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Re: Fairy Tail

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:27 pm
by Commander Cross
krazycrismore wrote:
Commander Cross wrote:Although I'd place 5 bucks saying that Thalia of CHB can take her on in a Badassery contest, but whether or not either can beat the other in an actual fight...yeah not in a hurry to plan that kind of match, really!At least Lightning will be there if such a match happens.

Do you know about some of the crazy things that Erza has done? The latest arc is basically the entire Fairy Tail guild just showing the rest of the magic world that they are still complete badasses.


I would never dispute Erza's Badassery, I was just talking about in a Badassery contest, is all, honest. :oops:

Although unless someone did a Badassery contest thread involving either of the two...this is bound to be a moot point, isn't it?