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What If... Raiden traded places with Zoro?

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What If... Raiden traded places with Zoro?

Postby Friendlysociopath » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:01 am

Suggester: Friendlysociopath
Characters: Raiden (Metal Gear), One Piece universe


What If... Luffy came across Raiden instead of Zoro? Raiden in his first body would meet Luffy under similar circumstances to Zoro and would be given a short codec that said if he wants to get home, he'll have to journey with Luffy and become the best swordsman in the world. Raiden is in his first cyborg body- though the timeskip will cause his body to transform into his second version. He will retain his HF blade regardless- not Sam's.
Zoro meanwhile gets sent to an alternate dimension where he developed an astonishing talent as a teppanyaki chef and discovers his childhood friend doing the same. The two continuously compete to become better chefs than the other and nobody trips and falls down stairs to die.

What changes would Raiden cause in One Piece verse? What alterations would the solemn cyborg make on the journey? What foes and battles might change? Could he learn to harness the power of haki? Perhaps eat a devil fruit? Or maybe the rust will cause him to degenerate into scrap- the possibilities are up to you.
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