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FactPile Standards

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:09 pm
by Mea quidem sententia
I was thinking that we all should work on some sort of standards when it comes to debating. A lot of people know what informal fallacies are, though some misuse them. I thought we should work on things that are common. For example, let's say we don't know the metal or alloy a machine is made of. If this machine could melt from an attack, how would we know how hot it became, since metals and alloys have different melting points? If we took commonality as a standard, we could assume that this machine is made of iron because iron is the most abundant metal in the Universe.

We might think that this machine is another metal as well. Titanium is better than steel in terms of strength-to-weight, so we might think many metal structures are made of titanium. Although fiction can have made up metals or alloys, if we find a hint of metals with a specific name like "iron", "steel", "titanium", or even "tin", then we can also assume our elements exist in a fictional world. This is only an example, but I thought perhaps we could work on things one at a time to make debates easier to work with.