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Kyousuke Hyoubu respect

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Kyousuke Hyoubu respect

Postby Friendlysociopath » Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:19 pm

Hyoubu Kyousuke is currently the most powerful high level multi-powered Esper. Kyousuke is a highly skilled ESP user who has a wide range of abilities (which is very rare). He can use most of them simultaneously and combine them which make him a very capable fighter. While originally he possessed only Psychokinesis, after seeing his friends die one by one in front of him, somehow his friends' abilities transferred to him, such as Electrokinesis, Teleportation, Psychometry, Pyrokinesis and Hypnosis.
In Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke uses a pin on his collar which is a limiter to keep his powers in check. when he turns off the limiter he can boost to his unlimited mode and release his full power. It was heavily implied that unleashing his power put additional strain on his body and because of that it was better to be sealed. When reactivating his Limiter, he has a habit of saying "Time, eternally stop."

Onto respect then I guess-
Any mention of a 'Major' is Hyoubu:

Episode 1: Paranormal Jailbreak
The show starts right off with showing the Major casually slaughtering troops in order to get some attention.
A squad of trained soldiers is entirely unable to deal with the Major's antics, he also barely demonstrates the slightest amount of stress during these events.
He appears to teleport and fight with his abilities simultaneously, making him hard to keep track of.
It is shown that he can easily rip a human body apart without even being near them.
He demonstrates some combat tactics by teleporting a fuel-tank down a narrow alley instead of himself; tricking soldiers into shooting it.
Then there are some tanks, they fire upon the Major who shields himself from the shots before teleporting a tank skywards and throwing it on the other two.
He finishes his assault off by disabling 3 helicopters with a snap of the fingers before allowing himself to be captured.
A very Berserker-looking ESP experiment is unleashed against the Major, who fights it without extreme difficulty.
It should be noted that the Berserker has limited precog- something the Major does not. He is still able to outmaneuver it for the most part through sheer speed and quick thinking.
The Berserker is more or less bullet-proof, although they did appear to cause it some pain. Its precog doesn't work on the Major's ally because he is immune to ESP abilities.
The Major activates Unlimited Mode, allowing him full access to his powers. Cue stock footage.
The Major shows off a little bit by allowing his steps to make larger and larger craters in the floor.
He follows this up by hurling the Berserker to the ceiling and then making it explode.
That concludes Episode 1.

Episode 2: The Melody of Assassination
The Major himself doesn't have a great deal of feats in this episode.
You can see his allies beating up some mafia types though; with nearby tourists being none-the-wiser.
While offscreen, it appears the Major was attacked- he is very nonchalant about it.
The Major responds to a sudden (though expected) betrayal, extra style points for making the enemy look good before they die.
Oh right, details; he controls the enemy troops' minds to make them think they actually shot him.
Then he hypnotizes the entire group into believing everyone else in the room is him, followed by them all shooting one another dead.
The Major mentions that he died when he was betrayed before engaging an enemy esper at long range.
Said esper throws a wave of energy several blocks to shatter all of the windows in the Major's room.
The Major stops every shard of glass from flying and cutting him and his allies before lowering them to the floor.
The Major fires a return blast- leveling everything between him and his enemy.
That concludes Episode 2.

Episode 3: Cleanliness and Pollution
Again, not a lot of feats- except for one big one that I'm not 100% sure the Major is responsible for- though the detective involved specializes in knowing Hyobou's abilities and says only he could do it.
Every female in the city took on the appearance of the princess thanks to mass hypnosis. Hyobou can still use his typical abilities while maintaining this.
That concludes Episode 3.
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Re: Kyousuke Hyoubu respect

Postby Josarujung » Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:29 am

I think these materials utilized.
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Re: Kyousuke Hyoubu respect

Postby Aventook » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:03 am

I still do many things. Well not good enough I want everyone's opinions.
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