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Realm of Chaos and Order

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Realm of Chaos and Order

Postby krazycrismore » Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:02 pm

Before I begin posting the story, I would like to thank everyone that played the Dice RP for this story. You really helped me flesh out many of the characters that are in this story. You also helped me work out some of the finer details of the story. Although I greatly enjoyed some of your characters, I am not going to be using any of them for this story.


Ordina looked at Earth alongside her sister Muchosa. She knew what she had to do in response to her sister breaking the contract they had made. She knew what the consequences would be, but there was no other option left to her.

"Have you chosen your champions?" Ordina asked her sister, straining to hide her rage.

"I have. I assume that you have also chosen yours. It seems that our little competition will finally come to an end." Muchosa replied.

"It seems that way. We both know that this will alert the others of this world. Perhaps our competition will be resolved before the others arrive. This is why we were not supposed to champions. I suppose I cannot blame you for your actions, it is your nature after all."

"Even knowing that his outcome would happen, you agreed to this contest anyways. The champions have been chosen, it is time to finally see which is the superior motive for humanity, Chaos or Order."
"One miracle, my lord. Delivered as requested. That should hold them back for a few hours. Long enough?"
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