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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:46 pm

We plummet through the air, the Vamp and myself, punching and kicking as the broken shards of the window fall alongside us.

I draw my hand back and lash out at his face with an open palm, smashing into his skull and loosening some teeth- I see a pointed incisor go flying off as one story passes by. The Vamp is moving slower for some reason, he seems confused and sluggish; but he's still faster than me. He responds with several punches of his own- I catch one with my arm but the other two are too fast- striking me upside my head and causing my grip on him to slacken. We rotate in the air from this exchange- causing me to be underneath him as he kicks me in the kidney-area, forcing me away and causing pain to surge through my body. I ignore the pain and will my body to heal as I spread my arms and cause drag to lift me above him- grabbing at his eyes with the same motion. I manage to dig one finger in and rip the organ from his face. The eye's remains bounce off a window as we pass another story.

He screams at the loss of an eye, twisting around to grab at my face. I deflect his arms downwards as I punch straight-on, hammering the open wound in his face with my palm- once- twice- three times. Blood and bits of organic matter spray from the blows as he brings both of his arms up to knock mine aside- slapping either side of my skull and causing my eardrums to burst. I'm disorientated as he headbutts me- his skull ramming into mine. Forcing myself to remain focused despite the injury- I kick out at his face. My foot catches his chin even as he tries to lean out of it. He's sent in a backwards spin as another story goes by.

It takes me a moment to try and maneuver closer. As he rotates back around, I notice he's holding a pistol, which he fires at me; at such close range and without anything to stand on- I cannot dodge it. The bullet tears through my left shoulder- leaving a stream of blood in its wake. He attempts to fire again but I've closed in on him- grabbing the barrel of the weapon and crushing it in my hand as the next story flies past. A shocked face registers in my vision as an elderly man sees us fall past his open window. My enemy hurls the pistol away, catching the old man in the forehead.

We're halfway to the ground and still accelerating. The Vamp is still without one of his eyes and my ears haven't yet repaired themselves. He opens his arms and drifts up to me, biting into my wounded shoulder as he does so. I predict this tactic and close off the bloodflow to that area for a moment, preventing him from doing anything but biting into flesh. His angry groan changes pitch as I bring my knee up and into his groin- a blow intended to weaken his grip. It does and with his clutches lessened I can feel him drift away. He rises above me as his fangs rip out of my shoulder- though we remain close enough to trade blows. I reach out and grab a piece of falling glass, it slices my hand but I grip it tighter as I drive it upwards into his chest. I feel the shard glance off a rib before sinking deeper into his body, no doubt the injuries I was inflicting were taking their toll on him, just as mine were effecting me. As we pass another story it becomes clear that somehow- I'm winning.

I do not understand how it came to be so- I had not been exposed to Raven's DNA in the slightest before I had hurled the Vamp and myself out the window- but the facts remained. He was moving slower than he had previously and his blows lacked the casual cruel strength he had previously shown. But his mind is still sharp as he copies my idea- grabbing pieces of glass out of the air and attacking me with them. I grab one in either hand the same as he does- and our combat enters a new frenzy as we slash and stab at one another. Arcs of blood trail us as we pierce and cut- I take several injuries across my arms, face, and torso while he bears the same. This newfound flurry of energy and damage sees us fall through two stories as we each sport more than a dozen new glass appendages from our bodies.

The ground approaches and I make my final gambit. His eye hasn't repaired itself and I violently grab at his skull. Blood from the glass injuries gets in my eyes and causes me to miss for my first attempt, but the second time I succeed, reaching my thumb deep into his eye socket as the rest of my hand secures around the rest of his head. He has gone with a new method and snakes both of his hands around my throat- trying to crush my neck with his strength. I draw back my other hand and grab his dark hair as I put all of my strength into pulling him around- the move flipping him towards the bottom as we finally slam into the ground at the bottom of the building.
WHAM. The impact jars me even after throwing him down to cushion the fall- I bounce away from the Vamp due to the force of it. I rise to my feet next to a railing that prevents humans from falling onto the highway that is next to the building's rear side, cataloging my injuries quickly: 3 shards of glass in my forehead, 1 through a cheek, 4 in my torso, 2 in either arm, a bullet through the shoulder, and the ruptured eardrums- which I finally manage to heal up and restore fully functioning hearing. I glance over to see how my opponent had fared.

Unfortunately, the fall didn't kill him. I distinctly heard a snapping noise of bones breaking when we landed- but he gets back to his feet all the same. He coughs up a bit of blood as I wipe some out of my eyes- that last bit where I'd been blinded by my own blood had been dangerous. The Vamp grins- the muscles around his destroyed eye twitching in what might've been a wink- right before tackling me across the waist-high railing and onto the highway below.

We each land onto the road, splitting apart and rolling to our feet, him the faster while I'm slower. The glare of headlights reaches us as I see a semi-truck with a shipping container on the back right behind him- less than a foot away from hitting the Vamp. His reactions are flawless, bending at the knees and leaping upwards, flipping backwards in the air to make a 3-point landing on the trailer of the truck. I pursue- running straight up the front of the truck as it barrels towards me. The driver looks borderline asleep at the wheel- I don't think he notices either of us performing our acrobatic show. I ascend to the top- ready to face the Vamp- and he doesn't disappoint me. We no longer have guns or shards of glass- from here it's just a battle between our bodies.

He lunges forwards- his hands are regaining their older speed now- moving so quickly that they've become blurs as my eyes can't focus on their speed. I block one blow with my forearm and feel the force travel through my bones- he's regaining his strength too. I find myself entirely on defense, taking hits left and right while still trying to keep up. He manages to get to the front of the truck and uses the acceleration to make a vicious kick to the chest strike with even more force, sending me sprawling backwards. The bones in my chest crack from the blow- a rib snaps too. I perform a handstand and push off to get back on my feet- but he isn't giving me a break. With a blur and a streak of glowing red eyes he is still in front of me and pummeling me backwards. I manage to get a few hits in but most of them are not as potent as I would hope- even a palm-thrust straight into his wounded eye just staggers him back a step before he leaps upon me in a fury again. He slaps me in the head three times in rapid succession and then kicks at my legs. At the speed and power he uses- I'm almost helpless- I fall off the side of the truck and plummet towards the pavement speeding past below. At the last possible millisecond I twist around and grab at the side of the container- puncturing through and grabbing at the metal within to keep myself from falling onto the road and losing him. My fingers are the only parts to dig in and they're cut deeply but I grit my teeth, reaching my other arm around to make another handhold in the same fashion. I can't relent now- there's only one way I can conceivably defeat him. My body shudders as I push it again, surging with adrenaline- more- more, descending inhibition forcing the pain to recede as I race up the side of the container by punching holes in the side. The Vamp's face registers first surprise and then annoyance as I leap over the edge of the container- he had been plucking the shards of glass from his face.

"Damn it- will you please die?!"

I shake my head, noting that the cuts on my head had healed up while his were still fresh, "Truly- you have a difficult life."

I race towards him as he does the same from his end of the truck- both of us throwing a punch that connects squarely with the other's- causing the metal top of the container to bend around our feet as the force we impart pushes us away from one another. I feel the bones in my hand shift and realize I have likely just broken something. The Vamp shakes his hand like it hurts him and follows it with a roundhouse kick. I take a step backwards to leave the effective range before running up on his blindside- unleashing a palm-strike to catch him in his ribcage. I hear and feel his own bones shift from the strike but he doesn't give ground- standing tall and throwing a series of jabs my way. With my enhanced reflexes I'm able to catch them, deflecting them off to the side and ducking under the last one to launch an uppercut into his jaw, stepping into the blow hard enough to leave a large dent in the top of the container as I strike as hard as I can. The blow catches him just underneath his chin- knocking him upwards and into the air.

