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Resistance [Discussion]

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Resistance [Discussion]

Postby ZomBninjasamurai » Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:04 pm

This is going to be the thread for all things Resistance. I will be transcripting every piece of RELEVANT intel in the games, and posting it here. As well as relevant cutscenes, and excerpts from the books I find useful.

Resistance: Fall of Man
-Line Medic Observations

Creatures enter through the
airway. Some remain outside
to mend injuries.
Injuries are self-inflicted
bruises and lacerations.
Victims compulsively try to
tear the creatures out of

Comatose State:

No pain response.
Rapid shallowing breathing.
Feverish temperature.
Profuse sweating.
Dehydration appears
inevitable if they remain
where they lay.
Enemy sometimes kills
outright, other times
infected bodies, leaving them
Found two uninfected corpses
with the flesh almost
entirely eaten away.
Infected bodies are left

March 23rd, 1950
Medical Journal: Dr. Ian Coxen

Further research into Chimeran physiology suggests their rapid regeneration ability may be the result of more than their metabolic rate alone. We have known for some time that sufficient damage will kill a Chimera outright or leave it with lasting wounds that the creature cannot heal. But recent research suggests the Chimera have developed a symbiotic bacteria which complements and amplifies their healing abilities. The bacteria are suspended in a viscous yellowish fluid our researchers have dubbed the Sym-Bac serum. We believe the bacteria is likely destroyed during the healing process, which means that the Chimera would be dependent on further injections of the serum as they sustain more damage.

Possible biological
agents involved.
AA makes air support
Enemy shows no signs of
Expect suicide attacks.




York Set Up:
Followed some Cloven down from Lancaster. Their behavior is highly unusual. Most Cloven avoid the Chimera at all costs, but these are openly engaging them. They've harassed stalker patrols for days. It's almost like they're herding them. Sgt. McIntyre wants to observe them a little longer before getting back to radio range of Northern Command.


Cloven have allowed the Chimera to completely surround them in York. They're avoiding the Chimera, only engaging them reluctantly now, as if to hold their attention. What are those damn Cloven waiting for? Why have they lured the Chimera to York?

Of Howlers:
Day 12
Have held the cathedral another night, but supplies running low. The Chimera can smell the bodies in here. Must smell like a Christmas feast to them. The lads are jittery. There are Howlers out past the perimeter. They don't attack- just keep us awake all damn night with their yapping. Saunders says he saw one of the beasts. Big as a horse and bulletproof. Says he only survived because he found an old shotgun.

Royal Army Medical Corps
Seems the crawlers avoid infected bodies. Been stacking the comatose bodies of our friends against walls to keep the crawlers out. No one has time to think about reverence, even in a church. Cpl. Lewis and I are the only medics left. Crawlers got Dr. Seaver last night. We used morphine to stop his heart. The crawlers were dead when we pulled them out. They seem to act only as a delivery mechanism for the virus. Once the subject is infected, crawlers die and are absorbed into the body.
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