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Flames of a Helljumper

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Flames of a Helljumper

Postby Alpha or Omega » Fri May 05, 2017 2:07 am

Orange, wavy, and warm. That's what my fires are.
Just sitting next to an open fire brings warmth to my face.
I can't help by smile as the warmth comforts me in a cold day.
Everyday is a cold day without something burning.

Of course, that's not how the Covenant sees it. Whenever they see fire, those soldiers freeze up like they've just been turned into an ice cube.
My lovely flamethrower warms them up nicely.
Those bipedal midgets, called grunts, are the first to widen their eyes; they're so wide that you could see flames reflect off of them. When they catch on fire, you could see fireworks because they sometimes explode.
Jackals, the lizard faces with mohawks, are usually burnt to crisp.
There are these gray skinned freaks that have a lip that can split into four, and they tower over humans. Some come charging at you with a sharp, long, glow stick.
As long as I keep my fire tending, the elites fall before I have something glowing run through me.
Then, there are massive gorillas that love to push us around; those are brutes. Their hairs catch on fire easily.

As a joke, I tell the squad I'm in that the reason that the Covenant burn things is because they're afraid of fire.
So, they give fire to us. That's why they look cold every time.
They could really use something warm.

They initially came to us because they see themselves as something holy.
Scorching our planets was seen as cleansing us.
We didn't want to be covered in flames, so we sparked a war.

The squad I'm in love to jump down to the earth. Every jump, we see the air ignite around us, and it's a blanket around us.
We jump first into the fires, and when we land, it burns hotter than any flames imaginable.
Bullets and plasma are thrown through the air.
The aliens receive new red holes; we receive burns and black scorches.
I think that we're tired of being burned, so I brought a flamethrower to communicate back.

Whenever I am on the field, I make sure that there's enough fires for everyone.
It spreads and pushes forward. Everything burns and becomes warm.
"Darn-sung, dang-busted, horse-thievin', alien control panel which can't nobody work proper!" - Vigilante
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