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Watch The Worlds Burn.

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Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Cannibal Cookie » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:45 pm

This is just a little something I've been writing for a couple of months, I've never actually posted it on a site or even written it on a computer before now. Anyways, here goes nothing. I'll start with the timeline.


2128 A.D. Cybernetic prosthetics allow amputees to live normally.

2156 A.D. Cybernetics become commonplace as means to amplify ones abilities.

2190 A.D. The perfection of nanomachines eliminate virtually all sickness.

2204 A.D. Humanity engineers bacteria capable of terraforming Mars.

2206 A.D. Nanomachines become capable of translating all Earthly languages.

2212 A.D. The first stable colony settles on Mars.

2299 A.D. Mars is fully terraformed and it's population breaks one billion.

2301 A.D. Breakthrough in FTL study is made, construction begins on the Motivator. The first FTL capable ship. Training for it's crew begins.

2309 A.D. The first space station beyond the asteroid belt is built orbiting Jupiter.

2319 A.D. The Motivator is completed, and it's first flight is scheduled.

2320 A.D. The Motivator sets out on it's inaugural flight. FTL testing is successful.

2342 A.D. Plans are made to terraform and colonize the first extrasolar planet. Newly named Provenance.

2345 A.D. Second FTL capable ship is constructed. Construction begins on a shipyard to orbit Earth.

2346 A.D. The Provenance mission is sent out and returns successfully.

2355 A.D. The 5th mission to Provenance reports that it's terraforming is complete.

2360 A.D. Earth's newly formed planetary government the United Earth Republic sets in motion a plan to colonize fifty planets in the next hundred years.

2398 A.D. Humanity's first encounter with intelligent alien life on the desert planet of Curiosity. A science and military expedition is dispatched to the planet to search for sentient life.

2399 A.D. Curiosity's expedition encounters a somewhat primitive sentient tribal reptilian species that call themselves Skedons.

2400 A.D. Curiosity's expedition translates the Skedons language.

2402 A.D. The UER sets up a permanent outpost on Curiosity.

2456 A.D. The second instance of sentient life is encountered on the waterworld of Atlantis. Despite initial difficulties with communicating with a completely aquatic species, communication is established. Though they lack spacetravel, the Rashtal do have some advanced technologies beyond our own.

2457 A.D. The UER shoots down a request by the Expedition on Atlantis to share technology with the Rashtal.

2468 A.D. Two more sentient species are discovered in one year. On the planet of Tesla the large Batlike species who refer to themselves as the Octus. On the planet of Emancipation, the smaller than human yet fiercely tempered furry mammalian species known as the Morin.

2470 A.D. Alien rights activists emerge demanding the UER uplift the species encountered, and allow them off their planets.

2476 A.D. A science team on the harsh planet of Charity begins testing on ways to make the colonists more hardy and able to survive the planet's harsh conditions.

2477 A.D. Charity's science team accidentally unleashes a virus capable of bypassing nanomachines and inducing highly adaptive mutation in humans. Unfortunately it also drives most into a murderous rage.

2478 A.D. The Stalker Virus decimates humanity across the galaxy.

2480 A.D. With three quarters of humanity lost, the UER asks the Roshtal for their help.

2481 A.D. The Roshtal create a vaccine for the Stalker Virus. Distribution of it begins.

2482 A.D. All living humans have been vaccinated against the Stalker Virus, however it's victims still continue to decimate humanity that wanders past the barriers patrolled by military robots and soldiers. Very few pockets outside of these safe zones still exist.

2484 A.D. With most of Humanity's military preoccupied with defending the pockets of civilization. In a desparate action, the UER decides to reach out for help, a task force of Human, Octus and Skedon military is formed to try and retake Earth.

2485 A.D. Paris becomes the first city in the Red Zone to be declared safe, reconstruction begins, the task force reports heavy casualties.

2486 A.D. The Octus and Skedon leadership threaten to pull support if they do not get open trade with humanity. Operations to retake numerous planets commence.

2487 A.D. The Interstellar Open Trade Act is passed despite heavy resistance. The volleyball sized insectoid species known as the Vot is uncovered living deep underground on the planet of Starak(Human name: Millenium). Their advanced laser technology, and hostility towards humanity leads the UER to bar all non-military travel to the planet.

2488 A.D. Scavenging areas on planets that were ruined during the outbreak becomes a popular and lucrative lifestyle of many, it is however also incredibly dangerous.. The first apparatus allowing Roshtal to live temporarily outside of the water is constructed.

