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LC3 Situational Thead

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Re: LC3 Situational Thead

Postby warper » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:13 pm

I can't be assed to deal with losses right now, so I'll just do basic actions.


The armoured force is to keep pushing along the north wall, securing the perimeter as they go. Once near the palace, swing off a force including at least 1000 armoured troops to engage the palace from the north.
Make sure to use the Levitator Carriages as hover APCs to follow up the tanks and work near ground level in groups with their troops, not as helicopter type things doing solo deep strikes.

Keep doing the rest as stated earlier.
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Re: LC3 Situational Thead

Postby Megaraptor18 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:44 am



Renate forces breached the walls and poured into Asger District (31) and faced moderate resistance. But they advanced through the district and took heavy fire from the defenders. They took the district and some of Gascoigne District (29) and Gavell District (32) however were unable to advance beyond that for now. Note one of the flanking Renate units moved into Gavell District upon hearing of a mobile rocket platform. Scouts are reporting there is a mobile rocket platform a few streets over from their positions. ROTHs have been shelling the area but not confirm if the platforms were destroyed as of yet.

Kotte's armored assault continues facing heavy resistance from her elite troops and Q-Men forces. They're use of teleporting and shooting psy blades are causing serious losses for Kotte forces in the armored assault. Cassandrian aircrafts increased over the skies of the armored assault the most. They managed to keep the allied crafts busy long enough for the remaining 6 Skylances to bomb sections of the armored assault. The bombings were a half success as it destroyed several ground vehicles. The Skylances managed to pull out to rearm thanks to Skyblade and Skydagger cover.

In the south the Kotte's advance didn't do so well but still managed to push their way through and took a few blocks and finish taking some districts.

Allied forces made gains against the weakening first defenses within the city and marched deeper into the city.


Cassandrians: 5,596 killed, 2,394 wounded, 399 captured

Minervians: 3,495 killed, 2,488 wounded, 438 missing

Vatan: 1,284 killed, 1,883 wounded

Crussians: 1,994 killed, 2,104 wounded

Werewolves: 293 killed, 449 wounded

Renate Master Magician: 33 killed, 29 wounded
Geist Macht: 9 killed, 12 wounded
Rifle Infantry of the Purple Rose: 71 killed, 33 wounded
Crussian Vampyre Skirmishers: 56 killed, 44 wounded

Kotte Fusilier Guard: 55 killed, 29 wounded
Kotte Grenadier Guard: 82 killed, 47 wounded
Kotte Lance Rocketeers: 29 killed, 39 wounded
Kotte Grenadiers: 12 killed, 28 wounded
Kotte Fusilier: 498 killed, 384 wounded
Kotte Fusil Chasseur: 182 killed, 299 wounded
Kotte Chasseur: 388 killed, 485 wounded
Voltigeur: 29 killed, 4 wounded
Steam Knight: 37 killed, 44 wounded
Steam Paladin: 12 killed
Kotte Dragoon: 44 killed, 89 wounded
TLV-2B Levitator Carriage: 7 destroyed
VBV-3 Maraudeur: 2 destroyed
VBV-1 Coup de Tonnerre: 12 destroyed
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