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Deathtanker's FP Veterans' Directives

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Deathtanker's FP Veterans' Directives

Postby Matapiojo » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:35 am

Originally posted by Kenny here, these tips are meant to help new and old debaters alike:

Deathtanker wrote:Well, this is the 'updated' article I had on my hard drive. Please add the points you want and we'll edit it afterward.


Fair, through and deliberate: all fine words that could be used to describe a debate site. FactPile, currently, is a dubious recipient of such adjectives in my eyes. Much has changed since I first joined more than two years ago, and not all of it has been for the better. Namely, things in terms of debate quality have gone south in my opinion. In that view, I am hardly alone. Together with other veteran debaters, we have decided to support a sustained effort to raise the overall quality of FactPile to a semblance of its old self.

What has brought down the quality of this site? Well, to answer this, we have compiled a list of directives we would like to be followed to ensure that this site doesn’t degrade itself anymore than it already has.

FP Veterans’ Directives -

    1 – Restrain yourself from suggesting matches that will clearly not receive much attention. That doesn’t mean don’t suggest a new character, it just means to use your common sense when asking – ‘Just how many people will actually debate on this?’ Ex. Kusagari Hero Vs The Prince of Persia

    2 – Research the match you are contemplating instead of just submitting it without thoroughly considering it. We would rather not have matches that are easily resolved if you just take a minute to consider and the winner is obvious right off the bat. Ex: Deadpool vs Deathstroke

    3 - Don't suggest matches where there can be no winner, (Usually due to unquantifiability) and you know it. We really don’t want to have to say, in essence, ‘which god is greater?’ Ex: Darkseid Vs Saint of Killers

    4 – Don’t submit ‘spite’ matches. Don’t like a character, fine, but don’t suggest a match that is clearly against them and has no place in serious debate. Ex: Dante, Alucard, Vampire Hunter D, Ryu Hayabusa, & Kratos Vs Holy Shonen Trinity

    5 – Read the scenario before commenting on a match. It has happened countless times in the past: someone saying something only to learn that is directly contradicts the scenario or even isn’t a factor because of said scenario. Do everyone a favor (including yourself) and read it before commenting. Nothing makes you look like a bigger tool than making a comment about a guy’s sword only to find out the scenario say’s it’s not in use.

    6 - Don't discuss an unrelated or upcoming match, that’s what the forum is for. If you're reading this and have done so, you have no excuse.

    7 - Supply proof for your claims, beliefs and judgments! If you personally believe something in accordance to a match, support it with proof. Indeed, demand proof from your fellow debaters when they make a claim. Who knows, perhaps they are lying or misremembered something?
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