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Time Ops

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Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:22 pm

Chapter 1
-Present time-Location: Unknown-Date: Unknown
The field is war-torn, decorated only by desperately dug foxholes, and corpses. It is night, and is lit only by distant explosions and fires. I am running, for no other purpose than to get away from where I was. Things are going smoothly, then something flies over my head. Then something hits me in the chest knocking me on my backside, my armor barely stopping it. I was startled, but I crawled into a one of the foxholes, then I looked down to check myself, and found a what looked like a acupuncture needle sticking out of my chest. Did I just get shot by a Ninja? Flares go off in the background, lightly illuminating the field, enough for me to somewhat properly see. And I didn’t like what I saw. 9 men were moving up to where I was hiding. I bring my rifle to bear and open fire, in three-shot bursts. One jerked back abruptly, and fell like a sack of potatoes. Another winged to the right and fell clutching his shoulder, the rest dropped into what little cover there was. I ceased firing and ducked as a flurry of those needles flew at me. One nicked me barely, and sliced my cheek clean open. I grabbed a grenade from my belt and threw it. Three seconds later an explosion and shrapnel tore through the night. I wait a moment then peek over the top of my foxhole, just to see a bone-white visage running at me, I raise my rifle just in time for a boot to collide with my face, knocking my conscience clear out of the back of my head.
Chapter 2
-2 days earlier-Location:*LOCATION CLASSIFIED*-Date: 2017
Lieutenant Jack was debriefing us on the mission. My 8-man team (the team comedians Private 3rd class Johnson and John, squad marksman Staff Sergeant Atticus, heavy weapons Corporal Lane, close quarters specialist Master Sergeant James, Me Chief Master Sergeant Rich, and demolitions specialist Staff Sergeant MacTavish) was sitting around the briefing table. It was a simple go in take out the head man, blow up the machines, pull out, be back by Taco Tuesday that night on the base. I was excited because it was my first real mission as the new NCO, newly promoted. The Lieutenant was going over the withdrawal process, for the second time, when a call came in. We were green to go. We all stood and slapped the pin-up’s butt for luck as we left. Then we crowded around the base preacher, who gave us a prayer to go on for courage and slapped James for swearing. Then we boarded the plane, and took off. 15 minutes later, we were nearing the drop point, the red light turned on and we all stood. As the light turned green, I kissed my dog tags for luck and we jumped put into the night. We landed and started moving north to the objective. When we arrived at an overlook, we were a little surprised at the size of the complex, even though we were briefed on it. It had a razor wire fence 8ft tall surrounding the complex, which was massive ,easily half an acre in length. I heard a clanking rumble coming from a motor pool, and saw something that made me freeze. Was that a tank? I told Atticus to see if it was. He came back and confirmed what I feared, at one point, unknown to our Intelligence, they had acquired a tank. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, we’d just avoid it, except it was moving towards our objective building. Then it stopped right in front of the front door. “Well crap.” I heard James insightfully put in.
Chapter 3
-Present time-Location: Unknown-Date: Unknown
It was noon when I awoke in the foxhole, which only added to the daze of waking up after being knocked out, with a boot on my chest and a sword ,a good 3 feet long, at my throat. The person behind the sword was clad in grey, and pale armor, of the same bone white that had knocked me out. He saw that I was awake and said something in a language that I didn’t know, he must have seen my confusion, because started to speak in an accented whisper that sounded like English, and asked “Who are you?”. I answered with my code name, “I am Sergeant Kodiak.” He asked another question “How are you here? We drove the Humans from this area days ago.”, “You’re not human?” I replied. He looked taken aback by this statement, so I pressed “You look human, and you’re the first person I’ve seen in 24 hours.”, my vision cleared and I saw my attacker was actually feminine, quite feminine if you know what I mean. She sharply replied “I’m not some lower intellect creature like you.”
