Ruliya - Sony Center at Night by Andreas Tille
Not afraid to speak her mind.

Hitman H94 - Samurai with Sword
The military nobility of Japan.

Captain Epic - Space Selfie, NASA

Soulerous - Plasma Lamp

TheSorrow - Welder by Alfred T. Palmer
You hurt, but also connect.

ZomBninjasamurai - Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette by Vincent Van Gogh
Your direct but well meaning attitude aside, the name alone is perfect for you.

Mister Teal - Monkey Selfie by David Slater
Everything I know about you is captured in that picture.

Commander Cross - Pillars of Creation by the Hubble Space Telescope
Endless possibilities, Commander. Never change.

- US Capitol, West Front
Many things change here, and very little occurs without their knowledge. (Whoa, that sounded like The Heart from Dishonored)

OriginalA - Drifting
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Ammovampir3 - The Nightwatch, by Rembrandt
Vigilant. Light and darkness in equal balance.

Alpha or Omega - Chicken egg without eggshell by Biswarup Ganguly
What came first? Keep sunny my friend.

Evil munki - Flaming cocktails
Something tells me you are going to like this picture.

To be continued.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:24 am
by Mister Teal

Admin - God

Bardian - Mr. Garrison

TheSorrow - Mysterion/Kenny McCormick

Hermit - Kyle Broflovski

Captain Epic - Clyde Donovan

Hitman - Craig Tucker

Ruliya - Sheila Broflovski

ZomB - Randy Marsh

SmilinJack - Stan Marsh

Soulerous - Mr. Slave

Skarlet - Shelly Marsh

Baron Somebody - Eric Cartman

Cookie - Princess of Canada

No but really - Bebe Stevens

EvilMunkee - Tweek Tweak