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Super Combines (WH40K) Bolt Round KE Calc

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Super Combines (WH40K) Bolt Round KE Calc

Postby Siggymansz » Sun May 17, 2015 10:36 pm

Quoted Wholesale for now, I'll leave this here for the proper authorities to do with it what they will

Super Combine
Thing is you won’t find one definite answer for that because bolters and bolt rounds vary greatly and not all of them explode people according to some depictions. However, to give a very rough guesstimation, it’d be less than 1 megajoule to blow a person up (a few hundred kilojoules could probably do it), from the inside. Basing it on the kind of damage a hand grenade does.

Now for a rough calc on it’s kinetic energy minus the explosive charge. So far all I’ve found on it’s possible weight is an uncited “0.08 kilograms” on the Bolt Pistol wiki. I’ll run with it for now. It’s speed is super sonic at least, but that covers a huge range. Another problem is it uses a both a normal charge and a rocket to propel itself. As I’d rather not use some of the more ridiculous feats like “a bolt round fired from a chaos marine covers over 3-4 kilometers in less than a second”, I’ll give it the same muzzle velocity as the 20x102mm rounds fired by the M61 Vulcan, 1035 m/s. I’m going to give the mini rocket the max velocity of an RPG, 300 m/s. So, a hypothetical average bolt round can reach up to 1335 m/s after a few meters. Okay, calc time.

Formula – KE=1/2(M*(V*V))
1335 x 1335 = 1782225
1782225 x 0.08 = 142578
142578 x 0.5 = 71289

71 kilo joules. That’s above a modern day 20mm autocannon, which fits well with the depiction in lore of bolters>autocannons.

On a slightly unrelated note, something that’s bugged me while trying to find the exact length of a standard bolt round is the lack of official images on bolt rounds. I pixel scaled a bolt round (it’s rather stubby) from the Ultramarine movie and got 71×188 pixels, or 19x50mm (rounded).

[url=farm5.staticflickr.com/4064/4327705706_857aa28b68_z.jpg]Picture 1[/url]

I also tried pixel scaling off a model of a Sternguard’s bolter, though he may be using specialized ammo.


14 pixels by 45. Length is 3.2x the height.

Supposedly the new Space Hulk game shows bolt rounds fired from a storm bolter that are around 19x114mm, maybe specialized ammo as well considering they’re fighting Tyranids. *shrug*
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