“So what are you then?”
“I am what you would call an alien”
“You’re joking, there are no such thing as aliens, and even if there were they would be Little Green Men or something with a lot of appendages!” That comment was rewarded with a rather brutal heel grind into my chest.
She then developed a hard look in her eyes, and spoke in a soft yet angry voice “Was that a joke, do you think I’m stupid?”
“No, but…”
“Quiet! Then why do you mock what your race has brought down on themselves?”
“What are you talking about?”
“You Humans killed our two ambassadors to you, or have you forgotten that?”
“What Ambassadors!?”
“The ones we sent down ten tears ago in peace.” she looked on the verge of tears, of sorrow or anger I couldn’t tell. I had no idea what she was talking about. So I asked
“Ten years ago? I don’t remember anything like that happening.”
She ground her heel again and screamed “How dare you forget!”, She was openly crying now, “It was in 5150 how do you not remember?” My heart skipped a beat, did she just say 5150?
“What year is it?” I asked,
“It is 5160. What have Humans become to stupid to keep the date?” she replied
Chapter 4
-2 days ago- Location: *Classified*-Date: 2017
“Ok here’s what we’re going to do.” Lieutenant Jack said “MacTavish, Lane move up to the front of the compound, make a distraction, and don’t get killed.” He then turns to me and to the side tells me “Remember the grunt’s mission success is based on if the mission is completed. For us two it’s based on that, and on how many husbands we return home to their wives. Their lives are always more important.” An explosion rocked the compound moments later and incendiary rounds from a heavy machine gun all but destroyed the front of the compound. “That’s the distraction, get ready, we move when the tank does.” Jack ordered. Except the tank stayed put. “Crap, we’ll have to sneak by it. It’s an old tank meaning limited vision, move in the blind spots and then pop the top and blow it with grenades. Got it?”. We all answered “Yes, sir.” We moved up into the compound and advanced on the tank. Before they knew what hit them the tank crew was dead as James threw a grenade down the top hatch.
We moved in the objective building and froze in fascination at the sight, mass of wires, coils, blueish steel, and volt readers. “What is it?” Johnson asked. “Would you like to know?” said a voice behind us. We turned guns trained… on an old man. “It is really a wonderful creation.”, he continues talking, oblivious to our guns, “It’s a personal invention of mine. Are any of you familiar with time travel?”, John almost answers, but the old man continues ignoring him “Built it my self…”, “We made the distraction sir.” MacTavish and Lane say as they come in “We saw, now set explosives on the machine and let’s get out of here.” Jack orders. “Wait! You can’t!” the old man protests. Jack checks a slip of paper and puts a trio of bullets in the old man’s chest. Before I could say anything Jack orders “Check his neck, he should have a scar.” I followed his orders and checked his neck. As it turns out the man was still alive. He whispers something to me “All it needs is a large spark.” I check his neck and confirmed to Jack that there was. He puts the paper back in his pocket, as MacTavish walked up with a detonator. “Lets get out of here and blow this place.” MacTavish said. Everyone agreed and as we headed back to the overlook, I thought about the old man’s words “All it needs is a large spark.” What in Hell could that mean? Then MacTavish said “Let’s light this candle!”, wait spark… Oh God! I yelled stop a millisecond to late, and explosion roared from the compound, we looked to see an expanding bubble of blue fire. We were thrown from our feet by the shockwave and swallowed by the blast.
Chapter 5
-Present day- Location: Unknown-Date: 5160