At that moment, a sign from the highway we're on slams into his back, leaving an impression of his body sunk into the metal before knocking him to the ground behind the truck. I run off the back and jump down to continue the battle, rolling to disperse my momentum as he rises. He suddenly blurs forwards- I reach around to try and catch him but it's no use- he whisks past my outstretched hand and grabs by elbow. Caught, I'm unable to break free as he slams me face-first into the road- the blow cutting up my face and leaving cracks in the road. He flips me over and tries to kick at my chest. I catch his foot and twist, bringing him down to the ground alongside me. We struggle in the midst of traffic, both of us rolling around as we try to kill the other; he so he can get back to capturing Raven, me to stop him. He gets atop me and punches downwards at my face, I block first one hit, then another and another as I try to stop him from pummeling me to oblivion. My arms are numb and I feel the bones crack and shift in first one arm, then the other, I cannot keep fighting him like this. I use a last resort and jerk my head out of the way- causing his fist to break into the asphalt road up to his elbow before I headbutt him- causing him to flinch as I push him off and to the side with my legs. He regains his feet just in time to be hit by a different semi than the one we had been fighting on. The blow sends him sprawling but he regains his feet as I step into a side-kick, pushing him back across another lane of traffic just in time to be hit by yet another semi. Again, the impact throws him and, again, he gets to his feet, though he is most definitely favoring one side of his body and his face is now covered in blood from the missing eye plus several new gashes. I push myself to the last limit I have and roundhouse kick him with all the force I can muster- sending him flying across multiple lanes of traffic, the side of the road, and the concrete barrier that separates the directions of traffic- his flight ending directly in the path of a third semi. The last hit he does not recover from immediately like the others. This series of events happens so quickly that only now are all of the vehicles around us coming to a halt as they register what is going on. I feel elation briefly before he slowly rises to his feet, still capable of fighting. I slump as I understand the implications between us. The Vamp is stronger, faster, and more durable than I- but he possesses a weaker regeneration factor- as evidenced by the cuts on his arms and head still being fresh while mine have healed over enough to stop bleeding. By pushing myself I can seem to at least rival him physically, if not match him, but my energy is gone and my body is weak- pushing any farther will see me in the same position I had been in after Ripper- a position I couldn't afford to be in ever again. And while I have heard his bones crack and felt them move about- I seem to have dealt no serious damage to him except for his eye- a worrisome prospect since that had been during his weakened period- a time that seemed long ago by now. He wipes away at the blood that stains the side of his face and glares at me with his remaining eye. I need something, anything, to get me out of this fight.

Raven had once told me to be careful what I wished for. Both the Vamp and I turned as one to see a torrent of what looked like light fire out of a window in the distance- slicing through all buildings in an arc and leaving destruction in its wake. To human eyes it had only taken perhaps a tenth of a second, but I was able to watch as the beam crept along slower- melting and burning the buildings where it touched while explosions rocked the skyscrapers and apartment complexes gathered before it. The attack itself seemed like it was rippling, as though the air around it was pushing in on it and causing it to minutely shudder as it traveled. It had been such a short blast before it disappeared, but the consequences were dire. No matter how well built the skyscrapers were- cutting them down at only the 8th floor was like cutting a human's knees out from under them, all they could do was crumple to the ground, and that's what they did. With bursts of fire, screams of bending steel, and showers of melting glass- perhaps a square mile of the city collapsed into flaming ruins. All around me, humans began screaming and calling out, fearful of the incredible devastation that had just transpired and was still transpiring. The Vamp and I traded glances- he looked as shocked as I was.

"What- what did you do?"

I shook my head, "I don't know- do Subjects really have that much power?"

The Vamp stood mutely for a moment, looking back as several buildings that had only barely been caught by the beam began to crumble as well- the molten steel being visible from a distance as it melted away. The awe and fear in his voice was clear when he finally spoke up. "I don't know- they didn't have anything like before. To think that they've become so dangerous..." He doesn't know- I realize. He doesn't know that Raven's blood can increase the powers of Subjects. He really isn't a part of the Organization- then who is he with? The screaming of the humans climaxes as the buildings finally stop falling- even the ones that had fallen into one another. The Vamp looked at me grimly. "Some other time- we'll finish this."

I can only nod in reply, spinning on my heel to run back to Raven. I see the Vamp turning and walking away in the other direction- pulling out a phone as he looked back at the catastrophe that was still unfolding as the flames begin to spread. I make my way against all of the stopped cars as quickly as I can, running past those in my way or vaulting over them when needed, one thought only running through my mind.

Raven- what have you done?
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Lowk » Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Hey, you ever try Wattpad? Took about a day for me to get the confirmation email but seems pretty okay. Lets you add media to it like picking your own cover. Plus you can separate it all into parts and add new bits when you choose.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:17 pm

Lowk wrote:Hey, you ever try Wattpad? Took about a day for me to get the confirmation email but seems pretty okay. Lets you add media to it like picking your own cover. Plus you can separate it all into parts and add new bits when you choose.

In the future I may look into it when Subject 000's 3D model is pretty much done. It's his gun and sword I'm still working on. Once that's complete I may see about making still shots of the action. But for now this site will suffice- I just really wanted to get that falling sequence written down before I forgot what I wanted out of it.
Mainly the eye-ripping and grabbing glass out of midair to stab one another with- although the extended combat while falling 8 stories was also fun to work with. Could you follow the... action of the fight? Like figuring out who was where and such? That's something I'm trying to make sure people can follow.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:23 pm

This page seems mostly for notes- I finally caught up to myself in between writing and uploading and now I'm sorta throwing around my notes so I have them written down.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:54 pm

Chapter 28

Raven grimly walked forwards- arms at her sides and unbound. She kept telling herself that she was in control as she walked, though with every step she felt more and more like the situation was careening out of control.

It had started off well enough- Laura and her had been escorted to a an open-topped jeep and repeatedly shown that the doors weren't locked. After a leisurely drive across the outskirts of the city they came across a chain-link fence with an actual gatehouse sitting alongside it. After the driver flashed his clearance ID they were allowed past the first checkpoint, the large and cheerful looking guard waving in the distance. At the second, with a sturdier fence made of concrete and guard towers with heavier guns- Laura pointed out the rifles that stood ready to be hefted to Raven when they passed- these guards no longer looked friendly. And at the third, with an even taller wall, guards actively patrolling the perimeter, rifles in-hand. Eventually the jeep entered a parking garage that descended down into the ground itself.

That's when it all started going wrong. Raven and Laura had no sooner stepped out of the jeep before a group of Subject 199 clones had walked up to them; separating them with their mass and insisting that Laura had to go with the other group, immediately, in order to go over some of her mother's final touches after her death. Raven had asked to go along but the reply had been short, 'no'. Laura was going because she was Andrea's sole surviving family member- Raven had no such luxury. Raven was unhappy about it but in the end, she hadn't had much choice. Just like earlier in the alley- they were outnumbered and outgunned. She glumly looked over her shoulder as Laura walked from the room- head held high. Raven resolved to do the same to make Laura proud.

In front and behind her walked a pair of Grunts. Raven mutely walked forwards, eyeing every door and hallway as a potential escape route. She hoped she would get the chance to use them if needed. Eventually she and her two guards made it to a large wooden door with a small plaque attached to it. "Oversight 08." Such an innocent piece of metal for someone who had such a large effect on Raven's life. The second Grunt stepped forwards and opened the door while the first Grunt bent at the waist and softly, but insistently, pushed Raven inside. Both spoke in unison after Raven cleared the door.

"Oversight, here is Raven Hofterin."

Raven looked up to see Paul standing in front of her, a shiny metal arm catching the overhead lights as he raised it in welcome. The room they were in was large and well-furnished. Even from the door Raven could see a massive structure housing a four by four series of monitors. Besides that the room held several bookshelves, multiple comfortable chairs, a line of heavy file cabinets, and even what looked like a small bar. Paul was standing in front of a wooden desk that had stacks of paper and a computer sitting on it. The floor was covered in a light green carpet. Pictures of various people were spread in lines along the wall as well, probably important organization members. The roof showed exposed steel beams extending from one side to the other- the room appeared to still be under construction to a degree. Paul responded to the Subjects.

"Good, go back to your posts." The Grunts both exited the room without a word. Raven braced herself as Paul walked back to his desk and settled his bulk down onto his desk chair- which creaked in protest. A wooden seat sat across from Paul on the opposite side of the desk but Raven made no movement towards it. She glanced over her shoulder as the door clicked shut- followed by a louder snapping sound. She turned and flipped her long hair back over her shoulder and faced Paul directly.

"What do you want?"

Paul placed his elbows on his desk and laced his fingers as he looked at Raven. "You." Raven couldn't help but note the differences between his hands- one was normal in shape and tone while the other was made of a dark metal- the surface seeming to almost vibrate as she gazed at it.

The directness of the answer caught her off guard, "You mean my DNA?"

Paul nodded, "Why yes." He made it sound like he was being perfectly reasonable.

"Go to hell." Raven did not care how she sounded.

Paul grimaced, "I figured you would react that way. How can you be so selfish?"


"Yes, selfish. Your DNA does something that has never been done- manipulate the genetic code of Subjects after birth." He pointed to the wall of monitors and clicked on his keyboard a few times- causing the screens to flash and change the displayed images. "Look and tell me what you see."

Raven reluctantly stepped forwards to stare into the screens- for a moment her mind refused to accept what she was seeing- then she recoiled as it became clear to her. The screens all showed different Subjects of a similar type- they looked normal until you noticed the four long spider-like limbs that rapidly waved back and forth behind them. It was only by looking at the different shown angles that Raven understood why their mouths were all open- they were screaming. On their back hung an open and bloody wound- the legs relentlessly reached into it and pulled forth some sort of string. Raven could see the pulsing insides of one Subject through one of the views. No wonder that they scream... Perhaps her face betrayed her thoughts, Paul pressed another key and the mute images suddenly gained sound. The voices of all the screaming men, women, and children all reached Raven's ears as she backed away- they called for mercy, they called that it hurt, they called for death- Raven called out herself.


