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This month in Marvel.

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This month in Marvel.

Postby Marche » Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:45 pm

I thought with july coming to a close,i would rap up the epic news coming from Marvel(with comic con and all.)
Now obviously alot of stuff went down,but for the sake of brevity i will narrow done the topics i think deserve the most attention.

http://marvel.com/news/all.13458.sdcc_2 ... on~_osborn

Anyone whose been keeping up will know this guy is in alot of hot water.What with his siege of asgard,and dealings with villians such as Loki,he is now locked up.Now he is back,in a new limited series simply titled "OSBORN".Thrown into jail with the worst of the worst,he quickly goes to work.He is going to team up with 5 of the nastiest villians(yet to be named.)Through this he also learns about how power corrupts,although he refuses to believe he did anything wrong.He believed his escapades with the avengers in the iron patriot were for the sake of good,and you can bet he will get revenge.
Here is the cover:
http://i.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/con ... 46615..jpg

Avengers Three.
http://marvel.com/news/all.13463.first_ ... gers_three

Not much is known about this series,except that it will encompass Thor,Iron Man,and Captain America in adventures through space and time.Considering that the same creative team brought us the HULK's adventures,its looking like it may worth a read.

Hulk #24
http://marvel.com/news/comicstories.134 ... hulk_%2324

This is it,the end of World War Hulks.Will we see Red Hulk finally get beaten and his ego dealt a crushing blow?I can only hope.In this issue Hulk and Rulk(Red Hulk) finally duke it out.We have to Gamma powerhouses in a smackdown of epic porpotions,that lands in august.

Marvel vs Capcom 3.
http://marvel.com/news/vgstories.13358. ... joins_mvc3

The famous fighting crossover series returns.Not only with familiar faces like Dr.Doom or Hulk,but also the Super Skrull and Thor become playable characters in this series.You don't need me to tell you,click the link and watch Thor Kick ass like only he can.

New Cartoon series
http://marvel.com/news/all.13409.first_ ... d_avengers

Now,i don't very much care for these new Marvel cartoon series,but this one doesn't look half bad.This fall Disney XD is going to his "The Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes"(that means the original,no hawkeye/the vision crap.)

Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions
http://marvel.com/news/vgstories.13289. ... sd_updates

If you haven't heard about this,basically during a fight with mysterio,the tablet of chaos and order gets broken up.Madame web calls upon 4 versions of spidermen to help bring balance to the realities.This includes Noir Spider-Man,The amazing Spider-Man,Spider-Man 2099,and Ultimate Spider-Man.This link shows us some of the baddies you will have to face.
This includes a creepy noir vulture,and intimating Juggernaut(from The Amazing universe) and a fear inducing 2099 scorpion.

Thor(The Game) Announced.
http://marvel.com/news/all.13453.thor~c ... er_trailer

Yes its true,our favorite norse god is getting his very own game.Though the teaser reveals very little,except Matt fraction will serve as a story consultant,and that this will be a 3rd person adventure.
Thor will travel through a variety of lands,facing familiar faces such as Ulik, Ymir and Surtur.Thor will not only use his trusty hammer(Mjolnir) he will also use the elements to vanquish his foes in what appears to be a God of War-esque game.
No release date yet,but i want them to actually take their time with such a game.

That about wraps up the report.For more News feel free to visit Marvel.com
-Marche out.
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