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Postby Soulerous » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:05 am

Sometimes I write poems, and they do no good merely existing. So I'm going to post one here for any who enjoy this sort of thing. I may post others in the future, and if anyone wants to comment or share a poem of their own, that's fine too.

Enchanted Forest

I lay one night unconscious, dreaming, longing for my soul to fly
In fact I wondered within mind if ever I would live or die
And then the turn for which I longed, the requite of my soul’s sweet song
Was but a simple matter then, I flew with haste to distant glen
Over mountain, sparkling sea, faster than mine eye could see
Without a single thought for halt I clung with urgency to dream
Arriving within verdant glade to ponder glory circling scene
And unto me it felt as though the worth of such would overflow
For I had never witnessed yet such marvels that now sought to grow
Eternally in greens and blues upon the earthy mountain views
But then I found within me stirred the seed of consciousness, I spurned
Its’ power, seeking to withhold the vision that had mystic turned
If only to see what I could reveal in that enchanted wood
And almost like a death I fought the wakening, and so withstood
The bitterness of tragic end, and found my path through forestland
Azure mists hung in the air and beckoned me to wander there
I crept along the magic creek that flowed away without a care
And though I wandered without thought ‘cross the soft and grassy ground,
Eventually I paused to think and find myself amid the shroud
Of feeling that had numbed me so to life beyond the shallow wonder
Of the mystery and magic that I now found I was under
Trapped I was, and could not sever this sequence of dreamer’s fever
I had thirsted for so long, thus began my bitter song
Of all the fates I had imagined weaving me into their cloth
I never once considered I'd indulge in bliss and end up lost
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Re: Poetry

Postby Soulerous » Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:34 pm

Ze Dark Salad

Salad once dismembered me. I was surprised as I could be.
To have leaves swiftly leap to life, their edges sharpened like a knife.
It's sauces cauterized my wound, and left me armless without food.
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Re: Poetry

Postby Soulerous » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:11 am

Sailing Sorrow

“Sail long and find the shore,” my true love said in sorrow
“For I am dying fast and will be dead tomorrow.”
Long ago that was, and my tears now intermingle
With the silver sea that holds someone newly single
The boat is white and grey and gliding on through endless waves
And I cannot but softly weep throughout these gloomy days
Stains of blood remind me and the water plays our song
And I begin to hope my strength will fail before long
Our dream was beautiful and pure, our hope had grown divine
We sought to sail through mystic sea, past ravages of time
But cruel turn had dashed those dreams, and now I am alone
My lover rests beneath the surface, never to return
Cloudy blanket up above, pale light that shines
On my still and numbing form that weeping love still binds
If wishes could enable me to bring back who I lost
I’d wish on every nighttime star, no matter what the cost
As our boat carries only me away, I care not where
I lay curled beneath the sunless sky, long given to despair
Floating aimlessly with pain burning in my core
Eyes of red and heart bleeding; all of it is sore
My love’s last wish was that I save myself and start anew
But I can truly live no longer. I’m so cold but growing warmer.
I close my eyes and do not open them.

I cry until I stop.
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