2489 A.D. Now. Where the story will be picking up.

Anyways, depending on how sick I get of typing, I will either be following just on singular character. Or I might include parts where it follows some other characters. A la Dune. The foremost protagonist is a sentient being. So those of you hoping for a story about an amoeba or a piranha, I am sorry.
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"Once had student that gave a thesis on the history of the American police drama, I graded him down because he didn't mention Miami Vice."
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Re: Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Soulerous » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:06 pm

Interesting timeline.


This seems fitting. This song actually scared a lot of people when it came out.
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Re: Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Draco » Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:28 am

Interesting timeline, yes, I am interested in what is to come.
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Re: Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Cannibal Cookie » Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:28 pm

Anna awoke as the ship dropped out of FTL. The ship had developed a lurch when dropping out of FTL a few weeks ago, at first everyone was complaining about it, but now they had gotten used to it. It still woke them up everytime though. As soon as she awoke, Anna's head was throbbing, a painful reminder of how much she had to drin the night before. In what could only be described as a zombie-like manner, she sat up at the end of her bed and staggered to the dresser about a meter in front of her bed. Without even looking down at the dresser, she grabbed the HUD device from atop it. Raising the HUD device to her ear, it activated upon registering the small subdermal implant in her right ear, wrapping itself around her ear, and extending a small transparent screen in front of her eye. As it did so, it activated and synced with the nano machines inside her body, a flood of readouts on everything from her pulse to body fat, she didn't pay attention to any, within a minute the nanomachines were done, and had gotten rid of her symptoms. After getting her gear on and straightening her hair, Anna grabbed her sidearm from beneath her pillow, a BR-14 Gauss Pistol, and holstered it at her left hip before leaving her quarters.

As she entered the corridor beyond her quarters, Anna was greeted by the sight of their Morin crew member Grash doing the same down the corridor a few meters. Most of his squat body was armored as he walked toward Anna, save for his furry head, his helmet held at his side. Grash was white with a few light brown spots, most notable of which was surrounding his left eye, standing at only 127cm, and looking almost like a bear, his appearance decieved just how effective he was in combat, as well as his attitude. ventually as he made it to her position in the corridor she matched his pace and took a place alongside him.

"So, are you excited?" She asked him with a ever so slight grin across her face.

He looked up at her for a moment before looking back to his path. "Should I be?"

"We have an opportunity to search a UER facility before the military get here and take everything, who knows what we migh find!" Her voice betrayed her age, sounding more like an excited school girl than a battle hardened scavenger.

"Really? We get to search a facility probably completely overrun by infected, and who knows what security protocols are still active. Joy oh joy" His voice was deep and growly, but that didn't prevent the sarcasm from coming across clearly.

Anna rubbed the top of his furry head as she spoke"Oh cmon, we'll be fine!"

He raised his helmet from his side, and put it on in response. "Yeah, because I'll be there to save your asses."


The trip to the armory was completely uneventful aside from some small talk with Grash. Upon their arrival at the armory however they were greeted by the sight of Gregor, the Captain of the crew, and at 213cm, a mountain of a man, his bald head reflecting lights of the armory off of it as he strode his way out as they entered, weapons already in had. "The hold in fifteen." He said in passing, his Russian accent soliciting a nod from Anna and Grash as they entered the armory. Grash immediately cut to the left to grab his flechette shotguns while Anna went straight ahead, eyes locked on her massive weapon. The EPW-1, or at least that is what they called it, one of the few plasma weapons in use. It stood about as tall as Grash, and had it not been for it's carbon fiber construction would have been too heavy for anyone to carry. Though it was still unwieldy due to it's size, it was unmatched for sheer single shot firepower unless you wanted to use conventional ordinance like rockets, although the plasma rifle afforded alot more shots without having to reload. He r choosing to use the weapon was the source for much discussion amongstthe crew. Most people were afraid to use plasma weapons due to their unreliability and possibility of disintigrating everything withing five feet if they get damaged, and aren't repaired before fired. Nonetheless her carrying it had saved lives on a few occasions, so people quit questioning it. She grabbed the weapon and locked it into the custom hiolster on her back, a good part of it still sticking out above her like an antenna.

Grash was already gone and presumably halfway to the hold by the time Anna left the armory. She slowly walked through the corridors toward the hold, noone ever got there on time anyways. Even if they had already entered Eden's atmosphere, they still had to locate the facility. Eventually she got to the hold, and as she expected all that was there was Gregor and Grash.