“No…what? How… two days ago…?” I trail off.
Apparently I had a look of dumb-founded shock on my face, because her expression changed to one empathetic curiosity. “Do you really not remember, or are you deficient?”
I replied “Two days ago I was in 2017 with my team on a mission.”
I was greeted with silence and at first. Then one of the men that didn’t die came into view, and told her something before she tell me I was crazy. She almost immediately lifted me to my feet and half dragged half pulled me to the man I shot in the shoulder, he was pale from blood loss, and didn‘t look too good. She took off her helmet to take a look at him and I got my first good look a my captors, and I was surprised for a second time that day. She was pale, slim, overall above-average, and cute. While her men looked more like gymnasts with leotards and all. I accidentally thought out loud “Why would you wear a leotard to a fight?”, which got the response of “It’s battle armor damn it! Why do you Humans keep calling them leotards?”, as I studied their faces I noticed that they had pointed ears, not to weird, then I noticed the teeth on the males. They were all canines for one, and they were a good half inch in length. That made me start to try to get away I had to do something else anyway, something important. A hand grabbed me by the back of the neck and a voice “Where do you think you’re going?”, it was that girl. “Your weapon. its ammunition is most vile and has lodged in my soldier.”
“So what, he attacked me, and where are my weapons by the way?”
“In our possession. If you help our man we may return you your weapons.”
“That would be the deal of the day, except, I can only do so much, and my First Aid Kit has been misplaced. And another thing, why can’t you remove it yourself?”
“It is weaponry that has not been used or seen since the 3rd millennium.” I laughed for at least 30 seconds, until she interrupted my merriment by saying “If he dies because you don’t help him you‘ll die.”
“Fine, I’ll do it. Although, he’ll probably die in getting the bullet out. And if he doesn’t he’ll have to have the arm removed.”
“That is acceptable.”
“Well then let’s get to it then.”
I shall update when I can, and I may ask the viewers for what they want to happen(love interest, tragedy, etc.).
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Re: Time