The sounds and visuals vanished- replaced with one image on every monitor. A small child version of the spider-Subjects was being placed into a tank. Various lines and cables were attached to him as a man in a lab coat walked forwards and injected something into his neck before signalling with his hand- causing the glass walls to seal and the tank to fill with a dark red liquid. The boy no longer moved and neither did his extra arms- one tube jerked slightly as it entered the hole in his back. Paul's voice echoed behind her.

"As you can see- some Subjects are not created perfect. Those are known as 'Silks'. Their bodies do not form correctly and... well- it's not pretty. The standard procedure is to render them braindead after they begin producing their material- that way they can both be useful and no longer be in pain. But maybe- just maybe- your DNA could fix that. You could remove all their suffering- and you choose not to. Is that not selfish, Raven?"

Raven took several deep breaths, trying to keep her cool, before turning around to look at Paul. "You'd like that- wouldn't you? It's not your fault for creating them- it's not your fault they're broken- it's my fault for not helping them? No." Raven took a step towards Paul's desk- leveling a finger at him. "The organization you work for is responsible for this, so you can be responsible for fixing them, you- will- not- guilt- trip- me."

"We can't fix them."

The words had been delivered without emotion or any indication of stress from Paul- but they cut Raven's speech off like they'd been screamed in her face, "Wha- what do you mean? Just change the code to fix the problems!"

Paul shook his head back and forth slowly, as though talking to a child, "The Subjects appear unique- we have never been able to alter their code after they were made. If they're not made exactly as they are then they will not survive no matter what we try. The most we can do is create variations- and those have always been just cosmetic changes at best- or total and completely new powers out of nowhere- outliers that we can't understand or recreate. Your DNA is the only time we have ever seen Subject DNA be altered after they were born." Paul hit a few more keys to trigger all the monitors again- revealing all manner of Subjects with disabilities: extra limbs sprouting from their knees, eyeballs seeping out of their sockets, hair growing out of their mouths, bones with no flesh or muscle on them but blood pouring out from inside- Raven took it all in- her breathing intensifying at the horrors she was being exposed to. No- no more. She abruptly jumped forwards and grabbed the empty wooden chair- picking it up and hurling it into the center of the mass of monitors. The chair broke several of them- just in time for Paul to place a new video on them.

"I didn't think you would respond to reason- let's try fear."

Raven's breath caught in her throat as she saw a familiar face lying on a concrete floor. No- Laura!

In a cold room...
Laura woke up, hating how she'd been captured twice now, it really pissed her off. Stupid Subjects don't play fair... The last thing she remembered was walking around a corner before a rag was shoved into her mouth and she had lost consciousness. She had yelled but oddly, she hadn't heard anything, a nearby Subject had stood silently next to her as her vision had gone black- it's mouth wide open like it was singing. Still- I'm not dead- that had to count for something. She wearily climbed to her feet and brushed off her jeans, looking around the area to see where she was.

It didn't look good. There was no good reason for her to be in what looked like a room full of metal boxes and poor lighting. It was a fairly large chamber- she didn't see any actual walls in the distance. The air smelled of something metallic, something Laura figured out when she took a step forwards and found a pool of blood on the floor. A voice suddenly emerged from hidden speakers near her.

"Greetings Laura. As you no doubt are aware, we require Raven to assist us in our goals. However- we do not require you. Raven has been most reluctant to help us- so we thought we should persuade her." That does not sound good. "So Laura- better run."

An alarm went off, Laura tensed up before she saw a pair of glowing red eyes in the distance, followed by another, and another. One stepped into the lights and revealed what it was. It was a small boy, perhaps only 8 years old. He had no hair on his naked body.

He snarled at Laura and screamed, "Foodfoodfood!" before jumping a dozen feet through the air to land on the crate behind her. More red eyes began appearing in the darkness- five, ten, fifteen- more?

Laura ran, hearing the metal thuds as the children jumped and ran along the boxes after her. She didn't waste time screaming or yelling. Around her she heard more cries and calls- this was a hunting ground- and there was prey running around in it. She skidded around a corner and saw one of the larger ones had managed to get ahead of her. Laura wasted no time- running forwards and attempting to grab it by the skull and slam it into the side of a container. To her surprise- she succeeded. With a metallic bang the young Grunt's head bounced off the metal wall and his eyes rolled back into his head. Laura heard pursuit and flung him behind her before taking off once more.

Back in the monitor room
"Stop please- get her out of there!" Raven screamed at Paul, who grimly chuckled in response.

"She blew my hand off- I'm not doing anything for her unless I'm given a good reason."

Raven called out in fury, "Fine- fine! I'll give you your damn DNA! Just get her out of there!"

Paul's voice was cold, "No."

Raven whirled around, "What?!"

Paul stood up, straightening his labcoat as he did so. "No. She will die in there. And remember that I can do this to anyone- even people who have done nothing to me or to help you. Every hour you deny us a sample- someone else goes into that room. How long they survive is up to them. That is your lesson, Raven, that the world is bigger than just you; and that means others can suffer in your place. I will not lock you up. I will not sedate you or tempt you with escape. I'm just going to show you consequences- deal with them however you please." His voice had been cold the entire speech, even as he condemned Laura to death. Raven took a step forwards but stopped as a scream echoed from the screens.

Laura had turned a corner and found a Grunt standing nearby- reaching out and grabbing at her leg. Laura stumbled and fell- kicking at the one that had brought her down. Her sneakered foot connected and snapped its head back but the delay had taken too long. Raven couldn't bring herself to make a sound as more of the pale bodies of the children raced from all angles- piling onto Laura, biting and clawing at her- ripping apart the clothing to get at the flesh beneath it. Raven couldn't tear her eyes away as Laura's shrieks could be heard and her legs kicked and twisted- but her struggles were futile. Blood leaked onto the floor as Raven watched her sister be eaten alive- screaming the entire way. Sobs didn't come- nothing at all could happen to Raven. She was rooted in place- both emotionally and physically. Laura's gone- just like that? Raven fell to her knees. No...
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:55 pm

Chapter 29

Raven clenched her fists before slowly standing back up and looking at Paul. If Laura's gone... Raven raced at Paul- lunging forwards with her hands curving into claws as she tried to throttle the bastard. Paul slapped her away with his metal hand, the slight movement containing more force than it had any right to, sending Raven quick-stepping backwards several paces to stay on her feet.

"I'll kill you!" Raven screamed, her heart hammering in her chest as adrenaline coursed through her veins. "I'll kill you- you fucking bastard!"

Paul didn't seem sorry at all, "Sorry about that. But this still counts as resisting you know- 59 minutes until someone else is thrown in there."

Raven charged again- a wordless cry emerging as she tried her best, for the first time ever, to deliberately kill a human being. She stopped just shy of Paul's range and was rewarded by his metal arm sweeping past her face as he erred in striking before she actually closed on him. Raven stepped forwards and punched directly into the side of his chest, just underneath his extended arm, landing three solid punches and backing away as Paul stumbled. It had been an attack deliberately launched to hurt Paul, to disable his arm and maybe kill him. Paul simply took a step back and rolled both of his arms- perfectly fine. Raven remembered what Samuel had stated about the labcoats.

"They're like a miracle baby of Kevlar and knife-plating, but without any of the heavy weight or rigidness of either, they wear down if you keep abusing them but otherwise they're like hitting a wall."

He'd most definitely been right about the latter, and if he was right about the former too... Raven's eyes narrowed as she considered the implications- backing away as Paul walked towards her slowly. Can't go for his sides or his back- can't really get at his legs or thighs- can't hit his arms. Raven ducked as Paul swung the metal arm at her again before following it up with an overhead strike aiming straight down at her skull. Raven dashed to the side as Paul's considerable mass went past her- his arm breaking straight through the top of his heavy oak desk. Raven took her advantage- jumping forwards to flip his coat upwards before kicking him in the ass with all the force she could muster. Paul fell forwards into the remains of his desk- bringing the entire ensemble crashing to the ground. Papers flew into the air- obscuring Raven's vision as she stalked forwards.

Paul was gone. He was no longer lying on the ground. Raven spun around to search the room. Where did he go? Rage still coursed through Raven's veins- only increasing as she heard Paul's voice and his malevolent little giggle.

"I will admit- the arm makes me stronger- but I'm not very good at such a rough sport. I've been looking over dear Samuel's work and have almost managed to reproduce the tech- but skill is out of my reach at the moment. Luckily- I have other advantages."

Raven felt a blow strike her in her head- sending her cartwheeling forwards and crashing to the floor. She kicked backwards blindly but didn't feel an impact. She regained her feet and kept low- looking around the room. Her vision swam from the hit. She called out to Paul.

"Are you that weak? You can't even fight me on your own?" Another hit struck her in the small of the back- sending her forwards and skidding towards the monitors. Raven grabbed at the counter and pulled herself to her feet as Paul taunted her.

"If I have the option- there's no reason to fight fair- Subjects aren't fair."

