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Vampire Hunter D

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Re: Vampire Hunter D

Postby Amm0vamp1r3 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:54 pm

D moves so fast he leaves after images
“D went right up to the baron. A mellifluous ching! split the night air. The baron had parried D’s blade with the back of one steel gauntlet. At the same time the other hand made a horizontal swipe at D’s face. Meg saw the footlong claws at the end of the baron’s fingers tear through the pale and beautiful visage. However, D remained as he was, while the baron staggered. This was because D had stepped back with ungodly speed, leaving the claws to slash through empty space. What Meg had seen ripped apart was an afterimage left by the incredible speed of the Hunter’s movements.”

. “Vampire Hunter D Volume 25: Undead Island.”

Vampires of the VHD verse have a powerful healing factor that can even expel foreign objects.

“For vampires, any wound save a blow to the heart or decapitation would heal almost instantly. However, the foe Gildea faced now was something that surpassed all imagining. He had an ominous feeling the agony that should’ve vanished in a second would continue forever, and the dagger that should’ve come out of him naturally due to internal pressure wouldn’t budge at all, as if it were stuck in stone. Grabbing hold of it, the baron applied additional power. Hellish pain ravaged his brain cells, and he passed out.”

. “Vampire Hunter D Volume 25: Undead Island.”

D vs Duke Dandorian around 1:
“D’s eyes were trained on the open palm of the duke’s hand. On his palm alone pale flesh was exposed, and an eye had been scribed there with black lines. Its pupil was blazing red. It was unclear whether or not D noticed that, for an instant, his own staggering form burned there.
The duke closed his hand into a fist.
“As you can see, I suffer from an illness. When I first did battle with you, it had already gnawed me down to the bone. There are afflictions that even the full power of the Nobility’s knowledge cannot cure. I was still suffering from it when I was destroyed. When I was resurrected of late, I was asked what should be done about my affliction. A cure was possible. However, if it were to remain, I would be given another power—the power to triumph over D. I chose the latter without hesitation.
“The duke opened his left hand. D was still reflected in the eye scribed there.
“Just now, I have taken in everything about you. With this, I shall know your location no matter where you go. And I shall see your actions. And like so, I can also prevent them.”
He moved his left hand as if beckoning to D.
“Come,” the duke said. “Come to me.”
D stood there with his sword aimed at his opponent’s eye, but his body shook for an instant. As if fighting some unseen force.
D’s right foot took a step forward.
“This can’t—” the hoarse voice began, surprise suffusing its tone.
D started to take a second step, but managed to stop himself.”
“I should expect no less from the man who slew me. But how about—this?”
The duke hauled back his right hand. Drawn by invisible strings, D stepped forward—and the duke’s sword pressed into the base of the Hunter’s neck.
Fresh blood stained the sun-dappled air.”
“Anyone who knew D could well imagine the scene where a bloody mist hung in the air. However, the blood sprayed from the Hunter. Duke Dandorian’s sword had quite clearly slashed D open from the right shoulder to the left lung. Anyone would’ve recognized that the fight was over. The proof of that was the way Dandorian radiated delight from every inch of his body—but rather than topple as he should’ve, D made a great bound.
As the duke stood there in the wide, haughty stance of a temple guardian, a stark flash sank into his chest. From midair D had hurled a rough wooden needle—however, the duke’s shoulder quaked with laughter. Not surprisingly, D dropped to one knee when he landed on the grass some five yards away, and from there he saw something bizarre. The needle he’d hurled had stopped about four inches shy of the duke. Wrapped around it to halt its deadly flight were bandages steeped in blood and pus.
“There was more than just one bandage covering Dandorian’s body. His face, hands, feet, and torso were all bound in multiple strips, the ends of which weren’t secured but fluttered in the wind. It was simple enough to see that two of them were wound about D’s projectile, but in light of the speed with which it’d been traveling, that seemed impossible.
“These strips of cloth guard me from any and all attacks. A cloth fortress, if you will. Wait, D! Cease your pointless struggling, for I now come to tear you to pieces.”
Perhaps the duke had entirely forgotten his deadly beckoning power now, but the eyes to be glimpsed from between the bandages gave off a blood light of hate and anticipation. Treading across the grass, the duke began his walk over to a foe dredged up from his past.
D didn’t move from where he’d touched down, and the blood spilling from his shoulder struck the black earth and green grass like a veritable torrent, never stopping for a second. And now he got right to his feet.”
“The duke stopped in his tracks. He was stunned to see D’s taste for battle hadn’t waned in the least. The Noble’s ungodly abilities to attack and defend gave him wholehearted confidence. Would the left hand he extended toward D make another deadly beckoning to the bloodied Hunter?
Dandorian started to take another step forward, but his leg suddenly bent at an angle. Before he could fall lengthwise, a hair-raising cry of agony from the mouth beneath the bandages was broadcast to the world.
“This is too . . . Damnation . . . The time for battle . . . D, we’ll meet—”
His voice cut out there, and the duke’s body fell onto the grass. Or rather, it crumpled. By the look of things, all that remained there was a mound of clothes and bandages.”