Postby tau43 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:23 pm

Which Teammate do you want to found first? Vote for them to get them first.
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re: Spark Ops.

Postby tau43 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:48 pm

-Just a heads-up I made this one dark. ;)
Chapter 6
-1 Day Ago-Location: Unknown-Date: Unknown
I awoke to a landscape blackened by the early dawn, feeling a little sunburned. My rifle was 5ft. away laying on the ground. I walked over and picked it up. I checked the Comm channels twice before hearing a staticy transmission come over the Jack’s comm channel. It gave vague directions and ended, with a scream in the background, before I could start to speak.
So I headed to the place the signal described. It was up a small mountain. Half way there I ran into other people, they tried to kill me. I left 5 corpses on the slope, and one more on the summit by the time I left.
I reached the location the Lieutenant had described, it was a cave, only there was no one there, so I went into the cave to see if they were inside. I heard a faint dripping sound so I investigated it. What I saw made me retch. It was Jack, impaled through his chest on a pike that was held in place by rocks with tribal markings on them, and with his knife in his chest, and he was still alive. I brought him down in time for him to pass his knife, and his job onto me, and he told me that my mission was now to lead the team, to lead them to life. Then he died as I took his assignment. I felt a mixture of emotions, mainly hatred for those that did this, and sorrow, I and screamed a scream so loud it made birds take flight in fear. I buried him with stones with helmet, and boots on, and his rifle to act as a marker. Afterwards I fell to my knees crying, I had failed my mission, but I swore I would not fail his.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:04 pm

If no one answers I take it as "go with my idea" for the story okay?
What do you want to happen next in the present time? Meet up with a team mate, stay with Aliens(Potential love interest), or both?
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:01 am

