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New to FactpileTopia? START HERE

Postby Matapiojo » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:34 am

Welcome to FactpileTopia Forums.

We are an expanded community of debaters that spawned from the fictional combat site known as Factpile, a place where we pit your favorite characters from all media against one another in lethal combat where only one can be the victor. It is geek heaven!

We strongly suggest that you visit that site to get a feel for what you will see throughout your stay in our little corner of the web. If you are interested in joining our merry band of miscreants, please take the following steps:

1. Read the Forum Rules if you have not already. Learn them and abide by them at all times. They are law.
2. Lurk around. Feel free to simply observe within our different sections. With topics that span from video games, comic books, literature, computers, and all other things geek, chances are that you will find a place that will make you feel comfortable enough to speak amongst us.
3. Be heard. We all have a voice and this is the place for you to speak your mind. Once you find a topic that suits you, feel free to jump right in. The Pit will be open to all who wish to simply drop a line, or...
4. Join us! Register and Introduce Yourself to become part of this tight-knit family and be rightfully called a true Factpiler.

NOTE: Due to an incredible flood of spambots invading our community, we have been forced to become considerably more strict with new members. Posts made by registered members and guests must be approved before going live. Please do not be discouraged as you will quickly earn our trust once we are sure you are here for legitimate reasons.

If you experience problems to join, or are being confused with a spambot and thusly deleted, please contact me or any Global Moderator via Private Message prior to posting and we'll be sure to take care of the problem.

Thank you, and enjoy the forums.
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