“Vampire Hunter D Volume 25: Undead Island.”
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Re: Vampire Hunter D

Postby Amm0vamp1r3 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:02 am

Duke Dandorian takes million degree laser vision and keeps going
“The duke’s reaction was a second too slow. Twin beams of red pierced Dandorian’s shoulders and eyes at almost the same time. The beams’ hundred million degrees of temperature could stave off even the regenerative powers of a Noble’s indestructible cells for quite some time.
As the duke dropped dejectedly to his knees, Danae pulled Meg close and said, “I shall take my punishment later. I’m off to bring the girl to the confinement center for the test subjects.”
And with that he turned his back on the duke.
After walking about thirty feet, Danae halted. He turned around.
Flattened snakes were trailing along at his feet. They carpeted the corridor, and the instant he realized they were the same bandages that Duke Dandorian wore, Danae shoved Meg forward and prepared to make a leap.”
“The time he’d given Meg meant he was too late. The bandages wrapped around Danae’s ankles in midair and dragged him back down the corridor, where the other flattened snakes wrapped around him en masse and tightened. Flesh popped and bones creaked. A scream of pain and bloody foam erupted from Danae’s mouth.
“I shall tear you to bits, Lord Danae,” Duke Dandorian told him as he staggered to his feet, his words like a hex. “Take off your arms, your legs—even your head. And then I shall impale your torso on a pike.”

. “Vampire Hunter D Volume 25: Undead Island.”

Ds senses
“D alone was another matter. His senses were superhuman, or perhaps inhuman, and the five of them—or a sixth, or a seventh—could see figures invisible to others, detect the odorless, and hear the silent. Naturally, that was the case while awake, but even when shrouded in the clouds of sleep it was unchanged. His senses were telling him that at present, he was in a dream.”

Excerpt From
Vampire Hunter D Volume 26: The Bedeviled Stagecoach

D supporting several tons

“A stark light flashed. Cutting through the straps that bound the horses to the stagecoach as if they were paper, D dodged the falling animals and took an easy step forward, where he put his left hand against the bottom of the falling stagecoach.
Supporting several tons, D’s hitherto straight left arm bent like a spring. However, it was a spring made of steel. The spot where his left hand made contact maintained what might’ve been the best balance in the universe, stopping the stagecoach. With just one hand, D righted the vehicle before getting out of the way.”

Vampire Hunter D Volume 26: The Bedeviled Stagecoach

And again
“For an instant, the stagecoach stopped tilting. That was all D needed. Bounding to the slope below the vehicle, he used his left hand to support its weight. Just as his legs were about to sink into the damp earth, he put all his might into his arm. It was said that, to human beings, the most frightening part about the Nobility wasn’t their hypnotic gaze, but rather their monstrous strength. However, if even the Nobles were to see this, their eyes would’ve bugged in disbelief. Literally one handed, D was pushing several tons of listing vehicle back from the brink of a pit. As a result of his efforts, he and the muddy earth beneath him were being drawn into the pit. However, as if entrusting his body to invisible wires, he sailed in a wide arc and landed on the roof of the stagecoach. His dark eyes, clear and deep, peered coolly down into the pit.”

Vampire Hunter D Volume 26: The Bedeviled Stagecoach
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