Chapter 7
-Present Time-Location: Unknown-Date-5160
The “scalpel” that they gave me was out of my league, I nearly took his head off turning it on. So I resorted to using the Old boot-knife-pliers-and-A-LOT-of-pain-killers Trick.
About 15 min. later when I finally got the bullet out, they moved me out of the way so they could clean and close the wound themselves (it was the one thing they could do). The leader approached and said “Thank you for your help.”
I replied “No problem… now about my weapons.”
“They will remain with us as will you, all prisoners are to brought to the field command for interrogation. I’m sorry,” she produces a set of handcuffs, “But I’ll have to put these on you.”
“Because you humans have a knack for trying to escape.”
“Well you don’t have to really worry about that, I have no idea where I am.”
She pauses, wondering maybe whether to answer, ”Wraith.”
“It’s where we are right now. It’s called Wraith. Any other stupid questions?”
“Yeah, just one. What’s your name?”
“Tell me your’s first.”
“I already…”
“Your real one”
I sighed, “Fine, Rich, my name’s Rich.”
“I’m Natakale, but people just call me Nata.”
“Okay then, I’m all set.”
She puts the cuffs on, and orders one of her men to make sure I don’t escape as she goes to get something. She comes back with a rope that she ties one end around my cuffs, and holding, the other end.
“Do you really trust me that little?”
We set out about 5 min. later in a staggered convoy formation. Things were uneventful, for the most part of our one hour march. There was a surprise when we ran into a missing member of her squad. It wasn’t until later that a good surprise came for me. A bird call, a signal bird call. It was one of my team. I whistled back the reply, and received several questioning looks from the team. When we stopped for a break I was tied a rather heavy rock, and I heard another whistle, this time it was a “confirm attack?” whistle, not wanting to risk someone catching on I just shook my head. I heard a confirmation whistle just as Nata came over to me with some water, and asked “What was that whistle earlier? It was pleasant sounding, lie a bird, but not so.”
“Oh, that? It was just a bird call.”
“I’ve never heard that one before.”
“Well the birds here are different from your’s I guess.”
“Hmm, your probably right. Although, we use bird calls as signals as well.”
Crap, did she know?
“Of course you Humans haven’t shown the ability to anything as discreet as that.”
I sighed in relief, and she untied me from the rock and announced we were moving again. 15 min. later I heard the “confirm attack?” call again, but this time, after checking the area(it was lightly wooded with tall grass), I whistled the confirmation. I dropped to the ground, bringing Nata down with me because of the rope where I knocked her out, as all hell broke lose.
Sorry for the wait.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:57 pm

Chapter 8
-One Day ago-Location: Unknown-Date: Unknown
After I pulled myself together, I noticed smoke rising up from somewhere on the other side a good 10 miles away. I thought it was a fire of some kind. Until I saw an explosion in mid air followed by a hell storm of fire on the ground. Okay so it wasn’t a fire. I started to head towards it, because whoever it was, they were civilized a few degrees more than the ones I met earlier. It was almost noon when I reached the base of the mountain and actually headed in the direction of the fight. By the time I was close enough to hear the artillery the sun was starting to set a little. When I came to what look like an abandoned scene from Sergeant York it was almost night time. When I got to a scene of a recent battle it was barely night, but still back lit by the fire from the battle. Here I started running, it was bad to be on No Man’s Land especially at night.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:00 pm

Chapter 9
-Present Time-Location: Wraith- Date:5160
A shot rang out and took the point man‘s life, another hit the closest warrior and continued to lodge in the thigh of the man behind him. Then a throaty boom echoed and a warrior’s head disappeared in a rain of gore. Followed by James coming out of the grass shotgun in one hand and a strange knife, a evil looking blade a good 2 feet in length partially serrated on the top, in the other looking like a bad ass as he cut through the soldiers like Mel Gibson in the beginning of The Patriot. In 30 seconds he and who ever was shooting had killed every single man, though it must be said James, I think, killed a lot more. The shooter came out, and it was Atticus.
“What about her?” Atticus asked, James was doing his weird habit of taking the knives of those he killed.
“We’re keeping her, she appears to some kind of leader, maybe one of value even. She’s also going to be our guide for now, I think she’s the only one with the keys to these cuffs, and it‘s not gentleman like to kill a woman.”
James shouts and tosses something to Atticus “What’s this?” he asks
James replies “It appears to be their version of a sniper rifle. I thought you being marksman and all, you’d like it.”
“So when are we heading out Rich?”
“When ever sleeping beauty here wakes up.”
While we wait for her to wake, I fill the in on what I know so far, Jack’s death, where we are, and the current state of things, after I’m done telling them there were several minutes of silence, then James was the first to talk “So who’s the new second in command?”
“You I guess. By the way where did you get that knife?”
“Oh this? It’s one of the alien's.”
“How did you get it?”
“A couple jumped me, they looked like melee fighters to me, since they had no real long range weapons. This was the leader’s. Although unlike the girl there he was wearing solid black. He kind of looked like a beetle with a head like this,” he shows me a shiny solid black helmet, that I hadn’t noticed was tied to his belt, that looked like a face captured in an eternal scream, “Apparently there is a trigger somewhere in here that emit’s a shriek. I guessed that they were fear troops or something.”
“Why are you keeping the helmet?”
“I figured…”
“You’d break military regulations? I can tolerate you knife collecting, as you are the best man I know with them, but wearing an enemy soldier’s helmet like that makes us look like savages.”
“I was thinking that I could adapt it and maybe use it.”
I sighed looking the helmet over “It would be cool to see.”
“So can I take that as I can keep it?”
“You have three days to make altercations, and adapt it. If it’s not done by then, you are ditching it. No arguments.”
“Thank you, sir.”
As we finished talking Nata groaned and woke up.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:46 pm