"You're not a Subject!" Raven spun around to keep her back to the wall while, futilely, searching the room. Wait- that last Subject was playing with our eyes- right? Which means... Raven turned to look at the destroyed monitors slowly, a small hope dawning in her chest. She glanced back at the room. "And you didn't kill Laura- you probably don't even have her!" The continued silence of the room encouraged Raven, causing her to take a step forwards. "You've got nothing!"

"Oh no, Raven, I have Laura-" Raven screamed as she felt a prick on her arm- twisting away as she heard a snapping noise. "and I have you- and your DNA." Paul reappeared in front of her, holding a syringe in his metal hand. Raven jumped forwards to kick at his head but her foot passed right through as though he wasn't there at all. He giggled again as he slowly rotated his prize in between his fingers. "Like I said, I would prefer your acceptance of the plan, but we're more than capable of moving on without it. I won't make the same mistakes Andrea did. 24/7 guarding by Grunts and your own private cell that's constantly monitored both with technology and physical eyes. Not even King would be able to bust you out."

"King?" Raven was puzzled, "Why bring up King?"

Paul's image didn't change, but his voice lost its jovial tone. "Nothing- I just hate how he tampered with my memories. Doesn't matter though, even he can't get through locked doors." Raven was curious, he had mentioned King specifically with almost no provocation and talking about him had seemed to strike a nerve, and Paul's response had sounded subdued- like there was more he was mad at King for but couldn't do anything about.

Raven's grin grew wider, "I get it- King freed Laura again- didn't he?" A hidden hand slapped Raven upside the face, but it had been a normal human slap, not the mechanical one. Raven lashed out and felt the edge of her hand just barely clip his face. She laughed, "That's it- isn't it? You had your nice little plan all packaged up and ready to go like a mail-run and someone screwed it up. How does it feel?"

Whatever Subject was playing with her vision wasn't bothering to change the illusion of Paul that was present, but whatever it was doing had no effect on Paul's voice, which sounded very annoyed. "It feels like you might be unconscious by the time you go to your cell. Laura just died and you're grabbing at whatever you can to help salvage what your life has become- Painters can't manipulate sound- what you just saw and heard was real. The Grunts killed and ate her." The wooden door suddenly peeled off of its frame in a shower of splinters and was thrown into the room. Raven turned, glad that rescue had come, before realizing it was not an ally standing in the doorway- it was Cutter.

Previously in Cutter's room...
Cutter stirred in her sleep, her dreams were more troubled than normal- memories long buried had begun to surface after meeting these new opponents. In a half-coherent stream of consciousness- Cutter remembered her early years.

She remembered being a little girl in a dress, only a few years old, with a man in a labcoat holding her hand as he walked into her sterile white room with only a bed and a camera.

"Hello Subject 003, my name is Dr. Richard Hofterin. I know you're scared of what's going on but don't worry- you'll be fine. We just need to check you every few days to see how you're coming along. Can you say my name?"

Cutter had tried, "Riktard!"

He'd laughed, "Close enough- I think you'll be a smart girl when you get bigger."

Other voices intruded on the memory- unlike Richard- they had no physical form but were just dark clouds swirling around the room.
"If she's another failure, your branch is done."
"How much you wanna bet this one breaks too?"
"This little girl better deliver."
"Where's the payoff?"
"What's the point?"
"Is she worth it?"
"Is she worth anything?"
"She's worth nothing- isn't she?"
"A waste."
The clouds whirled closer and closer until she screamed, her dress and body ripping into pieces.

The dream changed, she was older, in another room- Richard was there but so were the dark clouds. Richard was standing perpendicular as he spoke- glancing between her and the clouds. "You can't rush these things- I will not consider her a failure! Just look at her physical stats- they're far and above what any human at her age can do! There is potential here- look at all the other ones we've made- they're performing well too! Shouldn't Ripper satisfy you?!"

The clouds circled around Richard and menacingly seemed to gaze at Cutter. She remembered tears pouring down her face as the clouds drew around her.

"What do you want?!" she had sobbed, "I can't do anything else!"

Richard had walked back to hug her, dispelling the clouds that were circling the both of them. "Listen to me 003, you are special- never forget that."

The clouds circled in again as she had another memory, one of the few times she had been out of her room- Richard was showing her a pair of pictures he had in his wallet. They were of two small girls near Cutter's age. "These are my little girls- they're important to me- just like you are."

Cutter remembered screaming, "But you live with them- you see them every day- not me!"

Richard had dropped his head, "I know- but I can't only be with you- there are other Subjects I have to work with. Here-" he held out the pictures, "I want you to have these."

"Why do I want them?" Cutter had asked.

"Because this way you know that you're just as special to me as they are. No other Subject has a picture of them."

Cutter had cradled the pictures closer to her chest, "Thank you, Dr. Hofterin."

Richard had smiled, "I've told you before- call me Richard."

The picture shined as Cutter looked at it, before the dark clouds came circling back and plucking at it. The young smiles of Raven and Laura became taunting smirks the more Cutter looked at it. "We're with Richard," they seemed to say, "and you're not- you don't even see him every week! He doesn't love you like he does us!"

Cutter's hands had trembled as she ripped the photos to pieces that night, the clouds forming a world with no features beyond the ripped pictures floating around Cutter.

The darkness parted as Richard strode forwards, turning his back to Cutter as he held his arms out wide. His voice trembled as he spoke to the mass of clouds. "You can't do this! She's still a little girl!"

The clouds surged and rippled as a new man walked out of them, a dark blue jacket of the organization security forces marking him as a guard. "Look pal- fight or flight is human nature- right? The others say a little bit of stimulation might show something, so that's what she's gonna get." The guard had pulled out a knife and showed it to her- light glinting off the blade as the clouds seemed to swirl faster and faster. "See this- Subject 003? See how scary it is?"

Cutter had trembled and crawled backwards on the table, scattering her tray and food in her panic, as the guard took a step towards her, "Keep it away!"

The guard took another step before Richard had attacked him, stripping the knife away with one swift movement to clatter off to the side and then kicking the guard's feet out from under him. "You are not going to threaten her!"

The guard had hopped up quickly, "Fine Hofterin- you too!" The guard had lunged forwards and tackled Richard to the wall- slamming him into a corner before spinning and throwing him forwards onto the table Cutter had been seated at while she ate. She squealed and jumped off as the guard pinned Richard with one hand while drawing the other back to form a fist. The shadows manically swirled around the room- laughter emerging as Cutter screamed.


There was a loud THUD as the knife that had formerly been in the corner had sprung upwards and slammed into the table right next to the guard's hand- driven to the hilt into the table. Both Richard and his assailant looked at the quivering hilt in astonishment before slowly looking at her- wonder in their eyes. She'd been astonished as she looked from her hand to the knife- small glowing threads of light were connecting her hand to the knife. Only later would she discover nobody else could see these threads- they were her own. They belonged only to her. They made her special.

The shadows swirled in again, whisking Cutter through the following years as she tried to wake up. She recalled the warm feelings she had felt as the organization watched her hone her powers. They watched her use her ability, they rewarded her when she did well, they cared about her health, and they kept praising her for being, 'the next step of evolution'. Richard in particular had always been proudest- always grinning whenever he saw her. She was important, she was special, she wasn't worthless.

But Cutter knew how the dream ended, with her staring at a monitor and seeing Subject 000 lift Richard up and kill him by swinging his body onto a massive shard of glass, with a smile on his face. She'd seen the body herself, picked it up and cried over his still corpse as warmth fled from her body, leaving her alone and cold. The dark clouds closed in as Cutter saw the faces of those that she hated so- Laura, and Raven. Subject 000 was no better than a rapid dog, he had to be put down, but the other two knew exactly what they were doing- they would pay. She would get revenge for Richard- and for herself. The clouds seemed to eclipse everything before Cutter finally woke up to a Handsy drifting through the wall and looking at her.

"Hey Cutter, Paul's got that Raven Hofterin locked up with him!"

Cutter rose to her feet, drawing upon her powers to reach telekinetic threads into her pack to retrieve the discs and have them start whirling around her in their ready positions. "Thank you." She crouched and reached under her pillow, retrieving the knife she'd seen all those years ago. Richard had made a gift of it to her on her 16th birthday. Tears gathered briefly as she remembered his face.

"Don't worry Cutter, no matter how old you get, you'll still be my little girl- always and forever. But I think you should have this," he'd presented the box to her and waited for her to open it, "you deserve a reminder of the day you took that step forwards and made yourself special. It wasn't me or anyone else- you did it."

Cutter's eyes blazed with red light as she clenched the knife tightly in her hand, the organization had not yet reverted her limiters and she intended to take full advantage of this. This time- no Oversight is going to stop me.

Cutter's eyes glanced at Paul before the door picked itself back up and slammed back into the doorway- twisting and warping until it securely barred passage. Paul's voice became very strained.

"Cutter? Is there a reason you did that?"

