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Emperor Zarkon vs Voltron Force

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Emperor Zarkon vs Voltron Force

Postby guardianangel1911 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:57 am

(suggested by Guardianangel1911)

Emperor Zarkon (Voltron the Legendary Defender)
Voltron Force (Voltron Force)

Outside the Castle of Lions on planet Arus in the Voltron Force (2011-2012 series) universe a mysterious inter-universal wormhole opens up. A mysterious, and strangely familiar presence is felt as a large mech suit falls from the portal and lands outside the castle. The original pilots and cadets suit up to investigate to discover Emperor Zarkon from the Voltron the Legendary Defender (2016-ongoing) universe. Recognizing the castle despite its differences which he chalks up to a trick of the Paladin's Zarkon pulls out his Bayard (which he still has because time space shenanigans) and tells the Voltron Force he will wipe them out and reclaim the Black Lion. After a few seconds of confusion at the reclaim the lion statement Voltron Force readies their Voltcom readies and prepares for battle.

Round 1: Zarkon on foot vs the Voltron crew. Zarkon has his Bayard the Pilots and Cadets have their Voltcoms

Round 2: Zarkon faces a Lions Gauntlet:
Round 2.1 Vince in the Green Lion
Round 2.2 Larmina in the Blue Lion
Round 2.3 Hunk in the Yellow Lion
Round 2.4 Lance in the Red Lion
Round 2.5 Zarkon vs Daniel in the Black Lion
Rounds 2.6 2.7 and 2.8 Zarkon faces the Green Blue and Black Lions respectively again with the original Voltron Force Pilots

Round 3: Voltron Force chooses not to fuck around with the chance of getting murdered on foot and immediately get in the Lions to form Black Center Voltron, Zarkon takes to his Zarkon Mecha Armor and the two mechs prepare to face off in pitched combat. Voltron Force is allowed to change centers at will

Which timeline will prove superior to the other in pitched combat. The Heroes of the VF timeline or the Villain of the VtLD timeline.

Bonus Scenario:
The Voltron Paladin's of Legendary Defender and their Lions come through instead of Zarkon, the VF crew form Voltron and both sides assuming the other to be a trick of their enemies engage each other in battle. Which Voltron comes out on top?
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