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Magnus Chase (Riordanverse) Respect Thread (slight spoilers)

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Magnus Chase (Riordanverse) Respect Thread (slight spoilers)

Postby Nsl98 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:11 pm

Magnus Chase is the latest in a long line of demigod protagonists within the Riordanverse. He is the son of Frey, a Norse god of nature. Like most demigods, he inherited a few powers due to his parentage.

Demigod Abilities

Demigod Magic

Magnus possesses the ability to create a shockwave type thing that disarms large groups of people of their weapons:

Twenty or thirty einherjar raised their weapons. The anger inside of me exploded. I shouted, expelling energy like the shockwave from a bomb. Bowstrings snapped. Swords tell out of their owners' hands. Spears and guns and axes went flying into trees.
-SoS p. 128

"The battle is over," I announced. "I consecrate this ground in the name of Frey."
The words sent a shockwave in every direction. Swords, daggers, and axes flew from the fire giants' hands. T.J.'s rifle spun from his grasp. Even the weapons lying on the ground were expelled from the island, blasted into the darkness like shrapnel.

-SoS p. 461

Healing Ability

Magnus has healing abilities that allow him to heal the wounds of other people.

Healing a broken bone:
I could feel the fracture under the skin. I willed it to mend. *Crack* Blitz yelped as the bone moved back into place.
-SoS p. 151

Heals some burns:
The redness faded. Her burns disappeared. Even the singed tip of her nose healed.
-SoS p. 137

Makes his friends breathe again:
Keeping my hands against Samantha and Hearthstone's carotid arteries, I sent warmth into their circulatory systems.
-SoS p. 340

Healing internal bleeding and ruptured organs:
I sent the last of my strength coursing through his veins, repairing damage, closing ruptures.
-SoS p. 466

Now, I'd like to point out that depending on the severity of the injury, Magnus can be weakened by healing. But it is mentioned that he's growing out of that part. So most likely by EoS, we'll know the full extent of his healing.

Extreme Temperature Resistance
Due to his dad's dual nature as a bringer of summer and winter, Magnus can survive in extremely harsh temperatures and come out no worse for wear.

Takes Surt's heat, which was melting cars and concrete and knocking out people:
Surt raised his arms. Flames slithered between his fingers. At his feet the concrete bubbled. More windshields shattered. The train tracks groaned. Randolph grunted and staggered backward. Surt's heat didn't make me pass out. It just made me angry.
-SoS p. 37

Talks about it a bit:
Extreme temperatures have never bothered me. I can sleep outside in the winter without freezing to death or hold matches under my hand without getting burned.
-SoS p. 42

The doors opened and a wall of flames engulfed us both. Gunilla Stared at me as if I'd sprouted horns.
"How did you...you weren't burned..."

-SoS p. 137

Einherjar Abilities *SPOILERS*
At the beginning of the book, Magnus dies and is sent to Valhalla (Viking Heaven) and is made into a Viking supersoldier, or einherjar.

A brief description:
" You're faster and stronger and tougher than any regular mortal."
-SoS p. 119


Pulls a 500 pound head:
When we got to the boat, I yanked the chain with all my strength. The bulls head toppled off the pier and smashed into the deck.
-SoS p.219

I hit the wall. Literally.
My fist went straight through the tile, the drywall, and a two by four stud. I pulled out my hand. I wriggled my fingers. Nothing felt broken.

-SoSp. 110


Einherjar are bulletproof:
"Bullets don't have much effect on einherjar. Those guys out there with assault rifles? That's all flash and noise. They're the least dangerous people on the field."
-SoS p. 122

I plowed through a brick chimney, using my chest as a battering ram.
-SoS p. 209

Healing Factor
Thanks to being an einherjar, Magnus now has a healing factor. Due to being a Son of Frey, he actually heals faster than most einherjar.

Is noted to ressurect himself faster than the others:
"I wasn't timing my resurrection," I said. "Was it fast?"

-SoS p. 134

Heals from his battle wounds, one of which was an axe to the face:
I touched my face, but it wasn't burned. No ax was embedded there. All my battlefield wounds had vanished.
-SoS p. 134

Thanks to my ValhallaCare health plan, my injuries were already starting to mend, but I still felt sore and stiff.
-SoS p. 213

Heals from a broken leg in minutes:
I was so worried about them I forgot about my broken leg. I tried to stand and was surprised to find that I could. The leg still throbbed with agony, but it held my weight.
-SoS p. 405


Fenris is an FTE enemy:
Fenris might have been the size of a normal wolf, but even with his legs hobbled, his speed and strength were impossible to match. As soon as I stepped from the edge of the heather, he became a blur of claws and teeth.
-SoS p. 451

Magnus reacts:
Fenris lunged at my face. I cleverly escaped by falling on my butt.
-SoS p. 454

" What are you up to, Magnus? None of that!". He lunged, but before he could read me, he fell out of the air, twisting and howling with pain.
-SoS p. 456

Plus, as an einherjar, he's already faster than any normal human.