Cutter's eyes burned red as she gestured outwards like she was flicking water from her hands- the metal discs whisked around the room- dashing from one corner to the next so quickly that Raven could barely see them. A cry of pain emerged as the Subject from before in the alley dropped to the ground- sliced into pieces by the discs. With his death- the illusion of Paul vanished and the real Paul was revealed about five paces from Raven's side- farther from Cutter and the door than she was. Cutter still didn't speak a word but pointed at Paul- lifting him into the air by his metal arm. With a slight twitch of the finger- the metal that linked halfway up his forearm was ripped off entirely in a spray of blood and nerves. Paul screamed as he fell to the ground. Cutter meanwhile drew the arm to her and looked at its contents before glancing at Raven.

Raven pleaded, "Listen, Cutter, I've done nothing to you- all I want is to be left alone. Please, let me go."

Cutter's unblinking eyes shined red, "You've done... nothing?"

Raven nodded quickly, keeping her voice soft, "Right- have I ever hurt you?"

This tactic backfired as Cutter's eyes narrowed, "You had Richard and you lost him- you're the reason he's dead!" The discs began whirling around in a fury, slicing into the floor and the exposed beams in the ceiling- though only leaving nicks as Cutter seemed to retain some control and brought them close after a moment. "But at least you gave me this before you died- Laura did no such thing."

Cutter reached out and plucked the syringe from the metal remains of Paul's arm- gazing at it. The discs all surged out and formed a loose circle around Raven- each about five meters from her. Raven tensed as she remembered Laura's warning- the things had been fast enough to deflect bullets- meaning she'd have to try moving before they did if she was to have any chance of dodging. The discs all shuddered as the ceiling was sliced into pieces- showering the room with plastic, bits of pipe, and wires and Subject 000 dropped down into the room- inexplicably armed with a sword and heavy metal bracelet along with a more mundane pistol. He landed directly in front of Raven and fired at Cutter; one of the discs at blurred backwards, sparking as it deflected the shot.

Raven wasted no time, asking the question that she needed the answer to the most, "Zero- have you seen Laura?"

His voice was quiet but sure as he responded, "Yes, she's with Samuel right now." Raven heard a gasp from Paul but she was busy watching Subject 000. His attention was not on Paul or Raven- he had something else occupying his mind. Cutter looked at him as he looked back, neither speaking as they both looked into the other's eyes- no expression lighting their faces. The discs were suddenly joined by bits of cut pipe- suddenly the area around Raven was filled with over a dozen sharpened metal pieces and discs. Subject 000 held the hilt of the sword back and near his face- pointing the blade's tip directly at Cutter and tilting the blade diagonally while the other arm was fully extended and pointing the now recognizable desert eagle at her as well. Neither side made a move until Paul did- reaching for his chest and manipulating some object in his pocket. He instantly disappeared in a blue flash of crackling light that deposited a pile of sand in his place as all hell broke loose.

Raven suddenly found herself curled up in a ball in the middle of a shining storm of metal- discs and shards of all kinds were directed towards her. But Subject 000 was a blur- whirling around Raven on all sides- the dark metal of the sword formed a shield against hostile metal as the Desert Eagle barked out several times- the large caliber bullets knocking the discs off-course when aimed correctly and forcing them to divert into the ground or up into the air for the blade to wipe them out. Raven rapidly found herself surrounded by a flurry of metal shards and dust- flickering and glinting as they caught the light. It would've been beautiful were they not so deadly at their high speeds. Subject 000 was taking cuts left and right over his arms as he spun about to keep them all away from Raven. She was amazed, she hadn't seen most of his battle with Ripper, but the results had been unmistakably severe and deadly to him. It had never occurred to her how serious he had been about protecting her until she had seen him almost on the verge of death from fighting a foe he couldn't win against, and now he was here and shedding blood for her, again. Why does he do it? He said he didn't have to- but still he fights for me...

The last disc was shattered as the storm ended, Subject 000 wasn't panting for breath but the sleeves of his hooded outfit were shredded into almost nothing and his arms had cuts all across them, dripping blood down onto the floor enough to make small puddles- though before Raven's eyes the larger ones were starting to close slowly. Subject 000 tossed the gun aside and again pointed his sword at Cutter. His voice was slightly shy of mocking as he spoke. "Anything else?" For the first time since the assault began, Raven could see Cutter- and the empty syringe she was holding in her hand. The room began to shake as Cutter gave a short and cold laugh- her eyes still flaring bright red.

"Let's find out- renegade!"
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

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Organization notes:

15 Facilities - Each facility has a "Head" that reports to the Oversights.
5 Oversights - Each Oversight is in charge of a geographic region: East Coast, West Coast, Southern Border, Northern Border, Central.

Facility Staff:
Security - Workers who keep the staff safe and the facility secure from threats both inside and out.
Research - Workers who study the Subjects and create new technology.
Construction - Workers who build new rooms and technology to help control Subjects and keep staff happy.

As of the last incident- all Facilities are located in isolated environments- typically underground.

Prototypes of all new technologies are sent to all 15 facilities in order to be thoroughly tested.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

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Chapter 30

In another section of facility 03...
Laura and Sam dashed through the halls- scrambling to keep ahead of pursuing security forces and collectively cursing Subject 000 and how quickly he had abandoned them.

"Stupid- damn- Subject!" Laura panted as she rounded a corner, Sam right behind her. They ran through another door before they found themselves in the center room of the building they had found themselves in the first time Sam had been escorting her through the facility. As before, it was filled with groups of men and women in labcoats and security uniforms milling about, chatting or eating food as they went about their normal business. Sam grabbed Laura's arm and pulled her off to the side of the door before kissing her. The guards ran right past them, rapidly glancing back and forth to try and find the two of them. They began moving forwards and through the crowd, not noticing the still figures behind them locked in an embrace. Sam allowed Laura to breath again as he looked over his shoulder at them. He had just begun to turn his head to smile at Laura when an open hand slapped him across the face- leaving a nasty hand-shaped red mark on his cheek.

"What the hell was that for?" He whispered in exasperation, rubbing at the mark.

Laura whispered fiercely, "Nobody surprise-kisses me!"

"You did it to me first!"

"That was different!"

"It got them off our trail for a second!"

"It's a violation of my personal space from you! Again!"

Sam shrugged and furtively looked around the room, whispering something under his breath. Laura swore she picked up the word, "Women." in his muttering. Laura looked around herself but saw no sign of Subject 000 or Raven. She turned around and immediately strode down the hall they had just run from- causing her scowling companion to do a double-take before running after her. They walked quickly down one of the many white hallways the organization seemed to love, where everything looked the same except for the numbers on the metal doors. Sam had apparently got over his disdain for her sex as he began to question Laura.

"So what happened? All we did was run down a hall and you were just sitting dead-center of the passage with a dazed look on your face."

Laura reflected on her memories, not entirely sure how to make sense of it herself. "I don't know. I remember waking up in a room full of little Grunts- they were terrifying Sam! Imagine a swarm of naked children chasing you down and trying to eat you! I remember getting caught and falling to the ground- but everything after that is gone. The very next memory I have is seeing you walking towards me while Zero ran off and ditched us."

Sam scowled, "I told him not to split the party- he doesn't listen to me. The moment he saw you were safe he said, 'You take care of her- I need to find Raven' and ran off like a damn lunatic. And, of course, I can't keep up with him."

Laura winked at him, "Not even with your mighty magic arm?"

Sam didn't appreciate that remark, "It's not funny. I'm left with this crap until I find where they took my previous arm. I will get that prototype back." Sam looked like he was about to say more but his face paled as he looked behind Laura, one word explained his worry an instant later, "Grunts." He immediately ran to the closest door and entered a code quickly, waving Laura in and shutting the door behind her. Surprisingly, the door was neither opened nor attacked behind them, either the Grunts hadn't seen them or they weren't pursuing them for some reason. The two fugitives turned around to see where they were.

Sam actually sounded happy, "Oh good- it's one of the factories. That's why the Grunts didn't bother chasing."

"Why? They're not allowed in here?"

He was actually beaming, "Nope, no Subject so far as I know is allowed into a room where they make HAC equipment, not planning, not modifying, not programming, and certainly not the factories that create them."

Laura was amazed as she looked around, "They have full-blown factories underground?"

Sam nodded as he walked forwards, "Of course they do- you could hardly expect them to remain secret when requesting massive amounts of resources from others. Most of their weapons they either have employees buy individually or they make the guns themselves. Everything else they try to get themselves- Zero and myself came in via a farm entrance. The farm that hides it is perfectly operational."

Laura was still surprised but she followed Sam quickly as he entered the new room. Truthfully it looked rather unspectacular. The floor was comprised of concrete slabs, slippery with a coating of grease and grime from years of use. The roof was fairly high up, Laura estimated a good 20 feet- though it was somewhat difficult to tell with the various pipes and wires coming from the ceiling. This cannot be OCEA-approved, but I guess that's a perk of a secret organization. She saw a few workers and felt like hiding before Sam motioned for her to follow him.