(Sorry I forgot all about this until today, I had two power outages while writing, so I didn't have time to get all that I wanted to up. This is all just the really dull stuff where I introduce the characters, also, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I couldn't use spellcheck for some reasoin... I'll correct them when I get off work.)
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"Once had student that gave a thesis on the history of the American police drama, I graded him down because he didn't mention Miami Vice."
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Re: Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Cannibal Cookie » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:22 am

Taking a quick look around the hold everything was as it should be, their salvage equipment already packed onto their vehicles nice and tidy, Grash and Gregor talking about something amongst themselves. Gregor's cybernetic right eye glowing green as he stared at his significantly smaller counterpart. Anna looked into the reflection of one of the cases, containing a cutting torch if she remembered correctly, it's metallic sheen reflecting an image of herself at her, her purple hair hanging down towards it, obscuring her face slightly, she adjusted her hair, pulling it behind her ears. After she finished she made her way to the edge of the hold, sitting aginst the wall, waiting for the ship to land at it's destination. Just as her butt touched the cold metal floor the sight of Shar'D'Bast, the crew's Skedon crew member, and self proclaimed stealth specialist came into view, from where she had just been, heading directly for her. With four legs, a tail, and still standing at around 185cm, Shar wasn't what you'd expect to be a stealth specialist. However, growing up on Tash, or as the human's called it, Curiosity, his species had not developed gunpoweder even, and still used bows and spears to hunt. This as well as their dual opposable thumbs, speed, and extremely tough skin made them excellent fighters, and Shar was one of the best. Of course, even the great Skedon weren't perfect, their cold blooded nature and extremely hot home planet meant that they needed to wear a heating device at all times that they were on human planets. As he approached, Anna looked him over, like normally he had his US Blades at his sides, bow and quiver on his back, almost completely hiden by his heaght, while Skedon heating devices came in many varieties, Shar wore a large vest that had multiple redundancies, just in case. Once he was within earshot of her he spoke.

"Anna, just the human I wanted to see, double or nothing next time? You bled me dry last night. I have kids to feed you know." Shar made Skedon hand gestures as he spoke, completely foreign and nonsensical to her.

Anna stared blankly as he closed the distance between them, she didn't remember any gambling the night before, though she didn't remember much of anything from the night before. "I know you don't have any kids Shar. Besides, we'll all be millionaires after this."

A smile immediately came across his face, or the closest thing to a smile a Skedon could do. "YOu know I don't have any kids that I know of big difference."

Anna giggled slightly and responded "Oh yes, I always forget, you're big playboy lizard, that's why you're in the ass of space with us right?"

He got to wall Anna was leaning against and sat next to her. "Gotta give women like you something to look at."

"And I appreciate it, it is always good for a laugh." Anna glanced back up to the entrance of the hold just in time to see two more enter. Their Octus member, and the only other female of the group everyone just called her 'Zeta' because her name was far too long to say in a pinch. She generally wasn't a combatant on their salvage missions, though she did carry two Octus Sonic Blasters and wore a light set of armor that covered all but her wings and head, still allowing for limited flight, there was no way to describe her apart from looking like an very large bat, but with more leg, and less body, as well as a more cat-like nose than a snout. Her main purpose in the group was her natural sonar ability, it far outstripped anything human technology had been able to create thus far, it had proven a very useful skill to have when they were searching for valuable items. Beside her, slightly smaller than her, but still taller than Anna, the crew's 'technician' Hank, he was a smal paranoid man in his mid-30s with a thick full brown beard, and long greasy hair, he wore bulky armor, he had multiple small cybernetic 'upgrades', and always carried a submachine gun and a rocket launcher, that he had never once even fired. Today was likely no exception They walked back and forth talking amongst themselves as they waited for the ship to reach it's destination.

The wait wasn't long, within a minute, the ship had landed and the doors to the hold were opening to allow them to depart upon their mission. An action that was met the somewhat distant shout of "Hold up, I'm on my way" coming from within the ship. Followed shortly after by the youngest member of the crew, Jake, running into the hold cradling his Gauss Assault Rifle. Jake was a survivor Gregor had found while scavenging Earth, now he was also the ship's pilot. With a cybernetic left arm, and leg as well as his left ear, she often teased him about getting the rest of that half 'cyborged'. He had short buzzcut blonde hair, and a surprisingly handsome face.

Gregor had everyon fall in as the hold's door lowered completely revealing the lone complex they would be searching as well as the blizzard-like conditions outside, and allowing a chilling wind to flood the hold. The sight of the weather stirred a muttering from Shar that she couldn't understand, Skedon hated cold weather, so it was no surprise.

