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Book Sporks!

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Book Sporks!

Postby Commander Cross » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:38 pm

It may or may not include Manga in there if any Manga ever gets Sporked, but for now we're starting with Literary books first.

Anything ranging from the Inheritance series to twilight and its horrific Sequels are allowed, even Sporks of The Mortal Instruments are fair game.(Despite having a more sympathetic world)
Feel free to post up sporks as needed, even Sword of Truth Sporks are welcome!

Numero Uno of the Sporks for the Mortal Instruments are first up, first serve with the City of Bones sporks!

Another spork with a duty to exist, just as I have a duty to start up threads where people can
collect sporks from any series!

Bring on the Sporks, okay?

P.S: For what its worth, you're even allowed to cite up quotes from the sporks for future fights if necessary.
P.P.S: Jury's still out on whether or not Manga-related Sporks are allowed, but if they are and you have named examples on hand, feel free to post them up, okay?
Thanks. :geek:

Please help save the dragon egg.

Reminds me of factpile in general!
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Re: Book Sporks!

Postby kayleedave » Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:59 am

Great book,really I like .
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