Magnus' Weapon


Magnus' sword is called Sumarbrander but he later names it Jack. Jack is a talking/levitating sword that obeys Magnus' commands. However, it comes with a catch. Once the sword returns to Magnus, he'll feel the weariness and fatigue as if he himself did what the sword did.

Jack speed blitzes the FTE Wolf from earlier:
He zipped under the Wolf's belly, threading the cord Andskoti faster than Fenris could react.
-SoS p. 457

Speed blitzes a dwarven squadron of 30 warriors and disarms and humiliates them in the time it takes to says few words:
I let go of my sword. It hovered in the air for a split second. Then it flew into action. Faster than you could say son of Edna, every dwarf was disarmed. Their weapons were cut in half, split down the middle, knocked to the ground, or diced into hors d'oeuvre size cubes. The daggers and rockets were sheared off Junior's walker. The severed ends of thirty beards fluttered to the pavement, leaving thirty shocked dwarves with fifty percent less facial hair.
-SoS p. 327

Can allegedly take out a tank:
"We should leave," Jack said. "I am awesome, but if I try to destroy a tank, the strain might kill you."
-SoS p. 329

One shots a two thousand foot tall giant:
With every bit of my strength, I threw the sword. Jack sliced skyward like a rocket powered boomerang. What happened next...wel, I wasn't sure I saw correctly. It was a long way up. But it looked like Jack flew into the giaantess' left nostril. The giantess arched her back. She made a face like she was going to sneeze. Her hands slipped from the clifftops. Jack flew out of her right nostril as the giantess' knees buckled and she fell toward us.
-SoS p. 357

One shots a 50 foot tall giant:
Jack spiraled upward, straight into Griep's right nostril and out her left. The giantess collapsed, shaking the room at 6.8 on the Richter scale.
-SoS p. 394


So yeah, that's Magnus. I'll hopefully be updating this as the new books are released. As this was my first respect thread, constructive criticism is appreciated
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Re: Magnus Chase (Riordanverse) Respect Thread (slight spoil

Postby Commander Cross » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:11 am

I spotted something regarding Bone Steel as well.

' "Can I see it? The Sword?"
I pulled off the pendant and set the sword between us, its light making Blitz's face glitter like a vein of copper in the dark.
"Breathtaking," he murmured. "Bone Steel...or something even more exotic."
"Bone Steel...T.J in Valhalla mentioned that."
Blitz didn't touch the Blade, but he passed his hand over it reverently.
"To make steel, Iron is smelted with Carbon. Most swordsmiths use coal,
but you can also use bones-the bones of enemies, or monsters, or ancestors."
"Oh..." I stared at the blade, wondering if my great-great-grandparents might be in there somewhere.
"Forged correctly," Blitz said. "Bone Steel can cut down even supernatural creatures, even Giants and Gods. Of course you have to Quench the blade in blood to harden it, preferably the blood of whatever type of creature you want the sword to be most lethal against."
The sandwiches weren't sitting so well in my stomach.
"The blade was made like that?"
"I don't know," Blitz admitted. "The Sword of Frey is Vanir Work, which is a mystery to me. It might be closer to Hearth's Elf Magic."
My spirits sank.
I'd have this idea that dwarves were good with weapon-crafting.
In the back of my mind, I've been hoping Blitzen could tell me something about the blade's secrets.'--Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Ch. 35, Thou Shalt Not Poop on the Head of Art, Pg. 252-253

One good thing about Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard(in spite of the few wrongs that ARE in the novels) is that as far as Chapter names go,
they easily wipe The Heroes of Olympus volume across the floor quite badly since the chapters of The Sword of Summer alone have ACTUAL NAMES in there, really. 8-)

I'd happily go write paragraphs with how (Except for The House of Hades!) not having named Chapters in The Heroes of Olympus volumes happen to be a very bad idea in hindsight(despite being glad Piper McLean is there), but I'm mostly here to bring the quote for Bone Steel for this thread really.

Please help save the dragon egg.

Reminds me of factpile in general!
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