"Aren't you worried about them?"

"Not a bit, out of all the people in the organization, I trust the factory workers the most; if only because they don't give a damn who you are so long as you don't hurt their production. They're my favorite people."

Laura was skeptical but she saw it was true, out of the eight workers she could see, none did more than give them a cursory glance. The older man using a machine to funnel parts into an oven while a young man with a dark goatee looked over it did nothing to insist they saw them at all. The young blond girl in a tank-top examining the same parts as they exited the machine likewise paid no attention. Across the way, near a pair of large doors that looked like they were for trucks, a older grey woman directed a bandanna-clad man and frizzy-haired woman on tow motors as they shifted around massive metal crates. A short man with a clipboard was examining the crates and checking papers attached to them. All of those people completely ignored Laura and Reed- except for the young man in glasses with a zip-up hoodie sitting at a machine as parts steadily moved past him on a belt before entering a machine. He glanced their way before resuming his task, his shoulder-length ponytail swinging at the movement. Laura realized the cylinders were the casings for bullets- big bullets. Sam's sudden intake of breath confirmed her suspicions right as he walked right up to the worker.

"Pardon me- I'm from engineering- Samuel Denner?"

The guy looked over at Sam, "Oh yeah- the arm guy- what's up?"

Sam's face fairly shone with excitement, "You guys make HAC suits- right?"

A simple nod was the reply, "We have the facilities in this plant to make most of the parts anyways: armor, gears, wires, and bullets- the only thing we don't do here is the missiles, sensors, guns, and whatever they do with them to Subject-proof the things." Laura suddenly leaned forwards herself, aware that her outfit might flummox the young man, a girl had to know how to use all of her weapons. Laura had a gut feeling that he was a little too innocent to not notice her... charms. Her guess proved right as the man looked down in surprise before blushing and looking back into her eyes. At least he looked away- I bet Sam got a good eyeful. Laura sweetly asked the question she was sure Sam wanted to ask as well.

"I'm sure you guys make them fairly quickly, don't you?"

The young man looked shocked, sweat dripping down his thin face from the heat and perhaps nervousness. "It takes us three weeks to fully produce the normal frame- we don't just scrap the parts that don't work! We fix them!"

"Off the record?" Sam smoothly cut in, "So it looks like you guys are doing better on paper when you have more parts than you should?" The equal parts guilt and pride warred on the young man's face as he nodded.

"What we do is okay- we just work harder and longer to make up for any mistakes we have- no HAC suit that comes from here is flawed! We just sometimes have to... not sleep for a few days."

Laura read into the bloodshot eyes and the general sluggishness of all the workers, "And would that have been recently?" After seeing a nod Laura pressed on, "So you do have a spare HAC suit here?"

The man smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, I picked up the sensors from another plant and installed them myself." An alarm started blaring on another machine and the young man winced as he hopped off his chair and ran over to another console, hitting various buttons to stabilize whatever had gone wrong. "Man, first shift messes everything up!"

Sam clapped him on the shoulder, "Good man." he then ran off, Laura right behind him. Sam made a beeline for the main floor- Laura followed as she saw what he was aiming for. Standing in the middle of the floor was what looked like a fully built HAC suit. Standing might have been the wrong term- the suit sort of squatted, its legs were bent to bring the back as close to the ground as possible- a series of metal slates on it's back opened up like a flower- no doubt the entrance for the pilot. Laura had never seen one before, although she'd heard about them from her father. Behemoths of metal that could stop even Subject in their tracks. A shout caught their attention as the short man with the clipboard was approaching, gesturing for them to come closer. Sam acknowledged him with a wave and intercepted him. Laura meanwhile had ran to the HAC suit and started climbing into the open back of it- the doors closed behind her as dim lights showed her the chamber used for controlling them.

It was shaped like an oval with the longer part going vertically- with a chair-shaped material of some kind facing forwards and a helmet hanging about it. It was extremely cramped and dark- with only the light from the factory behind her leaking in. Laura hurriedly jumped into the chair and looked for some sort of starting button. Seeing none- she recklessly grabbed at the dangling helmet and placed it over her head. Suddenly, wires and sensors emerged from whatever semi-squishy material the chair was made of- wrapping around Laura's arms and legs as she felt a searing pain in her skull that left her totally blind.

Sam was trying to convince the floor manager to let him 'inspect' the HAC suit. Unfortunately, he was getting nowhere, apparently willingness to assist researchers and engineers did not mean he didn't recognize something fishy when he saw it. The older man had pointed out he was willing to call security before he abruptly sprinted away as fast as he could. Sam wondered what had stumped him until he felt the ground tremble. Oh no, he spun around to see the HAC suit rise to its full height, Laura you idiot! The machine swayed back and forth like it was drunk, taking a shaky step forwards before rearing back and waving its arms about wildly as it smashed into machinery- spreading grease and hot metal parts all over the floor. The workers from the factory all vanished with a cool calm, no doubt having trained for evacuation in the case of hostile Subjects coming through. Sam fought off his desire to do the same.

"Laura- hold on!"

His words didn't register, the suit meandered forwards and stumbled to fall on its face. The arms pounded into the ground like the fits a baby might have- shattering the concrete and causing the floor to shake violently. Alarms of all the failing machines began to go off in unison as he tried again.

"Laura- listen to my voice- you have to stop moving!"

Laura's world was confusion. Her body felt like it was being stretched and squashed at the same time. She felt very tall and very tiny, very weak and very powerful, it was like the worst hangover ever mixed with feeling like a million dollars- and it was all topped off with loud sirens. Through all this turmoil Laura still was trying to comprehend what was happening to her eyes- a riot of colors and images kept rippling through so quickly that she wanted to be sick. She was so disoriented she didn't even realize she had fallen until the visions had ceased. The temporary cease in information to her brain made enough room for Sam's words to get through.

"- stop moving!"

Stop moving? Laura did as he suggested, holding still as adrenaline still jumped through her system like crazy. Sam had to shout to be heard over the alarms but Laura could make out his words if she listened hard enough.

"Close your eyes and then stand up- keep your eyes closed!"

Laura did as commanded, with her eyes closed, the visions didn't return and she found herself able to stand up well enough. In fact it was more than well enough, she propelled herself to her feet by shoving her arms into the ground hard enough to throw the machine upright onto its feet- hearing a loud noise that she was fairly sure was shattering concrete. She decided to stay there as Sam seemed to be talking to someone else.

"Yes, she took your suit- why the hell haven't you calibrated it yet?! If it was set to you this never would've happened!"

Laura started as she felt a breeze on her back and a hand touch her shoulder.

"It's me- Samuel- stay calm and let's get this thing off."

With the helmet's removal came a sensation of falling extremely quickly followed by a sort of flash-blind as Laura's eyes opened up. She was still in the squishy chair-thing while Sam was behind her- the helmet in his hands as the back of the suit was opened wide. The young man from earlier was standing behind Sam with his arms crossed and a surprisingly clam, albeit annoyed, look in his eyes. Laura shook her head before speaking.

"What- what happened?"

Sam scowled as he responded, "You took the suit! Humans can't pilot HAC suits!"

Laura scowled in return, "What do you mean? Of course humans do- there's a pilot chamber right here! Subjects certainly don't pilot them- what does that leave?"

Sam looked down at her, "Humans who are trained and enhanced via cerebral chip implants that allow them to function on the level a HAC suit does. The suits are too fast and strong for a normal human- the brain can't keep up. I have a similar chip myself- it's what allows my arm to work. But instead, you jumped in, and now the machine is going to be calibrated for you; and you can't use it."

Laura felt a deep sense of shame, she had run forwards without thinking and it had backfired on her, just like leading Raven into a trap earlier. Her self-pity was interrupted as the young man behind Sam spoke- pulling at his ponytail in irritation. "I've been working for months to get us a HAC suit of our own- it'd make our job here so much easier. We're going to catch hell for this as it is since we had a spare sitting around... but-" he looked at Sam, "there is still a way for her to use it."

Sam turned, a look of surprise stealing over his face, "Really? How? You need a chip to operate a HAC suit at its full potential- that's not negotiable."

The man nodded, "You need a chip for the full experience sure- that's not what we needed- I don't have a chip. It's a glorified tow-motor for us. All I had to do was disable some of the sensors and lag the system a bit-"

"Sorry, what?" Laura was feeling possessive of her new toy, "You're going to what the system a bit?"

Sam broke in before the youth could respond, "He's going to use excess information to slow down the suit so your brain can keep up with the movements."

"Hey-" the youth glared at Sam, "asshole, don't interrupt me. And don't act like I'm doing any such thing for you- at the most it'll take a few days to get a Tech to come down here and reset the calibration. I'm not helping you steal from me or my plant. Which-" the youth gestured at the wreckage all around them, "you have very nicely damaged enough that I might be out of a job."