Gregor's voice boomed loudly withing the hold, drowning out the howling wind from outside. "This facility went quiet about thirty-six hours ago. Luckily we believe we were the closest people with an FTL capable ship at the time. We should have a good six hours on the UER. That said, we can't leave any trace of ourselves, this is a government complex, and if they know it was us, they will not hesitate to sieze their property, and leave us with not so much as a 'Thank you.' This was the sole government installation on this planet, and the few civilizations can't afford to spare their protection, that, and the the remote location means it is unlikely anyone has come up here before us. So, if it moves, you probably want to kill it, most likely this facility was overrun by infected. Peculiar for a colony planet this sparsely populated, and a complex this well defended, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. So let's move out!"

The group made their way out of the ship and into the cold outside, the ship's massive door closing behind them.
"Once had student that gave a thesis on the history of the American police drama, I graded him down because he didn't mention Miami Vice."
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Re: Watch The Worlds Burn.

Postby Cannibal Cookie » Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:20 pm

The air was cold against Anna's exposed face, and worked it way throughout the rest of her body in short order, her teeth chattered for a moment before she gained her composure. As they made their way from the landing pad just outside the complex she grabbed her weapon from her back, putting the shoulder strap on to support it at her waist. You could never bee too careful, especially in low visibility conditions like these.Glancing around she noticed most of the others had unholstered their weapons, preparing for the possibility of hostile entities. As they made their way to the entrance she glanced around at the exterior of the complex, no visible damage, even the defense turrets looked intact, if inactive, she had scavenged from alot of places before, and this was by far the best looking yet. Everything appeared to be pristine, and she was fine with that, until she looked down, immediately regretting her decision to do so. Looking down she saw Shar's footprints in front of her, the most recent of which had revealed a patch of pink snow, she tried to rationalize it, any number of things could cause snow to be pink after all, but no matter how hard she tried, one single grim conclusion haunted her. She considered telling the others, but dismissed the idea, there was no need to worry them as well, whatever had done it, they had seen worse.

After an uneventful maybe 40 yard trudge through the snow they reached an entrance to the complex, it was at one of the smaller buildings, about the size of a medium sized house, probably an unimportant lab or storage room, but their ticket inside. Hank immaediately got to work on the panel beside the door, it's red light slowly blinking. He prodded off it's cover, and grabbed a wire from a bag at his hip. Anna shuddered slightly as he plugged it directly into his head, and then into the panel. While none of the humans in the group, herself included were 'pure' him plugging wires into his head always creeped her out. It was about a minute before Hank's gravely voice shouted "Bingo!" and the door opened.

Gregor led the way, his massive minigun probing the doorway before entering into what was son revealed to be an armory, all throughout it was thirteen foot aisles filled with guns, explosives, and other forms of weaponry. That led to some immediate elation from a good portion of the group, herself included, weapons were worth alot, and an armory of this size, could set them up for years, as long as they got it all off the planet before the UER arrived. Despite the somewhat small size of the room, Gregor had them split up into pairs to search it, leaving Zeta to stand guard at the door. As usual, she was with Shar, replacing her plasma rifle on her back, locking it into place, she unholstered her sidearm, Shar brandishing his US knives, both about as long as a machete, but in the style of traditional Skedon warblades. They were in just beginning down the third aisle they had checked, this one appearing to be devoted entirely to explosive ordnance when Hank's voice came over the radio. "Guys, you might want to see this. South wall." One of the many perks of nanomachines was the built in compass if you needed it, Shar stared at her until she pointed behind them and turned around, heading towards Hank's location. When they arrived they saw what he had been referring to. The entire wall was devoted to twenty massive box-like pods, each with a small window in front of it, revealing what to her, just looked like a mess of parts.

"Congratulations, you found their refrgierators. Now if you can just find their microwaves, we'll be set I'm sure." Gregor allowed his gun to hang by it's strap around his shoulder, as stepped closer to look into one of the windows. "What am I looking at?"

Hank smiled from ear to ear. "Sir, these are storage pods for GX-01 Combat Robots, and you see this green light here?" He raised his hand to a green light on the pod, and all the others on the wall, everyone watching closely as he did so. "This means that they're in there too. each one of these robots is easily worth hundreds of millions."

"That is great! I want you to get started on moving them onto the ship immediately." Gregor tried to hide the enthusiasm in his voice, but only managed to control it near the end of his statement.

Hank took a deep breath before responding. "Sir, aren't you curious as to why they're here? If this facility was abandoned, surely they wouldn't leave something this valuable, that could keep up with them even, and if it was attacked, well they're combat robots. It just seems odd. I have never heard of a scavenge team finding these before, and for good reason."
"Once had student that gave a thesis on the history of the American police drama, I graded him down because he didn't mention Miami Vice."
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