I am open for suggestions for what to next.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:22 am

Chapter 10
We took the keys from her to find that they only work if she used them. So after we talked her into taking the cuffs off, and put them on her and I kept the keys with me, we asked where the Humans were. She said the closest human stronghold was to the South, but we would have to Pass through her forces as they were laying siege to it at the moment. We went off to the side and talked about what we were going to do.
“Well the siege will be an issue, and even if we arrive and the Humans have broken the siege, there is no promise that they will be peaceful. They could just be like the ones that attacked you Rich.” Atticus put in.
“You’re right, but what choice do we have?” I said.
“We could avoid all contact.”
“But we need to find the others. And the best place to look is an area with other humans.”
“We could always use the girl as a bartering tool if we get caught by her race.”, James put in.
“You would think of that.” Atticus replied.
I glance over at Nata while Atticus and James argue. She is glaring at us, or as I notice at James in particular. I cut back in saying “We are heading to the Human Stronghold, if it is under siege when we arrive, we will ignore it and move on. If it’s not, and it appears that they broke the siege, we will attempt contact. If they are not peaceful we break off and run, before they can come after us. Does that sound satisfactory with you two?”
“Sounds good to me.”, James replied.
“But what if we are found by the besiegers?”, Atticus asked.
“Then we use her as a bargaining tool.” I replied.
I look over to Nata again to see that she is still glaring at James. This time James follows my eyes and turns to face Nata.
“What?”, he asked,
“Where did you get that helmet?” she replies in return.
“I just said where…”
“Where did you really get that helmet? No human has ever beat one of the Ghouls, let alone a Ghoul Father.”
“Ghouls? Ghoul Father? What are those?”
“The men who wear those helmets are the Fathers, the lower ones are made kin to the Father after initiation, in order to increase squad cohesion, and effectiveness. No Human has ever beaten any of them.”
“Well apparently they never met me. As for me, I have never beaten by a human either.”
“So the Drill Sergeant at Basic was not human? Because last I checked he laid you out first day of close quarters training.” Atticus rebuked.
“Can it Atticus.” James replied.
“Easy you two.” I said as I broke them up. “Now you are going to lead us to this stronghold, and then we’ll see about letting you go.” I told Nata.
“That sounds fine to me.” she replied.
“Now prep, we move in 5 minutes.” Atticus pulls me aside and whispers,
“Sir we can’t do that.”
“I know” I whisper back “But she doesn’t.”
Atticus gives me a hard look, “She pulled the same stunt on me, I thought I’d return the favor.”
“If you think that’s best, sir.”
I nod and we rejoin Nata and James. “Alright, let’s move.”
Chapter 11
During our trek to the stronghold, we noticed a large mass of clouds forming over where it was supposed to be, and only over where it was supposed to be. “What is going on over there?” Atticus asked, we looked at Nata, but she had no idea. “Whatever it is, we’ll find out when we get there.” I say.
We arrived on an out look over the Stronghold to see a siege that looked like it was ripped from the pages of a Sci-fi book. Lazers and ordinance rippled out both to and from the fortress, trenches laid out in front of the walls had heavy and fast firing guns laying down withering fire, while men picked off the suppressed men, and heavy cannons, mortars, and a beam weapon burned the field. The ground trembled as a formation of massive armored siege engines, a good 8ft. high, and 30ft long, rumbled towards the fortress. We heard a howling noise, like a wolf pack of trains, and the engines vanished in an explosion that left a hole of cooling glass where they once were. We watched in grim silence, only broken by Nata’s gasps of horror as her race was slaughtered in the killing fields of multiple expertly laid out crossfires. Then we all gaped at a sight I’ll never forget. It was a god, no, it was a machine. A walker, 200ft tall that bristled with weapons. With each step it shook the ground. The clouds over head were black as night, and thundering, as this all was happening. “This is a historic day, we have not fielded one of the Nightmares in over a hundred years. Humanity here has breathed it‘s last.” Nata said out of the blue.
“Nightmares?” I asked,
“Yes, they are an ancient race, all but three are dead.”
“Wait, that thing is alive?”
“Yes, though it is mostly machine now.”
I was about to press further, when a high pitched keening filled the air. We all looked at the Nightmare to see that it was glowing. It roared an animalistic roar and shot a beam that turned half of the Human trench lines into cooling molten slag. Her race surged forwards into the gap, to be met with a torrent of fire, this time from the fortress itself. Then something that looked a lot like a harpoon 30ft long flew from the Human side and struck the Nightmare in the chest. A rocket flew upwards into the clouds as the harpoon struck and stuck into the Nightmare. No one realized until it happened what was happening. Humanity had weaponized a power of God. Lightning traveled from the rocked along an unseen wire to the harpoon, as thunder broke ear drums, and shook bones. In a split second the harpoon vaporized as the Nightmare took the lightning strike full in the chest. It staggered back as lights all across it surged in brightness and went out. Nata scream in denial as the Nightmare began to shut down for good. It slouched forward as if to fall on the fortress as a last act of defiance. It was denied as a charged shot from the beam weapon pierced it through the chest and three of those wolf pack of trains rounds impacted around the chest and head of it, kicking it back like a warrior might kick someone off of his blade. It now fell backwards onto the forces behind it, we saw them try to scramble out of the way, but most slow moving units didn’t make it. Nata was weeping at the loss of the Nightmare and loss of life. For the first time since I met him James didn’t make a witty comment or even say a word. We all watched in stunned silence as a volley of fire from the fortress impacted the collapsed from of the Nightmare. They hit something because moments into the desecration barrage the Nightmare ignited and consumed units surrounding it. After the detonation the Aliens broke off the siege and left leaving nothing, but the dead, which were easily over several thousand in number.
-Again Sorry for the wait.
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Re: Time Ops

