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Clash of the Class Presidents

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Clash of the Class Presidents

Postby Friendlysociopath » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:09 am

Suggester: Guardianangel
Characters: Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box), Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill La Kill)


The forces of Honnouji Academy began the siege of Hakoniwa Academy as the sun crested over the Eastern sky. Lady Satsuki smiled as her forces advanced on the school, she was curious to test the rumors that incredibly powerful students resided at this school and test their mettle to see if any were worthy of joining her. She watched the battle with some slight disappointment as the first wave of defenders were quickly being pushed back towards Hakoniwa, then suddenly they broke ranks and moved back into the school, Satsuki raised an eyebrow curiously when suddenly there was a blur of motion that ripped through the one stars like a bolt of lightning. The dark blue blur began moving through her troop lines like a pair of scissors slicing through threads. The blur suddenly jumped into the air and landed a few yards in front of Satsuki's position. A young woman with long spiky black hair and a dark blue and gold school uniform, eyes narrowed in a fierce determination as she smirked at Satsuki.
"How disappointing Lady Satsuki I had heard your troops were far more formidable than that. I get the feeling the only way I'll get to even stretch my legs is to take you on." The woman's smirk grew as Satsuki's eyes locked with hers. The tension in the air between them palpable both calculating their next move, muscles tensing in anticipation of the others actions. Suddenly Satsuki's view was blocked by the Elite Four leaping in front of her.

"The only way you're getting to Lady Satsuki is to go through us, the Elite Four" Gamagori said "Starting with me her invincible shield" his voice echoed as he readied himself for combat but the young woman merely yawned.

"Lap Dogs? Really? Well I suppose if it gets this over with faster." She shrugged taking a fighting stance.

"Stand down, all four of you." Satsuki's voice was cool and calm as always the four of them looked at her taken aback but before they could speak she continued. "If this woman is so quick to die than allow me to make it quick and painless for her, now please step aside or I will make you." Her gaze never left this mysterious challengers as if there was some deeper mental battle happening between them. "So, You must be Medaka Kuromaki, the legendary war goddess and President of Hakoniwa Academy. I must say I'm impressed with the ease of which you took down those troops I can count on one hand the people capable of such a feat. But I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you further when I cut you down."

"So I take it you accept then? Good, this is how it should be President to President, one on one for the fate of both our academies. This should be fun." Medaka readied herself again blood pumping red hot as she stared down her opponent.

"There is a certain poetry to this isn't there, perhaps when this is done if you survive I can find a place for you at Honnouji Academy, we could use a woman like you." Satsuki felt her muscles tensing up, Junketsu's fibers stirring as her blood heated at the thought of combat. 'No not yet, lets see what she's capable of before I activate you Junketsu' she thought as she drew her sword.

"I'm sure you could, but lets not get ahead of ourselves since you're the one who should worry about survival." Medaka leapt towards Satsuki charging her with the force of a sonic boom, Satsuki charged forward as well readying her blade both women letting out defiant battle cries which shook the hearts of those watching a battle that would decide all their fates.

Both Medaka and Satsuki are peak incarnations (though no universal for Medaka, never seen evidence of that claim but better to cover the bases on this stuff)
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