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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:38 pm

Chapter 13
“Do you think that he will be meeting us peacefully?” asked James.
“I doubt it” I replied. “In any case we should be prepared to leave in a hurry.”
“I agree, let‘s be ready to leave in a hurry in case they‘re not peaceable.” Atticus said.
“Nata,” I asked “What do you think?”
“You are asking me, I thought I was free to go?”
“Yes, it seems that you would know something about this place, or its commander. And you are free to go, but good luck getting out of here alone.”
“I know almost nothing. Just that the Castellan is one of the greatest military minds in this planet’s history. He rivals the High Strategists of my race. That was why this place was a turning point. If he died Humanity would have lost hope.”
“I see, so do you think he will come in peace?”
“No. He is merciless in cases like this, and even if he came alone we couldn‘t beat him.”
“Alright then, we move out with all speed.”
We cleared out and were at least a 300 yards away when our 5 min were up. We kept moving and after 30min. of quick timing it, we stopped for a break,
Atticus went to hunt up some food, James went to do some knife practice, leaving me alone with Nata. During this time I went up to Nata to asked more about the Castellan. We sat down on some boulders and talked. “When you said we couldn’t beat him even if he came alone, what did you mean?”
“We have tried assassinating him, multiple ways, from individuals picked from the crème of the crop, to an ambush of 300 attacking just him. All of them failed.”
“Quite, though in the 300 attack we had a video-feed to watch the attack from. It was incredible. First, he was far larger than any man. He was at least 7ft tall and built like a killer. His armor was grey with a brazen gold trim, he looked like the fortress he was master of. He was there one moment, gone the next. He had claws built into his gauntlets that crackled with fire as he slew the 300 assassins.” She paused and sighed.
“Take your time.” I said.
“It’s alright” she said continuing. “At one point the found the camera and used to give us the hunter’s view. In the end he turned the camera to face and said ‘Try harder next time.’ and we lost the feed.”
“Something like that must have been only been viewed by a party of military big wigs.”
“Well I was the Prime Minister’s daughter, so I had some authorization.”
“So your prime ministers are military personnel?”
“Normally, no. However I happen to be high up my self.”
“How High?”
“Natakale Secondus.”
“I thought that Natakale was your name.”
She laughed at this “No, no, no. My real name is Ashilin(ash-ee-lin). You can call me Ash.”
“So what is Natakale in human terms?”
“I’m the equivalent to a brigadier general. I was visiting my wounded on the front line, when my honor squad ran across you.”
“Wow, here’s me thinking all upper brass are the same.”
“Why what did you think?” she smiled.
“Uptight, old men, who don’t care for anyone below a lieutenant, unless they had to.”
She laughed at this. “Well that is how most of us are, I’m the exception.”
With that we both started laughing. “You know” she said “I could use people like you on my command staff.”
“Good luck with that.” I replied, “I’m still missing 4 men. I’m not even considering something like that until I find them.”
“That’s a shame. I’d like you to join me.”
“I thought you hated humans.”
“I do, just not you.”
“Hmm. You know Ash, I think this is beginning of a beautiful relationship.”
She chuckled and said “I like that movie, and I agree.”
“Really, Casablanca survived this far into the future?”
“Of course. Also don't call me Ash in front of your men.”
A shot rang out in the distance “What was that?” Ash asked worriedly.
“Dinner.” I replied.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:53 am

First let me say. Sorry for the long intervals between posts, Real life has been unfair in that regard.
Chapter 14
“What the Hell is that thing?” Both James and I asked about the catch Atticus just brought back.
“I thought it was the local version of a deer.”
The creature looked like a deer, but had bear-like teeth, almost leathery skin, antlers that looked more like barbed wire, and was the size of a Grizzly bear.
“Hey Nata, Do you know what this is?”
“It’s an apex predator in this area. A delicacy in some areas.”
“In which case, good job Atticus.”
We set about cleaning it, and prepping to cook the meat. An hour later I was eating my first real meal in nearly four days. It was good, the meat was like venison, but with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
After we were done, we set the rest out to be smoked for later. We set up watches with James first, me second, Atticus third. When James woke me for second watch and handed me night goggles, he said keep an eye and an ear open because he thought he heard movement. I nodded to him and assumed a watch position. For the first hour or so nothing happened, even remotely. About half way through Ash came and sat with me. “You know I’ve decided something.” she said.
“What’s that?” I replied still watching and listening for the thing James heard.
“I’ve decided that I’m going to stay with you until you agree to become my new command squad.”
“Well you’ll have to wait a while, I‘ve still got 4 men missing.”
“Well my race does tend to live long lives.”
Something caught my eye, there was a figure moving towards us trying to be seen.
“Go back wake the others and keep down.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Someone’s coming.”
She left to wake Atticus and James while I moved to intercept.
“Freeze!” I ordered to the approaching figure, and he stopped.
“Rich, is that you?” a familiar voice answered.
“Lane?” I responded.
Lane stepped forward. He was easily the tallest and biggest man in our squad, he stood a staggering 6’9, 260lbs(most of it muscle weight). To be honest he reminds me of Posy off of the Dirty Dozen. He had his SAW in his hands, and his M-240L across his back.
“Where the Hell have you been you magnificent bastard you?” James eloquently put as he, Ash and Atticus approached.
***I am going to pause for a second here and explain some things. The relationship between Atticus and James starts at Basic Training. They were in the same group and were rivals(kind of like Legolas and Gimli) This continued into their careers, Atticus was designated a marksman, while James was designated a close combat specialist. At one point James called out Atticus and said he would get more kills at the end of his tour than Atticus would in his. At the end of their tours they compared, and it was a tie(20-20), and they were both promoted. So they signed onto another tour during this tour, however Atticus was called away on Black Ops as an observer, so while he was away, James continued to stack up and was promoted, while Atticus, his accomplishments blacked out to all but the higher ups, stayed the same rank, causing obvious tension. They were then pulled out and placed in our squad. The relationship between James and Lane is a childhood one. Same town, same school, same summer jobs, etc. However they were spilt up a Basic, Lane went to heavy weapons training in another camp, while James in his. They were reunited when Lane was pulled to our squad. Pause done***
“Anyway. Lane, this is Nata. She is our prisoner of sorts. Nata this is Corporal Lane, a member of my squad.” I said.
“Of sorts?” Lane replied.
“Well she is free to go, but she has nowhere to go. Got it?”
“Sure.” Lane replied.
“So 3 left to find?” Ash asked.
“Three?” Lane asked.
I debriefed him on Jack’s death. And the details leading up to this point. He took the news of Jack’s death stoically.
“I have a question for you Miss Nata.” Lane said.
“Oh? And what would that be?” Ash replied
“If this is the future, how were weapons from all these years ago effective against you?”
“As I said earlier to Rich, weapons like yours haven’t been seen in thousands of years. Mainly because they have become inferior. So as we switched to heat and lazer based weapons the need to absorb impact became less and less. So armor now is not designed to stop bullets, but to divert light and heat energy.”
“I see. So why was your honor squad armed with those needle weapons?” I said aside to her.
“They were made to protect me, and avoid prolonged firefights. I am a priority after all.” She replied a little jokingly.
“I see. So I’ll continue my watch and the rest of you get some sleep.”
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