Laura looked him dead-on, trying to get a read on him. Unfortunately, he seemed like a fairly straight-edged person, not stupid, not willing to just let them push past him, and his earlier glance away had hinted that he wouldn't fold for charms either since he was too embarrassed to keep looking. We just had to piss off one of the few good ones the organization has... wait!

Laura shot upright and spoke, "Why are you working here?"

The guy looked at her through a pair of stained glasses, "Because I was going to get my own mech suit?"

Laura shook her head, "No no no, you're working here because of that- why are you with the organization in the first place? Most people here are scientists, people who hide from the law, and guards- you're none of those by my guess. You're not here to research or skip out on laws- so how did you find yourself working for a secret group like this?"

The would-be pilot shrugged, "They still need people to do the normal work- I heard there was an outfit that would hire if you could keep your mouth shut- I can do that."

"So- you need money?" Laura could taste victory as the man nodded.

"Everyone does."

"Good," Laura reached into her pocket and pulled out a card before handing it to him, "this card is registered to me and has $75,000 attached. I've never used it."

The man looked over the card with skepticism. "Yeah, right, I've got a bridge to show you later."

Laura wiped her face as sweat dripped down from her blonde bangs, it was quite hot in the factory, "It's for real- I own several buildings in the city. I won't say the money won't hurt," In fact, that's... definitely the entire profit margin from last year. "but I can afford it. Now will you please set this suit up for me?"

Laura sighed with relief as the young worker nodded and climbed into the chamber alongside her, pulling and twisting at wires. "Can you guys at least give me a few minutes head-start? This seems like a situation that is going to spiral out of control."

Sam chuckled from outside, "You have no idea."

Laura tapped the young man on the shoulder, "Thanks for helping us and not trying to kill us."

The organization employee smirked, "Dr. Denner has a gun for an arm and you're sitting in a HAC suit- I had no say in whether you left or not- all I can do is try steering you in the right direction. "

Laura had a thought as she called to Sam, "Are we going to be able to sneak around with this thing?"

"Sneak around in a 12-foot tall mech? Sure thing- quiet as a mouse." the sarcasm was more than a little evident in Sam's voice. "There's likely gonna be another HAC activated and sent straight to us once the organization spots a HAC suit where it shouldn't be and it won't answer communications. It would match our luck."

"That reminds me," Laura's newly bought friend looked over his shoulder as a bit of sparks shot out at him, "this thing isn't Subject-proofed. Dunno how they do that but it's something we don't do here. I heard they use a Philospher or something for that. It's still a badass machine but that's all it is. It wasn't meant to be in combat and doesn't have any guns. If you go up against any of the really powerful Subjects or a real HAC suit- you have shit odds for winning."

"Never tell me the odds!" Laura called out, spotting a thin smile on the face of the man as he pulled out a few more wires. She spotted Sam standing there with a blank look on his face and realized he didn't get it. "What kind of nerd are you!?"

Sam looked offended, "I'm not a nerd at all."

Laura sank back into what she was going to call the command chair unless anyone told her otherwise, "So how do we find Zero and Rave?"

Sam's chuckle could only barely be heard above the alarms of the failing plant, "Follow the screams, explosions, and general mayhem- one of them will be at the center of it."
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

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Different ways to obtain DNA have different effects

    Tears: Clears the mind and restores vitality
    Spit: Purifies the body of toxins and drugs
    Blood: Increases the Subject's physical abilities and buffers their power as well
    Sweat: Similar to blood but only temporary instead of permanent
    Flesh/Hair/Nails: Increases physical abilities only

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Re: Friendly Subject Help

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Chapter 31

The room around Raven suddenly began tearing itself apart- pipes, books, even the furniture within the room began breaking free of its moorings and flinging themselves at Raven and Subject 000. The sword was an arc of dark metal as he began cutting the larger pieces apart to protect them- but Raven could tell that he wouldn't be able to keep it up forever. He didn't look like he was tiring but the projectiles simply kept coming. Monitors, chairs, wooden splinters- eventually something would get through. Raven found herself beset by metal pipes- they burst from the floor, bending and warping to encircle her body and haul her into the air before she could so much as cry out. Cutter's cold voice rang through the room.

"He can't protect you from me Raven."

The metal prison pulled Raven towards Cutter, Subject 000 was still trying to fight off the newest whirlwind of objects that was attacking him as she flew past and met Cutter face to face. Raven got a good look at Cutter- she didn't look good. Cutter's eyes were shining red but at only a foot away Raven could still make out the pupils and irises of the Subject behind the glow- they were shrunken and twitching around in a frenzy. Cutter's hands were darting this way and that- directing all of the attacking pieces of the room that were surrounding Subject 000. Veins in her throat and up on her forehead were standing out and she was bathed in sweat- but Raven got the impression that Cutter wasn't trying hard yet. Raven struggled to break free but it was no use- she was bound in such a way that she couldn't apply force to any of the pipes properly. Cutter brought her closer as she slowly reached into one of her pockets and drew out a knife. Unlike Subject 000's new sword, it appeared totally normal, the entire weapon was about the size of a forearm. The blade was a cleaned single-edged piece of what looked like steel, a short hilt separated the metal from the hilt which was a nondescript brown.

"You saw my gift to Laura? Don't worry- I'll do no such thing to you."

Cutter's tone didn't reassure Raven in the slightest, but Subject 000 was still fighting and Raven could see Cutter was concentrating on the hundreds of parts she was controlling at the moment. But if her concentration were to lapse... Raven abruptly stopped trying to break her bonds and instead tried to talk to Cutter.

"What have I done to you? I've never hurt you!"

It worked, Cutter's eyes focused more on Raven and she heard the clashing of metal behind her decrease in intensity. She felt a chill of fear as Cutter's eyes narrowed and she screamed in her face.

"You've never hurt me? You had Richard all your life! You left him!" The bonds tugged Raven down to the floor, slamming her against it hard enough that she bounced into the air, Raven gasped as breathing became very difficult. Cutter hauled her back up to within a foot of her face. "And what happened when you came back? He died- he died because of you!"

Raven managed to get enough air to speak, "I didn't do anything to him-"

"Exactly!" Cutter screamed, "You did nothing to save him! You weren't there for him- I was! I held his body- I mourned his loss- not you- you weren't there! You weren't there!"

Raven found herself slammed into the floor again, feeling the metal pipes biting into her skin and starting to begin that deep pain that meant her bones were under severe stress. She was left face-up as Cutter floated down- standing atop a single disc to stay afloat while the other rapidly circled her. Cutter began to form a snarl before a BANG was heard and a blast of smoke erupted around the two- obscuring their vision. Raven abruptly felt a gust of air swish past and noticed she wasn't bound anymore- she rolled to her side and felt her hand close upon something cold and metal. Before she could even think about rising- she felt herself picked up and hauled through the air again. There was a feeling of great speed before she emerged from the cloud- noticing what had happened. Subject 000 had grabbed her and carried her from the room- the new hallway explaining the gust of air- he'd jumped back up through the hole he had made and shut the door behind him. Raven's arm felt heavy and she realized she was still holding onto Paul's arm- a grim trophy of a battle she hadn't won. Subject 000 didn't speak but crouched low before jumping upwards, latching onto exposed beams in the ceiling and bracing himself against some, holding onto Raven as he waited for something.

It didn't take long. The door for the room was ripped into pieces as Cutter sped through on her disc- looking left and right for them. Raven felt her pulse rise as Cutter selected a direction and sped off in a blur- propelled by her disc. Subject 000 waited for several second before dropping to the ground- glancing back at the room and the hole he'd carved in the floor to get to her. Raven began pulling at the pieces of pipe that were still on her- they'd all been cleanly severed in half in a series of precise cuts. Raven was equally thankful and horrified that Subject 000 had cut them all in a smoke cloud that he admitted he couldn't see through. Please let that just mean he was sure about the cuts- not willing to possibly kill me...

Raven trembled but laid her hand on Subject 000's arm, noting that his red hoodie was wet with blood that was nearly invisible on the garment. though his pale skin could easily be seen beneath the shreds that remained of the arms. "Zero?" He turned to look at her, his race unreadable. "Thank you for coming for me. I mean it."

It was at that moment that a massive mechanical suit burst through the wall in front of them- rearing up to its full 12 foot height and gazing at them with its four red eyes. Its empty hands began to move forwards as Zero acted, leaping up and slicing at it with the his newest weapon. The circles on the blade lit up even brighter and spun faster as the blow hurled the machine back through the hole it had made as a loud yell came from behind it.

"Dammit Laura! I told you to be careful!"

Raven's heart stopped as Samuel jumped through the wall and held his arms out to signal Zero should stop attacking. The mech behind him struggled to its feet slowly, staggering a bit like the driver was drunk. Raven ran up to the former organization engineer.

"Samuel- Laura's in there? And safe?"

Samuel lowered his arms as Zero ceased his attack as abruptly as he had began it, turning to glance up and down the hallway. "Yes to the first and definitely for the second- she's probably safer than any of us in there."

