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Percy Jackson and Water

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Percy Jackson and Water

Postby Alpha or Omega » Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:23 pm

So, I went through some threads involving PJ and see that people are saying water would be on the battlefield.
The reason why that water would be present in the battlefield is because they argue that rule no. 4 would support this.

4. Field of Battle
Battles take place in a neutral arena appropriate to the scope of the match (i.e. stadium, facility, city, continent, planet, galaxy, universe, etc.), and it is assumed no one side will have an undue disadvantage. This neutral setting will incorporate all associated elements for all combatants to operate at maximum efficiency.
The neutral arena incorporates a merged timeline for all parties involved parting from the point they were ported in. Combatants that have control over time or may otherwise affect the timeline may not go past this merging point.

They argue that the part that says "neutral setting will incorporate all associated elements for all combatants to operate at maximum efficiency" means that the battlefield will have some water in it(like a small lake) for Percy to use so that he operates at maximum efficiency.

While that does sound valid, maximum efficiency means the ability to fight efficiently or at peak condition, not at peak power. Percy is fully capable of fighting without water as seen throughout his series. This also violates the other part of rule 4 where it says "no one side will have an undue disadvantage"; PJ's opponent is at an disadvantage where he can't get a more powerful state or being while PJ can.

If I am wrong that maximum efficiency means peak power instead, then I apologize. However, I would ask to do the same for the other opponents.
Superman in a match would involve a blue star in the battlefield and it would never become night.
Dark Samus in a match would involve phazon on the battlefield to become more powerful.
Namor would also have a lake to perform at peak power.
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Re: Percy Jackson and Water

Postby Soulerous » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:50 pm

No, I'd say you are correct in your assessment. If nothing else, the rule is at least too vague for us to say objects or substances are put in place to pander to a combatant's powers/capabilities.
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Re: Percy Jackson and Water

Postby Friendlysociopath » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:21 pm

I've always wondered about that rule.
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