Postby tau43 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:56 pm

Chapter 12
We waited 30 minutes until the last Alien unit in their massive withdrawal left. Atticus took up a better position in a near by tree. Nata looked disheartened, almost to the point of being distant, at the fact that her race had not only been beaten, but also had lost one of their strongest weapons. We were about to move to make contact when the sky began to hum. It was not a weapon, but dozens of dual rotor helicopters taking off together and heading towards what was left of the Nightmare. Most of it was blackened, burned, or melted to slag after the explosion. However, the main weapon, that beam of destructive power, was largely intact. Slowly the helicopters began to land and their passengers began to disembark and attach cables to the main weapon, while others began to cut away at the housing of it, meaning they were cutting the Nightmare’s arm off. With a sound of rending metal the appendage came free, was quickly harnessed to the choppers’. With the tenderness of kitten they flew the arm into the fortress. “Should we try to make contact now?” James asked.
“Yes, set up the long range com unit. We’ll use that to make contact, that way if they are violent, we’ll have some distance between us.” I replied.
“Yes, sir.” I turned to Nata and shook her shoulder, she started and looked up at me. There was a blank look in her eyes, and she looked like she was in the starting stages of shock. “Are you okay?” I asked.
“Are you okay? You look distant.”
“You be like this too, if you had an inkling of what just happened.”
“What? You lost a Nightmare, were beaten, and probably pushed from the area. Not that hard to understand.”
“You are ignorant. Humans haven’t beaten us in 8 years. This was a critical point. If we won, which was likely, Humanity’s last stronghold outside of your capital would have been ours. However, in the small possibility of you winning, this would have been a turning point. Your 8 years of defensive and failing tactics would change, and, if you weren’t quickly put down, would push us off of Wraith.”
“How do you know all of this?”
“We planned out a 20 year campaign, and took every variable into account. All before we even sent the ambassadors you murdered.” She said cruelly.
“Why do you get so harsh when ever these ambassadors are brought up?”
“They were the Prime Minister and his wife. My father and mother.”
“You really aren’t from this time are you?”
“No we’re not. We are from 2017... or we were.” She was about to respond when James came over and said the Com. unit was ready. “Right, lets do this.”
I moved over to the Com unit and switched through the channels “This is Kodiak hailing Stronghold, please respond.”: all of our com channels, AM, FM, XM, HAM, even air traffic channels. Nothing but static, except on the XM it’s good to know Sirius XM followed Humanity here. We were about to call it a bust, until the signal light for a HAM channel lit up. “This is the Castellan of the Stronghold-city of Anthrax, Kodiak respond.”
“Anthrax, this is Sergeant Kodiak, Special Operations…”
“Who are you with?”
“The United States of America.”
“Very funny, now who are you really with?”
“The United States…”
“Enough it was funny the first time, but the United States is no more. It died when Earth did.”
“What? When?”
“3032. What did not attend a proper school?”
“Actually I attended…”
“Well since you want to continue the charade I’ll have you know you have been traced and a party is being sent to apprehend you.”
“Hold that thought.”, “We’ve traced prepare for a welcoming party.” I tell the group.
“Okay I’m back. That is not necessary Sir, I assure you.”
“It might not be, but it is being sent anyway.”
“Sent peacefully I hope.”
“Because I don’t want to have to kill any more men than I have to.”
“Well make your peace with them. They are already there.”
“What…” Is all I manage before a laser strikes the ground in front of you.
“Contact! Coming up the rise!” Atticus yells before firing and dropping one of twelve. James has disappeared somewhere, probably waiting until he can be of more use, and Nata is behind the cover closest to her. I call to Atticus “Toss me Alien rifle.”
“Hold on.” he says, putting another round into one of the now suppressed soldiers. He tosses me the rifle, which I catch and start to head over to Nata. “I’m going to give you the keys, and give you a gun and your sword back. Help us and don’t kill us with them, and you are free to go. Okay?”
“Okay.” she replies. She uncuffed herself and took the rifle and began to fire at the now slowly advancing men. I pick up mine and begin to fire as well, but as I do, three of them howled and begin to charge. The men below ceased firing for fear they’d hit the abominations. They were unlike the rest, they were 7ft tall, had broader shoulders, thicker armor, and above all they had a 6ft crackling broadsword in one hand, and a knife 2ft long in the other. One was dropped by a head-shot from Atticus, but the other two reached us before he could take them out, his shot pinging uselessly off of their shoulder armor. I drew my knife, and Nata her sword, and we prepped for close quarters. James showed himself with a surprising feature, he had got the helmet to work. It emitted a laugh outlined by a banshee screech as he blew one’s head in with a blast from his shotgun, and turned to the other which knocked it out of his hand.
James jumped back drawing his Ghoul knife and his survival hatchet. He emitted a blood curling shriek that dazed his opponent and lunged at the it. First, he took the Sword hand off at the wrist with a hatchet swing, then ducked and rolled through its legs as it swung the other hand it him, slicing the tendons in one. As the thing fell to the ground behind him, he turned and swung his hatchet into the thing’s neck, a second swing separated it entirely from its massive shoulders. Blood soaked and badass, he emitted a even louder shriek at the men on the approach as he kicked the body over. The affect was immediate, they nearly ran over themselves as they fled, one even screamed demon.
I walked over to an abomination’s corpse and looked for a headset of some kind. I found it and said one phrase “I asked for you to be peaceful.”, and there was only one retort, “You have antagonized me. I’ll shall meet you my self. I will come to you in a chopper in 5 minutes. Be ready.”
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