The suit walked up to Raven and slowly raised an arm to open up the index and middle finger to make a 'v' sign. It's Laura- she's alright. Raven felt tears sliding down her face as she ran forwards and hugged the leg of the mech. A crackly version of Laura's voice emerged from it.

"Rave come on- stop hugging a robot- that's just creepy."

Raven shook her head, the relief she felt was almost too much to stand. "I thought you were gone Laura. They showed me things..."

Samuel grabbed at her shoulder, "We're all curious what happened to everyone- but right now we need to escape an organization facility- again. I vote for leaving the way we came in. Any objections?" Raven shook her head, Zero said nothing, and Laura gave a slow thumbs up. Samuel nodded, "Alright then- if we're far more lucky than we have reason to be- there'll even be one of the transport trucks we can use to bring the HAC suit with us.

The group gathered up and set off down the hallway- the HAC suit's thunderous strides shaking the ground but not damaging the firm floor that was seemingly made for just that purpose. Raven looked up at the metal behemoth and her male protectors all running together, in particular at Zero; they'd only been running a few minutes but they'd already passed a dozen doors. Raven asked a curious question.

"How did you know what room I was in?"

Zero's face remained non-expressive. "Lucky guess."

Earlier while searching for Raven...
I sprint through the base, heedless of stealth, using a generous amount of speed to sweep past doors and organization staff as an indistinct blur. Humans call out in surprise as I race in front of them but I can't slow down- I need to find Raven. Suddenly I round a corner and find a frozen human. This by itself isn't unusual- humans often move very slowly compared to me- but this one is not moving in the slightest. He has been stopped mid-sneeze, I can see the nasal discharge hanging in the air. I confirm my suspicions when I pick the human up and push his face through his own nasal concretions. Even though I had picked him up- he retained the rigidness of standing he had no doubt displayed when the stop began. I turn and kick open the nearest door.

"Subject 000- how nice of you to join us."

I enter the room, King and Farseer stand inside- almost as if they were waiting for me. The room itself is fairly bare- there is no furniture or anything else within and a layer of dust implies the room hasn't been used in some time. King grins and waves over to Farseer. "This is-"

"I know who he is." My reply is short and to the point, I do not have time for these games. King's mouth drops open as Farseer laughs.

"Oh poor King, you're losing your touch."

King's eyes narrowed as he looks at me. "How do you remember his name?"

I respond calmly, "You removed the memory from Samuel, I still remember the encounter perfectly fine; which is how I expect Laura just appearing in the hallway occurred- you saved her. And now you're going to help me save Raven as well." I was fairly certain of this, King's 8-year-old scowl didn't make me believe I was wrong either. I turned to Farseer. "My only question is why I'm not being affected by your time stop- is it still your doing?"

"Of course." Farseer opened his arms wide, "You may be special my boy, but even you wouldn't be able to do anything without using time. There are many cameras in these halls- you don't go so fast that you don't appear on them. I simply gauged your speed and route and waited until you should be here. Had you run past I simply would've retrieved you instead of allowing you to come here yourself." Farseer raised a large hand to push his glasses up farther onto his face, " I need to know roughly where the people I bring into my little intermission- which usually requires sight. Knowing you were just on the other side of the door was enough to pull you in."

King was still steaming over his failure, his small frame fairly trembled with fury, "Subjects are harder to read compared to humans- our brains and minds are just more advanced to allow for the powers and increased physical performance- but I've never failed to remove a memory before." His eyes were steadily shining as he glared at me. "What did I just say?"

He's trying to remove my memories again. It's possible it would be beneficial to fool him into thinking his power works but that's a risk I don't want to take right now. "You said you're not as powerful as you thought- or did I hear you wrong?" King's eyes stopped glowing, a calm descending over him as he looked at me, but his quickened breathing indicated he wasn't done being angry.

"In any case, I thought it be best we have a chat, one that takes place away from your human friends." I make no motion or sound, after a brief pause, King continues, "Tell me- have you noticed they treat you differently than they treat one another? Even though they've known Samuel for only a few weeks they still trust him more than you- don't they?"

What he says is true, I've noted the glances at me when they're nearby, the intake of breath when I stare at them, the increased heartbeats and the widening of the eyes whenever I move at greater speeds than they're used to. I startle them- they're afraid of me. It makes sense from what I've gleaned of my reading in the study. There have never been beings like me and the humans seem uncertain about what I can do- which puzzles me. Surely the Hofterins have reports and briefings that explain what I am? They are no doubt hiding them from me.

King reads my thoughts and grins, "But you know the other parts don't you? If they can't use you- they'll destroy you. Here-" King's eyes glowed again as I felt a pressure on my head- though it felt different than a physical touch, "let me show you what they were thinking of when you while you healed."

A memory races before my eyes in a rapid-fire sequence of thoughts, visuals, and senses that lasts only a second- but I understand it. It was Samuel, Raven, and Laura- discussing whether I should be allowed to live. My hands curl into fists of their own volition as my blood begins to pump faster in my body and my breathing increases. What is this?

"Anger." King is looking at me, "You may be able to control your body- but you still have a working brain to deal with. You feel emotions just like anyone else- but you suppress them to retain your control." It's true, no sooner have the worlds left his mouth that I will my bloodflow and breathing back to their normal pace. "You're angry they don't trust you. You're upset that they don't seem to like you. You fear that one day, they'll destroy you. And above all," King's eyes still glinted red, "you're filled with an emptiness for not knowing your place. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? You want to know these things- don't you?"

I stand there, fists clenched, unsure how to answer or why. His words are not physical blows but somehow- they cause me pain. Farseer speaks up.

"We're here to help you- as a gesture of goodwill for times to come. I for my reasons, King for his." King's smirk grows while Farseer speaks. "Raven lies just beneath us. In," he checks his watch, "30 seconds you will be faced with a choice. Leave with King or descend to save her. I will not influence you one way or the other." Farseer steps past me and walks to the door- stopping just underneath the frame and looking back at me- the lights in the hallway shining behind him as he looked back into the dark room. "I have just one request- survive. There are worse things that will come and you'll be needed- one way or the other." He walked from the room as King angrily ran after him- for once resembling an actual child chasing after his parent. The small Subject turned around to point a finger at me- the lights sparkling off of his tinfoil hat.

"You'll go for Raven. You know it and I know it because you know it and I bet Farseer knows it too. But just remember, we're not human and they're not Subjects- I've seen the thoughts and memories of many people- they will turn on you someday. When that day comes- I'll be waiting. Until then-" King points to the room behind me. I turn and see an unexpected sight- a sword and a bracelet hang from a pair of glowing red threads. The threads vanish and both items fall to the ground. Interestingly, I don't hear King leave, but he's gone none-the-less, with only his echoing words hanging behind, "take care of the Alter Brace and Alter Blade for me." I step forwards to pick up the weapons and see what King has just passed onto me.

The sword is larger than what my implanted knowledge tells me a normal version would be, it might weigh 10 kilograms if not more. The length is not extremely unusual but the width of the blade is surprising- my entire flattened hand would not completely cover the blade itself even at its narrowest point. The killing edge seems to curve slightly to become thicker a short length down the sword. The single-edge is razor-sharp and the metal is unblemished by scratch, dent, or flaw while the opposite side seems to have a thicker edge built into it. The hilt is an odd design, it has a single strip of curved metal forming a hand-guard but also bears a small protruding cube with what seems to be an empty glass ring on either side of the sword surrounding a screen that's blank. The bracelet is a much more indiscreet affair. It circles around my arm and reaches from above my wrist to halfway up my forearm. The device seems to feature a series of symbols around a dial that could be twisted either clockwise or the reverse direction. The device looks surprisingly mundane compared to the sword- the only odd part is the metallic circle crawling around just outside of the symbols. As I fasten the bracelet to my left arm, I feel a shock pass from the bracelet to the sword, held in the matching hand. I note a series of small buttons hidden along the hilt of the blade. I hold one and note a small light appear in each ring, slowly circling around the circumference. At the same time, the screen lights up in the middle of them, the number reading rather plainly, '1x'. I continue to hold the button down and note it change to 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x... it's counting- but counting what? I lightly tap the weapon to the floor and note the light blow actually makes minute cracks in the tiles. I frown and trigger the weapon again, allowing it to build to 10x before repeating the movement on a different section, creating a series of cracks similar to the first, although doubled in size. Farseer and King's words echo in my mind as I'm keenly aware of my 30 seconds almost being gone.

I reflect on what they said. Farseer seemed to know about the future but was not willing to divulge his knowledge. King was certain the others would turn on me, despite my innate desire to save them. It is true- I feel an unyielding need to help Raven and protect her. But is this of my own volition or because I am designed to? I grasp the Alter Blade and bring it downwards- the blow carving through a section of the floor without slowing. The shattered tile and pieces of metal float serenely through the air as the last few seconds of Farseer's ability tick by. I don't have my answers- only more questions. But I will not lose her- not now.
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